Social Network Analysis for Startups

This book is the perfect marriage between social network theory and practice, and a valuable source of insight and ideas.


Author: Maksim Tsvetovat

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 9781449317621


Page: 192

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Does your startup rely on social network analysis? This concise guide provides a statistical framework to help you identify social processes hidden among the tons of data now available. Social network analysis (SNA) is a discipline that predates Facebook and Twitter by 30 years. Through expert SNA researchers, you'll learn concepts and techniques for recognizing patterns in social media, political groups, companies, cultural trends, and interpersonal networks. You'll also learn how to use Python and other open source tools—such as NetworkX, NumPy, and Matplotlib—to gather, analyze, and visualize social data. This book is the perfect marriage between social network theory and practice, and a valuable source of insight and ideas. Discover how internal social networks affect a company’s ability to perform Follow terrorists and revolutionaries through the 1998 Khobar Towers bombing, the 9/11 attacks, and the Egyptian uprising Learn how a single special-interest group can control the outcome of a national election Examine relationships between companies through investment networks and shared boards of directors Delve into the anatomy of cultural fads and trends—offline phenomena often mediated by Twitter and Facebook

Social Network Analysis An Introduction with an Extensive Implementation to a Large Scale Online Network Using Pajek

Social Network Analysis of the Short Message Service. Communications (NCC),
2010 National Conference on. DOI: 10.1109/NCC.2010.5430162. Tsvetovat, M. &
Kouznetsov, A. (2011). Social network analysis for startups. California, CA: ...


Author: Seifedine Kadry

Publisher: Bentham Science Publishers

ISBN: 9781608058181

Category: Computers

Page: 130

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This brief textbook explains the principles of social network analysis. The book goes beyond theoretical concepts and gives the reader complete knowledge about how to apply analytical techniques using Pajek to perform a large-scale network analysis. The book covers the topic in 2 sections – the first detailing fundamentals of research design and the next one about methods and applications. Readers can then apply the techniques in this book to other online communities, such as Facebook and Twitter. The book is intended for networking students and general readers who want to learn the basics without going deep into mathematical methods. It is also useful for researchers and professionals from other fields seeking to understand the basics of large-scale social network analysis.

Sport Startups

Being a team member is to be in social (and, therefore dependent) relations with
others in the team.” This means that sport startups benefit from the use of a team-
based approach. Social network analysis involves focusing on the “relationships


Author: Vanessa Ratten

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 9781789730814

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 180

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Sport Startups: New Advances in Entrepreneurship examines the global growth of startup enterprises in the sports sector and addresses how they contribute to new developments in business innovation and entrepreneurship.

Web and Network Data Science

... Analytics Thomas W. Miller. Therneau, T. 2014. survival: Survival Analysis.
Comprehensive R Archive Network. ... Social Network Analysis for Startups:
Finding Connections on the Social Web. Sebastopol, Calif.: O'Reilly. Tufte, E. R.


Author: Thomas W. Miller

Publisher: FT Press

ISBN: 9780133887648

Category: Computers

Page: 384

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Master modern web and network data modeling: both theory and applications. In Web and Network Data Science, a top faculty member of Northwestern University’s prestigious analytics program presents the first fully-integrated treatment of both the business and academic elements of web and network modeling for predictive analytics. Some books in this field focus either entirely on business issues (e.g., Google Analytics and SEO); others are strictly academic (covering topics such as sociology, complexity theory, ecology, applied physics, and economics). This text gives today's managers and students what they really need: integrated coverage of concepts, principles, and theory in the context of real-world applications. Building on his pioneering Web Analytics course at Northwestern University, Thomas W. Miller covers usability testing, Web site performance, usage analysis, social media platforms, search engine optimization (SEO), and many other topics. He balances this practical coverage with accessible and up-to-date introductions to both social network analysis and network science, demonstrating how these disciplines can be used to solve real business problems.

Modeling Techniques in Predictive Analytics with Python and R

An Introduction to Analysis of Financial Data with R. New York: Wiley. Tsvetovat,
M. and A. Kouznetsov 2011. Social Network Analysis for Startups: Finding
Connections on the Social Web. Sebastopol, Calif.: O'Reilly. Tufte, E. R. 1990.


Author: Thomas W. Miller

Publisher: FT Press

ISBN: 9780133892147

Category: Computers

Page: 448

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Master predictive analytics, from start to finish Start with strategy and management Master methods and build models Transform your models into highly-effective code—in both Python and R This one-of-a-kind book will help you use predictive analytics, Python, and R to solve real business problems and drive real competitive advantage. You’ll master predictive analytics through realistic case studies, intuitive data visualizations, and up-to-date code for both Python and R—not complex math. Step by step, you’ll walk through defining problems, identifying data, crafting and optimizing models, writing effective Python and R code, interpreting results, and more. Each chapter focuses on one of today’s key applications for predictive analytics, delivering skills and knowledge to put models to work—and maximize their value. Thomas W. Miller, leader of Northwestern University’s pioneering program in predictive analytics, addresses everything you need to succeed: strategy and management, methods and models, and technology and code. If you’re new to predictive analytics, you’ll gain a strong foundation for achieving accurate, actionable results. If you’re already working in the field, you’ll master powerful new skills. If you’re familiar with either Python or R, you’ll discover how these languages complement each other, enabling you to do even more. All data sets, extensive Python and R code, and additional examples available for download at Python and R offer immense power in predictive analytics, data science, and big data. This book will help you leverage that power to solve real business problems, and drive real competitive advantage. Thomas W. Miller’s unique balanced approach combines business context and quantitative tools, illuminating each technique with carefully explained code for the latest versions of Python and R. If you’re new to predictive analytics, Miller gives you a strong foundation for achieving accurate, actionable results. If you’re already a modeler, programmer, or manager, you’ll learn crucial skills you don’t already have. Using Python and R, Miller addresses multiple business challenges, including segmentation, brand positioning, product choice modeling, pricing research, finance, sports, text analytics, sentiment analysis, and social network analysis. He illuminates the use of cross-sectional data, time series, spatial, and spatio-temporal data. You’ll learn why each problem matters, what data are relevant, and how to explore the data you’ve identified. Miller guides you through conceptually modeling each data set with words and figures; and then modeling it again with realistic code that delivers actionable insights. You’ll walk through model construction, explanatory variable subset selection, and validation, mastering best practices for improving out-of-sample predictive performance. Miller employs data visualization and statistical graphics to help you explore data, present models, and evaluate performance. Appendices include five complete case studies, and a detailed primer on modern data science methods. Use Python and R to gain powerful, actionable, profitable insights about: Advertising and promotion Consumer preference and choice Market baskets and related purchases Economic forecasting Operations management Unstructured text and language Customer sentiment Brand and price Sports team performance And much more

Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research

It offers almost complete coverage of start - ups and investors in the Internet
sector , including the relationships between them ... dataset to employ social
network analysis as it covers almost complete relationships between start - ups
and VCs .




ISBN: CORNELL:31924107860748

Category: Entrepreneurship


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Advanced Materials Science and Technology ICMST 2010

(6) From type(6),we can get that mutations′ range of start-upssocial network
caused by changes of network node ... 3 Analysis of countermeasure We
analysed mutations of social network in start-up enterprises′ evolution mainly to
impel ...


Author: Qi Luo

Publisher: Trans Tech Publications Ltd

ISBN: 9783038135722

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 1134

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Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS). The objective of this volume is to provide up-to-date information for researchers, educators, engineers, and government officials who are involved in the general area of Materials Science & Technology, mechatronics, robotics, automation, power and sensors. It will serve well in disseminating the latest research results and alternative views concerning the future research directions in these fields.

Company Success Among German Internet Start ups Social Media Investors and Entrepreneurs Personalities

Analysis of perceived importance, objective usage patterns and efficiency of
social media activities among German Internet and technology start-up
companies Author: Matyka, D. Abstract Micro-blogging sites like Twitter and
social network ...


Author: Dominik P. Matyka

Publisher: disserta Verlag

ISBN: 9783954250684


Page: 148

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There has been a lot of research on factors that help to explain why some start-ups become successful and their founders rich, and on the other hand why other start-ups fail terribly. Of course, starting up an enterprise is a complex activity dependent on institutional regulations, competitors, market developments and the simple recognition of the right opportunities at the right time. We know all of this, but still cannot accurately predict our chances of being successful as entrepreneur. There are some methods venture capitalists use, such as evaluating start-up teams and studying business plans. However, even after doing this, the chance of making a correct prediction is still lower than throwing a coin. Research has never been able to explain much of this complexity, but there are at least three factors that have repeatedly turned up when determining success and failure in the last few years. The first of these factors is a result of our tremendous technological development in the past few decades, but particularly in the most recent. In nearly all young enterprises, the utilization of social media and social networks has become a vital factor for survival and success. Many research results over the last few years have yielded the conclusion that social media are by far the most important platform for marketing products and services. To put this more scientifically, the diffusion of innovation is increasingly interlinked with social media. In addition, the recognition and creation of opportunities also increasingly requires social media platforms. However, this does not mean one should operate only online, investing all of his time and energy to communicating in social networks. The second factor concerns something that is quite obvious: money. Since the vast majority of start-ups do not have their own money or the ability to easily get a loan, obtaining financial resources is often a major problem. There are different ways to raise some money: One can ask fri

Security in IoT Social Networks

This book is a detailed reference for academicians, professionals, and young researchers. The wide range of topics provides extensive information and data for future research challenges in present-day social information networks.


Author: Fadi Al-Turjman

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780128216033

Category: Science

Page: 266

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Security in IoT Social Networks takes a deep dive into security threats and risks, focusing on real-world social and financial effects. Mining and analyzing enormously vast networks is a vital part of exploiting Big Data. This book provides insight into the technological aspects of modeling, searching, and mining for corresponding research issues, as well as designing and analyzing models for resolving such challenges. The book will help start-ups grow, providing research directions concerning security mechanisms and protocols for social information networks. The book covers structural analysis of large social information networks, elucidating models and algorithms and their fundamental properties. Moreover, this book includes smart solutions based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning for enhancing the performance of social information network security protocols and models. This book is a detailed reference for academicians, professionals, and young researchers. The wide range of topics provides extensive information and data for future research challenges in present-day social information networks. Provides several characteristics of social, network, and physical security associated with social information networks Presents the security mechanisms and events related to social information networks Covers emerging topics, such as network information structures like on-line social networks, heterogeneous and homogeneous information networks, and modern information networks Includes smart solutions based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning for enhancing the performance of social information network security protocols and models

Learning Social Media Analytics with R

Tap into the realm of social media and unleash the power of analytics for data-driven insights using R About This Book A practical guide written to help leverage the power of the R eco-system to extract, process, analyze, visualize and ...


Author: Raghav Bali

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781787125469

Category: Computers

Page: 394

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Tap into the realm of social media and unleash the power of analytics for data-driven insights using R About This Book A practical guide written to help leverage the power of the R eco-system to extract, process, analyze, visualize and model social media data Learn about data access, retrieval, cleaning, and curation methods for data originating from various social media platforms. Visualize and analyze data from social media platforms to understand and model complex relationships using various concepts and techniques such as Sentiment Analysis, Topic Modeling, Text Summarization, Recommendation Systems, Social Network Analysis, Classification, and Clustering. Who This Book Is For It is targeted at IT professionals, Data Scientists, Analysts, Developers, Machine Learning Enthusiasts, social media marketers and anyone with a keen interest in data, analytics, and generating insights from social data. Some background experience in R would be helpful, but not necessary, since this book is written keeping in mind, that readers can have varying levels of expertise. What You Will Learn Learn how to tap into data from diverse social media platforms using the R ecosystem Use social media data to formulate and solve real-world problems Analyze user social networks and communities using concepts from graph theory and network analysis Learn to detect opinion and sentiment, extract themes, topics, and trends from unstructured noisy text data from diverse social media channels Understand the art of representing actionable insights with effective visualizations Analyze data from major social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Github, StackExchange, and so on Learn to leverage popular R packages such as ggplot2, topicmodels, caret, e1071, tm, wordcloud, twittR, Rfacebook, dplyr, reshape2, and many more In Detail The Internet has truly become humongous, especially with the rise of various forms of social media in the last decade, which give users a platform to express themselves and also communicate and collaborate with each other. This book will help the reader to understand the current social media landscape and to learn how analytics can be leveraged to derive insights from it. This data can be analyzed to gain valuable insights into the behavior and engagement of users, organizations, businesses, and brands. It will help readers frame business problems and solve them using social data. The book will also cover several practical real-world use cases on social media using R and its advanced packages to utilize data science methodologies such as sentiment analysis, topic modeling, text summarization, recommendation systems, social network analysis, classification, and clustering. This will enable readers to learn different hands-on approaches to obtain data from diverse social media sources such as Twitter and Facebook. It will also show readers how to establish detailed workflows to process, visualize, and analyze data to transform social data into actionable insights. Style and approach This book follows a step-by-step approach with detailed strategies for understanding, extracting, analyzing, visualizing, and modeling data from several major social network platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Flickr, Github, and StackExchange. The chapters cover several real-world use cases and leverage data science, machine learning, network analysis, and graph theory concepts along with the R ecosystem, including popular packages such as ggplot2, caret,dplyr, topicmodels, tm, and so on.

Management Science

The empirical analysis does control for patent counts in the month and year prior
to external funding to capture the variation in ... Don ' t go it alone : Alliance
network composition and startups ' performance in Canadian biotechnology . ...
Complementarity , status similarity and social capital as drivers of alliance
formation .




ISBN: UOM:39015058906846

Category: Industrial management


View: 477

Issues for Feb. 1965-Aug. 1967 include Bulletin of the Institute of Management Sciences.


STARTUP CITY When there ' s a crime or serious violation of corporate policy ,
you can be victimized twice - first by the ... lawyers , external auditors , and in
grams and social network analysis tion , so Vantos ' V - Flex is worth a vestigators




ISBN: IND:30000117323398

Category: Computer service industry


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Project Report

Network analysis informs us about the social relationships that owners construct
to access markets or identify competitors. Financial resource and dependency
literature instructs us how businesses access capital for business start-ups and
for ...




ISBN: CORNELL:31924081092250

Category: Agriculture


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Valuation of Internet Start ups An Applied Research on How Venture Capitalists Value Internet Start ups

particularly useful and valuable for the social network companies, which make
most of their revenues by selling this information ... 80 Krishna G. Palepu and
others (2007), Business Analysis and Valuation: Text and Cases, IFRS ed.,
London, ...


Author: Jean-Baptiste Flanc

Publisher: Anchor Academic Publishing (aap_verlag)

ISBN: 9783954890828

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 68

View: 940

This book deals with the valuation of Internet start-ups after the burst of the dot-com bubble. The objective is to fill some of the existing gaps in order to contribute to the development of this field of study. Indeed, it is a relatively recent subject, and the research devoted to it, is still limited. The valuation of an Internet start-up does not only depend on ist stage of development, but also on five qualitative factors, namely the team, the business model, the market, the risk, and the exit options. In fact, venture capitalists base their valuation on the perceived growth potential of the company. Subsequently, this book addresses the issue of intangible assets. In fact, an Internet company derives most of ist value from the intellectual capital, the brand equity, and the website. The author analyses these intangible assets and their accounting treatment. The discounted cash flow valuation method is based on financial projections, and the relative valuation method. These factors are identified and examined in detail. Their analysis is crucial for it determines the valuation of an internet start-up.

The Lean Startup

The lean startup movement sets out to prevent future failures… PLEASE NOTE: This is key takeaways and analysis of the book and NOT the original book.


Author: Instaread

Publisher: Instaread

ISBN: 9781945048142

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 36

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The Lean Startup by Eric Ries | Summary & Analysis Preview: The Lean Startup offers a set of tools and methodologies for entrepreneurs both in startups and established corporations to better achieve success. Since the vast majority of startups fail, understanding how to build a better company saves society’s most precious commodities: ideas, time, and the skills of its people. The lean startup movement sets out to prevent future failures… PLEASE NOTE: This is key takeaways and analysis of the book and NOT the original book. Inside this Instaread Summary of The Lean Startup: · Overview of the book · Important People · Key Takeaways · Analysis of Key Takeaways

Journal of business venturing

Organizational endowments and the performance of university start - ups .
Manage . Sci . ... Opportunity recognition through social network characteristics of
entrepreneurs . Frontiers of ... Social network analysis for organizations . Acad .







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Venture Capital and High Tech Start Ups in the Italian and German ICT Sector

A Cross-Country Analysis on Actual Trends and Growth Potentials Fabrizio Milio.
with their smaller ... In the Innovative Milieux social networks were established
between individuals within firms and between individuals in different firms.


Author: Fabrizio Milio

Publisher: GRIN Verlag

ISBN: 9783640953400

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 206

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Master's Thesis from the year 2010 in the subject Business economics - Company formation, Business Plans, grade: 1.0, University of Applied Sciences in Schmalkalden, language: English, abstract: Now-a-days fundamental changes are taking place in the world as well as in the global economy, where events such as globalization, financial crises, wars, hurricanes and earthquakes – just to new a few of them – are shaping the daily life of million of people. However, to be aware of these events is not possible without another phenomenon that makes information about these extraordinary events available to each of us, i.e. innovation, since without it would not be possible to know about these events. However, one of the fields where innovation occurs really fast is the field of information and communication technologies (ICT). Indeed, incredible progress in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT) has made things possible today which would have been unthinkable some decades ago, and as ICT continued to spread into all sectors of social and economic life, it became a vital instrument for creating knowledge based society, building and sustaining human development, as well as transforming our world from the industrial society into an informational one. In this context, by the opening of borders to trade and foreign investment, globalization brings opportunities and pressures for domestic firms in global market economies to innovate and improve their competitive position, and thus contribute to foster the economic growth of a country. Aware of this, and even though the Lisbon Strategy, set out by the European Council in Lisbon in March 2000, with the aim to make the EU “the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world capable of sustainable economic growth with more and better jobs and greater social cohesion”, by 2010, did not fully accomplished most of its initial goals, many countries are now starting policies with the aim to develop their strategic innovative sectors in order to compete in the international markets. Among these countries we can find also Germany and Italy, which aware of their growth po- tentials in some high-tech sectors such as ICT, are seizing the moment by reconsidering new policy actions to cope with the international competitive pressures that the globalization as unleashed in the last few years. Bearing this in mind, aim of this work is to present the current trends, as well as growth potentials, in the German and Italian ICT sectors by focusing the attention on venture capital and high-tech start-ups.

Engineering Education and Management

Social Network's Impact on New Venture Performance––An Empirical Research
of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Jun-ping Yang, Lu-bin Tang, ... With the data of 130
valid samples in Zhejiang, through an empirical analysis, we found that highly
educated Zhejiang entrepreneur ... entrepreneurial network was equally
important for different entrepreneurs and new start-ups, and that entrepreneurs'
social network ...


Author: Liangchi Zhang

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783642248238

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 770

View: 681

This is the proceedings of the selected papers presented at 2011 International Conference on Engineering Education and Management (ICEEM2011) held in Guangzhou, China, during November 18-20, 2011. ICEEM2011 is one of the most important conferences in the field of Engineering Education and Management and is co-organized by Guangzhou University, The University of New South Wales, Zhejiang University and Xi’an Jiaotong University. The conference aims to provide a high-level international forum for scientists, engineers, and students to present their new advances and research results in the field of Engineering Education and Management. This volume comprises 121 papers selected from over 400 papers originally submitted by universities and industrial concerns all over the world. The papers specifically cover the topics of Management Science and Engineering, Engineering Education and Training, Project/Engineering Management, and Other related topics. All of the papers were peer-reviewed by selected experts. The papers have been selected for this volume because of their quality and their relevancy to the topic. This volume will provide readers with a broad overview of the latest advances in the field of Engineering Education and Management. It will also constitute a valuable reference work for researchers in the fields of Engineering Education and Management.

International Business

Ellis,P. (2000) 'Social Ties and Foreign Market Entry', Journal of International
BusinessStudies, 31(3), 443–69. Ellis ... Theory Revisited' V.andLin,N. (eds),
Social Structure and Network Analysis in Marsden, P. (Beverly Hills, CA: Sage),
105–30. ... Jenssen,J. I. and Koenig, H.F.(2002) 'The Effectof SocialNetworks on
Resource Access and Business StartUps', European Planning Studies,10(8):


Author: Simon Harris

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137007742

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 268

View: 573

Provides an in-depth analysis of some of the most recent challenges for international businesses, such as corporate social responsibility and the phenomenon of outward foreign direct investment from China. Reflects on the new perspectives in international business by presenting the experience of successful business experts in the field.

Technology Forecast

The best of these mining tools are even beginning to use social network analysis
to view information in the context of people , events , and processes to
understand how information is created and used over time . One innovative
startup ...


Author: Eric Berg


ISBN: 1891865102

Category: Information technology

Page: 480

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Technology Forecast: 20032005 is the latest in a series that the PricewaterhouseCoopers Global Technology Centre has published annually for more than a dozen years. This years book provides in-depth coverage of enterprise applications and enabling software and forecasts significant developments in those areas over the next three years. It also contains information of particular interest to senior executives, including CFO Perspectives for each of the chapters and a chapter on business reporting and XBRL.As the pace of business quickens, companies must eliminate information lag and make more timely decisions. Business intelligence technologiesbusiness activity monitoring, event notification, and digital dashboardsprovide executives with real-time information about the status of key business processes, including their relations with customers and suppliers. New business integration technologies, including increased use of XML-based Web services, are making end-to-end automation of business processes easier to accomplish. Meanwhile, the incorporation of analytic capabilities into virtually all enterprise applications, as well as advances in knowledge management and collaborative technologies, increase the speed and effectiveness of decision-making.Technology Forecast: 20032005 discusses these and other changes under way in enterprise IT. It is divided into three sections, each highlighting a different area of enterprise software, that together comprise ten chapters providing detailed coverage of specific technologies and applications:Enterprise Applications contains chapters on enterprise suites, including enterprise suite architectures, supply chain event and performance management, and enterprise resource planning; customer-facing applications; and business intelligence and enterprise analytics, including real-time business intelligence and business activity monitoring.Information Management comprises chapters on enterprise content management; knowledge management and e-learning; and collaborative technologies.Enabling Software includes chapters on XML and Web services; component frameworks, including J2EE and Microsoft .Net; application and portal servers; and business integration technologies, including business process modeling, monitoring, and management.In addition, the book features interviews with three leading figures in IT: Vivek RanadivéFounder, chairman and CEO of TIBCO Software. A recognized industry leader, Ranadivé was selected by InfoWorld as one of the top ten technology innovators in 2002. He was also recognized by Ernst & Young as a 2002 software entrepreneur of the year. His book The Power of Now: How Winning Companies Sense and Respond to Change Using Real-Time Technology (McGraw-Hill, 1999) has been widely used as a business school textbook.Tony ScottCTO for General Motors Information Systems and Services organization, where he is responsible for defining the enterprise architecture and standards across all of GMs global business. His work at GM has included the development of its employee portal and wireless strategy, and he directs the companys involvement in IT standards bodies and technology consortium organizations.Ronald WeissmanA venture partner with Apax Partners, a leading international private equity and venture capital firm with offices throughout Europe, the United States, Israel, and Japan. Apax manages more than $12 billion on behalf of major institutional investors in the United States and abroad. His focus is on U.S. and international opportunities in enterprise and infrastructure software and on Apax portfolio company development.