Soil Series of Chhattisgarh State

National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning, Chhattīsgarh (India). Dept. of Agriculture. 0 Effective natural resource management, documentation and enhancement of plant and animal resources, agricultural diversification with ...


Author: D. B. Tamgadge


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Soil Series of Madhya Pradesh

There are four coal bearing areas in the state , the North Chhattisgarh basin , East Chhattisgarh basin , Satpura and the Vindhyan area . The total reserves are estimated to 160373 million tonnes and both the deep mining ( in the ...



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Geotechnical Characteristics of Soils and Rocks of India

This chapter presents the overall geology, major soil formations and industrial by-products of Chhattisgarh. The rocks and soils of the state are investigated using boring data. A series of tests have been conducted to classify the ...


Author: Sanjay Kumar Shukla

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This book presents mainly the geotechnical details of geomaterials (soils and rocks) found in all the 36 states and union territories of India. There are 37 chapters in this book. Chapter 1 provides an overview of geomaterials, focusing on their engineering properties as determined based on the project site investigations and laboratory/field tests; this will help readers understand the technical details explained throughout the book, with each chapter dealing with geomaterials of one state/union territory only. Each chapter, contributed by a team of authors, follows a common template with the following sections: introduction, major types of soils and rocks, properties of soils and rocks, use of soils and rocks as construction materials, foundation and other geotechnical structures, other geomaterials, natural hazards, case studies and field tests, geoenvironmental impact on soils and rocks, concluding remarks and references. All the chapters cover highly practical information and technical data for application in ground infrastructure projects, including foundations of structures (buildings, towers, tanks, machines and so on), highway, railway and airport pavements, embankments, retaining structures/walls, dams, reservoirs, canals and ponds, and landfills and tunnels. These details are also highly useful for professionals dealing with mining, oil and gas projects and agricultural and aquacultural engineering projects. Although this book covers the Indian ground characteristics, the information provided can be helpful in some suitable forms to the professionals of other countries having similar ground conditions and applications.

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Alluvial soils are by far the largest and the most important soil group of India. ... Uttar Pradesh is the largest producer of wheat, while Rajasthan is the largest Rapeseed & Mustard producing state in India.


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Red Lateritic Soils

( 1992 ) collected approximately 100 composite surface soil samples from each of the 29 soil series known to occur widely in intensively cultivated areas in different states of India , and analysed them for various estimates of ...


Author: J. L. Sehgal

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Groundwater Resources Development and Planning in the Semi Arid Region

Chhattisgarh State Soil ... The soil map was later cropped for the Taga catchment. ... Since the State soil Map is wide scale, the whole catchment falls within the hydrological soil group of 'D' which is also call 'kanhar' as.


Author: Chaitanya B. Pande

Publisher: Springer Nature

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This book addresses the various challenges in achieving sustainable groundwater development, management, and planning in semi-arid regions, with a focus on India, and discusses advanced remote sensing and GIS techniques for the estimation and management of groundwater resources. The book is timely as there is a need for a better understanding of the various tools and methods required to efficiently and sustainably meet the growing demand for clean surface and groundwater in developing countries, and how these tools can be combined with other strategies in a multi-disciplinary fashion to achieve this goal in water-scarce regions. To wit, the book combines remote sensing and GIS techniques, runoff modeling, aquifer mapping, land use and land cover analyses, evapotranspiration estimation, crop coefficients, and water policy approaches. This will be of use to academics, policymakers, social scientists, and professionals involved in the various aspects of sustainable groundwater development, planning, and management.

Soil Erosion Chhattisgarh

Traditional name Local name Name of soil series Area ( ha ) Correlated soil series Soil taxonomy ( Soil sub - group ) Korba ... Soil Series of India 1994 Soil Series of Madhya Pradesh 2000 and other reports of State Dept. of Agril .


Author: D. B. Tamgadge


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Sustainable Agriculture

These differences have resulted in the formation of many soil types in the state which differ significantly ... It is bounded on the east by West Bengal, on the west by Chhattisgarh, on the north by Bihar and on the south by Orissa.


Author: Ajoy Kumar Singh

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This new volume looks at the evolution and challenges of sustainable agriculture, a field that is growing in use and popularity, discussing some of the important ideas, practices, and policies that are essential to an effective sustainable agriculture strategy. The book features 25 chapters written by experts in crop improvement, natural resource management, crop protection, social sciences, and product development. The volume provides a good understanding of the use of sustainable agriculture and the sustainable management of agri-horticultural crops, focusing on eco-friendly approaches, such as the utilization of waste materials. Topics include ecofriendly plant protection measures, climate change and natural resource management, tools to mitigate the effect of extreme weather events, agrochemical research and regulation, soil carbon sequestration, water and nutrient management in agricultural systems, and more. Key features: Discusses sustainable agriculture within the framework of recent challenges in agriculture Looks at the development and diversification of crops and cultural practices to enhance biological and economic stability Discusses innovative nanotechnologies in research and production technologies Highlights the development of new varieties in agri-horticultural crops Discusses use of recent technologies for soil–plant–microbe–environment interactions.

geography FAQ

–Jharkhand • Best marble is found in –Makrana (Rajasthan) • Largest mica producing state of India is –Jharkhand ... Soils. • Which soil group is found in most abundance in India? –Alluvial Soil • Which soil is mainly found in Karnataka ...


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Integrated Land Use Planning for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development

Geospatial technologies in soil-site suitability evaluation, soil loss assessment, watershed prioritization and carrying ... based decision making procedure to generate suitability maps for Bilaspur district of Chhattisgarh state.


Author: M. V. Rao

Publisher: CRC Press

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Land represents an important resource for the economic life of a majority of people in the world. The way people handle and use land resources impacts their social and economic well-being as well as the sustained quality of land resources. Land use planning is also integral to water resources development and management for agriculture, industry, drinking water, and power generation. This valuable work brings to the forefront the state of practice of land use planning in India, highlighting governmental programs and research with wide-ranging chapters on important topics. Covering various agro-ecosystem, including irrigated, rainfed, coastal, semi-arid, arid (drylands), and hill and mountain (temperate) regions, this volume discusses a variety of issues related to sustainable agriculture and rural development. Chapters address the following questions: •What are the sources, scales, and quality of land resources and land use data for efficient planning • Which are the agroecological systems hot spots that are have been degraded? How can these areas be rejuvenated in terms of quality? • What should be the unit of planning for a holistic approach for the conservation and efficient use of natural resources at different administrative levels and domains? • What are the roles of state land use boards and district planning committees? • How can various programs be integrated and implemented by central and state agencies? • What are the technologies, new policies, and support systems required to address sustainable land use? • What are the legal issues? • What should be the role of communities in planning for poverty alleviation and integrated planning for sustainable agriculture based livelihoods? • What is the role GIS in sustainable agriculture and rural development? With high population growth, endemic poverty, and weak existing institutional capacity for land management, India (and other regions of the world) require strong scientific and strategically important land use policies and methods for sustainable development. This book helps to show the way. This volume is being published in association with the Centre for Agrarian Studies and Disaster Mitigation of the National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (NIRD and PR).