Catboat Summers

Both Beetles , DRIFTWOOD and MUTT , shared space at Slaight's dock with Gene's ANGLER and our sailing pram SPLINTER . On the tide , we mustered a work party and began the hauling process . Slaight's wharf sits in the marsh at the bottom ...


Author: John E. Conway

Publisher: Sheridan House, Inc.

ISBN: 1574091719

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 230

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Catboat Summers chronicles a decade's worth of adventure through a series of short tales, each recounting one of the Conways' many extraordinary experiences aboard their hand-crafted vessel.

Tides of the Titans

He uses it like a potholder to break off a ladle-length splinter of what looks like a half-buried, empty-socketed jawbone the size of a house. As I told you, Ootesh had explained, we of the CrocodileRider clans do not use the speech ...


Author: Thoraiya Dyer

Publisher: Tor Books

ISBN: 9780765386090

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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In the quest fantasy Tides of the Titans, part of Aurealis and Ditmar Award-winning author Thoraiya Dyer's extraordinary Titan's Forest series, trees loom large as skyscrapers, mortals can be reborn as gods, and a young man travels to the far reaches of the land and beyond to unlock the Forest's hidden secrets... Courtier, explorer, thief: Leaper is a man of many skills, but none of his talents satisfy the yearning in his heart for the Queen of Airakland, the ruler of a thunder-clashed kingdom. Their affair is cut too short, however, when she is murdered. But who was the assassin? A political rival? The jealous king? Or, perhaps, the god of thunder who oversees them all? Distraught, Leaper vows revenge, but little does he realize that his mission will lead him away from his forest home, across the vast floodplains, and to the edges of time and myth itself. Praise for Crossroads of Canopy “I am majorly impressed. A unique, gorgeous, and dangerous world!”—Tamora Pierce “Everything you expect from a great epic–quests, fearless warriors, gods born again.”—Brian Staveley, author of The Chronicles of the Unhewn Throne Titan's Forest #1 Crossroads of Canopy #2 Echoes of Understorey #3 Tides of the Titans At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

A Treatise Explanatory of a New System of Naval Military and Political Telegraphic Communication of General Application

... with 804 Springing Splint 741 Sported 805 Spring - tide To splinter 742 Sported with 806 Spring - tides Splinter 743 Sporting 807 At the next ) spring - tide — 870 By ) splinters 744 Sporting with 808 Springs Splintered 745 Sportive ...


Author: John Macdonald


ISBN: NYPL:33433009342894

Category: Communications, Military

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The Earth Observer

Based on comparisons with data from the tide gauges and nearby buoys , ALT - B SWH and wind - speed data are unbiased ... Topical Splinter Meetings 4.1 Calibration / Validation and 1 mm Altimetry Another science opportunity of Ka - band ...




ISBN: UCSD:31822009148255

Category: Artificial satellites in earth sciences


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World of Warcraft Tides of Darkness

... back to the tree beside him, its trunk thick from age and smooth as silk, its leaves rich and green and smelling of nature and life and bounty—and with a mighty swing the orc chipped a large splinter of bark Tides of Darkness 171.


Author: Aaron Rosenberg

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416560084

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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After killing the corrupt Warchief Blackhand, Orgrim Doomhammer was quick to seize control over the Orcish Horde. Now he is determined to conquer the rest of Azeroth so that his people will once again have a home of their own in the... WORLD OF WARCRAFT Anduin Lothar, former Champion of Stormwind, has left his shattered homeland behind and led his people across the Great Sea to the shores of Lordaeron. There, with the aid of the noble King Terenas, he forges a mighty Alliance with the other human nations. But even that may not be enough to stop the Horde's merciless onslaught. Elves, dwarves, and trolls enter the fray as the two emerging factions vie for dominance. Will the valiant Alliance prevail, or will the Horde's tide of darkness consume the last vestiges of freedom on Azeroth?

A Treatise Explanatory of a New System of Naval Military and Political Telegraphic Communication of General Application in which a Comprehensive Numerical Dictionary Es Applied

... with 804 Springing Splint 741 Sported 805 Spring - tide 868 To splinter 869 742 Sported with 806 Spring - tides Splinter 743 Sporting 807 At the next ) spring - tide ~ 870 By ) splinters 744 Sporting with 808 Springs 871 Splintered ...


Author: John Macdonald


ISBN: ONB:+Z97765605


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Tides of the desert Gezeiten der W ste

0 0 Cb • · • 0 0 o 50 cm Bone • Bone splinter Burned bone splinter I, J Fireplace Fig. 2 596/120-6. Distribution of pottery and stones on the surface. Scale 1:25. Three square metres were excavated and after the collection of the ...


Author: Jennerstrasse 8

Publisher: Heinrich-Barth-Institut




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Time and Tide

Iliff somehow developed blood poisoning from a creosote splinter, and realized he needed to get to town for medical attention. “Smitty wasn't called Mudhole without reason,” said Iliff. “Some of us were a bit nervous flying with him.


Author: Richard Shellhorn

Publisher: Publication Consultants

ISBN: 9781594334900

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 400

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is a story about a duck cabin on Alaska's Copper River Delta—and much more! In 1959 the Shellhorns built their place on Pete Dahl Slough, one of many intertidal waterways that braid the 50 mile marshland formed by the Copper. This wetland is a natural breeding habitat for waterfowl, and also a stopping place for migratory birds. Time and Tide Adventures on Alaska's Copper River Delta While early explorers and prospectors traversed the region, it was salmon that first drew pioneers to the outer edges of the Delta, where fishermen built camps to operate set net sites. Soon the famous Copper River and Northwestern Railroad would follow. Here is a chronicle of the early days of the Delta, beginning with Lt. Henry Allen's amazing expedition up the Copper in 1885, as well as a history of fisheries, war, roads, fires, storms, earthquakes, floods, and duck hunting. Plus change of habitat, with moose, bear, and other predators moving out on the Delta as brush and trees exploded following land uplift, and the sloughs gradually silted in. Meet characters such as Long Shorty, Curly Hoover, Kernel Korn, Eyeball Leer, and the Mayor of Pete Dahl, Don Shellhorn. Learn about duck shacks such as the Pair-A-Dice Inn, Boxcar, and Korn Hole, and the rich history hidden in their walls. Delight in the foibles of boating and hunting in the wild weather and water of the Flats. Revel in the Ode to Family and small town Alaska found in countless quotes from the Shellhorn Duck Cabin Logs, 54 years of unique recorded history, written by 458 different visitors. Full of laughter, joy, and tragedy; replete with lessons and truths; ribald and poignant; Time and Tide is the story of an Era of Adventure on the Copper River Delta.

Foul Tide s Turning

The tiny splinter of wood he had left jammed in the frame tumbled to the doorstep. Alone, then. Just me and my visiting conscience. 'I don't think Kirkup sits comfortable with the fact that, as the pastor of Northhaven, my name should ...


Author: Stephen Hunt

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780575092129

Category: Fiction

Page: 512

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The power struggle begins . . . The people of Weyland always believed the slavers raids, which destroyed families and homes like a natural disaster, were a misfortune that couldn't be averted or stopped. But it's not true. King Marcus struck a deal: his people in exchange for technology and a powerful alliance with the Vandian civilisation. And now everyone knows. Jacob and Carter Carnehan escaped the slavers - along with the true king of Weyland - and have returned home with both the truth, and a Vandian princess as their hostage. Their purpose was to avoid war . . . instead, the truth prompts a civil war at home - while an invasion force focused on reclaiming the captive princess starts to gather on their borders. Jacob and Carter will be separated once again - and this time they're fighting for something bigger than their lives.

Tides Of War

These were on their feet now, rallying into bands of butchers. They ranged the killing ground, slit. ting the throat of every downed Athenian. I was with Lion, Chowder, Splinter, and about a dozen others. We had migrated somehow to the ...


Author: Steven Pressfield

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781407066820

Category: Fiction

Page: 608

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Steven Pressfield, author of the Sunday Times bestseller Gates of Fire, brings the conflict between Sparta and Athens to life in this epic story filled with triumph and tragedy. "Pressfield's talent is extraordinary work - an instant classic" -- DAVID GEMMELL "No one writes better historical fiction than Steven Pressfield" -- VINCE FLYNN "A masterful book" -- ***** Reader review "A book to treasure" -- ***** Reader review "A truly rewarding reading experience" -- ***** Reader review ******************************** ONE MAN. TWO ARMIES. THE FATE OF THE ANCIENT WORLD IN THE BALANCE. Alcibiades: Kinsman of Pericles, protégé of Socrates, immortalised by Plutarch, Plato and Thucydides. An audacious soldier and charismatic leader without equal who would come to dominate the Peloponnesian War, the devastating twenty-seven-year conflict between Athens and Sparta that brought Greece to its knees at the end of the fifth century BC. Undefeated on the battlefield, Alcibiades' popularity - and his political aspirations - fed the resentment of his rivals in Athens who secured his death warrant on a trumped-up charge of treason. Escaping to Sparta, he guided its legendary army from one military triumph to the next. Ultimately though, it was Athens that would claim his fiercest loyalty, their destinies inextricably intertwined. Tides of War paints a dazzling portrait of a remarkable man whose fortunes mirrored the ebb and flow of the tides of war.