Star Spangled Scandal

This is the riveting true story of the murder and trial that sparked a national debate on madness, male honor, female virtue, fidelity, and the rule of law.


Author: Chris DeRose

Publisher: Regnery History

ISBN: 9781621578055

Category: History

Page: 320

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A HISTORY BOOK CLUB BESTSELLER "True crime fans will relish this thoughtful look at a murder and its aftermath that riveted a nation." — Publisher's Weekly book review "There may be no two more addicting topics to people right now than politics and true crime. Star Spangled Scandal delves into both of these—with a heavy dose of sex added in." — NPR book review “… and sir I do assure you he has as much the use of your wife as you have.” — From an anonymous note delivered to Congressman Daniel Sickles on February 24, 1859 It is two years before the Civil War, and Congressman Daniel Sickles and his lovely wife Teresa are popular fixtures in Washington, D.C. society. Their house sits on Lafayette Square across from White House grounds, and the president himself is godfather to the Sickles’ six-year-old daughter. Because Congressman Sickles is frequently out of town, he trusts his friend, U.S. Attorney Philip Barton Key—son of Francis Scott Key—to escort the beautiful Mrs. Sickles to parties in his absence. Revelers in D.C. are accustomed to the sight of the congressman’s wife with the tall, Apollo-like Philip Barton Key, who is considered “the handsomest man in all Washington society… foremost among the popular men of the capital.” Then one day an anonymous note sets into motion a tragic course of events that culminates in a shocking murder in broad daylight in Lafayette Square. This is the riveting true story of the murder and trial that sparked a national debate on madness, male honor, female virtue, fidelity, and the rule of law. Bestselling author Chris DeRose (The Presidents’ War) uses diary entries, letters, newspaper accounts, and eyewitness testimonies to bring the characters to thrilling life in this antebellum true crime history.

Star Spangled Scandal

Based on the true story of an 1859 murder that occurred in front of the White House in Washington D.C. Philip Barton Key, son of Francis Scott Key, carried on a love affair with the young, beautiful wife of Congressman Dan Sickles.


Author: Lori Swerda

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781532069796

Category: Fiction

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Based on the true story of an 1859 murder that occurred in front of the White House in Washington D.C. Philip Barton Key, son of Francis Scott Key, carried on a love affair with the young, beautiful wife of Congressman Dan Sickles. The affair is revealed in an inflammatory anonymous letter to Dan, the author of which remains a mystery to this day. Follow the trail back in time through history to when the country was young, Abraham Lincoln was still a nobody, and the Civil War had not yet begun. Through the eyes of the victim, the adulteress, and the family of Francis Scott Key, discover the events leading to the murder and the disastrous fallout after. Ask yourself the shocking question, could Abraham Lincoln be to blame for the death of Francis Scott Key’s son?

Conversations in Context

"Star-Spangled. Scandal". by. Nicholas. Wade. Reading. the. Context. Nicholas
Wade is the science and health editor of the New York Times. Prior to working for
the Times, he was a reporter for Science magazine, based in Washington, D.C., ...


Author: Heather Bruce

Publisher: Heinle & Heinle Pub

ISBN: 0155037102

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 512

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Conversations in Context: Identity, Knowledge, and College Writing invites students to learn about and participate in a series of related conversations about student identities, the aims of the university, and the conventions of academic writing. Rather than seeing academic writing as consisting of objective statements of "truth," the editors of this textbook view it as a social construction of knowledge that requires rhetorical choices as well as empirical research. This book represents academic writing as a sequence of continuing conversations within discourse communities provides a variety of oppotunities to engage with and participate in these converstaions.

Star Spangled Men

... as an “accidental president" had to proceed cautiously. First of all, he had to
ensure public confidence in the stability of the government following Harding's
death. He also had to deal with the rising stench of the scandals that 99 Nathan


Author: Nathan Miller

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1439125732

Category: History

Page: 272

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Picking America's best presidents is easy. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin D. Roosevelt usually lead the list, But choosing the nation's worst presidents requires more thought. In Star-Spangled Men, respected presidential biographer Nathan Miller puts on display those leaders who were abject failures as chief executive. With pointed humor and a deft hand, he presents a rogues' gallery of the men who dropped the presidential ball, and sometimes their pants as well. Miller includes Richard M. Nixon, who was forced to resign to escape impeachment; Jimmy Carter, who proved that the White House is not the place for on-the-job training; and Warren G. Harding, who gave "being in the closet" new meaning as he carried on extramarital interludes in one near the Oval Office. This current edition also includes a new assessment of Bill Clinton -- who has admitted lying to his family, his aides, his cabinet, and the American people.

The Star Spangled Retirement Dream

Indeed , it's almost an understatement to say that the system of pensions covering
the country's 12 million federal and 13.5 million state and municipal employees is
, in the words of The Reader's Digest ( March 1976 ) , “ a nationwide scandal .


Author: James Gollin

Publisher: Scribner Book Company

ISBN: PSU:000006763206

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 218

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Examines the problems of retirement and pension planning in America, discussing the history and workings of Social Security and private pension plans and offering advice on providing lifetime financial security

The Star spangled Secret

The gentlemen ' s talk of the war with its perilous battles between immense
sailing ships fascinated me , but the ladies ' gossip of family scandals and
comparisons of the price of lace and pewter and porcelain interested me not at all
. So when ...


Author: K. M. Kimball


ISBN: 0439385725

Category: Maryland

Page: 234

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In 1814, as the War of 1812 threatens her Maryland home, thirteen-year-old Caroline sets out to discover the truth about the disappearance of her older brother.

The Fighting Bunch

Monroe, the Bill of Rights, and the Election That Saved a Nation Congressman
Lincoln: The Making of America's Greatest President The Presidents' War: Six
American Presidents and the Civil War That Divided Them Star Spangled
Scandal: ...


Author: Chris DeRose

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781250266200

Category: History

Page: 240

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In The Fighting Bunch: The Battle of Athens and How World War II Veterans Won the Only Successful Armed Rebellion Since the Revolution, New York Times bestselling author Chris DeRose reveals the true, never-before-told story of the men who brought their overseas combat experience to wage war against a corrupt political machine in their hometown. Bill White and the young men of McMinn County answered their nation's call after Pearl Harbor. They won the freedom of the world and returned to find that they had lost it at home. A corrupt political machine was in charge, protected by violent deputies, funded by racketeering, and kept in place by stolen elections - the worst allegations of voter fraud ever reported to the Department of Justice, according to the U.S. Attorney General. To restore free government, McMinn's veterans formed the nonpartisan GI ticket to oppose the machine at the next election. On Election Day, August 1, 1946, the GIs and their supporters found themselves outgunned, assaulted, arrested, and intimidated. Deputies seized ballot boxes and brought them back to the jail. White and a group of GIs - "The Fighting Bunch" - men who fought and survived Guadalcanal, the Bulge, and Normandy, armed themselves and demanded a fair count. When they were refused the most basic rights they had fought for, the men, all of whom believed they had seen the end of war, returned to the battlefield and risked their lives one last time. For the past seven decades, the participants of the "Battle of Ballots and Bullets" and their families kept silent about that conflict. Now in The Fighting Bunch, after years of research, including exclusive interviews with the remaining witnesses, archival radio broadcast and interview tapes, scrapbooks, letters, and diaries, Chris DeRose has reconstructed one of the great untold stories in American history.

Papers in Illinois History and Transactions for the Year

... LX : 206 Star of the West ( Geneva ) , 1:36 Star of the West ( La Harpe ) , :: 44 "
Star Route Scandal , " XLVII : 65 Star Spangled Banner [ Lawrenceville
newspaper ) , 1:44 " Star - Spangled Banner , The " ( song ) , XXXIX : 258
Starbuck , C. L. ...




ISBN: IND:30000048825198

Category: Illinois


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The Japan Daily Mail

P.O. A. E. A.B. R. S.H. highly educated and refined gentlemen and Brown
EVENING . ladies in Japan read scurrilous paragraphs C. Weed . 8 3 jn papers
which trade on scandal . Were Star Spangled Banner . i B. McChesney 3 6 2 B.
Atkinson ...




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He became friends with Captain Phillip Barton Key , U . S . attorney for the District
of Columbia and son of the author of " The Star Spangled Banner , ” and helped
Key get reappointed as U . S . attorney . Key reciprocated by starting an affair ...


Author: Suzanne Garment

Publisher: Anchor

ISBN: STANFORD:36105008879814

Category: Political corruption

Page: 375

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A widely respected authority on national politics explores the world of post-Watergate Washington and provides the essential details to understand how government has become paralyzed by endless hearings and investigations. Updated to include new material on Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill, and Bill Clinton.

Japan Weekly Mail

Brown ladies in Japan read scurrilous paragraphs C. Weed in papers which
trade on scandal . Were Star Spangled Banner . i B. McChesney 3 6 4 the
demand for these papers less they would When the moon with glory brighiens "
March .




ISBN: CORNELL:31924057369211

Category: Aliens


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The Story of the Teapot Dome Scandal

... St . Louis The Star - Spangled Banner The Statue of Liberty The Surrender at
Appomattox Courthouse The Surrender at Yorktown Susan B . Anthony The
Teapot Dome Scandal The Trail of Tears The Triangle Factory Fire The
Underground ...


Author: Jim Hargrove

Publisher: Children's Press(CT)

ISBN: 0516047221

Category: Teapot Dome Scandal, 1921-1924

Page: 31

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Describes the causes, events, and aftermath of the scandal known as Teapot Dome which helped ruin the reputation of the administration of Warren G. Harding, the twenty-ninth president.

The Public School Scandal

The pledge of allegiance had been given , the “ Star - Spangled Banner " sung ,
and now the main speaker was telling about the life of Woodrow Wilson . He
sputtered on for quite a time while several hundred boys fidgeted in their seats
and ...


Author: Earl Conrad


ISBN: STANFORD:36105033364295

Category: Education

Page: 270

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The American Health Scandal

They are apt to feel that if anyone wants to learn anything about medicine he ' d
better hurry on over to these star - spangled shores . Many a layman shares this
view . As a result , when an American does come in contact with European ...


Author: Roul Tunley


ISBN: STANFORD:36105041631644

Category: Medical care

Page: 282

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A simple explanation of the way plants, animals, and people reproduce.

Scandal in the Pentagon a Challenge to Democracy

The program opened with " The Star Spangled Banner ” sung by the Naval Air
Training Command choir from Pensacola , Florida . The 14th Army WAC band
from Ft . McClellan , Alabama , provided music for dinner . During dessert the
diners ...


Author: William McGaffin


ISBN: UOM:39015062439925

Category: Arms transfers

Page: 192

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Dani waited for the bolt of lightning to come out of the star - spangled desert sky
and strike her for telling such a blatant lie . Actually , she'd been disappointed by
Bram's polite , subdued peck on her cheek . “ ' That's what you say . " His voice ...


Author: JoAnn Ross


ISBN: 037321958X



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The Almanac of Political Corruption Scandals and Dirty Politics


Author: Kim Long

Publisher: Random House Digital, Inc.

ISBN: UCSC:32106018799442

Category: History

Page: 358

View: 771

Describes notable instances of political corruption and malfeasance in the United States from the colonial era to 2006, and includes a list of corruption benchmarks and censure histories of the U.S. House and Senate.

A Bit of Scandal

... there so brave and straight and played “ The Star Spangled Banner , ” and
everybody rose - why - I felt so proud of her I just could have hugged her . I
seemed to have such funny little thrills going up and down my spine ! Nan — Yes
, I know .


Author: Fannie Barnett Linsky


ISBN: UIUC:30112041578086

Category: Women

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Famous Presidential Scandals

Key , of course , was the author of “ The Star Spangled Banner , ” which he had
composed after watching the night - long British bombardment of Fort McHenry in
the War of 1812 . Harding ' s affair with Carrie Philips was finally broken off ...


Author: Don Lawson

Publisher: Enslow Pub Incorporated

ISBN: WISC:89058319666

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 128

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Looks at public scandals in the administrations of Presidents Grant, Harding, Nixon, and Reagan