Sumerian Grammar

The "Sumerian Grammar" by Professor D.O. Edzard will become a classic. An up-to-date, reliable guide to the language of the Sumerians, the inventors of cuneiform writing in the late 4th millennium B.C.


Author: Dietz Otto Edzard


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The "Sumerian Grammar" by Professor D.O. Edzard will become a classic. An up-to-date, reliable guide to the language of the Sumerians, the inventors of cuneiform writing in the late 4th millennium B.C.

Fundamentals of Sumerian Grammar Grundzuge der Sumerischen Grammatik

Sumerisches Lexikon. 8 vols. Scripta Pontificii Instituti Biblici. Rome: Pontifical Biblical Institute Press, 1928–50. Edzard, Dietz Otto. Sumerian Grammar.


Author: Arno Poebel

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Contents Series Foreword / K. C. Hanson Select Bibliography / K. C. Hanson Preface Abbreviations I. The People and Language of Sumer II. The Script and Writing System III. Phonology IV. Word Roots V. Formation of Connections VI. Sentence Elements VII. The Substantive VIII. The Adjective IX. The Pronouns X. Numbers XI. Equivalents of Prepositions and Conjunctions XII. The Verb

Sumerian Grammar in Babylonian Theory

The present detailed investigation takes it as excuse that while these works are often called as witnesses in support of various philological arguments, no unified attempt to evaluate them in their context as the products of an ancient ...


Author: Jeremy A. Black

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All the works studied in this volume have been published before, with the exception of a few new fragmentary texts in the revised appendices 5.3 and 5.4. The present detailed investigation takes it as excuse that while these works are often caled as witnesses in support of various philological arguments, no unified attempt to evaluate them in their context as the products of an ancient scholarly discipline has so far appeared. The Author tries to show that current analyses of the Sumerian forms into tenses or 'aspects' are based on a misunderstanding of the way the Babylonians set some of their tenses (or aspects or whatever they are) against Sumerian forms in these grammatical texts. Then the Author describes the various ways in which the choice of forms may operate in Sumerian, and finally makes a suggestion as to how these might have developed.

Sumerian Grammar

PREFACE The present Sumerian Grammar with which the Publisher Brill kindly entrusted the author is essentially based on introductory classes of Sumerian ...


Author: Dietz Otto Edzard

Publisher: BRILL

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The Sumerian Grammar by Professor D.O. Edzard will become a classic. An up-to-date, reliable guide to the language of the Sumerians, the inventors of cuneiform writing in the late 4th millennium B.C.

Assyrian Grammar

a ian , which still continue to be put forward , along with the phonetic syllabic
values , as the leading argument for the existence of a Sumerian language ?
These , too , are open to suspicion in many ways . At the very outset we are struck
by the ...


Author: Friedrich Delitzsch



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A Sumerian Grammar and Chrestomathy

With a Vocabulary of the Principal Roots in Sumerian and a List of the Most
Important Syllabic and Vowel Transcriptions Stephen Langdon. 1 tongue " .
Absolutely no valid reasons exist for the old interpretation , ' enchanter's speech '
, and the ...


Author: Stephen Langdon


ISBN: UOM:39015005495307

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The Grammar of Perspective

Review of J. L. Hayes, A Manual of Sumerian Grammar and Texts, BiOr 50, 420–425. Jelinek, E. 1993. “Ergative 'Splits' and Argument Type,” MIT Working Papers ...


Author: Christopher Woods

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789047442080

Category: History

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The so-called Sumerian conjugation prefixes are the most poorly understood and perplexing elements of Sumerian verbal morphology. Approaching the problem from a functional-typological perspective and basing the analysis upon semantics, Professor Woods argues that these elements, in their primary function, constitute a system of grammatical voice, in which the active voice is set against the middle voice.

Copular Clauses and Focus Marking in Sumerian

My initial research focused on two areas of Sumerian grammar, neither of which had previously been the subject of systematic investigation: the typology of ...


Author: Gábor Zólyomi

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110401707

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This work is the first comprehensive description of Sumerian constructions involving a copula. Using around 400 fully glossed examples, it gives a thorough analysis of all uses of the copula, which is one of the least understood and most frequently misinterpreted and consequently mistranslated morphemes in Sumerian. It starts with a concise introduction into the grammatical structure of Sumerian, followed by a study that is accessible to both linguists and sumerologists, as it applies the terminology of modern descriptive linguistics. It provides the oldest known and documented example of the path of grammaticalization that leads from a copula to a focus marker. It gives the description of Sumerian copular paratactic relative clauses, which make use of an otherwise only scarcely attested relativization strategy. At the end of the book, the reader will have a clear picture about the morphological and syntactic devices used to mark identificational, polarity and sentence focus in Sumerian, one of the oldest documented languages in the world.

The Sumerian World

Introduction to Sumerian Grammar. Available at: ~foxvog/Grammar.pdf (accessed 6 July 2011). Foxvog, D. A. 2011b.


Author: Harriet Crawford

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136219122

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The Sumerian World explores the archaeology, history and art of southern Mesopotamia and its relationships with its neighbours from c.3,000 - 2,000BC. Including material hitherto unpublished from recent excavations, the articles are organised thematically using evidence from archaeology, texts and the natural sciences. This broad treatment will also make the volume of interest to students looking for comparative data in allied subjects such as ancient literature and early religions. Providing an authoritative, comprehensive and up to date overview of the Sumerian period written by some of the best qualified scholars in the field, The Sumerian World will satisfy students, researchers, academics, and the knowledgeable layperson wishing to understand the world of southern Mesopotamia in the third millennium.

Learn to Read Ancient Sumerian

This book will: Teach you the fundamentals of Sumerian grammar in language you can understand. Give you exercises so you can test and consolidate your new-found knowledge. Let you read actual cuneiform inscriptions from 4,000 years ago!


Author: Joshua Bowen


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The Sumerian Language

The main objections against Falkenstein's description of Sumerian is that he did
not sufficiently realize the specific character and structure of the language , but
introduced categories from Indo - European languages into the Sumerian
grammar ...


Author: Marie-Louise Thomsen


ISBN: UCSC:32106013940330

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Universal Grammar in the Reconstruction of Ancient Languages

Edzard, Dietz Otto 2003 Sumerian Grammar (Handbook of Oriental Studies, Sect. 1, 71.) Leidenl Boston: Brill. Farber, Gertrud and Walter Farber 2003 Vor ...


Author: Katalin É. Kiss

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110902228

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Philologists aiming to reconstruct the grammar of ancient languages face the problem that the available data always underdetermine grammar, and in the case of gaps, possible mistakes, and idiosyncracies there are no native speakers to consult. The authors of this volume overcome this difficulty by adopting the methodology that a child uses in the course of language acquisition: they interpret the data they have access to in terms of Universal Grammar (more precisely, in terms of a hypothetical model of UG). Their studies, discussing syntactic and morphosyntactic questions of Older Egyptian, Coptic, Sumerian, Akkadian, Biblical Hebrew, Classical Greek, Latin, and Classical Sanskrit, demonstrate that descriptive problems which have proved unsolvable for the traditional, inductive approach can be reduced to the interaction of regular operations and constraints of UG. The proposed analyses also bear on linguistic theory. They provide crucial new data and new generalizations concerning such basic questions of generative syntax as discourse-motivated movement operations, the correlation of movement and agreement, a shift from lexical case marking to structural case marking, the licensing of structural case in infinitival constructions, the structure of coordinate phrases, possessive constructions with an external possessor, and the role of event structure in syntax. In addition to confirming or refuting certain specific hypotheses, they also provide empirical evidence of the perhaps most basic tenet of generative theory, according to which UG is part of the genetic endowment of the human species - i.e., human languages do not "develop" parallel with the development of human civilization. Some of the languages examined in this volume were spoken as much as 5000 years old, still their grammars do not differ in any relevant respect from the grammars of languages spoken today.

Sumerian Liturgies

For the optative use of this vowel, see Sumerian Grammar, § 217. 179. Dialectic for du = da = ga (by vowel harmony). Note the form ga-mu-ra-ab-šid with ...


Author: Stephen Langdon

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Undoubtedly the group of texts which have the most human interest and greatest literary value is the epical group, designated in Sumerian by the rubric zag-sal. This literary term was employed by the Sumerian scribes to designate a composition as didactic and theological. Religious texts of such kind are generally composed in an easy and graceful style and, although somewhat influenced by liturgical mannerisms, may be readily distinguished from the hymns and psalms sung in the temples to musical accompaniment. The zagsal compositions are mythological and theological treatises concerning the deeds and characters of the great gods. The most important didactic hymns of the Nippur collection and in fact the most important religious texts in early Sumerian literature are two six column tablets, one (very incomplete) on the Creation and the Flood published by Dr. Poebel, and one (all but complete) on Paradise and the Fall of Man.

Comparative Lexical Study of Sumerian and Ntu Bantu

Sumerian, the "Sanscrit" of the African Ntu Languages Willibald Wanger. LIST OF
AUTHORS - BRYANT , A. T. , Zulu ... LANGDON , Stephen , M , A. , Ph . D. , A
Sumerian Grammar , Paris 1911 . Cambridge Ancient History , vol . i ( quoted ...


Author: Willibald Wanger


ISBN: UOM:39015012275197

Category: Bantu languages

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Unaccusativity and the Double Object Construction in Sumerian

One of the hallmarks of contemporary work on Sumerian grammar is that it has focused almost exclusively on questions of morphology.


Author: J. Cale Johnson

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 9783643501790

Category: History

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Sumerian, probably the earliest attested language in human history, has no known cognates. Accordingly, many features of Sumerian grammar are still under discussion. Up to now research has focused primarily on questions of Sumerian phonology and morphology. In this present study the author concentrates on syntactic or pragmatic phenomena, especially on the referential properties of the nominal component of certain so-called compound verbs, the unaccusativity contrast, and the possibility of generic quantification in the double object construction.

Sumerian Mythology

For a transliteration and translation of the text , together with a scientific analysis of its significance for Sumerian grammar , cf. PBS VI 1 , pp .


Author: Samuel Noah Kramer

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 0812210476

Category: History

Page: 130

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An authoritative sketch of the great myths of the Sumerians, their myths of origins, of creation, the nether world, and the deluge.