The Words We Live By

The Ten Commandments have exercised a greater influence on moral and religious life in the West than perhaps any other written words. They are the summary of the Jewish law and the source of all subsequent commandments, of which there ...


Author: Brian Burrell

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781451664379

Category: Education

Page: 384

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At one time, this nation held a profound and simple faith in the power of words. Today we have become so engulfed in public cynicism that the whole notion of "words to live by" seems to us impossibly naive. Brian Burrell's splendid collection shows that many of the phrases we once lived by can still have resonance today. A comprehensive, fascinating treasure trove of American common sense and whimsy, The Words We Live By presents a sentimental rediscovery of a lost era in American history. From fraternal loyalty oaths to marriage vows, corporate mottoes to monument inscriptions, Ben Franklin to Henry Ford, Americans for generations have committed their most cherished ideals to print, often in charming and plain-spoken language that perfectly represents our provincial, pragmatic, and romantic national character. Burrell's work was inspired by his father, an obsessive collector of words and a chronic nostalgia buff who traveled widely with his family, introducing them to the landmarks, monuments, and other symbols of America's past. Throughout his life, he clipped or wrote down memorable phrases, quotes, mottoes, and quips, both the silly and the profound, the playful and the maudlin. Burrell has lovingly compiled his father's collection of scrapbooks, complementing them with extraordinary research into the origins of America's civic ethics, to produce a truly memorable and inspirational work of historical reference. More than just a compendium of classic American wit and wisdom, The Words We Live By brings this material to life with poignantly told stories, forgotten anecdotes, and deeply considered meditations on the meaning of the words that have shaped the American nation.

10 Live Charged Words

The ten words in this book come loaded with dynamic life because they represent promise and possibility for men who seriously want to build on a deliberate decision to live as disciples. These words are not a formula so much as an ...


Author: Derek Maul

Publisher: Upper Room Books

ISBN: 9780835811774

Category: Religion

Page: 160

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Hey, guys. God has a question for you: Are you in, or are you out? If you've ever thought church was boring or irrelevant, or it seems like you're just going through the motions in your spiritual life, Derek Maul has news for you. God wants your life to be fulfilling, or more completely charged! Church is meant to be so much more than just one more social club. Toss aside your preconceived ideas about Christianity. Learn how to live a purpose-filled, exciting life in Christ. Maul, a popular columnist, speaker, and men's group leader, identifies 10 key words that can rouse you from spiritual apathy to become an enthusiastic Christ follower: Jesus Excellence Passion Capacity Scripture Holiness Clarity Prayer (Transformation) Authenticity Community Each brief chapter is full of practical tips for growing in your relationship with God. "The Bottom Line" section at the end of each chapter summarizes the main ideas, and "Let's Talk About It" raises questions for personal reflection or discussion with others. This book makes an excellent resource for a men's group study (10 weeks) or for individual use. Also a great gift for any man who needs spiritual encouragement.

China in Ten Words

They followed this with a Chorus of “Long Live Chairman Mao! ... One of the rebels raced ahead to a wooden bridge; there he stripped off his clothes and slipped out of his cotton shoes, then threw himself 122 (IIIINA IN TEN WORDS.


Author: Yu Hua

Publisher: Anchor

ISBN: 9780307906939

Category: History

Page: 240

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From one of China’s most acclaimed writers, his first work of nonfiction to appear in English: a unique, intimate look at the Chinese experience over the last several decades, told through personal stories and astute analysis that sharply illuminate the country’s meteoric economic and social transformation. Framed by ten phrases common in the Chinese vernacular—“people,” “leader,” “reading,” “writing,” “Lu Xun” (one of the most influential Chinese writers of the twentieth century), “disparity,” “revolution,” “grassroots,” “copycat,” and “bamboozle”—China in Ten Words reveals as never before the world’s most populous yet oft-misunderstood nation. In “Disparity,” for example, Yu Hua illustrates the mind-boggling economic gaps that separate citizens of the country. In “Copycat,” he depicts the escalating trend of piracy and imitation as a creative new form of revolutionary action. And in “Bamboozle,” he describes the increasingly brazen practices of trickery, fraud, and chicanery that are, he suggests, becoming a way of life at every level of society. Characterized by Yu Hua’s trademark wit, insight, and courage, China in Ten Words is a refreshingly candid vision of the “Chinese miracle” and all its consequences, from the singularly invaluable perspective of a writer living in China today.

Ten Words That Will Change Your Life

Ervin Seale shows that the Ten Commandments codify a single Great Law that Moses conferred on his people. A perfect introduction to the study of the Bible and its hidden message.


Author: Ervin Seale

Publisher: Devorss Publications

ISBN: 0875166512

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 196

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Commando Mindset

Values are your moral compass, rules that guide you through life. Values hold you accountable to what you are working ... Now I want you to ring ten words that stand out to you – that you are drawn to because they might mean a ...


Author: Ben Williams

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780241987612

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

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'Extraordinary. This book will inspire you to reach your full potential' Jason Fox Are you stuck in a rut? Do you have more to give? Do you dream of leading a different life? Ben Williams was struggling with drug addiction and battling suicidal thoughts when he saw an advert for the Royal Marines Commandos that changed his life forever. Serving ten years in the Commandos, he learnt important lessons about purpose, integrity, motivation and teamwork. Leaving the Commandos because of injury, Ben set up a coaching business that has helped high-performance companies and professional sports teams like the England Football Squad, coaching them in the build-up to their outstanding performance at the 2018 World Cup. Now Ben is sharing his principles for success. In Commando Mindset, Ben reveals his process for achieving goals of any size to help you take your life to the next level. Inside you'll learn how to: - identify your personal inspirations and values - overcome your fears - set and achieve realistic goals - keep yourself motivated Whether you want to set up a business, run a marathon for the first time or learn a new skill, the Commando Mindset will help you reach your full potential and achieve anything you set your mind to.

The National Live stock Journal

400 ten words ) . Advertisements from a distance must be accom . 14 7 National Live - Stock Journal . upon all important questions brought up for con men , who , under the color of a legitimate busisideration , and this we have ...




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Torah Old and New

... owner of all things (see the Sabbath discussion in the Ten Words in Exodus), really did intervene in the life of the Hebrews, ... to mention the insistence that Yahweh was indeed well and truly the one and only true or “living” God.


Author: Ben Witherington III

Publisher: Fortress Press

ISBN: 9781506446493

Category: Religion

Page: 464

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Reading the books of the Law, the Pentateuch, in their original context is the crucial prerequisite for reading their citation and use in later interpretation, including the New Testament writings, argues Ben Witherington III. Here, he offers pastors, teachers, and students an accessible commentary on the Pentateuch, as well as a reasoned consideration of how these books were heard and read in early Christianity. By reading "forward and backward," Witherington advances the scholarly discussion of intertextuality and opens a new avenue for biblical theology.

The Swedenborg Concordance

... the com- the Lord is in His holiness in the Word , and in the mandments of the Decalogue commandments of religion . ... upon which the ten words were written by all who , from religion , live them , are saved ; but all the finger of ...


Author: Emanuel Swedenborg


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Faith Basics The Ten Commandments A Contemporary Catechesis

4–10). Another word for the Ten Commandments is the Decalogue, which means “ten words” (Ex 34:28). These “words” summarize the law given by God to Moses as the blueprint for living a good life free from slavery to sin.


Author: Leon Suprenant

Publisher: Emmaus Road Publishing

ISBN: 9781941447710

Category: Religion

Page: 68

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God desires a full, abundant life for us. We can be confident that when we do things His way, we will find the happiness we all seek. Discover the Ten Commandments anew in this contemporary catechesis based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. About the Series: Faith Basics The Faith Basics series is about living life well. The booklets cover those topics of the Faith that most directly relate to the practical Catholic. Written for the person spread a bit too thin, the booklets are easily readable, coving the fundamentals in few words, while both informing and inspiring busy people to understand and live the Faith. Their convenient size makes them readily portable by purse or pocket. They are economically priced—ideal for distribution in evangelization efforts, RCIA classes, study groups, and outreach programs.

The Review of Reviews

In the United States the toll ranges from 25 cents to 1 dol . for ten words , according to the distance ; in the Argentine Republic it is 40 ... 65 cents per word ; in Switzerland , tolerate the idea of two or more living partners .




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