The Adaptable Feast

Omnivores can coexist with vegetarians and vegans. The Adaptable Feast makes cooking in mixed-diet households easy and delicious.


Author: Ivy Manning


ISBN: 1458787354

Category: Cooking

Page: 340

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Omnivores can coexist with vegetarians and vegans. The Adaptable Feast makes cooking in mixed-diet households easy and delicious. Follow a single recipe with instructions that branch off to accommodate both omnivores and vegetarians (and often vegans, too). --Publisher's description.

Better from Scratch

Armed with this collection of do-it-yourself recipes—easy to personalize and customize with the seasons—stock your kitchen with flavor and make delicious gifts for friends and family.


Author: Ivy Manning

Publisher: WeldonOwn+ORM

ISBN: 9781681887098

Category: Cooking

Page: 160

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Discover sixty delectable recipes inspired by everyday pantry and fridge staples like pickles, bacon, marshmallows, and sriracha chili sauce. From homemade granola and jams to condiments and kimchi, this cookbook is full of easy recipes, helpful tips, and clever ideas for making these favorite items at home. Armed with this collection of do-it-yourself recipes—easy to personalize and customize with the seasons—stock your kitchen with flavor and make delicious gifts for friends and family. You’ll start to rethink what goes into your grocery cart when you realize the endless possibilities, and health benefits, of making these favorite foods from scratch. Whether whipping up your favorite sandwich condiments, fermenting your own sauerkraut, or making beef jerky from scratch, so many kitchen staples are simply better and more nutritious homemade. This collection of do-it-yourself recipes will inspire you to stock your kitchen with made-from- scratch favorites without the added preservatives, sugar, and unpronounceable ingredients found in similar store-bought products. Organized by savory and sweet items, the recipes span classic to innovative and provide solutions for everyday items, inspiration for new creations, and ways to satisfy salty and sugary cravings. You’ll also find expert advice on storing foods, easy and seasonal variations on recipes, and how-to’s for DIY food gifts, trendy sodas and cocktails, and entirely homemade snack platters. These modern DIYs, like homemade chocolate-hazelnut spread, nut milks and butters, infused syrups, and vodka-brined olives, will provide just the arsenal you need to create an endlessly inspiring and tasty kitchen.

The Splendid Feast of Reason

... the functions of the unit components of these systems become less and less fixed , and more and more adaptable to their environments .


Author: S. Jonathan Singer

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520937325

Category: Philosophy

Page: 265

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Jonathan Singer's witty, erudite book is a celebration of rationality and an urgent call to make use of intelligence and reason to better cope with human problems. Emphasizing the importance of rationality's greatest achievement, modern science, Singer—one of the foremost biologists of our era—argues that for the first time in several million years humanity has at its disposal the tools for an objective understanding of the external world. Singer demonstrates that, today more than ever, the fullest exercise of rationality is essential if humanity is to rein in a runaway technology and control an explosion of the human population that together threaten to devastate life on this planet within only a few more generations. The intrusion of reason and rationality into our largely irrational world has been painfully slow, uneven, and often unwelcome. Singer explains that for rationalists the founding of modern science—which took place only a few hundred years ago—has overthrown many of the myths of conventional wisdom and dogmas of traditional religions. Yet these beliefs still hold sway over the irrational world, obstructing efforts to deal sensibly with the problematic future of mankind. The core of The Splendid Feast of Reason is an engaging and accessible account of the knowledge that modern science provides. Singer offers an absorbing discussion of how life works, of the nature of reproduction, aging, and death, and of the necessary fragility of the individual life compared to the resilience of life itself. He emphasizes the primary role of the genes in determining the structural organization and the behaviors of living things, including humans. He also stresses the nature and mechanisms of biological evolution, mechanisms that have now been placed in jeopardy because of human ignorance and irrational appetites. Finally, Singer delves into the enigma of the real world with its irrational and chaotic operations and offers suggestions of how a rationalist can not only survive, but thrive in it.

Weeknight Vegetarian

Weeknight Vegetarian shows how to put a delicious, wholesome meatless meal on the table on any schedule.


Author: Ivy Manning

Publisher: Weldon Owen

ISBN: 1616288159

Category: Cooking

Page: 208

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Weeknight Vegetarian shows how to put a delicious, wholesome meatless meal on the table on any schedule. It offers quick, easy, and healthy meatless dinner ideas for any time of the year, with dozens of choices for any occasion. Weeknight Vegetarian shows how to put a tempting meatless meal on the table every night of the week. Using fresh produce, whole grains, vegetable-based protein, and healthy fats as the foundation, author Ivy Manning transforms fresh ingredients into tempting dishes. Organized by season, chapters open with advice about the fresh ingredients and cooking methods best suited to the time of year. Clever tips throughout offer enticing ways to reound out meatless meals, customize recipes to personal tastes, menu planning strategies, and helpful ideas for turning leftovers into new suppers later in the week. With this solution-packed title on the shelf, you’ll have a reliable roadmap for eating well every night, no matter what the day brings.

Feast of Santa Fe

Pour over them about IV2 cups of the adaptable red chili sauce on p. 79, top with 1 cups of shredded Monterey Jack cheese (approximately 4 ounces), ...


Author: Huntley Dent

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780671873028

Category: Cooking

Page: 397

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Dent explores the traditions of Native American cooking and shows how they were modified by Spanish, Mexican, and Anglo-American influences and by the bounty of the land. More than 150 recipes have been adapted to suit the modern coo k, making it easy to create an authentic feast from appetizer to dessert. 2-color illustrations.

Crackers Dips

She is a weekly columnist for the Oregonian, and author of The Adaptable Feast, The Farm to Table Cookbook, and her blog, Ivy's Feast.


Author: Ivy Manning

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 9781452124179

Category: Cooking

Page: 144

View: 797

This is the DIY guide to making homemade crackers, with 52 formulas for crisp snacks and the luscious dips to eat them with, all celebrated with 25 playful photographs. Portland, Oregon–based food writer and baker Ivy Manning capitalizes on the pure flavors of whole grains, real butter, cheese, fresh spices, and no preservatives in her formulas for crunchy, sweet, and savory treats, all made to pair with a chapter's worth of creamy, gooey dips, and schmears. Recipes and tips are for bakers of all skill levels and tastes, with formulas for vegan, gluten-free, and whole-grain crisps. This adorable book is timed perfectly for the cracker-making trend and makes the ideal gift for the baker or entertainer who takes pride in making everything from scratch.

Verbivore s Feast Second Course

expression as the crow flies, meaning “the straightest line between two points,” is one example of the way the intelligent, adaptable, ubiquitous crow ...


Author: Chrysti Mueller Smith

Publisher: Farcountry Press

ISBN: 9781560375302

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines


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In this companion edition to her popular Verbivore's Feast, Chrysti the Wordsmith, host of the much-loved radio show of the same name, once again examines the evolution and history of the English language, using the odd expressions and cliches that pepper it. Exploring words such as lollygag and quack, and phrases ranging from break a leg to shake a stick and from Adam's apple to trip the light fantastic, Chrysti the Wordsmith uncovers the fascinating stories about their origins.

Announcing the Feast

... antiphons for more ancient feasts reflect Old Latin translations.177 173. ... were more adaptable to the psalter that was in use in Gaul at the time.


Author: Jason McFarland

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 9780814662625

Category: Religion

Page: 352

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How does the entrance song of the Mass function within the Roman Rite? What can it express theologically? What should Roman Catholics sing at the beginning of Mass? In this groundbreaking study, Jason McFarland answers these and other important questions by exploring the history and theology of the entrance song of Mass. After a careful history of the entrance song, he investigates its place in church documents. He proposes several models of the entrance song for liturgical celebration today. Finally, he offers a skillful theological analysis of the entrance song genre, focusing on the song for the Holy Thursday Evening Mass-arguably the most important entrance song of the entire liturgical year. Announcing the Feast provides the most comprehensive treatment of the Roman Rite entrance song to date. It is unique in that it bridges the disciplines of liturgical studies, musicology, and theological method.

Weeknight Vegetarian

With a foundation of fresh produce, whole grains, vegetable-based protein, and healthy fats, author Ivy Manning transforms natural ingredients into tempting and accessible dishes that will have you eating well every night.


Author: Ivy Manning

Publisher: Weldon Owen

ISBN: 1681886480

Category: Cooking

Page: 208

View: 406

Featuring over 80 meatless mealtime options, Weeknight Vegetarian is a roadmap to quick, easy, and healthy vegetarian dinner ideas for all seasons. With a foundation of fresh produce, whole grains, vegetable-based protein, and healthy fats, author Ivy Manning transforms natural ingredients into tempting and accessible dishes that will have you eating well every night. Organized by season, chapters open with advice about the fresh ingredients and cooking methods best suited to the time of year. Clever tips throughout offer enticing ways to round out meatless meals, customize recipes to personal tastes, plan menus, and turn leftovers into new suppers later in the week.

Eating Words A Norton Anthology of Food Writing

Yet the cookbooks keep coming, and we continue to turn down their pages: The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook, The Adaptable Feast, the ones with disingenuously ...


Author: Sandra M. Gilbert

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393248708

Category: Cooking

Page: 544

View: 273

“Food writing spans centuries and philosophies. . . . At long last there’s a Norton Anthology with all the most important works.”—Eater Edited by influential literary critic Sandra M. Gilbert and award-winning restaurant critic and professor of English Roger Porter, Eating Words gathers food writing of literary distinction and vast historical sweep into one groundbreaking volume. Beginning with the taboos of the Old Testament and the tastes of ancient Rome, and including travel essays, polemics, memoirs, and poems, the book is divided into sections such as “Food Writing Through History,” “At the Family Hearth,” “Hunger Games: The Delight and Dread of Eating,” “Kitchen Practices,” and “Food Politics.” Selections from writings by Julia Child, Anthony Bourdain, Bill Buford, Michael Pollan, Molly O’Neill, Calvin Trillin, and Adam Gopnik, along with works by authors not usually associated with gastronomy—Maxine Hong Kingston, Henry Louis Gates Jr., Hemingway, Chekhov, and David Foster Wallace—enliven and enrich this comprehensive anthology. “We are living in the golden age of food writing,” proclaims Ruth Reichl in her preface to this savory banquet of literature, a must-have for any food lover. Eating Words shows how right she is.

Food Lover s Guide to Portland

Ivy Manning Ivy Manning (author of The Adaptable Feast, The Farm to Table Cookbook, and Crackers & Dips) teaches private, ...


Author: Liz Crain

Publisher: Hawthorne Books

ISBN: 9780990437017

Category: Travel

Page: 208

View: 168

For residents and visitors alike, Food Lover’s Guide to Portland is a road map to finding the best of the best in America’s favorite do-it-yourself foodie mecca. Navigate Portland’s edible bounty with this all-access pass to hundreds of producers, purveyors, distillers, bakers, food carts, and farmers markets. This book is the indispensable guide to it all. In the second edition, readers get 20+ new full listings, 150+ new businesses, a new food cart chapter by food cart expert Brett Burmeister, and an Hispanic market section from food writer and Mi Mero Mole owner Nick Zukin. Whether you’ve lived in Portland your entire life, are visiting for business or pleasure, or are a hungry transplant — this book helps you find all that is delicious in Portland.

The Miracle Kidney Cleanse

The Adaptable Feast by Ivy Manning Ani's Raw Food Essentials by Ani Phyo Candle 79 by Joy Pierson, Angel Ramos, and Jorge Pineda Chloe's Kitchen by Chloe ...


Author: Lauren Felts

Publisher: Ulysses Press

ISBN: 9781612432748

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 156

View: 672

DIY Detox Kidneys filter the blood to keep you healthy. With this book you can keep your kidneys healthy.The Miracle Kidney Cleanse shows how to flush out toxins and maximize the benefits of the body’s natural cleansing system, including: • Preventing painful kidney stones • Boosting immune function • Increasing energy • Helping ensure fertility • Improving mood • Curing low-back kidney pain The Miracle Kidney Cleanse is the safest and gentlest way to dissolve kidney-congesting salts, minerals, uric acid and proteins. This straightforward plan also details the daily supplements and foods to eat, as well as the foods to avoid, to keep the kidneys functioning smoothly.

The Table Comes First

As thecookbooks keep coming, and we continue to turn down their pages—The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook, The Adaptable Feast, the ones with disingenuously ...


Author: Adam Gopnik

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780857382290

Category: Cooking

Page: 304

View: 757

Our modern society is very particular about what constitutes good food: local, seasonal, organic produce that doesn't overly impact on the environment. But throughout history every generation has believed that it alone knows the true value of food, and looked with distaste on the culinary practices of its predecessors. Not so long ago eating food from around the world was the mark of the cultural sophisticate. In The Table Comes First Adam Gopnik envisions a new 'physiology of taste' which will enable us to dispense with this moralising attitude and concentrate on the pleasure principle: food is to be enjoyed, and to help us enjoy life in turn. Above all the dining table should be the heart of the family, the place where all real family begins. To show this we are taken through the courses, from starters to desserts, from the establishment of the first restaurants in Paris in the early 19th century to the green movement of the present day, in a witty and erudite narrative interspersed with delightful anecdotes, ranging from making soufflés for Derrida (hint: the perfect soufflé is determined by the ineffable 'zone' between peaks and troughs) to hunting the lost recipe for 'Steack Boston'.

The Emperor s Feast

... as the use of wheat-based products and 'dry' rice grains, rather than porridges, made chopsticks the most adaptable and useful eating utensils.


Author: Jonathan Clements

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781529332438

Category: History

Page: 336

View: 775

'A galloping journey through thousands of years of Chinese culinary history . . . a timely reminder that the country's modern cuisine is the delicious fruit of a rich, ancient and perhaps surprisingly multicultural tradition' FUCHSIA DUNLOP, SPECTATOR 'A tasty portrait of a nation' SUNDAY TELEGRAPH 'A splendid introduction to the complex history of China' GUARDIAN 'A terrific read . . . Jonathan Clements writes with erudition and humour' DAILY MAIL 'This book is itself a feast, each chapter a sumptuous course' Frederik L. Schodt, author of My Heart Sutra 'Witty and insightful' Derek Sandhaus, author of Drunk in China **************** The history of China - not according to emperors or battles, but according to its food and drink. The Emperor's Feast is the epic story of a nation and a people, told through one of its most fundamental pillars and successful exports: food. Following the journeys of different ingredients, dishes and eating habits over 5,000 years of history, author and presenter Jonathan Clements examines how China's political, cultural and technological evolution and her remarkable entrance onto the world stage have impacted how the Chinese - and the rest of the world - eat, drink and cook. We see the influence of invaders such as the Mongols and the Manchus, and discover how food - like the fiery cuisine of Sichuan or the hardy dishes of the north - often became a stand-in for regional and national identities. We also follow Chinese flavours to the shores of Europe and America, where enterprising chefs and home cooks created new traditions and dishes unheard of in the homeland. From dim sum to mooncakes to General Tso's chicken, The Emperor's Feast shows us that the story of Chinese food is ultimately the story of a nation: not just the one that history tells us, but also the one that China tells us about itself.

The Wedding Feast War

It was a hard country for agriculture and many of the immigrants became disillusioned and drifted away from their farms.65 The more adaptable took lessons ...


Author: Keith Smith

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9781783376704

Category: History

Page: 304

View: 912

The last of the nine Frontier Wars fought between 1799–1877 was in many ways a ‘prequel’ to the more famous Zulu War of 1879, featuring as it did many of the British regiments and personalities who were to fight at Isandlwana, as well as being the final defeat of the Xhosa people and their reduction to lowly workers for the colonists. This war saw conflict between the British authorities (the governor-general and the commander-in-chief) and the government of the Cape, leading to the dismissal of that government by Sir Bartle Frere, the Governor-General. This book has made extensive use of British Parliamentary Papers, official War Office dispatches and personal accounts and correspondence to tell the full story of this neglected yet fascinating episode of South African military history, which provides an insight into the origins of and attitudes of the principal figures in the following conflict with the Zulus.

Forage Harvest Feast

Mugwort Olive Oil Crackers Makes about 40 crackers One of the most adaptable pastries I use is this olive oil recipe that makes a crisp base for countless ...


Author: Marie Viljoen

Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

ISBN: 9781603587501

Category: COOKING

Page: 480

View: 821

One intrepid cook's exploration of her urban terrain In this groundbreaking collection of nearly 500 wild food recipes, celebrated New York City forager, cook, kitchen gardener, and writer Marie Viljoen incorporates wild ingredients into everyday and special occasion fare. Motivated by a hunger for new flavors and working with thirty-six versatile wild plants--some increasingly found in farmers markets--she offers deliciously compelling recipes for everything from cocktails and snacks to appetizers, entrées, and desserts, as well as bakes, breads, preserves, sauces, syrups, ferments, spices, and salts. From underexplored native flavors like bayberry and spicebush to accessible ecological threats like Japanese knotweed and mugwort, Viljoen presents hundreds of recipes unprecedented in scope. They range from simple quickweed griddle cakes with American burnweed butter to sophisticated dishes like a souffléed tomato roulade stuffed with garlic mustard, or scallops seared with sweet white clover, cattail pollen, and sweetfern butter. Viljoen makes unfamiliar ingredients familiar by treating each to a thorough culinary examination, allowing readers to grasp every plant's character and inflection. Forage, Harvest, Feast--featuring hundreds of color photographs as well as cultivation tips for plants easily grown at home--is destined to become a standard reference for any cook wanting to transform wildcrafted ingredients into exceptional dishes, spices, and drinks. Eating wild food, Viljoen reminds us, is a radical act of remembering and honoring our shared heritage. Led by a quest for exceptional flavor and ecologically sound harvesting, she tames the feral kitchen, making it recognizable and welcoming to regular cooks.

The Georgian Feast

Feel free to mix dishes from several different chapters to make a Georgian-style feast. ... Georgian food is highly adaptable to this sort of tinkering.


Author: Darra Goldstein

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520275911

Category: Cooking

Page: 229

View: 996

"Every Georgian dish is a poem."—Alexander Pushkin According to Georgian legend, God took a supper break while creating the world. He became so involved with his meal that he inadvertently tripped over the high peaks of the Caucasus, spilling his food onto the land below. The land blessed by Heaven's table scraps was Georgia. Nestled in the Caucasus mountain range between the Black and Caspian seas, the Republic of Georgia is as beautiful as it is bountiful. The unique geography of the land, which includes both alpine and subtropical zones, has created an enviable culinary tradition. In The Georgian Feast, Darra Goldstein explores the rich and robust culture of Georgia and offers a variety of tempting recipes. The book opens with a fifty-page description of the culture and food of Georgia. Next are over one hundred recipes, often accompanied by notes on the history of the dish. Holiday menus, a glossary of Georgian culinary terms, and an annotated bibliography round out the volume.

Keeping the Feast

Chicken-Vegetable Filling (This is what I put in—the recipe is very adaptable to what you like.) 2 tablespoons olive oil salt and pepper 1 pound boneless ...


Author: Milton Brasher-Cunningham

Publisher: Church Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9780819227898

Category: Religion

Page: 122

View: 417

Accessible spiritual narratives of the meal as Communion, plus recipes, by a well-known blogger, widely-traveled musician, and retreat leader "This is a book about what nourishes us: food, faith, family, and friends, and how all of those elements are essential ingredients of Communion-in fact how every meal of our lives holds an invitation to the Sacred Meal. As I say in the opening chapter, 'What the Gospel writers don't seem to scrimp on are stories of Jesus eating, or at least stories about Jesus and food. He eats, feeds, talks about food, and even calls himself the Bread of Life, right down to that last night in the Upper Room...where they sat around the table and he wrapped it all up with a meal--The Meal--as his ultimate metaphor.'" --from the Introduction

Religious Celebrations An Encyclopedia of Holidays Festivals Solemn Observances and Spiritual Commemorations 2 volumes

The Nineteen-Day Feast is adaptable to a wide array of cultural contexts, which is an important feature, considering the fact that societies are becoming ...


Author: J. Gordon Melton

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781598842067

Category: Religion

Page: 1036

View: 870

This two-volume work presents a comprehensive survey of all the ways people celebrate religious life around the globe. • More than 800 A–Z entries on religious holidays and calendars • Photographs of people celebrating various holidays around the world • A bibliography with each entry that offers sources for further research

A Feast of Meanings

The Jacobean program would prove to be reasonably adaptable. After the destruction of the Temple, Jews generally celebrated a modified Seder, without a lamb ...


Author: Bruce D. Chilton

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004267053

Category: Religion

Page: 210

View: 292

By placing Jesus and his movement first within Judaism and then with Hellenistic society at large, the author shows Jesus did not intend to refer to himself when he spoke of his 'blood' and his 'body'. He meant only to insist that his meals were a better sacrifice than what was offered in the Temple. Later traditions made Jesus himself into the sacrifice.