The Admonitions of Seh Bari

The Javanese text being published here is not appearing in print for the first time: more than half Cli century ago it was published by B.J.O. Schrieke in his doctQr's thesis Ret Boek van Bonang ("The Book of Bonang") (1916).


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The Javanese text being published here is not appearing in print for the first time: more than half Cli century ago it was published by B.J.O. Schrieke in his doctQr's thesis Ret Boek van Bonang ("The Book of Bonang") (1916). In Schrieke's work, however, the emphasis fell O'n the historical introductiQn to the text rather than on the text itself, the edition of which is nQt free of shortcomings. MoreQver, the analysis of the contents of the text appended to it could not make up Qf a complete translation. for the lack That a new edition and complete translation of this Qld and important text has nQt been made before now is due to the small number of scholars of Javanese - and the even smaller number of those amQng them who concern themselves with the Muslim works of Javanese literature. In short, it is the piQneering character which the study of Indonesian literatures still largely PQssesses that has caused people to be contented with preliminary surveys Qf this extensive field of study j it is true that a number of welcQme milestones have been erected, but it can in no way be said that the cha:rting Qf the whole field is yet complete. After the first publication of a text and summary of its contents people are only too readily inclined to proceed to other projects, mOore attractive because of their novelty.

Kitab Bonang


Author: Gerardus Willebrordus Joannes Drewes


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Seven Doors to Islam

An intriguing text whose translator has titled it The Admonitions of Seh [Shaykh) Bari comes from Southeast Asia. The sixteenth-century Javanese document purports to be the work of a teacher of the school of religion (pesantren) in ...


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"A comprehensive tour of the exuberant landscape of Muslim religious life, past and present. With an impressive array of textual and visual works, Renard's kaleidoscopic survey sounds the death toll to the longstanding misconception that Islam is a dry and mechanistic religion devoid of spirituality. This is the best introductory book on Islam currently available."—Ahmet T. Karamustafa, Washington University "Comprehensive and accessible, this book is a richly textured and wide-ranging introduction to Islamic spirituality and a refreshing change from the obsession with current politics that characterizes most approaches of Islam."—Carl W. Ernst, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Subud and the Javanese Mystical Tradition

THE ADMONITIONS OF SEH BARI The pivotal theme of this early text has been expressed by Drewes in the following words : God , eternally loving Himself , employs man's tongue as instrument for this ( unity of God ) , and man's inner ...


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Subud is one of hundreds of mystical movements (aliran kebatinan) which have grown significantly in postwar Indonesia. Along with other movements like Sumarah and Pangestu, Subud has attracted people from the West and has now spread to about eighty countries. Despite the fact that Subud leaders deny any relation to the Javanese mystical tradition, it is one of the tasks of this study to show that the greater part of Subud's conceptual apparatus is firmly rooted in the cultural history of Java. Under the banner of change and renewal, Subud presents a message which, fundamentally, is one of continuity in a society in transition. This text presents an overall picture of the history of Javanese mysticism, particularly the concept of God, the view of man, and the techniques recommended in order to bridge the gap between God and man. The text discusses the rise of mystical movements in post-war Java, along with a presentation of three movements which attracted the West. In addition the book provides a biography of the founder of Subud, the basic concepts of Subud and the meaning of the Subud spiritual exercise (latihan kejiwaan), along with an analysis of Subud theory and practice and its relation to the Javanese mystical tradition, and a psychological interpretation of the spiritual exercise.

Islamic Theological Themes

Javanese Admonitions of Seh Bari on God's Perpetual Creativity Translated by G.W.J. Drewes Three hundred years later and thousands of miles east, an intriguingJavanese text offers a very different approach to the question of the nature ...


Author: John Renard

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Comprised of primary sources assembled from a broad chronological and geographic spectrum, Islamic Theological Themes is a comprehensive anthology of primary Islamic sacred texts in translation. The volume includes rare and never before translated selections, all freshly situated and introduced with a view to opening doors into the larger world of Islamic life, belief, and culture. From pre-theological material on the scriptural end of the spectrum, to the more practical material at the other, John Renard broadens our concepts of what counts as "Islamic theology," situating Islamic theological literature within the context of the emerging sub-discipline of Relational/Comparative Theology. Divided into five parts, students and scholars will find this collection to be an indispensible tool.

Divine Inspirations

An emphasis on divine love is present in the admonitions of Seh Bari, an exposition of mystical literature (usul suluk) by a teacher of Islam to his disciples in dialogue form. This is one of the earliest surviving works of Javanese ...


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From the rhythmic grooves of dang dut, the archipelago's tenacious pop music, to the oft-quoted image of the wayang shadow puppet-theater, this book investigates the expression of the Muslim religion through a diversity of art forms in this region.

Bandit Saints of Java

by various other titles including The Admonitions of Seh Bari. In all likelihood Sunan Bonang was not himself the author of these texts, but their language and ideas are from the saint's time and they purport to describe something of ...


Author: George Quinn

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Java’s pilgrimage culture is a dense, batik-like pattern of contradictions: seriousness collides with laughter; curiosity with bewilderment; piety with scepticism; intense spirituality with, in some places, the joy of shopping. The pilgrimage culture on the island of Java in Indonesia – the world’s largest Muslim country – is a rebuke to the conservative orthodoxy that has been gaining ground in Indonesia’s religious landscape since the 1980s. In the rhetoric of this orthodoxy the “real” Islam is pure and exclusive. Piety comes from obedience to religious authority and its rules. Local pilgrimage is anything but pure and exclusive or rigidly authoritarian. It is powerfully Islamic but it fuses Islam with local history, the ancient power of place and a pastiche of devotional practices with roots deep in the pre-Islamic past. Quietly but tenaciously – just outside the great echo chamber of public space – it is growing as fast as the higher profile neo-orthodoxy. Bandit Saints of Java delves deep under the surface of modern Indonesia, exploring personalities and stories in the weird world of local pilgrimage, where Middle Eastern Islam wrestles with the ancient power of Javanese civilisation. It paints an astonishing portrait of Islam as it is practised today – largely invisible to journalists, scholars and tourists – by many of Java’s 130 million people.