The Banjo

But two years later, James Buckley's book expanded to include European waltzes, schottisches, and marches that he had arranged for the banjo, helping to expand the repertoire of banjo players.12 The manuals enabled the banjo to travel ...


Author: Laurent Dubois

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674968837

Category: History

Page: 374

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American slaves drew on memories of African musical traditions to construct instruments from carved-out gourds covered with animal skin. Providing a sense of rootedness, solidarity, and consolation, banjo picking became an essential part of black plantation life, and its unmistakable sound remains versatile and enduring today, Laurent Dubois shows.

Crowe on the Banjo

He churns out some faultless banjo music.”13 “j.D. played guitar on “Nine-Pound Hammer,'” Brock said. ““It was a nice, clean, uncluttered, unhurried sound right on the money, solid as a rock.” Red Allen, by the time the records were ...


Author: Marty Godbey

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252093531

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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In this first biography of legendary banjoist J. D. Crowe, Marty Godbey charts the life and career of one of bluegrass's most important innovators. Born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky, Crowe picked up the banjo when he was thirteen years old, inspired by a Flatt & Scruggs performance at the Kentucky Barn Dance. Godbey relates the long, distinguished career that followed, as Crowe performed and recorded both solo and as part of such varied ensembles as Jimmy Martin's Sunny Mountain Boys, the all-acoustic Kentucky Mountain Boys, and the revolutionary New South, who created an adventurously eclectic brand of bluegrass by merging rock and country music influences with traditional forms. Over the decades, this highly influential group launched the careers of many other fresh talents such as Keith Whitley, Ricky Skaggs, Tony Rice, Jerry Douglas, and Doyle Lawson. With a selective discography and drawing from more than twenty interviews with Crowe and dozens more with the players who know him best, Crowe on the Banjo: The Music Life of J. D. Crowe is the definitive music biography of a true bluegrass original.

The Banjo Encyclopedia

The Banjo Maintenance chapter has been written by banjo master and banjo setup specialist, Mike Munford. Mike possesses the rare talent of being an excellent banjo player and having the knowledge and skill to set up banjos so they sound ...



Publisher: Mel Bay Publications

ISBN: 9781610657655

Category: Music

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The Banjo Encyclopedia is a comprehensive, in-depth banjo instructional tool that covers the many intricacies of bluegrass banjo playing, including numerous topics that may have been overlooked in banjo instruction to date. The Banjo Encyclopedia can take a student from the beginning, to intermediate, and right through to more advanced styles of banjo playing. Ross Nickerson uses his many years of experience helping hundreds of aspiring banjo pickers by offering the banjo student an opportunity to learn in a practical, straightforward manner. This wide-ranging banjo instructional book will focus on many techniques that will help every aspect of a banjo player's musicianship while simplifying many subjects in the learning process. The downloadable audio with 99-track recording will enable the student to learn easily by hearing author Ross Nickerson demonstrate each song, and perform many of the banjo licks and phrases included in the book slow, and up to tempo. The audio download available online includes anadvanced song section with a full bluegrass band accompanying Ross along with additional intermediate songs for the student to learn. The Banjo Encyclopedia is undoubtedly one of the most complete five-string banjo books on the market today and a must for every banjo player's collection. Includes access to onlineaudio

The Banjo Pilot

And maybe you can find a banjo there which is just like your Mastertone Granada.” He was hooked. I knew just the right words to motivate a banjo player. It would be great for him to see some old banjos like his that are still in use.


Author: Barry Willis

Publisher: Covenant Books, Inc.

ISBN: 9781643002941

Category: Fiction

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The Banjo Pilot is the story of Duke Steel, a North Carolina bluegrass banjo player who played banjo with Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys in 1949. He then goes on to start his own band. After a personal tragedy involving a plane accident with his wife on board, he later joins a major airline as a pilot in 1958. After twenty years, he reacquaints himself with the bluegrass community when his daughter brings him back into the world of bluegrass. He teaches a new band how to play the style of bluegrass he learned from Bill Monroe and helps them learn enough to possibly win the band contest. The next week he takes the entire band to an important festival in a private plane. He has another flying incident coming home. The novel features extensive coverage of flying, bluegrass music and its pioneers, Christianity, tension and excitement, even a love story. This is for the bluegrass music newbie, as well as the veteran historian. It also features loads of excitement for the bush pilot as well as the airline pilot. It is for the Christian as well as the non-Christian.

Man with the Banjo

What about the two shysters in Chicago trying to push you into manufacturing banjos? Is the government in the musical instrument business too? Why did you invest all that money? You seem to have forgotten what I've been doing for you ...


Author: George Robert

Publisher: Wheatmark, Inc.

ISBN: 9781604946673

Category: Fiction

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Eddie Peabody is at the peak of his musical career, known to his many fans as the King of the Banjo. But after entertaining White House guests in the Rose Garden, he is summoned by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and asked to rejoin the armed forces. Secretly commissioned a lieutenant in the U.S. Naval Reserve, he continues performing in theaters across the country while training for his reconnaissance mission in Germany. Eddie photographs a newly constructed German U-boat, verifying the American government's suspicions. His mission complete, he troupes on to Berlin with the theater group. Unbeknown to the Allies, however, German intelligence has found a photograph of Eddie in his uniform. The head of the German state invites him to play at a private party for the chancellor and his entourage. Will this be Eddie's final performance? George Robert is the second son of Eddie and Ragna Peabody. Whenever he heard his mother yell out "George Robert " he knew he was in trouble.

Bach for the Banjo

... Bauerntanz/For Two Banjos ....................................................................................63 Prelude/Suite 1 for Solo Cello ................................................................................64 ...



Publisher: Mel Bay Publications

ISBN: 9781610650090

Category: Music

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Bach for the Banjo is a collection of some of Bach's best-known pieces transcribed for the five-string banjo. Several pieces appear in tablature for banjo with a second part for guitar: Inventions 1, 8, 13, and 14; March; Minuet in G; Polonaise in G minor; Minuet in G minor; and Musette. Others appear in notation and tablature for solo banjo: Prelude from Partita No.III for Solo Violin; Bouree II from Suite IV for Solo Cello; Menuets I & II from Suite II for Solo Cello; Courante from Suite I for Solo Cello; Gavotte en Rondeau from Partita No.III for Solo Violin; and Prelude from Suite I for Solo Cello. Finally, Bauerntanz is offered as a banjo duet in tablature only. These transcriptions are taken from the recordings the Classical Banjo and Bach on the Banjo which take Bach's classic pieces to new heights.

The How and the Tao of Old Time Banjo

“ I've always wanted to play the banjo ! ” “ You know , I've always wanted to play the banjo ! ” I was trying to keep my dog from bolting off the exam table so I was able to chew on my reply for a second . I'd been taking my dog to this ...


Author: Patrick Costello


ISBN: 0974419001

Category: Banjo

Page: 167

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The How and the Tao of Old Time Banjo by Patrick Costello is a comprehensive guide for all banjo lovers. Novices and old-timers alike will benefit from clear and easy to understand presentations on subjects like the basic strum, melody, rhythm, scales, modes, playing by ear, playing while singing, drop thumb and much more. The author also entertains readers with many heart warming and sometimes amusing accounts of his musical adventures.

Banjo on the Mountain

wade I had a hard time learning the banjo. I started out doing that drop thumb, clawhammer. I stayed with my sister Essie and her husband Roscoe Banks for a good long while. I worked with Roscoe in a sawmill and I guess that's where I ...


Author: Richard Keith Spottswood

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 9781604735918

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 134

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The tribute to a musician whose career spans hillbilly, bluegrass, and sacred music

Southern Mountain Banjo

Although the banjo may have originated in distant Africa or the Middle East, it was in America that it developed into the instrument we know today. At first slave banjos were made from a gourd with a skin stretched across it.



Publisher: Mel Bay Publications

ISBN: 9781609740474

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This friendly book is filled with clawhammer banjo instruction, tablature, lyrics, tune histories, chords, playing tips, vintage photos, and more. Includes such classid oldtime tunes as, Soldier's Joy; Cluck Old Hen; Arkansas Traveler; Leather Britches; Mississippi Sawyer; Chicken Reel; Shady Grove; Red Rocking Chair; John Henry; Uncle Joe; Little Rosewood Casket; the State of Arkansas; Hogeye; the Old Spinning Wheel; and When You and I Were Young Maggie. A companion recording, Southern Mountain Classics, is available on CD.

The 5 String Banjo Scrapbook A Collection of Tips Techniques and Tricks

What I like is 1) a banjo with a deep, “transparent” tone, and 2) one that “explodes” when you pick it. Let me explain: If you were sitting blindfolded in a room and someone were to play a banjo off to your right side, you could tell ...


Author: Robert Piekiel

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781257573608

Category: Education


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Tips, techniques, instructional aids, mental disciplines and advice, from a veteran teacher, for anyone learning to play the 5-string banjo. Stories from students, shortcuts, advice, things to do and thing NOT to do while learning to play.