The Beast of Buckingham Palace

Fly into a fiery and fantastical future with No. 1 bestselling author David Walliams, in an epic adventure of myth and legend, good and evil, and one small boy who must save the world... Illustrated by the artistic genius Tony Ross!


Author: David Walliams

Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books

ISBN: 0008262179


Page: 464

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Fly into a fiery and fantastical future with No. 1 bestselling author David Walliams, in an epic adventure of myth and legend, good and evil, and one small boy who must save the world... Illustrated by the artistic genius Tony Ross! It is 2120 and London is in ruins. The young Prince Alfred has never known a life outside Buckingham Palace - but when strange goings-on breach its walls and stalk the corridors in the dead of night, he is thrust into a world of mystery, adventure and monsters. And when his mother, the Queen, is dragged away to the Tower of London, Alfred must screw up his courage and battle to save her, himself... and the entire city. In a future of myths and legends, join the bestselling David Walliams and venture forth into his most enthralling tale yet!

The Beast of Buckingham Palace

The UK's #1 bestselling children's author, David Walliams, is back with a fantastical tale of myth and legend, good and evil, and one small boy on a quest to save the world—chock-full of Walliams’s unmistakable humor and perfect for ...


Author: David Walliams

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 9780062840141

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 320

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The UK's #1 bestselling children's author, David Walliams, is back with a fantastical tale of myth and legend, good and evil, and one small boy on a quest to save the world—chock-full of Walliams’s unmistakable humor and perfect for fans of Jeff Kinney and Roald Dahl. The kingdom has fallen into darkness. Prince Alfred has never left the safety of Buckingham Palace. But there are strange goings on inside the palace walls—and Alfred’s life is about to change forever. In the dead of night something terrible stalks the corridors. When Alfred’s beloved mother the queen is dragged off to the Tower of London, the boy must summon all his courage to embark on an epic quest to save her… and the entire world.

A Companion to Children s Literature

In fact, Kiera O'Brien, Charts and Data editor at The Bookseller, described 2019 as a “Walliams-fest,” with The Beast of Buckingham Palace becoming Walliams's third Christmas number one (i.e. the best-selling book during the Christmas ...


Author: Karen Coats

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119038252

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 496

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A COMPANION TO CHILDREN’S LITERATURE A collection of international, up-to-date, and diverse perspectives on children’s literary criticism A Companion to Children’s Literature offers students and scholars studying children’s literature, education, and youth librarianship an incisive and expansive collection of essays that discuss key debates within children’s literature criticism. The thirty-four works included demonstrate a diverse array of perspectives from around the world, introduce emerging scholars to the field of children’s literature criticism, and meaningfully contribute to the scholarly conversation. The essays selected by the editors present a view of children’s literature that encompasses poetry, fiction, folklore, nonfiction, dramatic stage and screen performances, picturebooks, and interactive and digital media. They range from historical overviews to of-the-moment critical theory about children’s books from across the globe. A Companion to Children’s Literature explores some of the earliest works in children’s literature, key developments in the genre from the 20th century, and the latest trends and texts in children’s information books, postmodern fairytales, theatre, plays, and more. This collection also discusses methods for reading children’s literature, from social justice critiques of popular stories to Black critical theory in the context of children’s literary analysis.

The Complete Gower Street Detective

Late Wednesday Morning MISS MIDDLETON WAS not at all as I expected, though I should have learned from my experiences with what became known as the Beast of Buckingham Palace never to expect anything except a peerage.


Author: M.R.C. Kasasian

Publisher: Head of Zeus Ltd

ISBN: 9781788543880

Category: Fiction

Page: 2195

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Collected in a single volume for the first time, the complete Gower Street Detective series. Sidney Grice, London's most famous personal detective, is expecting a visitor. He drains his fifth pot of morning tea, and glances outside, where a young, plain woman picks her way between the piles of horse-dung towards his front door. Sidney Grice shudders. For heaven's sake – she is wearing brown shoes. His caller is March Middleton, Grice's recently orphaned goddaughter. With her sharp tongue and even sharper mind, March is certain she could help her guardian solve his cases – if only he did not think women too feeble for detective work. But even Grice must admit some puzzles are too great for even him to solve alone... Set between the refined buildings of Victorian Bloomsbury and the stinking streets of London's East End, The Gower Street Detective is for those who like their crime original, atmospheric, and very, very funny. THE GOWER DETECTIVE SERIES OMNIBUS INCLUDES: The Mangle Street Murders. The Curse of the House of Foskett. Death Descends on Saturn Villa. The Secrets of Gaslight Lane. Dark Dawn Over Steep House.

The Beast of Buckingham Palace (David Walliams) 7. Slime (David Walliams) 8. Armadillo and Hare and the Very Noisy Bear (Jeremy Strong) 9. Little Women (Louisa May Alcott) 10. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (JK Rowling) ...


Author: Щербакова И. В.

Publisher: ООО ДиректМедиа

ISBN: 9785449924650

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 190

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Учебное пособие рассчитано на обучающихся первого курса уровня бакалавра факультетов технических специальностей, изучающих английский язык. В учебном пособии раскрыта специфика содержания учебной дисциплины «Профессиональный иностранный язык», «Иностранный язык в профессиональной сфере». Учебное пособие предназначено для направлений подготовки 23.03.01 Технология транспортных процессов,23.03.03 Эксплуатация транспортно-технологических машин и комплексов, имеющих базовую подготовку по английскому языку, овладевших лексическим и грамматическим минимумами. Данное учебное пособие содержит шесть разделов. Разделы содержат лексические материалы, тексты и упражнения по английскому языку, включают лекционные и практические работы по реферированию и аннотированию статей и текстов, взятых из аутентичных источников и изданий.

City of the Beast

... 172n., 172–3, 174, 175, 186, 190, 192, 198, 205 Brown, G, landlady, 177 Bruton Galleries, 75 Bruton Street, 75 Buckingham Gate, 189 Buckingham Palace Road, 228 Buckland Crescent, Swiss Cottage, 132 Bucknill, Justice, 81 Buddhism 21, ...


Author: Phil Baker

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9781913689353

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 296

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A work that combines biography and pyschogeography to trace Aleister Crowley's life in London. "I dreamed I was paying a visit to London," Aleister Crowley wrote in Italy, continuing, "It was a vivid, long, coherent, detailed affair of several days, with so much incident that it would make a good-sized volume." Crowley had a love-hate relationship with London, but the city was where he spent much of his adult life, and it was the capital of the culture that created him: Crowley was a post-decadent with deviant Victorian roots in the cultural ferment of the 1890s and the magical revival of the Golden Dawn. Not a walking guide, although many routes could be pieced together from its pages, this is a biography by sites. A fusion of life-writing with psychogeography, steeped in London's social history from Victoria to the Blitz, it draws extensively on unpublished material and offers an exceptionally intimate picture of the Great Beast. We follow Crowley as he searches for prostitutes in Hyde Park and Pimlico, drinks absinthe and eats Chinese food in Soho, and find himself down on his luck in Paddington Green--and never quite losing sight of the illumination that drove him: "the abiding rapture," he wrote in his diary, "which makes a 'bus in the street sound like an angel choir!"

Name of the Beast

Holly had crossed the river on Vauxhall Bridge and weaved his way east of Buckingham Palace, across the Mall to St James's. Once, faint in the distance, he had heard the sound of sirens. Security near the palace had been noticeably ...


Author: Daniel Easterman

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781472117632

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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Egypt 1999. Plagues sweep North Africa, terrorists lay waste to Europe. Men all over the globe are haunting by the same portentous dream. Towering over the heart of the apocalyptic upheaval is a mysterious figure known as al-Qurtubi. Is he the Antichrist? The Pope believes so, and is willing to sacrifice everything to defeat him. Only two people can stop al-Qurtubi. A’isha Manfaludi, a beautiful archaeologist and Michael Hunt, a retired British Intelligence agent. Their pursuit of the mysterious figure leads them on a perilous journey across a blood-soaked wilderness of death squads to the rat-infested sewers of the City of the Dead. But al-Qurtubi is not alone. He and his army of devoted followers are waiting...

The Beast and the Monk

... 283 Brompton, 182, 207 Bronte, Rev Patrick, 30 Brooke, Rajah Sir James, 170 Brooks, Shirley, 284 Brown, John, 134 Brownhill, Father, 122 Browning, Robert, 159, 183 Bryanston School, 81 Buckingham Palace, 201, 204 Buckland, William, ...


Author: Lady Susan Chitty


ISBN: UOM:49015000757832

Category: Authors, English

Page: 317

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Nick has lectured on a variety of subjects at Worcester Cathedral, Oxford University and at Buckingham Palace in the presence of Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal. He is now retired and living in Worcestershire.


Author: Nick S Dyer


ISBN: 9781291570236

Category: Reference

Page: 137

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A change of direction for the human race before it is too late. Philosophy For The Beast offers alternatives that could unite humanity and see us reach for the stars together. But first we must look at what needs changing.