The Breathwork Experience


Author: Kylea Taylor

Publisher: Hanford Mead Pub

ISBN: UCSC:32106017766434

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Page: 172

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Hungry for Happiness Revised and Updated

write down everything you experienced while breathing . ... Make a decision not
to be overly judgmental with yourself about your breathwork experience ; it is a
learning experience and it may take a few sessions to really fall into the rhythm of
it ...


Author: Samantha Skelly

Publisher: Hay House

ISBN: 9781401957728

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Stop listening to the diet industry and start listening to your own body! Food is fuel - not a drug to numb your emotional pain. Waking up each morning feeling guilty about what you ate the night before and obsessing about each and every calorie is no way to live. If you're done battling your weight and fed up with dieting, reconnect with your intuition and embrace your perfectly imperfect body with this practical and heart-centred guide. Samantha Skelly's Hungry for Happiness programme has guided thousands of women toward healthier relationships with food and their bodies. Her journey from shame-filled fad-dieter to body-positive, self-love activist serves as a framework for the journal exercises, mindset-shifting practices, and meditations that guide readers along their own path toward healing. As you do the work of this program, you will learn to recognize your unhealthy coping mechanisms and deconstruct the limiting narratives you have written for yourself. Break free of binge eating and heal your relationship with your body and the food that fuels it by uncovering the roots of this conflict - roots that go much deeper than the foods you eat or the number on the scale.

The Power of Breathwork

... Lucia Bennett Leighton, Oppression and the Body: Roots, Resistance,
Revolution, North Atlantic Books Kylea Taylor, The Breathwork Experience:
Exploration and Healing in Nonordinary States of Consciousness, Hanford Mead
Publishers, ...


Author: Jennifer Patterson

Publisher: Fair Winds Press

ISBN: 9781592339372

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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Drawing on a multitude of breathing practices from different healing and spiritual traditions, The Power of Breathwork includes 27 simple exercises that can be practiced alone or with a partner to enhance connection, creativity, joy, intuition, or to reduce depression, anxiety, trauma, tension, physical pain, and more. Knowing how to breathe and how to use your breath purposefully has been proven to reduce negative mental and physical issues and actually heal the body and mind. A regular home breathwork practice is an affordable and easy way for you to engage in self-healing practices that can have a profound impact on your overall health. Author, practitioner, and grief worker Jennifer Patterson begins by explaining what breathwork is, why you should try it, and how it can be used to heal the bodymind. Then, you'll learn what happens in your physical body, energetic body, and emotional body as you practice it. Before you start the exercises, find useful tips on building an altar, using scent, visualizations and grounding, and somatic writing prompts to help support your practice.

Considering Holotropic Breathwork

Included in this volume of thoughts about Holotropic Breathwork is the full description of the author's study while facilitating Holotropic Breathwork at a residential substance abuse recovery program, an article on Jung's Fourth (Inferior) ...


Author: Kylea Taylor

Publisher: Hanford Mead Pub

ISBN: 1592750079

Category: Psychology

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Included in this volume of thoughts about Holotropic Breathwork is the full description of the author's study while facilitating Holotropic Breathwork at a residential substance abuse recovery program, an article on Jung's Fourth (Inferior) Function as a gateway for breathwork experience, an essay on the value of sitting for another in Holotropic Breathwork and much material on Holotropic Breathwork and trauma recovery.

The SAGE Encyclopedia of Theory in Counseling and Psychotherapy

Facilitators Facilitators are practitioners who coordinate and supervise the
holotropic breathwork experience. Breathers Breathers are active participants in
the holotropic experience. Sitters Sitters are present for breathers as caretakers ...


Author: Edward S. Neukrug

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781483346496

Category: Social Science

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The SAGE Encyclopedia of Theory in Counseling and Psychotherapy is a two-volume source that traces theory and examines the beginnings of counseling and psychotherapy all the way to current trends and movements. This reference work draws together a team of international scholars that examine the global landscape of all the key counseling and psychotherapy theories and the theorists behind them while presenting them in context needed to understand their strengths and weaknesses. This is a quick, one-stop source that gives the reader the “who, what, where, how, and why” of contemporary counseling and psychotherapy theory. From historical context in which the theories were developed to the theoretical underpinnings which drive the theories, this reference encyclopedia has detailed and relevant information for all individuals interested in this subject matter. Features & Benefits: Approximately 335 signed entries fill two volumes available in a choice of print or electronic formats. Back matter includes a Chronology of theory within the field of counseling to help students put individual theories within a broader context. A Master Bibliography and a Resource Guide to key books, journals, and organizations guide students to further resources beyond the encyclopedia. The Reader’s Guide, a detailed Index and the Cross References combine for effective search-and-browse in the e-version and helps students take the next steps in their research journeys. This reference encyclopedia serves as an excellent source for any individual interested in the roots of contemporary counseling and psychotherapy theory. It is ideal for the public and professionals, as well as for students in counselor education programs especially those individuals who are pursuing a Masters level degree.

Shamanic Breathwork

If so, the facilitators often will engage the journeyer in an energetic process or
psychodrama to allow the journeyer to more fully complete the breathwork
experience. The group's main function at this point is to facilitate integration and ...


Author: Linda Star Wolf

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781591439929

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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Utilizing the healing power of breath to change consciousness • Explains how to enter altered states of consciousness, increase paranormal abilities, and resolve old traumas using breathwork • Introduces the Five Cycles of Change that bring about major life shifts and how to work with them Incorporating psychospiritual tools with her Shamanic Breathwork practice, Linda Star Wolf shows how to spiritually journey in the same way shamans entrain to the rhythms of drums or rattles using the breath, either alone or together with music. Much like traveling to sacred places or ingesting entheogens, this practice can be used to enter altered states of consciousness, connect to cosmic consciousness, increase paranormal abilities, and awaken the shaman within. Breathwork can also be used to resolve old traumas and shapeshift unproductive modes of thinking in order to move beyond them. Utilizing the healing power of breath along with chakra-attuned music, Linda Star Wolf explores the Five Cycles of Change--the Alchemical Map of Shamanic Consciousness--and how these cycles affect you as you move through major shifts in your life.

Walking in Two Worlds

In Holotropic Breathwork , the deeper and more rapid breathing adds to that
effect . The breathwork brings most people more closely in touch with somatic
and emotional experience . The " censor " and " analyzer " parts of ourselves bow
and ...


Author: Stephen G. Gilligan

Publisher: Zeig Tucker & Theisen Publishers

ISBN: 1932462112

Category: Medical

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experiences , and the experiences do not necessarily progress in the order
described . No effort is made to force this schema upon anyone . An individual's
experience of Holotropic Breathwork is hers alone , which makes this practice ...


Author: Thomas Claire

Publisher: William Morrow & Company

ISBN: PSU:000024653886

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A massage therapist offers a first person narrative account of different massage therapies, including Swedish, the Feldenkrais Method, the Alexander Technique, Rolfing, the Trager Approach, and Shiatsu

New Age

His breathwork in particular set the stage for his interest in aliens. ... His 1994
book on the subject (Abduction), which focuses on interviews that detail the
experiences of a handful of the 70 people who said they were abducted,
provoked ...




ISBN: UCSC:32106015922567

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The Healing Power of Spirituality Psychodynamics

His case can be used as a typical example of what I call a system of condensed
experiences ( COEX system ) . A COEX is a ... desperate calls . When the
breathwork experience deepened , Norbert relived a violent 132


Author: J. Harold Ellens

Publisher: Greenwood

ISBN: 0313372012

Category: Religion

Page: 380

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Breaking Through

Part of the significance of that experience was that we three women ,
unbeknownst to me , all had snake medicine and ... As the breathwork weekend
grew closer she was getting hints of her having experienced satanic ritual and
the thought ...


Author: Polly A. Peterson


ISBN: 0965554910

Category: Alternative medicine

Page: 184

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Exceptional Human Experience

Whether he uses drugs or holotropic breathing , in all cases he has found that
patients experience the four stages of birth oceanic unity with the mother ,
entrapment in the birth canal as labor begins , the actual birth , and the sense of a
new ...




ISBN: UVA:X006167175

Category: Parapsychology


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When the Impossible Happens

Here is an incredible opportunity to journey beyond ordinary consciousness - guaranteed to shake the foundations of what we assume to be reality - and sure to offer a new vision of our human potential, as we contemplate When the Impossible ...


Author: Stanislav Grof


ISBN: 9781458742933

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 670

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Feelings of oneness with others, nature, and the universe. Encounters with extraterrestrials, deities, and demons. Out-of-body experiences and past-life memories. Science casts a skeptical eye. But Dr. Stanislav Grof - the psychiatric researcher who co-founded transpersonal psychology - believes otherwise. When the Impossible Happens presents Dr. Grof's mesmerizing firsthand account of his fifty-year inquiry into waters uncharted by conventional psychology, an odyssey that will leave you questioning the very fabric of your existence. From the first LSD session that gave Dr. Grof a glimpse of cosmic consciousness to his latest work with Holotropic Breathwork, When the Impossible Happens explores fascinating experiments in astral projection; remarkable tales of synchronicity; memories of birth and prenatal life; the survival of consciousness after death, and much more. Here is an incredible opportunity to journey beyond ordinary consciousness - guaranteed to shake the foundations of what we assume to be reality - and sure to offer a new vision of our human potential, as we contemplate When the Impossible Happens. STANISLAV GROF, M.D., PH.D. One of the founders and chief theoreticians of transpersonal psychology, Dr. Grof is the president of the International Transpersonal Association, and a professor of psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies and the Pacifica Graduate Institute. His numerous books include Beyond the Brain and Psychology of the Future.

At the Speed of Life

While my experiences were pleasant but not profound , others said they had birth
experiences and other strong energy ... Nowadays , with nearly twenty years of
experience in conducting breathwork sessions , we still feel that an hour of ...


Author: Gay Hendricks

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 0553373811

Category: Psychology

Page: 336

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Shows how to use breathing and movement to heal the division between thought and action, and discusses special techniques for alleviating depression, anxiety, and certain physical symptoms

Twilight of the Clockwork God

So you would find very little similarity between the LSD experience and some of
the classical forms of schizophrenia like ... In the breathwork , the same kinds of
experiences , with proper guidance , can be healing and transformative . We then


Author: John David Ebert

Publisher: Council Oaks Distribution

ISBN: UOM:39015043800187

Category: Philosophy

Page: 211

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Brian Swimme, RalphAbraham, Stanislav Grof,Deepak Chopra, Rupert Sheldrake, LynnMargulis, Terence McKenna, and WilliamIrwin Thompson present their ideasconcerning the evolution of consciousness.

Psychology of the Future

Each chapter brought an entirely new concept, theory, or method that was just as engaging as the previous one.” — Dr. Tami Brady, TCM Reviews "This book is by a pioneering genius in consciousness research.


Author: Stanislav Grof

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791492383


Page: 361

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Summarizes Grof's experiences and observations from more than forty years of research into non-ordinary states of consciousness. This accessible and comprehensive overview of the work of Stanislav Grof, one of the founders of transpersonal psychology, was specifically written to acquaint newcomers with his work. Serving as a summation of his career and previous works, this entirely new book is the source to introduce Grof's enormous contributions to the fields of psychiatry and psychology, especially his central concept of holotropic experience, where holotropic signifies "moving toward wholeness." Grof maintains that the current basic assumptions and concepts of psychology and psychiatry require a radical revision based on the intensive and systematic research of holotropic experience. He suggests that a radical inner transformation of humanity and a rise to a higher level of consciousness might be humankind's only real hope for the future. “It’s rare to find a textbook that is both extremely informative and enjoyable to read. Psychology of the Futurehas to be one of the first ones I’ve ever come across … Each chapter brought an entirely new concept, theory, or method that was just as engaging as the previous one.” — Dr. Tami Brady, TCM Reviews "This book is by a pioneering genius in consciousness research. It presents the full spectrum of Grof's ideas, from his earliest mappings of using LSD psychotherapy, to his clinical work with people facing death, to his more recent work with holotropic breathing, to his latest thoughts about the cosmological implications of consciousness research and the prospects for dealing with an emerging planetary crisis. Grof has always been one of the most original thinkers in the transpersonal field, and his creativity has kept pace with the maturity of his overall vision." -- Michael Washburn, author of Transpersonal Psychology in Psychoanalytic Perspective "Grof offers an outstanding contribution to the ever-growing debate about the nature of human consciousness and about the place of humankind in the cosmos. If more psychiatrists could be persuaded that human consciousness transcends the limitations of the physical brain, and instead is but an aspect of what may best be described as 'cosmic consciousness,' we could not only expect treatment modalities to change, but we could also anticipate the possibility of culture-wide rethinking of the basic presuppositions of modern cosmology, the cosmology that grounds Western institutions, ideologies, and beliefs about the nature of personhood." -- Michael E. Zimmerman, author of Contesting Earth's Future: Radical Ecology and Postmodernity

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Transpersonal Psychology

When the breathwork experience deepened, Norbert relived a violent and
terrifying episode that took him back to the memory of his biological birth. His
delivery was very difficult, because his shoulder was stuck for an extended period
of time ...


Author: Harris L. Friedman

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118591314

Category: Psychology

Page: 744

View: 544

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Transpersonal Psychology presents the most inclusive resource yet published on this topic - which seeks to benefit humanity by integrating ancient wisdom and modern knowledge. Features the work of more than fifty leading voices in the field, creating the most comprehensive survey of transpersonal psychology yet published Includes emerging and established perspectives Charts the breadth and diversity of the transpersonal landscape Covers topics including shamanism, neurobiology, holotropic states, transpersonal experiences, and more

Anthropology at the Edge

The theoretical discussion of A . S . C . , N . D . E . , models of healing ,
breathwork and my personal experience of the same are the two essential
components of this work and reflect how I think about doing science .
Theoretically , one of ...


Author: J. I. Prattis

Publisher: University Press of Amer

ISBN: UOM:39015038609056

Category: Social Science

Page: 311

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Symbolic process, myth, science, postmodernism and the environment are skillfully woven together in 13 essays that reflect the timbre of the times in terms of current issues in anthropology, philosophy and religion. The spectre of consciousness transformation provides a common underlying theme and Prattis provides a novel perspective on "who we are, where did we come from, where are we going". The current furor over the nature of science, postmodernism and symbolic processes in society is the driving force behind this collection of essays. Contents: PART I: Beyond Structuralism; Man and Metaphor; "Parsifal" and Semiotic Structuralism; PART II: The Poetic Turn and Postmodern Reflexivity; Dialectics and Experience in Fieldwork; "Reflections" as Myth; Reflexive Anthropology; (with D. Blair) Opening Ourselves up to the Voyage of Anthropological Practice; PART III: Process and Form; Celtic Festivals and Bilingualism Policy: The Barra Feis; Sacred Dance and Cultural Bridges; Death Breaths and Drivers: The Phenomenology of Shamanic Experiences; Metaphor, Vibration and Form; PART IV: Paradigms; Science and Sages--a Small Matter of Paradigms; PART V: Gaia and the Environment--Two Essays; Issues of Inner Ecology; Myth, Meditation and Transformation of Consciousness; About the Author; Author Index.

The Spirit s Knock

Stories, Lucid Dreams, and Out-of-Body Experiences from the Journey of an
Apprentice Shaman Clayton Forrester ... My friend, a Hispanic woman in her
early fifties with considerable breath work experience, was the only other person


Author: Clayton Forrester

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595376001

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 256

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The Spirit's Knock presents stories from Clayton Forrester's life as he awakens to embrace the call to become a shaman. His journey takes him from Ohio to Texas, Switzerland, and Central Mexico. It is a story of possibilities, of death and rebirth, and of the evolution of consciousness. Through a series of life-changing experiences, including challenges growing up, a major health crisis leading to a near-death encounter, divorce, lucid dreams, out-of-the-body experiences, and visions, Clayton Forrester enters the shamanic world. From these experiences he comes to understand the power of inner silence and the heart to engage the capacities for perception waiting to awaken within himself. His experiences also show him that every single human being who is willing to accept the challenge to evolve might also develop these hidden capacities for perception.In accepting the call to become a shaman, Clayton Forrester develops an intimate relationship with the earth. Through this relationship he learns important lessons about his own journey and about humanity's journey to survive and evolve as a species. Along the way, he discovers a companion that will never leave his side.