The Chronicles of Hernia

Speaking to you from my self—appointed psychiatrist's couch, I am well aware that the chronicle of my life emerges as a nonstop parade of fun, ... Ours is a tough and competitive business and yet I THE CHRONICLES OF HERNIA ' 7.


Author: Barry Cryer

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9780753547519

Category: Humor

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A collection of hilarious stories and eye-popping anecdotes from the nation's best-loved comedian Barry Cryer is one of the most respected and admired writers and performers of his time. In a career spanning forty years, Barry has worked alongside the greatest producers and performers in show business: Tommy Cooper, Humphrey Lyttelton, Morecambe and Wise, Willie Rushton, Peter Cook, Kenny Everett, Rory Bremner to name but a few - this book is a veritable Who's Who of comedy. From humble beginnings at the Windmill Theatre and Expresso Bongo, to The Frost Report, Call My Bluff and I'm Sorry I haven't a Clue, Barry recalls the good, the bad, and the downright ugly in his own inimitable style. 'Barry Cryer anecdote jukebox whose whole life is basically one big chatshow.' Guardian

The Chronicles of Hernia

in 1991, John W. Turner had hernia repair surgery. in 2019, he had a second hernia repair operation. in 2016, after 33 years of pastoring, John W. Turner left the ministry to work in a grocery store.


Author: John W Turner


ISBN: 1080136096


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in 1991, John W. Turner had hernia repair surgery. in 2019, he had a second hernia repair operation. in 2016, after 33 years of pastoring, John W. Turner left the ministry to work in a grocery store. These seemingly unrelated events are actually all intertwined. Read John W. Turner's unique story in The Chronicles of Hernia: Spilling My Guts and discover the correlation.

The Medical Chronicle

THERE are three varieties of supra - vesical hernia — the internal or retro - peritoneal , the inter - muscular , and the external . Of the last - mentioned variety there are 31 recorded examples in the literature , and to this number ...




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Medical Chronicle

be present at birth , and is spoken of as a “ fatal hernia , " to distinguish it from umbilical hernia of the embryonic period , which is also congenital , and from the funicular variety of which fætal hernia is differentiated by its ...







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The Story of Soho

Cryer, Barry, The Chronicles of Hernia,Virgin Books2009 Golstein, Murray, Naked Jungle, Silverback Press 2006 Granger, Pip, Up West, Corgi Books 2009 Henderson, Peter, A Picture of Loveliness, private publication 2009 Hugget, Richard, ...


Author: Mike Hutton

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited

ISBN: 9781445612317

Category: History

Page: 224

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Soho has always been a source of fascination. A district quite unlike any other in London, where glamour meets squalor and then often merges. It is different, never mirroring the changes of its more fashionable neighbours. It seduces and destroys in equal measures. In 1932, under the ownership of Mrs Laura Henderson, the Windmill Theatre opened and, after entertaining audiences through thirty-two years of dramatic change in Soho, finally closed its doors in 1964.

Sperm Wonderful Sperm

Circled by Herne Hill, Brixton and Streatham, Brockwell Park is another of South London's wide open spaces. Always liking to vary my punishment, today I set off for a run round the park. The Chronicles of Hernia.


Author: Alan Smithie

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781438981581

Category: Humor

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I remember a report some time ago extolling the health benefits of the vitamins found in sperm, with the advice that in preparation for having a healthy and intelligent baby, for some months before becoming pregnant a woman should swallow her partner's sperm. You can rest assured this report was compiled by a team of men. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact I set out to write a book entitled "49," a humorously light-hearted fly-on-the-wall look at my life from the day before my forty-ninth birthday to the day I hit fifty. A story of how I was coping with being too old for a mid-life crisis, counting the days tick down until the inevitable half-century. Should I be wearing socks with sandals; when would I start to enjoy pastimes that involved either binoculars, a fishing rod, making boats out of used matchsticks, a tandem bicycle or Morris dancing? Was I developing man-breasts, and more importantly, would the next woman I meet have bingo-wings? What pre-fifty pastimes would I be consigning to the dusty bin of life - wearing Ramones T-shirts and ogling young girls; my T-shirt definitely had to go. Maybe I wouldn't even make it to the end of the book; instead I'd meet my end running the Snowdonia Marathon. As it was I did make it to the end. Having spent a year writing "49" and many months trying to get a publishing deal without success, I started to write a blog. I pretty soon realised the missing ingredient - sex: sex sells. Post a good title and you have a success; mention anal sex and you have a best-seller. Without a second thought I changed the book title to "Sperm, Wonderful Sperm!" and quickly contacted an online print-on-demand publisher. This is the result...

A Matter of Facts

Billy Paul: Me and Corporal Jones. Moody Blues: Nights in Prestatyn. Or 'Films that with changed titles might appeal to people in hospital': The Chronicles of Hernia. Who's Eaten Gilbert's Grape? From Smear to Maternity.


Author: Shaun Williamson

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781788402620

Category: Humor

Page: 312

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A journey into the obsessive world of quizzing. Includes stories from Shaun's past such as tales from his time playing Barry in Eastenders; the discovery of a long-lost son; hiding from an angry Mike Reid in a broom cupboard; acting with Ricky Gervais and David Bowie, and the loss of his boyhood friend in 9/11. Actor and celebrity quizzer Shaun Williamson lifts the lid on a National drug that everyone hooked on: quizzing. A Matter of Facts is a personal journey into the world of quizzes. At the start Shaun enters the World Quiz Grand Prix, pitching his knowledge against the Nation's finest minds, including Eggheads and Chasers... he fails. Unperturbed, he sets out to improve his skills through memory training, practice and even hypnosis in an attempt to move himself up the rankings of the quizzing elite. Shaun's adventure sees him get his old quizzing 'band' back together to see if he can triumph in the leagues. As he does so, he meets many characters and experiences the wonderful vagaries of the pub quiz - discovering its place, not just in communities, but in people's lives. He also reminisces about his life before acting as an alcoholic postman, a stalled naval career,a Pontins blue coat and his journey to becoming Barry in EastEnders. Over the course of year Shaun aims to end his journey at a victorious return to the Grand Prix... can his experiences and new-found knowledge end in victory? A Matter of Facts is a fun, fascinating and heart-warming read that will be adored by those who enjoy a regular meeting of alcohol and trivia.

Wake Up At The Back There It s Jimmy Edwards

The Chronicles of Hernia. London: Virgin Books, 2009. [First published 1998 as You Won't Believe This But...] Dacre, Peter, “It's Back to the Old Tuba Again for Jimmy Edwards,” Sunday Express, April 21, 1968, unpaged clipping in British ...


Author: Anthony Slide

Publisher: BearManor Media


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 206

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‘‘ Jimmy Edwards was a Great British Entertainer ’’ Ken Dodd ‘‘ Not merely a peculiarly British comedian but an authentic English character ’’ The Times The holder of the Distinguished Flying Cross, in recognition of his World War Two career with the RAF, Jimmy Edwards came to fame as an exuberant and bombastic, trombone-playing comedian in the 1940s, with early success at London’s Windmill Theatre. He went on to star on radio in Take It from Here and on television in Whacko! as the cane-happy headmaster of a run-down school for the sons of gentlemen. He was definitely politically incorrect and audiences loved him for it. While Jimmy authored two autobiographies, Wake Up at the Back There!: It’s Jimmy Edwards is the first book-length study of the comedian, providing both a full biography and a critical appraisal. For the first time, the full Jimmy Edwards story is told, with documentation on his relationship with his family, his domestic life, his “outing” as gay, and the man in his life. Jimmy Edwards was a complex human being, who embraced alcoholism perhaps as a means of handling his homosexuality. Ultimately, the gay life proved more of a concern to Jimmy than to his audience, while the drinking helped create a persona that the same audience loved and accepted. Presently and sadly, it would seem that Jimmy’s homosexuality has tended to diminish his legacy not only as a major British comedian but also as a genuine World War Two hero.

Tony Harrison and the Classics

Cryer , Barry ( 2009 [ 1998 ] ) , The Chronicles of Hernia . London : Virgin Books , Random House . Gilbert , Francis ( 1999 ) , ' Profile : Tony Harrison , New Statesman ( 2 April ) . https : // www . ...


Author: Sandie Byrne

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780192605252

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 256

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Tony Harrison and the Classics comprises fifteen chapters examining the lasting importance of Tony Harrison's classical education, the extent of the influence of Greek and Roman texts on his subjects, themes, and styles, his contribution to knowledge and understanding of classical literature, his popularization of classical works, and his innovative treatment of classical drama in plays which have been performed globally. Harrison's work fosters debates about the role and perception of the classics and adaptations of classical literature in relation to education, 'high' and 'popular' culture, accessibility, and reception. A unifying theme of the collection is the way in which Harrison finds in classical literature fruitful matter for the articulation and dramatization of his longstanding preoccupations: language, class, access to art, and the causes and effects of war. Through his adaptations and translations, Harrison uses classical drama to stage interventions in modern politics, but neither idealizes nor romanticizes the ancient world, depicting inequality, bigotry, greed, and brutality.

Stand and Deliver

... edited by Charles Neider, Da Capo Press, 2000. The Barry Cryer story can be found in his book The Chronicles of Hernia, Virgin Books, 2009. CHAPTER 38 Celebrate success Introduction You've worked really hard to 481 IAN NICHOL.


Author: Ian Nichol

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781789013481

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 432

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Expert speaking coach Ian Nichol writes a thorough and authoritative guide to public speaking. Written in an engaging and informative style, with a great undercurrent of humour, Stand and Deliver! makes for a relaxing and highly enjoyable read, which reinforces Ian’s no-nonsense message on how readers can dramatically improve their speaking performances. Ian’s unfailing honesty when setting out his personal experiences of triumph and disaster will inspire readers, teaching them that what works for one person may not work for another. Stand and Deliver! provides countless practical tips and suggestions in a highly pragmatic text that will boost readers’ confidence. By demolishing destructive myths about public speaking, Ian shows readers how to think positively about nerves and use them to help, not hinder. Offering straightforward advice this book demonstrates that everyone can speak confidently in public by challenging preconceptions and providing a wide range of tools to success.