For the Common Good

... in dealing with victims, there is a greater likelihood that male victims will be heard, provided for, and validated. ... is one such program. how "being a man" constrains their ability to disclose experiences 164 FOR THE COMMON GOOD.


Author: Sandra Lee Browning


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Covenant Community and the Common Good

“ Eric Mount has rescued the ideas of covenant and common good from their detractors and has shown in this book how they can contribute to the revitalization of communities that we so badly need in today ' s world .


Author: Eric Mount

Publisher: United Church Press

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"Covenant - a basis of Reformed theology and ethics - fell on hard times in the 1970s and 1980s because it seemed to carry with it unredeemable patriarchical presuppositions. Common good - a strong category for Catholic moral thought - suffered a similar demise because it seemed to lack the needed precision for useful analysis. In Covenant, Community, and the Common Good, Eric Mount offers a refinement of both terms in the context of community. The resulting ethics promotes egalitarian goods of community, vocation, and equitable distribution. Mount presents a contemporary understanding of ethics that can address the current debates on family values, work and welfare, civil society and virtue, and our growing global community."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Politics Religion and the Common Good

And it is yet another to adduce reasons why religion can be a good in the public order. Yale law professor Stephen Carter has complained about the "trivialization" of religion in respect to politics and law in America.


Author: Fairfax M Cone Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of the History of Modern Christianity Martin E Marty

Publisher: Jossey-Bass

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The future of America, in many ways, depends upon an understanding of the proper role of religion in our shared life as a republic. Discussions and debates on the topic have too often generated noise, platitudes, stereotypes, name-calling, and the distortion of vitally important issues, instead of constructive conversation among citizens--until now. Of all the voices commenting about American religion today, none is more credible or better known than that of historian Martin E. Marty. A respected scholar, author, editor, and media commentator, he has-perhaps better than anyone else in the field-a deep grasp on the complex issues surrounding public religion.

God Goods and the Common Good

Eleven Perspectives on Economic Justice in Dialog with the Roman Catholic Bishops' Pastoral Letter Charles P. Lutz. I GOD , GOODS , the COMMON GOOD COD , GOODS.


Author: Charles P. Lutz

Publisher: Augsburg Fortress Publishing

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Eleven essays by Lutherans expressing their reaction to the U.S. Catholic Bishops' Pastoral letter on Catholic social teaching and the U.S. economy, Economic justice for all.

Law Justice and the Common Good

... Justice of the state Supreme Court has been vested with authority to oversee and coordinate the work of all the courts comprising the state judicial system . In many other states , however , local 298 LAW , JUSTICE AND THE COMMON GOOD.


Author: Sidney Hyman

Publisher: University Press of Amer

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Allocating Medicine and the Common Good

In Search of a Public Philosophy for American Health Care Kevin Patrick Quinn. | SA ' 2 Allocating Medicine and the Common Good : In Search of 1.


Author: Kevin Patrick Quinn


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A Conception of the Common Good

s - interests or common goods are artificial, (and from that point. * - - * * - * - * - - - - - - - - - - - --- - - - - - - ** * ** - . . " * * - * s - ** - - - - - * .* * * .* - - - - - - • * - - - * *- - - * - - - • * - - - * - * - •.


Author: Robert James Rowan


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Labor Solidarity and the Common Good

... these fundi had the typical disc deformity of cicatricial RLF II . The blood vessels were pulled to the temporal side of each disc , no scar tissue was visible , and the macular areas were intact . Vision is apparently good .


Author: Steven A. Cortright


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Empirical Foundations of the Common Good

Perhaps the greatest challenge to an enriched dialogue between theologians and philosophers examining the common good and empirical researchers in the political science tradition is to find a common language and set of standards for ...


Author: Daniel K. Finn

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190670078

Category: Religion

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The idea of the common good was borrowed by the Fathers of the early Catholic Church from the rich philosophical traditions of ancient Greece and Rome. It has been a fundamental part of Catholic thinking about social, political, and economic life throughout the Catholic intellectual tradition, from Augustine and Aquinas to modern Catholic social thought in the encyclicals of popes in recent centuries. Yet this history has been rooted in the traditions of philosophy and theology. With the rise of the social sciences in the nineteenth century as distinct disciplines no longer limited to the methods of their philosophical origins, humanity has learned a great deal more about the human condition. Empirical Foundations of the Common Good asks two questions: what have the social sciences learned about the common good? how might theology alter its understanding of the common good in light of that insight? In this volume, six social scientists, with backgrounds in economics, political science, sociology, and policy analysis, speak about what their disciplines have to contribute to discussions within Catholic social thought about the common good. Two theologians then respond by examining the insights of social science and exploring how Catholic social thought can integrate social scientific insights into its understanding of the common good. This volume's interplay of social scientific and religious views is a unique contribution to contemporary discussion of what constitutes "the common good."

Innovation Profit and the Common Good in Higher Education

The New Alchemy John Harpur. W'_ . Innovation, Profit and the Common Good in Higher Education.


Author: John Harpur

Publisher: Issues in Higher Education

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Exploring the current commercialization and innovation policies in higher education, this book examines the the way in which higher education is being transformed to accommodate business methods.