The Complete Curvy

This volume is the collected, two-color edition of the raunchy, silly, classic webcomic about an ordinary girl's dimension-hopping adventures.


Author: Sylvan Migdal


ISBN: 1945820403

Category: Earth (Planet)

Page: 522

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This volume is the collected, two-color edition of the raunchy, silly, classic webcomic about an ordinary girl's dimension-hopping adventures.

A Mile High Romance The Complete Collection

Sarah was probably the only one under thirty in the entire room. And she was far too curvy for this crowd. Oh sure, some of the older women were carrying a few pounds—not every pencil-thin woman made it to sixty without adding some ...


Author: Cassidy Coal

Publisher: Cassidy Coal


Category: Fiction

Page: 191

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Loving A Billionaire Isn't All Champagne and Caviar. Especially for a girl like Sarah Baxter who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. (Although it does sometimes involve amazing times on a private jet and trips to Paris, Sydney, and New Zealand.) This collection of eight hot short stories chronicles how Sarah Baxter, a sassy accountant who's a little too everything for the corporate world, finds her happily ever after with Tyler Corrigan, a beautiful billionaire who's always had everything he wanted, except love. Keywords: contemporary romance, billionaire, opposites attract, independent woman, contemporary woman, rags to riches, rich man poor girl, steamy romance, hea, office romance, boss employee romance

Haunting Joy The Complete Series

I'm on Route 119 pretty much the whole way—a curvy, two-lane state highway with lots of leafy trees on either side, crowding the road. It's actually kind of scenic, but I can't enjoy the ride much because I have to focus on the cars in ...


Author: Lena Goldfinch

Publisher: Six Sundance


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 400

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This complete series edition includes Haunting Joy Books 1 & 2, and Chain Reaction, a short story. Book 1 The ghost of Beth sweeps seventeen-year-old Joy into an extraordinary journey to complete some unfinished business...and challenges her to make some dangerous choices. Like calling Joy's high-school crush, Nick, for help. A soft, sliding kind of sigh wakes me up. It's hardly a noise at all. I blink to clear my sticky, early-morning vision. I know I heard a sound, an almost human-sounding sigh, coming from the corner of my room. As I slide my gaze that way, a chill slithers over me. My room feels creepy and strange. I peer into the corner and the white dress is no longer heaped in a haphazard pile on my armchair. It's laid out nice and neat, with the straps up over the back cushion and the skirt spread over the seat. The flip-flops are sitting side by side in front of the chair, toes pointed toward me. Like there's an empty girl, in an empty dress, looking right at me. Book 2 I step out of the shower into my steamy bathroom. Then I see it. I whip a towel around me so fast I almost wipe out on the tile floor. Because apparently I'm being haunted again... By a boy who scrawled KYLE across my bathroom mirror with his ghostly finger. Joy's new ghost, Kyle, crashes into her life, disrupting her senior year...and complicating her relationship with Nick. Which is already complicated enough. Haunting Joy: The Complete Series is part slightly spooky ghost story, part sweet romance wrapped in one. For teens and young adults. Reviews "A sweet and charming ghost story that completely won me over." (Lena Coakley, Witchlanders) "A sweet, creative, mystical journey..." (Marley Gibson, bestselling author of the Ghost Huntress series) "Haunting Joy is an enchanting story of a young girl, a haunted thrift store dress, and a journey of discovery. Joy is immediately drawn to a white dress she finds in a sack of thrift stores finds given to her by her grandmother. Intrigued by the connection she feels to the dress, she sets out to find out more about the previous owner. Not only does Joy find out more about the dress and its owner, she also makes some interesting discoveries about herself. I enjoyed this YA Light Paranormal story!" (Britney Adams, Buzzing About Books)

Billionaire s Dilemma The Complete Series

The beat was a thick staccato, the bass deep and loud enough to send vibrations throughout the whole house. My eyes traced the curvy stairwell; it's metallic spirals supported a dozen tipsy party guests as they tried to find their way ...


Author: Roxie Odell

Publisher: Dark Shadow Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 500

View: 226

I wanted her… bad. Did it matter she was my dad’s secretary? Special Limited Edition Deal: For the first time ever, get the complete Billionaire’s Dilemma Series in one convenient, kindle-melting bundle, all for one low price. Bad Boys Gone Good Series altogether! A Steamy Billionaire Romance Series The world’s wealthiest people don’t get rich by accident. Whether by smart investment, sharp business intuition, or a combination of talent, grit and circumstance, billionaires have done something right. Or they had a whole lot of luck—a crap-load of it. Tag is the son of a billionaire, who’s never had to work a day in his life. He has everything he’s ever wanted, that is, until one night during a party at his lake house when a chance encounter with a stunning beauty makes him realize that he wants more. There’s something about Melanie that he can’t get out of his mind, or his heart. When his controlling and manipulative father suffers a heart attack, Tag is suddenly thrown into the formerly distant world of his father’s business. Much to Tag’s surprise, the CEO chair fits him like a glove, and it’s even sweeter once he realizes his father’s assistant is none other than the mystery woman he spent the night with. Melanie doesn’t want anyone to know about them, and that’s the only way she’ll continue to see him. Will Tag be able to keep their love affair a secret? How will he handle things when it comes time for his father to return? Will he give up his father’s throne? AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a complete story in a full-length bundle, with a happy ever after ending. Recommended for 18+ readers, New Adult Readers and up. Search Terms: murder, billionaire romance, melody anne billionaire bachelors series, suspence, suspense, mystery, thriller, free kindle romance, romance billionaire series, contemporary romance and sex, billionaire obsession, new adult romance, romance love triangle, romance love, sweet love story, happily ever after, fake girlfriend, hired wife, sport romance, hot and steamy, sexy, BBW

The Magazine The Complete Archives

I couldn't just slap the well-known anti-ghost image on myself. First of all, too obvious. Second, it's just not pretty enough for me. All of my tattoos are pretty! Girly, swirly, curvy, delicate. There is nothing girly, swirly, curvy, ...


Author: Glenn Fleishman

Publisher: Aperiodical LLC

ISBN: 9780991439935

Category: Computers

Page: 1814

View: 279

This ebook collects the nearly 300 stories that first appeared in The Magazine, an independent biweekly periodical for narrative non-fiction. It covers researchers "crying wolf," learning to emulate animal sounds; DIY medical gear, making prosthetics and other tools available more cheaply and to the developing world; a fever in Japan that leads to a new friendship; saving seeds to save the past; the plan to build a giant Lava Lamp in eastern Oregon; Portland's unicycle-riding, Darth Vader mask-wearing, flaming bagpipe player; a hidden library at MIT that contains one of the most extensive troves of science fiction and fantasy novels and magazines in the world; and far, far more.

The Complete Photo Guide to Art Quilting

... using, 32 Curvy landscapes, making, 83 Landscapes, making, 82–85 abstract, 82, 85 curvy hills, 83 with sheer overlays, 84 straight edges, 83 Layers, creating, 94–99 Layers of Letters quilt, making, 138–139 Leaves appliqué technique, ...


Author: Susan Stein

Publisher: Creative Publishing International

ISBN: 9781610583992

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 224

View: 234

This comprehensive how-to book explores all the concepts and techniques involved in creating art quilts, including composition and design; making whole-cloth, pieced, and appliquéd art quilts; fabric manipulation and surface design; quilting/stitching; embellishing; and working in a series. Readers will find easy access to information with step-by-step directions and hundreds of full-color photos for clear understanding. Easy projects provide opportunities for the reader to try the techniques, and galleries of art quilts by various fabric artists offer beautiful examples and enticing inspiration.

The Complete Photo Guide to Cake Decorating

CORNELLI Cornelli lace is a piping technique in which the entire design is piped with one continuous , meandering , curvy line . The lines should never touch or cross . 2 Squeeze the pastry bag to release icing .


Author: Autumn Carpenter

Publisher: Creative Publishing international

ISBN: 9781610581929

Category: Cooking

Page: 328

View: 966

Cake decorating has never been more fun—or easier! The Complete Photo Guide to Cake Decorating has all the instruction you need to create beautiful cakes for any occasion. This clearly organized resource for all levels is like having a cake decorating workshop in a book. Discover useful tips for embellishing with buttercream, royal icing, fondant, gum paste, and more. The easy-to-follow instructions and 1,000-plus photos include techniques for piping, string work, creating and shaping a variety of flowers, molding chocolate, and adding patterns with stencils. Learn every facet of baking and embellishing with clear photos on almost every page. Let cake pro Autumn Carpenter show you how to create striking florals, borders, and accents with silicone molds, hand modeling, pastry tips, cookie cutters, and more. Take your skills up a notch and wrap a cake in chocolate, make decorations with isomalt, and use gum paste for quilling. Try new techniques with confidence, and get inspired by a gallery of colorful ideas for holiday cakes, birthday cakes, children’s cakes, wedding cakes, and special occasion cakes. This detailed book includes: Cake preparation and baking basics Recipes for fillings and icings Ideas and instruction for decorating cupcakes Piping techniques for making lifelike and fantasy flowers, eye-catching borders, distinctive lettering, and more Instructions for creating appealing accents like beading, ropes, and lace using fondant and gum paste Key decorating tools and how to use them Techniques for incorporating airbrushing, edible frosting, and chocolate molding for one-of-a-kind designs With this comprehensive guide you can get started today making your own unique cakes! The Complete Photo Guide series includes all the instruction you need to pursue your creative passion. With hundreds of clear photos, detailed step-by-step directions, handy tips, and inspirational ideas, it’s easy and fun to try new projects and techniques and take your skills to the next level.

Fashion Media Promotion

Flat child-like sandals, made sophisticated by seamed-stockinged legs, complete the whole curvy, languid feel. It was not however until Dior, with the famed New Look in 1947, decided, at the same time as lengthening skirts, ...


Author: Jayne Sheridan

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118815021

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 264

View: 917

In Fashion, Media, Promotion: the new black magicFashion is linked to its communication networks - involving thereader in the process of selling Fashion in the global marketplace.Fashion's ingenuity in adapting to new means of promotion fordigital and print media, websites, advertising, cinema, music andtelevision, is celebrated. Hollywood's role in shaping Fashion's influence is assessedthrough Audrey Hepburn's persuasive iconography and the impact ofthe most watched movie of the 20th century: Gone with theWind. Exceptional designers Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, ReiKawakubo, Mary Quant, Elsa Schiaparelli, Vivienne Westwood areconsidered, together with extraordinary innovators Paul Smith,Vidal Sassoon, Lynne Franks. Roland Barthes' Fashion System andMythologies are viewed as cultural and promotional texts,with revealing insights into the technologies which bring Fashionto mass audiences. Marketing and branding successes are reviewed and Fashion'scontinuing narrative is illustrated with luminous colourimages.

The Complete Christmas Collection 2021

“Create a plus-size line for curvy women.” A scowl darkened Davide's face, ... I'll be shunned by the entire fashion community. ... “We could call the line, Chic and Curvy,” proposed an intern with colored braces. “I love it!


Author: Susan Stephens

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 9780008918415

Category: Fiction

Page: 8400

View: 257

The Complete Christmas Collection brought to you by Mills & Boon

The Complete Human

How to Be Healthy, Happy, and Whole Kyle S. Blum ... oohing and awing over the paint, power, and chrome, when inevitably I would run across a photo of an impressive car or bike draped with a beautiful, curvy, and scantily clad woman.


Author: Kyle S. Blum

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781647025601

Category: Philosophy

Page: 268

View: 469

The Complete Human By: Kyle S. Blum What is it to be human, what is it that makes us human, and would answering these questions in any way better prepare us, or in some way enable us, to live lives that are “Healthy, Happy, and Whole”? Is a life marked by these qualities even possible, is “Completeness” conceivable, when experience proves we are unhealthy, unhappy, and broken? In a world where we are progressively inundated with terrible news, increasingly experiencing tragedy (either by the hand of cosmic forces or terroristic in nature), we find ourselves divided, disenchanted, disenfranchised, dissatisfied, despondent, and deprived of any sense of security, unity, direction, or purpose—is there any real hope, any redemptive reality, any salvific program for posterity that might rectify our present precarious position? Or has our course been preordained, driving us decidedly further into despair, discord, and depravity? Have our faces been set as flint toward destruction, by some twisted sadistic cosmic puppeteer, unable to turn to the left or to the right, watching, aware but unable to alter our course, as if bobbing helplessly in the wooden barrels of our lives, ever so swiftly towards the roaring falls of fate—or do we have some manner of control, some efficacious outworking of the very best of what we are, that can help us navigate, safely and successfully, the uncertain, unrelenting, and unforgiving river of life? And if we are to allow that there are certainly circumstances that are outside of our control, are we able, by will, tenacity, determined choice, or some other impetus toward strength—to stand, maneuver, achieve, and experience life on our own terms, existing and thriving in spite of the flow and tide of circumstance? Is there a course to “Completeness”? Is there a way to be “Healthy, Happy, and Whole”? Absolutely! This book shows the way.