The Desert Fathers

He acquired the Greek title “Abbas”, which in the time of Jesus was used to address the father of a family. Among the Desert Fathers one figure was especially preeminent: Abbas Anthony, who is also known as Anthony the Hermit [and ...


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In the late third century, more and more people withdrew to the radical seclusion of the desert so as to live entirely for God under the direction of a spiritual father. Among these Desert Fathers one figure is especially preeminent: Saint Anthony the Hermit. This book takes the reader back to the hour when monasticism was born and describes the life of those revolutionary Christians who sought God in the Egyptian desert. The focus of the book is the life and work of Saint Anthony, whose experiences of the spiritual life have a timeless beauty and validity, even for those not called to live as a monk. The second half of the book presents other Desert Fathers, such as Paul of Thebes, Pachomius, and Simeon Stylites, as well as the great founders of the monastic communities in Western Europe who were inspired by them: John Cassian, Columban, and Benedict, for example.

An Introduction to the Desert Fathers

In the Heart of the Desert: The Spirituality of the Desert Fathers and Mothers, with a Translation of Father Zosimas' Reflections. Treasures of the World's Religions. Bloomington, IN: World Wisdom, 2003. Another scholarly, readable ...


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The desert fathers wanted to get away from a church co-opted by empire and a Christian faith grown cold and listless. They retreated to the desert to do battle against demons and against their own worst desires. They had no intention of being famous; yet ironically their Sayings have inspired millions of imitators over the centuries. This guide is meant to accompany a reading of the Sayings of the Desert Fathers, in hopes that readers with lives quite different than those third- and fourth-century dwellers of the Egyptian desert might nevertheless come to imitate their lives of poverty, chastity, and obedience; and more importantly, that readers might grow more imaginative and passionate in their following of the same Lord.

The Sayings of the Desert Fathers

The Sayings of the Desert Fathers must be used in the spirit in which they were spoken, otherwise they will have less than their true value. They are not just for interest but for use. Radical simplicity and integrity is their aim and ...



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`Give me a word, Father', visitors to early desert monks asked. The responses of these pioneer ascetics were remembered and in the fourth century written down in Coptic, Syriac, Greek, and later Latin. Their Sayings were collected, in this case in the alphabetical order of the monks and nuns who uttered them, and read by generations of Christians as life-giving words that would help readers along the path to salvation.

The Desert Fathers Book 1

The tempter entered into the desert with the Divine Savior to endeavor to arouse sensuality, pride, and ambition even in ... the sacrament of mercy, as it should properly be called; which is likened by the Fathers of the Church to the ...


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What is within these pages are the words, thoughts and lives of some of the greatest men and women who left everything in the known world to find their calling within the desert. During the fall of the Roman Empire, (300-500 A.D.) there was also a migration of all walks of life and country leaving what was then the mightiest known empire, who had bestowed upon its citizens all that they could hope for. From the caves and towers comes the likes of St Anthanius, St. Anthony, John Climacus, Paul the Hermit, Abbot Serinus, just to name a few. These men have helped shape our understanding of God and how to approach Him. This indeed is a well-documented work showcasing their insight of both the hearts and thoughts of humanity as we come to struggle and deal with our weaknesses.

ACW 74 Teachings of the Desert Fathers The

The older fathers held a council among themselves. All of the monks who were living in the desert of Scetis agreed that the blessed Father Isaac should be ordained a priest for them in the church that was located in that place, ...



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An English translation of several Latin collections of the Apophthegmata patrum, including the Commonitiones Sanctorum Patrum, Vitae patrum 6, Paschasius of Dumium’s Geronticon, and excerpts from Vitae patrum 3 and 7.

The Sayings and Stories of the Desert Fathers and Mothers

He is best known for his Ecclesiastical (or Church) History, Life of Constantine, and Demonstration of the Gospel. Evil one. ... see Regnault, Day-to-Day Life, 61–65; on fasting and hospitality, see Gould, Desert Fathers, 142–49.



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The Sayings and Stories of the Desert Fathers and Mothers offers a new translation of the Greek alphabetical Apophthegmata Patrum, The Sayings of the Desert Fathers. For the first time in an English translation, this volume provides: • extensive background and contextual notes • significant variant readings in the alphabetical manuscripts and textual differences vis-à-vis the systematic and anonymous Apophthegmata • reference notes to both quotations from Scriptures and the many allusions to Scripture in the sayings and stories. In addition, there is an extensive glossary that offers information and further resources on people, places, and significant monastic vocabulary. Perfect for students and enthusiasts of the desert tradition.

Daily Readings with the Desert Fathers

Desert Fathers Benedicta Ward. t The way of life of the fourth-century Desert Fathers, with.


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The Wisdom of the Desert Fathers

Systematic Sayings from the Anonymous Series of the Apophthegmata Patrum . تا THE WISDOM OF THE DESERT FATHERS Also by BENEDICTA WARD.



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In this collection of Sayings, arranged under subject headings, the monks and nuns of fourth-century Egypt show us that the spirituality of the desert is for everyone. Their teaching speaks to any who follow the way of Christ; it is concerned more with action and behaviour than with mystical experience, with compassion, forbearance, self-knowledge and facing inner conflict.

Worshiping with the Church Fathers

33 the Sayings of the Fathers readers interested in exploring further the world of the desert fathers and mothers will ... The desert sayings, often grouped according to father (abba), mother (amma) or theme, first began to appear as ...


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Christopher Hall invites us to accompany the church fathers as they enter the sanctuary for worship and the chapel for prayer. He also takes us to the wilderness, where we learn from the early monastics as they draw close to God in their solitary discipline. Readers will enjoy a rich and rare schooling in developing their spiritual life in this unique survey of the life of worship from the perspective of the early Church.

Desert Fathers Uranium Daughters

Title Page Copyright Page Dedication Epigraph Acknowledgements The Landscape of Memory Adam's Daughter The Desert Fathers The Age of Reason Andante pastorale TheBlessing of theThroats Memories of theAtomic Age ShipBurial Lives of ...


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Award-winning poet Debora Greger grew up in Washington near the site of the Hanford atomic plant, which, unbeknownst to its workers, manufactured plutonium for the bomb dropped on Nagasaki. “The high school team was named the Bombers,” she writes. “The school ring had a mushroom cloud on it.” In Desert Fathers, Uranium Daughters she uses what The Nation has characterized as her “deadpan wit, intelligence and marvelous insight” to explore the legacy of a Catholic girlhood spent in a landscape where “even the dust, though we didn’t know it then, was radioactive.” “Call us out of the animal,” Greger writes, invoking the ghost of a poet conjured in “Nights of 1995,” in what could be construed as the motto of a collection filled with what Poetry called “priceless instants where the mundane flares up into the miraculous.”