The Devil s Tickets

Kansas City, 1929: Myrtle and Jack Bennett sit down with another couple for an evening of bridge.


Author: Gary M. Pomerantz

Publisher: Crown

ISBN: 9780307460363

Category: History

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Kansas City, 1929: Myrtle and Jack Bennett sit down with another couple for an evening of bridge. As the game intensifies, Myrtle complains that Jack is a “bum bridge player.” For such insubordination, he slaps her hard in front of their stunned guests and announces he is leaving. Moments later, sobbing, with a Colt .32 pistol in hand, Myrtle fires four shots, killing her husband. The Roaring 1920s inspired nationwide fads–flagpole sitting, marathon dancing, swimming-pool endurance floating. But of all the mad games that cheered Americans between the wars, the least likely was contract bridge. As the Barnum of the bridge craze, Ely Culbertson, a tuxedoed boulevardier with a Russian accent, used mystique, brilliance, and a certain madness to transform bridge from a social pastime into a cultural movement that made him rich and famous. In writings, in lectures, and on the radio, he used the Bennett killing to dramatize bridge as the battle of the sexes. Indeed, Myrtle Bennett’s murder trial became a sensation because it brought a beautiful housewife–and hints of her husband’s infidelity–from the bridge table into the national spotlight. James A. Reed, Myrtle’s high-powered lawyer and onetime Democratic presidential candidate, delivered soaring, tear-filled courtroom orations. As Reed waxed on about the sanctity of womanhood, he was secretly conducting an extramarital romance with a feminist trailblazer who lived next door. To the public, bridge symbolized tossing aside the ideals of the Puritans–who referred derisively to playing cards as “the Devil’s tickets”–and embracing the modern age. Ina time when such fearless women as Amelia Earhart, Dorothy Parker, and Marlene Dietrich were exalted for their boldness, Culbertson positioned his game as a challenge to all housebound women. At the bridge table, he insisted, a woman could be her husband’s equal, and more. In the gathering darkness of the Depression, Culbertson leveraged his own ballyhoo and naughty innuendo for all it was worth, maneuvering himself and his brilliant wife, Jo, his favorite bridge partner, into a media spectacle dubbed the Bridge Battle of the Century. Through these larger-than-life characters and the timeless partnership game they played, The Devil’s Tickets captures a uniquely colorful age and a tension in marriage that is eternal.

The New York Times Book Review

i Richard Powell's TICKETS TO THE DEVIL is about cut-throats and clowns,
heroes and lovers, Life Masters and life-long losers. In other words, it's the first
major novel about big-time bridge. □ V V IPS. Long ago the Puritans called a
deck of ...




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Frommer s Portable Phoenix and Scottsdale


Author: Karl Samson

Publisher: *Frommers

ISBN: 0764567357

Category: Travel

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Frommer's Portable Guides offer all the detailed information and insider advice of a Frommer's Complete Guide -- but in a concise, pocket-sized format. Perfect for the short-term traveler who insists on value and doesn't want to wade through or carry a full-size guidebook, this series selects the very best choices in all price categories and takes you straight to the top sights. Get the latest on hotels, restaurants, sightseeing, sports, shopping, and nightlife in a nutshell in these lightweight, inexpensive guides. Frommer's Portable Phoenix and Scottsdale puts the best of one of America's hottest destinations in your pocket. You'll get candid reviews on the best hotels and restaurants in every price range, plus all the best experiences of Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the Valley of the Sun, including: gallery hopping on the Scottsdale Art Walk; driving the Apache Trail; hiking camelback mountain or Squaw Peak; seeing rare ancient architecture at Casa Grande Ruins National Monument; golfing on the Wigwam Gold course; lounging by the pool at the Hyatt Regency; and much more.

The Dealings of God Man and the Devil

On a er . chapel form : so that , if not wanted , it would | cessity , of having
quarterly tickets throughout just form four houses , according to the plan the
Connexion . The same had been done by on which houses are usually built at
Tunstall ...


Author: Lorenzo Dow


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The Devil s Science

“Guess gas is all you got to sell for a while.” Clerk: Well, that and my case of lottery tickets. I grabbed them when I locked up.


Author: Jate Hemms

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781682131077

Category: Fiction

Page: 296

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Almost forty years ago we launched the "Voyager Space Probe". It was a feat of human ingenuity. The craft explored the outer planets, sending back information and images to expand our knowledge of this universe. When its mission was complete, Voyager left our solar system for interstellar space. Although we stayed in contact with it, we felt its mission was over....but we were wrong. The moment it left our solar system it was detected by an alien race who were unaware of our location. With i

The Devil on Screen

Devil Dog, Hound of Hell (1978 film) 3 “Devil in a Blue Dress” (song) 234 ... in Law see Petey Wheatstraw The Devil's Ticket (TV episode) 309 The Devil's ...


Author: Charles P. Mitchell

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476605333

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 344

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The Devil has been represented in many film genres, including horror, comedy, the musical, fantasy, satire, drama, and the religious epic, and in these works has assumed many shapes and forms. This book begins with a discussion of how the devil has been portrayed on stage, how that portrayal carried over to the big screen, and what are the standard elements of a satanic plot. Each entry in the filmography includes year of production, running time, writer, editor, cinematographer, producer, and director, evaluative rating, annotated cast list, plot synopsis, overall appraisal, and a spotlight on the actor playing Satan.

Chasing Away the Devil

After getting back to the station earlier that day , I ' d called American Airlines and
confirmed the tickets . Reservations for a flight to Paris ... to cost over a thousand
bucks . Specially if she was going first - class 92 CHASING AWAY THE DEVIL.


Author: Susan Rogers Cooper

Publisher: Harlequin Books

ISBN: 0373261292

Category: Fiction

Page: 250

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Chasing Away The Devil by Susan Rogers Cooper released on Aug 25, 1993 is available now for purchase.

The Devil s Hand

She was standing on a dark , waterlapped wharf buying a ticket , darkness
everywhere and about her only the soft monotonous sound of water lapping ,
lapping at invisible piles . As the ticket agent handed her the ticket he leaned
forward and ...


Author: Edith Summers Kelley

Publisher: Carbondale : Southern Illinois University Press

ISBN: STANFORD:36105037332686

Category: Fiction

Page: 301

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This realistic second novel by the author of Weeds depicts the struggle for survival of two unmarried women in California's Imperial Valley in the 1920s. In her lifetime, Edith Summers Kelley had one novel published, the recently redis­covered Weeds, first published in 1923. Fifty years later this remarkable novel was republished and was, belatedly, recog­nized as a ?lost masterpiece,” ?a major work of American fiction.” Following the republication of Weeds, the manuscript for this previously unpublished novel, The Devil's Hand, was found among his mother's papers by Patrick Kelley, who has written an appended memoir. In this second novel, according to Matthew J. Bruccoli, Edith Summers Kelley again proves herself to be a su­perior writer of realistic fiction. The story is about fragile and dreamy, romantically unfulfilled Rhoda Malone and her stalwart and forthright friend Kate Baxter who, enjoying the emanci­pation of women after World War I, leave Philadelphia and the monotony of office jobs to become farmers. In Cali­fornia's Imperial Valley, among Japanese, Hindus, Mexicans, and a scattering of Americans, the two women become trapped in the struggle for survival. Like Weeds, The Devil's Hand, has strength, fine emotional control, and is also an important sociological novel. Readers who hailed the rediscovery of Weeds will welcome this impressive re­covered novel.

Tickets to Fortune

In fact , the author roasts them as an invention of the devil , and urges one and all
to cast them out , root and branch . But the advertiser goes on to say that while all
this may be true , still it can't be denied that somebody wins in the lotteries ...


Author: Eric J. Bender


ISBN: UIUC:30112117998853

Category: Awards

Page: 174

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Wolf Tickets

Be interesting to see how you handle him . ” When the director turned his head ,
sunlight glinted on his rimless glasses . “ Speaking of the devil . . . " Steven hadn '
t heard any footsteps , but now he did . There was a soft knock on the doorframe ...


Author: Edward Hower


ISBN: 086072106X


Page: 320

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Dancing with the Devil

Whoever sold the ticket got to keep the five-dollar profit. The problem was people were afraid to buy the tickets because the price was too low to be ...


Author: Mark Curry

Publisher: NewMark Books

ISBN: 9780615276502

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 225

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He has recorded with the biggest stars in the music business. He wrote many of the hits that made Sean "Puffy" Combs one of the richest men alive. On the surface, the multi-million dollar empire that Puff built looks like the stuff of dreams. But after working with Puff for a decade, Curry discovered that Bad Boy Entertainment is not, as Puff promised, a place where dreams come true. No, rather it is a shell game comprised of contracts designed to rob artists of their time, dreams and publishing rights. [i]Dancing With the Devil[/i] reveals startling new details about key events in the fast paced, controversial (and sometimes deadly) world of Hip-Hop. In revealing the dark side of the industry, Curry hopes to provide a road map for reforms necessary to prevent artists ending up in poverty, in prison or in the grave.Mark Curry has appeared on the following albums:[i]Gangsta Shi-[/i][i]Dangerous MC's[/i][i]American Dream[/i]Mark Curry has appeared on the following singles:[i]Bad Boy for Life[/i]

The Library World

Tickets to the Devil. HODDER & STOUGHTON. 30s. The Puritans of New
England used to call playing cards “Devil's tickets”, and after reading this unusual
novel one can vouch for the aptness of the name. An important bridge
tournament is ...




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Motion Pictures


Author: Library of Congress. Copyright Office


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The Devils Missed Her

“I've got my ticket already,” Havoc said. She pointed at a ticket on the table. A clattering sound echoed through the house as Fisk dropped the chopsticks.


Author: Nourie Parker

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781499099409

Category: Fiction

Page: 286

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A group of journalists enters the vast South American rainforest in search of an ancient temple that is endangered by the country's ongoing guerrilla warfare. When a tragedy strikes, they quickly realize they are in for a life-or-death situation and not all of them will make it out alive. What follows is a series of events that will reveal the dark secrets one of the group members holds.

Speak of the Devil

“Sir, I hate to tell you this but the name on the ID doesn't match your name on the ticket.” “Huh? I don't understand what you mean. Of course it matches.


Author: Lacha M. Scott

Publisher: Urban Christian

ISBN: 9781622863792

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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Serena Sampson has traveled the world with the gift of prophetic healing, deliverance, and the sword of the Spirit in her hands. She claims victory when she is used by God to set women free from all types of bondage. The world reveres her as a powerhouse of a preacher and a woman of God whose faith is on fire. Women flock to conferences whenever she is in their city. Serena has been molded and shaped for ministry of such magnitude in her mother’s church;however, they seem to be two totally different vessels that God uses to reach His people. Desiring to go to the next level in her ministry, Serena feels that she needs no one. She casts aside relationships that require time and effort, preferring to focus on the thousands of strangers she feels need her. Ministry becomes her life, but when she is blindsided by trials and tribulations of her own, she will need to learn hard lessons about forgiveness and family.

Chasin the Devil Round a Stump

Subscribers receive eight tickets for $ 100 . The King and Queen receive about
15 tickets each , and the members of the Court are given about five tickets apiece
. It costs big money to put on a Coronation in these times . In the old days , about


Author: Julian Lee Rayford


ISBN: IND:39000005817460

Category: Carnival

Page: 167

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The Day the Devils Dropped In

Most of the lads bought tickets, some used them more than once, others, if hard up, took a chance. At Waterloo, as the train from Bulford pulled into the ...


Author: Neil Barber

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9781783037056

Category: History

Page: 224

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This WWII history presents a vivid chronicle of the British Army’s 9th Parachute Battalion and their operations in Normandy based on survivor interviews. The first hours and days following the Allied invasion of Normandy were perhaps the most crucial moment of the Second World War. The Day The Devils Dropped In examines the pivotal role played by the 9th Battalion of the Parachute Regiment in the first week of the landings. These brave British soldiers were tasked with neutralizing the mighty Merville Battery, and capturing Le Plein and the Chateau St. Côme on the Breville Ridge. Failure by to achieve any of these objectives could have meant disaster for Operation Overlord—and catastrophe for the Allied war effort. In his quest to uncover what transpired in the early days of the landings, historian Neil Barber tracked down and interviewed surviving participants in the operation. In The Day the Devils Dropped In, he presents the full story, largely in the very words of those who lived through the experience. Enhanced by wartime photographs throughout, this revealing chronicle is a fine tribute to those whose contribution must never be forgotten.

The Ticket in Tatts

My family is going to the devil fast enough as it is , but I ' m going to put a stop to it
quick an ' lively James , said Mrs Keeby sedately , you ' re talkin ' nonsense !
Maybe I am . Accordin ' to you I talk nothin ' else ! He sat . back in his chair and ...


Author: David Henry Souter


ISBN: UVA:X002126533


Page: 252

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A funny story of a Redfern family told with great gusto by the famous Bulletin cartoonist of the 1930s.