Blood Lust The Family Secret

“No, Well yeah, but I can't tell you, it's a family secret” “But we're best friends!” “I said I can't tell you! Can't you just forget about it?” “You left me for a year! The woman I love left me for a year!” “You're just that amazing” ...


Author: K J Tobias


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The Family Secret

There are many elements spreading the cult of violence into the family at an increasing rate, ... Family violence is one symptom of humans' unsuccessful struggle with the increasing pressures to adapt to their 202 / The Family Secret.


Author: William A. Stacey

Publisher: Boston : Beacon Press

ISBN: UVA:X000507456

Category: Social Science

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Candid interviews with all of the family members--wife, husband, and children--in families shattered by family violence are interwoven with statistical profiles to portray the facts of family violence, with accompanying information on counseling programs

Vermeer s Family Secrets

Maria Vermeer's apprenticeship must therefore have been a family secret from the outset, which would explain why no documents refer to her as a painter. The family were already hidden Catholics, so one more secret would have been easy ...


Author: Benjamin Binstock

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136087066

Category: Art

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Johannes Vermeer, one of the greatest Dutch painters and for some the single greatest painter of all, produced a remarkably small corpus of work. In Vermeer's Family Secrets, Benjamin Binstock revolutionizes how we think about Vermeer's work and life. Vermeer, The Sphinx of Delft, is famously a mystery in art: despite the common claim that little is known of his biography, there is actually an abundance of fascinating information about Vermeer’s life that Binstock brings to bear on Vermeer’s art for the first time; he also offers new interpretations of several key documents pertaining to Vermeer that have been misunderstood. Lavishly illustrated with more than 180 black and white images and more than sixty color plates, the book also includes a remarkable color two-page spread that presents the entirety of Vermeer's oeuvre arranged in chronological order in 1/20 scale, demonstrating his gradual formal and conceptual development. No book on Vermeer has ever done this kind of visual comparison of his complete output. Like Poe's purloined letter, Vermeer's secrets are sometimes out in the open where everyone can see them. Benjamin Binstock shows us where to look. Piecing together evidence, the tools of art history, and his own intuitive skills, he gives us for the first time a history of Vermeer's work in light of Vermeer's life. On almost every page of Vermeer's Family Secrets, there is a perception or an adjustment that rethinks what we know about Vermeer, his oeuvre, Dutch painting, and Western Art. Perhaps the most arresting revelation of Vermeer's Family Secrets is the final one: in response to inconsistencies in technique, materials, and artistic level, Binstock posits that several of the paintings accepted as canonical works by Vermeer, are in fact not by Vermeer at all but by his eldest daughter, Maria. How he argues this is one of the book's many pleasures.

Family Secrets

It was like a great family get-together, with my parents, Aunt Nell, Aunt Grace and Aunt Ida. ... He found it difficult to put aside his early perceptions of the “family secret,” and he could not reconcile himself to the possibility of ...


Author: Catherine Slaney

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 9781459714786

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Catherine Slaney grew into womanhood unaware of her celebrated Black ancestors. An unanticipated meeting was to change her life. Her great-grandfather was Dr. Anderson Abbott, the first Canadian-born Black to graduate from medical school in Toronto in 1861. In Family Secrets Catherine Slaney narrates her journey along the trail of her family tree, back through the era of slavery and the plight of fugitive slaves, the Civil War, the Elgin settlement near Chatham, Ontario, and the Chicago years. Why did some of her family identify with the Black Community while others did not? What role did "passing" play? Personal anecdotes and excerpts from archival Abbott family papers enliven the historical context of this compelling account of a family dealing with an unknown past. A welcome addition to African-Canadian history, this moving and uplifting story demonstrates that understanding one’s identity requires first the embracing of the past. "When Catherine Slaney first consulted me, her intention was to research the life of her distinguished ancestor Anderson R. Abbott. After she told me her story of the discovery of her African heritage and the search for her roots, I urged her to make that the subject of her book. Cathy has served both of these objectives, giving us an intricate and fascinating account of her quest for her own lost identity through the gradual illumination of Dr. Abbott and his legacy for modern Canadians. Family Secrets carries an important message about the issue of ’race’ as a historical artifact and as a factor in the lives of real people." – James W. St. G. Walker, University of Waterloo "This is a welcome addition to the growing collection of African-Canadian materials that connects an unknown past to a promising future. That Slaney was unaware of her Black ancestry, despite that heritage being so rich and powerful, speaks to the dilemma of Black history research – it is there but requires considerable digging to uncover." – Rosemary Sadlier, President, Ontario Black History Society

Family Secrets

Finally, Eva is herself at the center of a painful family secret. She grew up listening to family conversations, and at least once, she overheard one of her aunts asking her mother a strange question. “Who is Eva's father? Who is he?


Author: Gloria González-López

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9781479855599

Category: History

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“My breasts stopped growing when my grandfather touched them,” confides ‘Elisa’, a young woman who recounts the traumatic incest and sexual abuse she experienced in childhood. In Family Secrets, Gloria González-López tells the life stories of 60 men and women in Mexico who, like Elisa, saw their lives irrevocably changed in the wake of childhood and adolescent incest. In Mexico, a patriarchal, religious society where women are expected to make themselves sexually available to men and where same-sex experiences for both men and women bring great shame, incest is easily hidden, seldom discussed, and rarely reported to authorities. Through gripping, emotional narrative, González-López brings the deeply troubling, hidden, and unspoken issues of incest and sexual violence in Mexican families to light. González-López contends that family and cultural structures in Mexican life enable incest and the culture of silence that surrounds it. She examines the strong bonds of familial obligation between parents and children, brothers and sisters, and elders and youth that, in the case of incest, can morph into sexual obligation; the codes of honor and shame reinforced by tradition and the Church, discouraging openness about sexual violence and trauma; the double standards of morality and stereotypes about sexuality that leave girls and women and gender nonconforming boys and men especially vulnerable to sexual abuse. Together, these cultural factors create a perfect storm for generations upon generations of unspoken incest, a cycle that takes great courage and strength to heal from and overcome. A riveting account, Family Secrets turns a feminist and sociological lens on a disturbing trend that has gone unnoticed for far too long.

Family Romance Family Secrets

In these sessions, Rachel provided Emerson with a precise and harrowing ac- count of her family's secret workings. If, in the previous segment of the treatment, trauma—the men in the woods, the raping neighbor—was something that ...


Author: Elizabeth Lunbeck

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300129281

Category: Psychology

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This fascinating book, which presents an early psychoanalyst’s session-by-session notes on a case of hysteria caused by severe sexual trauma and incest, offers a vivid portrait of psychoanalytic practice in the second decade of the twentieth century. Accompanying these notes are insightful commentaries by Elizabeth Lunbeck and Bennett Simon that situate the case historically and throw light on the many difficulties that both analyst and patient encountered in the treatment. The book will be of great interest to students of the history of psychoanalysis and other psychological therapies, to those interested in the history of women and gender, and to clinicians struggling with the treatment of severely traumatized patients today.

Jessica Bannister and the Family Secrets

'Charlotte Lawrence disappeared without a trace after the deaths of Edward and Gerald, taking the family jewels with her.' Lord Albert shrugged. 'She didn't even show up for the funeral. It is said that she retreated into solitude with ...


Author: Janet Farell

Publisher: J-Novel Club

ISBN: 9781718323568

Category: Young Adult Fiction


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There aren't many things more important to Jessica Bannister than chasing down her next scoop to splash across the front page of the newspaper she works for, but family is definitely one of them. After the death of her parents at the age of twelve, she has been extremely protective of her only living relative, Aunt Bell, who is as much her best friend and confidante as she is the woman who raised her, so when a run-in with a malevolent shadow being leaves her great-aunt feeling very weak, the ambitious young journalist is at pains to do everything she can for her. Luckily, this aligns with her editor-in-chief's plans, though she soon finds out that not all families are as open and honest with each other as her own, and dark secrets from the past can end up shredding the bonds between ancestors and descendants, fathers and sons, and partners and future in-laws. But when old friends and new acquaintances bring danger to her door, can her supernatural gifts keep her and her family safe?

A Family Secret How Could You Not Know

But, there are so many secrets within the family. In my early twenties, a stranger knocked on my door. He never announced his name, but he relayed a message that my mother had died from lymphoma cancer. I did not know how to feel.




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Family Secrets

renegade psychiatrists R. D. Laing and David Cooper, who implicated the family in mental illness, joined forces with the intellectuals of the New Left, who blamed it for perpetuating capitalist tyranny. By the late 1960s and early 1970s ...


Author: Deborah Cohen

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780141959573

Category: History

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A Sunday Telegraph and Times Higher Education 'Book of the Week', Deborah Cohen's Family Secrets is a gripping book about what families - Victorian and modern - try to hide, and why. In an Edinburgh town house, a genteel maiden lady frets with her brother over their niece's downy upper lip. Would the darkening shadow betray the girl's Eurasian heritage? On a Liverpool railway platform, a heartbroken mother hands over her eight-year old illegitimate son for adoption. She had dressed him carefully that morning in a sailor suit and cap. In a town in the Cotswolds, a vicar brings to his bank vault a diary - sewed up in calico, wrapped in parchment - that chronicles his sexual longings for other men. Drawing upon years of research in previously sealed records, the prize-winning historian Deborah Cohen offers a sweeping and often surprising account of how shame has changed over the last two centuries. Both a story of family secrets and of how they were revealed, this book journeys from the frontier of empire, where British adventurers made secrets that haunted their descendants for generations, to the confessional vanguard of modern-day genealogy two centuries later. It explores personal, apparently idiosyncratic, decisions: hiding an adopted daughter's origins, taking a disabled son to a garden party, talking ceaselessly (or not at all) about a homosexual uncle. In delving into the familial dynamics of shame and guilt, Family Secrets investigates the part that families, so often regarded as the agents of repression, have played in the transformation of social mores from the Victorian era to the present day. Written with compassion and keen insight, this is a bold new argument about the sea-changes that took place behind closed doors. Born into a family with its own fair share of secrets, Deborah Cohen was raised in Kentucky and educated at Harvard and Berkeley.She teaches at Northwestern University, where she holds the Peter B. Ritzma Professorship of the Humanities.Her last book was the award-winning Household Gods, a history of the British love-affair with the home.

Family Secrets the Series Volume 1

Gary Mallett. history of the Jewish peoples to include being a spy for over 20 years. One might say, yeah, ok, I am sure your story is interesting but where does the family secret lay. Chapter 19 My Dad Is Who? This story of mommas 88.


Author: Gary Mallett


ISBN: 9781329625808

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This fictional story brings spiritual warfare to the surface of a very real war to a point where one begins to understand that angelic wars going on all around us on a daily basis.