Women in the House of Fiction

86) The realist setting – the house of fiction itself – is becoming transparent. The
emptying city and the emptying inner space correspond; and the new barbarism
without is overwritten by the transcendence of the personal within. Despite its ...


Author: Lorna Sage

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 9781349222254

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 216

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A study of post-war European and American writing by women. The author uses "the house of fiction" as a metaphor for containment and a reminder that fiction isn't placeless. Writers discussed include Simone de Beauvoir, Doris Lessing, Tillie Olsen, Iris Murdoch, Angela Carter and Toni Morrison.

From a Tiny Corner in the House of Fiction

GLOVER : You don't think you impose your own philosophical theories on your
novels in a different way ? MURDOCH : I hope not . I think it's a very dangerous
thing to do , and I certainly don't want to mix philosophy and fiction — they're
totally ...


Author: Iris Murdoch

Publisher: Univ of South Carolina Press

ISBN: 1570034990

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 267

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"Gillian Dooley introduces the collection with an analysis of Murdoch's work, looking closely at her method of composition and development of character and situation. Dooley also provides background information for each of the interviews, along with a thorough index."--BOOK JACKET.

House of Fiction

Drawing on historical sources, biographies, letters, diaries and the novels themselves, House of Fiction opens the doors to these celebrated houses, while offering candid glimpses of the writers who brought them to life.


Author: Phyllis Richardson

Publisher: Unbound Publishing

ISBN: 9781783523818

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 480

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From the gothic fantasies of Walpole’s Otranto to post-modern takes on the country house by Kazuo Ishiguro and Ian McEwan, Phyllis Richardson guides us on a tour through buildings real and imagined to examine how authors’ personal experiences helped to shape the homes that have become icons of English literature. We encounter Jane Austen drinking ‘too much wine’ in the lavish ballroom of a Hampshire manor, discover how Virginia Woolf’s love of Talland House at St Ives is palpable in To the Lighthouse, and find Evelyn Waugh remembering Madresfield Court as he plots Charles Ryder’s return to Brideshead. Drawing on historical sources, biographies, letters, diaries and the novels themselves, House of Fiction opens the doors to these celebrated houses, while offering candid glimpses of the writers who brought them to life.

Windows on the House of Fiction

Moreover , the identification of these chambers with the house of fiction is
informative on several counts . It associates the critic as perceiver with the
novelist as perceiver ; it suggests the nature of the relationship between the
novelist and critic ...


Author: Maurice Géracht


ISBN: WISC:89010957199

Category: Criticism

Page: 744

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The Half way House of Fiction


Author: Edwin Williamson

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: UOM:39015008390547

Category: Arthurian romances

Page: 264

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An Explanatory and Pronouncing Dictionary of the Noted Names of Fiction

... only a few persons , especially named , were excepted . Motley . H. B. The
signature adopted by Mr. Doyle , father of Richard Doyle , the House of Socrates .
. According to artist , for a celebrated series of Engtradition Socrates built a house


Author: William Adolphus Wheeler


ISBN: CHI:087460362

Category: Anonyms and pseudonyms

Page: 440

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The Sense of Fiction

... a strong , stressed rhythm . The combinations of u , o , m , and n sounds draw
out the lines and foster a monotonous repetition for the ear . The " moaning "
syllables are perfectly suited to the atmosphere surrounding the House of Usher .


Author: Robert Louis Welker


ISBN: UCAL:B4320473

Category: Readers

Page: 457

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Episodes of Fiction

Horace Walpole , the son of Sir Robert Walpole , by Caroline Shorter , his first
wife , was born in Arlington Street , London , on the 5th of October 1717 ; he died
, at his house in Berkeley Square , on the 2d of March 1797 . He was educated at




ISBN: UCAL:B4500377


Page: 304

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Zola and the Craft of Fiction

The House of Fiction , p . 243 . 31 . See F . W . J . Hemmings , ' The Present
Position in Zola Studies ' , French Studies , X ( 1956 ) , 97 – 122 , followed by my '
Twenty Years of Zola Studies ( 1956 – 1975 ) ' , French Studies , XXXI ( 1977 ) ,
281 ...


Author: Robert Lethbridge

Publisher: Burns & Oates

ISBN: UOM:39015017891832

Category: Fiction

Page: 166

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This is the first full-length stufy of Zola's practice as a novelist. Although Zola's literary achievement has been revalued in the last 25 years, critical attention has been concentrated on the contrast between his work's realistic dimension and its poetic power. Now the balance is redressed by this study of Zola as a crafstman. Most of the ten specially commissioned chapters in this book are concerned with its great saga of Les Rougon-Macquart. In each, Zola's techniques are related to problems on genre and representation and several relate his techniques to those used in contemporary melodrama, journalism and impressionist painting.

The House of Mirth

The heroine of this novel is Lily Bart, whose goal is to secure a rich husband who can sustain her lifestyle.


Author: Edith Wharton

Publisher: Wordsworth Editions

ISBN: 1840224193

Category: Fiction

Page: 294

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The heroine of this novel is Lily Bart, whose goal is to secure a rich husband who can sustain her lifestyle. She operates in a world where social position is important, but money can buy it. Lily is redeemed by her clear view of the corrupt society which is her gilded cage.

The Uses of Fiction

The earlier novel built a sentry - box for Mr Biswas ; in the later one , the box - like
room or cell has turned into the book , the house of fiction , in which the
necessary and shaping spirits of imagination are finely distinguished ,
understood , and ...


Author: Arnold Kettle


ISBN: UOM:39015001736605

Category: English fiction

Page: 296

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How Heroes of Fiction Propose and how Heroines Reply

HOUSE . - Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation ; and a
house divided against a house falleth . ST . LUKE , chapter xi . , verse 17 . A city
in sedition cannot be happy , nor can a house in which the masters are
quarrelling ...




ISBN: NYPL:33433082179643

Category: Courtship

Page: 894

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The Harvard Classics Shelf of Fiction

Kozel's house , looking into the yard . I'm going to Katerina Ivanovna - time I did . ”
Raskolnikov had for some time been wanting to go and he had meant to help him
. Marmeladov was much unsteadier on his legs than in his speech and leaned ...


Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky


ISBN: OSU:32435022414692


Page: 559

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Author and Title List of Fiction and Children s Stories

Bread upon the waters . Alice Learmont John Halifax , gentleman King Arthur ;
not a love story Laurel bush Life for a life . Little lame prince Little Sunshine's
holiday . Miss Tommy . In a house boat . Mistress and maid Noble life Ogilvies
Olive ...


Author: Nahant Public Library, Nahant, Mass



Category: Fiction

Page: 156

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The Old West in Fiction

THE HOUSE OF CORONEL The Coronel place stood on a low hill at the western
edge of town , and was known therefore as La Loma . It looked almost as though
it had been carved from the earth , or upthrust from it by some subterranean ...


Author: Irwin R. Blacker

Publisher: Astor-Honor Incorporated

ISBN: UCAL:$B116288

Category: Western stories

Page: 471

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The House on the Lake

And what will Lisa have to do to survive, when her past finally catches up with her? __________________________________________ 'Rivals The Girl on the Train (and beats it for style)' Observer 'Brilliantly compulsive and with one hell of a ...


Author: Nuala Ellwood

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0241985153


Page: 320

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Lisa needs to disappear. And her friend's rambling old home in the wilds of Yorkshire seems like the perfect place. It's miles away from the closest town, and no one there knows her or her little boy, Joe. But when Lisa meets some of the locals, and hears some disturbing rumours about the house, she realises it might not be the sanctuary she thought. What secret has Rowan Isle House - and her friend - kept hidden all these years? And what will Lisa have to do to survive, when her own past finally catches up with her?

Factors Affecting the Sale of Modern Books of Fiction

Two further questions mst be raised : ( 1 ) are the records of the one wholesale
house comparable to national sales , and ( 2 ) are the sales here represented
actually more uniform than those of best sellers . The first question , as to whether


Author: Joel Van Meter Berreman


ISBN: STANFORD:36105011926990

Category: Booksellers and bookselling


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Southern Humanities Review

We may not write a word of fiction for years . But we taste the intoxicant of leaving
the boundaries of our own skin and becoming somebody else . And when we
finally do enter , as writers , the house of fiction , we know we've been there
before ...




ISBN: UOM:39015067440795

Category: Humanities


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Matias de Los Reyes and the Craft of Fiction

... as well as her subsequent transformation of the convent into a house of ill fame
, and Olimpia ' s apparent psychological change from virtuous heroine to shrew .
A comparison of Reyes with Cervantes from the metaphysical point of view will ...


Author: Carroll B. Johnson

Publisher: Berkeley : University of California Press

ISBN: UCSC:32106005395105


Page: 309

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