The Illegal Entrepreneur

'What is the Illegal Entrepreneur?' Again, I ask myself. The name given to me by
me! But it's something more than just a name. The illegal entrepreneur was an
evil personality hidden inside a kind-hearted person. The illegal entrepreneur
was ...


Author: Yash Vinod Modi

Publisher: Yash Modi

ISBN: 9781794866249

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A passionate engineer is struggling to get desired package in the market. Situation is surrounded by the expectations of parents, desires of girl friend and gossips of people around him. His friends making their way in the career that made him depressed. He met people who changed engineering field just because of lack of proper job and salary. At the end, he wrote letter to Prime Minister for letting them know what is wrong with the education system. But situation, got some twists. Frustrated and jobless engineer met with someone who is running scamming business. His strong ethics and discipline denied that offer at first but situation changed again. Engineer defined new scamming process and started fraud business from his small bedroom. "​All my life People kept humiliating me, 'You don’t have sufficient skills to earn a single rupee. . .' And actually they were right because I wanted to play with dollars." Some incidents, some pain, some mistakes and....The End “How a scholar and ethical engineer became Scammer who introduce himself as illegal entrepreneur?” journey towards answer of this question is the story.

Exploring Criminal and Illegal Enterprise

This book examines the illegal behaviour of entrepreneurs and discusses how criminal entrepreneurs acquire information, learn from their entrepreneurial experiences, and utilize acquired knowledge to develop their organizations.


Author: Gerard McElwee

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 9781784415518

Category: Business & Economics

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This book examines the illegal behaviour of entrepreneurs and discusses how criminal entrepreneurs acquire information, learn from their entrepreneurial experiences, and utilize acquired knowledge to develop their organizations.

Changing Perspectives on Civil Rights

They also reduce unemployment by opening their own illegal firms . Except for
these firms , the owners themselves would be unemployed . Of course , in
helping themselves , many illegal entrepreneurs vend goods and services that
further ...


Author: United States Commission on Civil Rights. Forum


ISBN: SRLF:AA0007633357

Category: Civil rights

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Handbook of Research On Entrepreneurship

a working definition of illegal entrepreneurship as the process whereby
entrepreneurs supply customers with illegal services or products; or legal
services or products, using illegal means. the customers may not necessarily be
aware of the ...


Author: Alain Fayolle

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9780857936929

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 448

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This indispensable Handbook offers a fresh look at entrepreneurship research, addressing what we already know, and what we still need to know, in the field. Over the course of 17 chapters, a collaboration of 24 highly-regarded researchers, expe

The Illegal Wildlife Trade

On the one hand, they dared to speak about it because the illegal trade in wildlife
is not yet completely criminalized while, on the other hand, they find excitement in
what they do; it is a part of their life. These illegal entrepreneurs even ...


Author: Daan P. van Uhm

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319421292

Category: Social Science

Page: 328

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In this book the author examines the illegal wildlife trade from multiple perspectives: the historical context, the impact on the environment, the scope of the problem internationally, the sociocultural demand for illegal products, the legal efforts to combat it, and several case studies from inside the trade. The illegal wildlife trade has become a global criminal enterprise, following in the footsteps of drugs and weapons. Beyond the environmental impact, financial profits from the illegal wildlife trade often fund organized crime groups and violent gangs that threaten public safety and security in myriad ways. This innovative volume covers several key questions surrounding the wildlife trade: why is there a demand for illegal wildlife products, which actors are involved in the trade, how is the business organized, and what are the harmful consequences. The author performed ethnographic fieldwork in three key markets: Russia, Morocco, and China, and has constructed a detailed picture of how the wildlife trade operates in these areas. Conversations with informants directly involved in the illegal business ensure unique insights into this lively black market. In the course of his journey the author follows the route of the illegal wildlife trade from poor poaching areas to rich business districts where corrupt officials, legally registered companies, wildlife farms and sophisticated criminal organizations all have a share. A fascinating look inside the world of poachers, smugglers and traders.

The Revival of China s Entrepreneurial Class in Historical Comparative Perspective

of problems for China's entrepreneurs . ... Small companies have a very difficult
time raising money , so they use illegal financing . For example , I am one , I
collect money — I know a lot of rich guys . But it is illegal ( Entrepreneur 14 ) . A
third ...


Author: Michael Drake


ISBN: 9781793619983



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"This book traces the rise, fall, and revival of China's entrepreneurial class through the lens of historical liberalism. The author argues that China's rule by law system and resultant state predation contributes to the rise of a liberal entrepreneurial class and prospects for entrepreneurial-driven political change"--

Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research

ENTREPRENEURSHIP Robert F . Sinclair , University of Louisville , USA
Principal Topic Little research has been conducted in the area of illegal
entrepreneurship , of this research ...




ISBN: PSU:000066246626

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The Mob s Daily Number

Out of necessity , then , illegal entrepreneurs must keep work groups small so
that production costs and the flow of information are limited . Smaller work groups
increase administrative costs , and prevent enterprises from taking advantage of


Author: Don Liddick

Publisher: University Press of Amer

ISBN: STANFORD:36105022957331

Category: Social Science

Page: 198

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Notwithstanding state-run lotteries, and some academicians predictions, illegal numbers gambling continues to thrive. Collating data from police reports, government documents, interviews, and other sources, Liddick (affiliation unspecified) reviews the relevant literature; constructs a sociopolitical history of this key organized crime enterprise; and analyzes such factors as the structure of the gambling market, the law enforcement response, and the impact of numbers gambling on communities. Appends a narrative detailing such operations in New York City, 1960-1969, with tables on Cosa Nostra "family bank" affiliations and territories. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Carleton Economic Papers

There are a number of interesting findings of the survey that are summarized
here . First , the major proportion out of the illegal enterprises operated out of the
household of the entrepreneur or in the homes of the clients , though there were ...




ISBN: PSU:000054573796

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The Fence

For these individuals fencing appeared to be just another enterprise in a varied
and totally illegal business portfolio . The success of the illegal entrepreneur is
hardly matched by the burglar - fence subgroup , which was comprised of theft ...


Author: Marilyn E. Walsh

Publisher: Praeger

ISBN: UOM:49015000200833

Category: Business & Economics

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A Companion to Theoretical Econometrics provides a comprehensive reference to the basics of econometrics. This companion focuses on the foundations of the field and at the same time integrates popular topics often encountered by practitioners. The chapters are written by international experts and provide up-to-date research in areas not usually covered by standard econometric texts. Focuses on the foundations of econometrics. Integrates real-world topics encountered by professionals and practitioners. Draws on up-to-date research in areas not covered by standard econometrics texts. Organized to provide clear, accessible information and point to further readings.

Organizing Crime

The illegal entrepreneur faces one major problem not faced by legal business :
the threat of exposure . This problem is ubiquitous and omnipresent for illegal
business . Much of the resources of the industry are spent to reduce the
likelihood of ...


Author: Alan A. Block

Publisher: Elsevier Science Limited

ISBN: UOM:39015004967090

Category: Social Science

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It's the illegal workers the Englewood , Colorado - based members : Back row ( L
- r . ) Anthony who are paid in cash . We can't newsletter Continental Franchise
Desio , Robin Smith , Kris Friedrich , compete with them when we're Review in ...




ISBN: CORNELL:31924069647653

Category: Business


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Organized and Corporate Crime in Europe

They may undertake one - off operations , make temporary alliances with legal or
illegal entrepreneurs , and often recruit part - timers . Employees of criminal
organizations pose a serious threat to their employers . “ The entrepreneur aims
then ...


Author: Vincenzo Ruggiero

Publisher: Dartmouth Publishing Group

ISBN: UOM:39015040698261

Category: Social Science

Page: 186

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An attempt to provide a joint analysis of white collar, corporate and organized crime, focusing on specific cases occurring in Europe. The work presents case studies which are based on the attempt to identify qualitative similarities rather than to sensationalize various episodes.

The Politics and Economics of Organized Crime

Fourth , illegal entrepreneurs may be able to use their criminal assets to assist
their legal enterprises and disadvantage their noncriminal counterparts . For
example , a retail outlet that also provides customers access to some illegal
goods and ...


Author: Herbert E. Alexander

Publisher: Free Press

ISBN: UOM:39015011045740

Category: Commercial crimes

Page: 175

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Threshold Entrepreneur

Data Entry Errors If you attempt to make data entries that are outside acceptable
limits , you will receive an error message from the Threshold Team Entrepreneur
program . Press the [ ESC ] key to cancel the illegal entry and try again .


Author: Philip H. Anderson


ISBN: PSU:000058538678

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 113

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Threshold Entrepreneur: Team Version is a user-friendly Windows-based simulation which allows users to launch ,manage, and operate their own small business enterprise, while facing computer-initiated situations. It provides users with an opportunity to apply their knowledge of entrepreneurship to the process of managing a start-up business in a safe (simulated) environment. It allows them to learn from their mistakes without having to suffer a real financial loss, and improves their odds for success when they begin their business enterprise. Readers manage the start-up of a business that sells two plastic products, which are sold through retail markets to the general public. In the Team version, users are part of a group that manages its own company, and the company competes with other companies in the same marketplace that are managed by other groups. Readers use two screens to enter their decisions on company mission, goals, policies, strategies, and sales estimates; and, they can review previous quarters' decisions and results either on the screen or on print outs as they work. They see the results of their decisions and have an opportunity to correct mistakes in the following quarters of operation. They also process the decisions for the companies managed by the computer for their competitors. The program determines the number of products each company sells and produces a series of operations, marketing, and financial reports for the readers' company. The programs also rate the companies and rank them according to their performance on sales revenues, net income, return on equity, and accuracy in forecasting sales.

Venture Capital Handbook

An Entrepreneur's Guide to Raising Venture Capital David Gladstone, Laura
Gladstone ... But it has not delved into the illegal activities of entrepreneurs . In a
few publicized cases entrepreneurs have been involved with organized crime .


Author: David Gladstone

Publisher: FT Press

ISBN: 0130654930

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 424

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In Venture Capital Handbook: Revised and Updated Edition, leading venture capitalist David Gladstone and Laura Gladstone walk you step-by-step through the entire VC funding process, showing exactly how to get funded fast -- without the trauma. This end-to-end update of the classic VC guide covers the latest techniques, tax rules -- and, above all, marketplace realities.

John Roach Maritime Entrepreneur

This award was illegal and suggested , although it could not be proved , that
Robeson received a share of the money . Details of other abuses and suspicious
actions came to light . For one , the use of the open - purchase system instead of


Author: Leonard Alexander Swann

Publisher: Ayer Company Pub

ISBN: UVA:35007000814990

Category: Ship brokers

Page: 301

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Insider Trading and the Stock Market

42 Schumpeter believed that it was either illegal or immoral to compensate
entrepreneurs within large corporations in an economically appropriate fashion .
Probably the “ illegal or semiillegal ” practices to which Schumpeter refers
include ...


Author: Henry G. Manne


ISBN: UCAL:B4910927

Category: Insider trading in securities

Page: 274

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Unmasking the Entrepreneur

In some developing countries , illegal entrepreneurs make up a large part of the
entire small - business sector . Thus , it is not simply a matter of identifying the
size of an underground economy as an exceptional phenomenon that stands ...


Author: Campbell Jones

Publisher: Edward Elgar Pub

ISBN: UIUC:30112103794639

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 139

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Contents: 1. 'I Am an Entrepreneur' 2. For a Critical Theory of Entrepreneurship 3. The Sublime Object of Entrepreneurship 4. The Birth of the Entrepreneur 5. Entrepreneurial Excess 6. Is the Marquis de Sade an Entrepreneur? 7. Every Age Gets the Entrepreneur it Deserves 8. Enterprise of the Other 9. What Remains References Index