The Intelligence of the Cosmos

The new paradigm emerging in science offers a different concept: The world is an interconnected, coherent whole, and it is informed by a cosmic intelligence. This is not a finite, mechanistic-material world.


Author: Ervin Laszlo

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781620557327

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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From the cutting edge of science and living spirituality: a guide to understanding our identity and purpose in the world • Outlines the new understanding of matter and mind coming to light at the cutting edge of physics and consciousness research • Explains how we can evolve consciously, become connected with each other, and flourish on this planet • Includes contributions from Maria Sagi, Kingsley L. Dennis, Emanuel Kuntzelman, Dawna Jones, Shamik Desai, Garry Jacobs, and John R. Audette For the outdated mainstream paradigm the world is a giant mechanism functioning in accordance with known and knowable laws and regularities. The new paradigm emerging in science offers a different concept: The world is an interconnected, coherent whole, and it is informed by a cosmic intelligence. This is not a finite, mechanistic-material world. It is a consciousness-infused whole-system world. We are conscious beings who emerge and co-evolve as complex, cosmic-intelligence in-formed vibrations in the Akashic Field of the universe. Ervin Laszlo and his collaborators from the forefront of science, cosmology, and spirituality show how the re-discovery of who we are and why we are here integrates seamlessly with the wisdom traditions as well as with the new emerging worldview in the sciences, revealing a way forward for humanity on this planet. They explain how we have reached a point of critical incoherence and tell us that to save ourselves, our environment, and society, we need a critical mass of people to consciously evolve a new thinking. Offering a guidepost to orient this evolution, Laszlo examines the nature of consciousness in the universe, showing how our bodies and minds act as transmitters of consciousness from the intelligence of the cosmos and how understanding science’s new concept of the world enables us to re-discover our identity and our purpose in our world. With bold vision and forward thinking, Laszlo and his contributors Maria Sagi, Kingsley L. Dennis, Emanuel Kuntzelman, Dawna Jones, Shamik Desai, Garry Jacobs, and John R. Audette outline the new idea of the world and of ourselves in the world. They help us discover how we can overcome these divisive times and blossom into a new era of peace, coherence, connection, and global wellbeing.

No Apology Necessary Atheism Refuted Eternal Causal Intelligence Affirmed A Comprehensive Compendium of Intelligent Refutations to Atheism

The intelligence of the cosmos. Rochester, VT: Inner Tradition, points out that transcendental experiences actually serve as a measure of a higher level of consciousness. They can establish a deep connection to the domain of the anima ...


Author: Gregory Lessing Garrett


ISBN: 9780359214389

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This book contains my writings, other apologetics writers, top scientists, thinkers, and scholars on the topics of Ontology, Evolutionary Theory, Theology, Biogenesis, Quantum Physics, Philosophy, Science, Physics, Scientism, and Epistemology, pertaining to the core topic of Refutations to Atheistic Materialism. Crucial to consider is the idea that it is not any one refutation or data point of evidence pointing to the plausibility of there being an Eternal Causal Intelligence that creates a case for the strong possibility of such an Eternal Causal Intelligence...a Creator. Rather, it is the summation of ALL such robust data points and proofs that culminates in an over-arching and inescapable conclusion that such a Creator is not only highly plausible, and therefore worthy of serious scientific, philosophic, and theological consideration, but moreover, to reject such a conclusion, based upon the cumulative data is tantamount to an overt confession of scientific malpractice and a glaring Naturalism biases.

Cosmology and Biology in Ancient Philosophy

But the use of this idea to prove the intelligence of the cosmos, as in F 1 , is a Stoic innovation.3 One problem that I ... the cosmos in F 1 is or that in any of the of object the families of cosmic of Stoic intelligence. proofs for ...


Author: Ricardo Salles

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108872102

Category: Philosophy


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In antiquity living beings are inextricably linked to the cosmos as a whole. Ancient biology and cosmology depend upon one another and therefore a complete understanding of one requires a full account of the other. This volume addresses many philosophical issues that arise from this double relation. Does the cosmos have a soul of its own? Why? Is either of these two disciplines more basic than the other, or are they at the same explanatory level? What is the relationship between living things and the cosmos as a whole? If the cosmos is an animate intelligent being, what is the nature of its thoughts and actions? How do these relate to our own thoughts and actions? Do they pose a threat to our autonomy as subjects and agents? And what is the place of zoogony in cosmogony? A distinguished international team of contributors provides original essays discussing these questions.

Inherited Cosmic Intelligence

Whether you believe in a Supreme Being or not, it does not alter the presence of a cosmic power and intelligence within every subatomic particle throughout the cosmos. You, the reader should not imagine the Supreme Being as a person, ...


Author: Vincent L. Di Paolo

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781669847670

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Inherited Cosmic Intelligence is a continuation to Cosmic Visions within the Microcosm of My Right Hemisphere:... It will give the reader a foundation on the beginning of a star's life and how a galaxy develops its galactic black hole. The reader will learn how healthy fertile stars, like our Sun, fuse hydrogen into helium and all the necessary elements to develop life in their fertile planets, eventually developing intelligent beings. The main subject is how we inherited intelligence within our DNA; and, how our intelligence keeps evolving as dormant parts of our DNA awakens. This book will also educate parents and teachers on brain growths, how nutrition affects myelination which will allow children to learn quicker at school and at home. Finally, Inherited Cosmic Intelligence will educate every reader on how to continue to nurture your brain and body for the rest of your life.

The Intelligent Cosmos

Given all of this, what is the future of humankind?"The Intelligent Cosmos" gives you answers to these, and many other questions, based on the latest research from scientists around the globe, written for the average, intelligent reader.


Author: Anthony J. Marolda


ISBN: 0979309948


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Everyone wonders about intelligent life in the Universe. What is intelligence anyway? How did it develop on Earth? Are animals really intelligent? How do they compare? What will be the impact on us of Artificial Super Intelligence? Are there intelligent Extraterrestrials out there? Given all of this, what is the future of humankind?"The Intelligent Cosmos" gives you answers to these, and many other questions, based on the latest research from scientists around the globe, written for the average, intelligent reader. There are 514 pages with many illustrations and over 350 citations.

Monopsychism Mysticism Metaconsciousness

orders the cosmic intelligence and the worldsoul. ... And it is this intelligence which having received its order from the supreme deity now in turn orders the cosmos.129 (31) WHAT we here have before us is a contamination of two ...


Author: Philip Merlan

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789401193153

Category: Philosophy

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Part of the material contained in the present book was presented in the form of a lecture course given by me at the University of Oxford in I962 as a Fulbright Senior Lecturer. Scripps College and the Claremont Graduate School contributed to the cost of research and publication. The staff of the Honnold Library, Claremont, California, was extremely obliging in matters concerning inter-library loans. The page proofs were read in part by Professor Richard Walzer, the University of Oxford. Mr. Salih Alich, Blaisdell Institute, Claremont, California, corrected many errors occurring in the transliteration from Arabic in Section V. To all these institutions and persons I express my most sincere thanks. The manuscript was essentially completed early in I960. Scripps College, Claremont, California. TABLES OF CONTENTS I GENERAL I Introduction 1-3 II Three neoaristotelian and neoplatonic concepts: mono psychism, mysticism, metaconsciousness III Three A verroistic problems I Collective immortality and collective perfection in A verroes and Dante 2 Ecstatic conjunction, death, and immortality in the individual 102 94- 3 The double truth theory and the problem of per sonal immortality in A verroes 102-II3 IV Collective consciousness, double consciousness, and metaconsciousness (unconscious consciousness) in Kant and some post-Kantians 114-137 V Select bibliography of translations of philosophical works by al-Kindi, al-Farabi, Avicenna, ibn-Bagga, and Averroes 138-150 VI Index of names 151-154 11 ANALYTICAL OF SECTION 11 I The starting point: Plotinus, Enn. V 1. Plotinus' principle l)'rL oux ~~c. u VOU 't"oc V01)'t"CX.

The Intelligent Universe

culmination of the cosmic evolutionary process, billions and billions of years from now, highly evolved life and mind will play a central role in reproducing our cosmos. So, too, I hypothesize, the peculiarly life-friendly laws and ...


Author: James Gardner

Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser

ISBN: 9781601639653

Category: Science

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What is the ultimate destiny of our universe? That is the striking question addressed by James Gardner in The Intelligent Universe. Traditionally, scientists (and Robert Frost) have offered two bleak answers to this profound issue: fire or ice. In The Intelligent Universe, James Gardner envisions a third dramatic alternative—a final state of the cosmos in which a highly evolved form of group intelligence engineers a cosmic renewal, the birth of a new universe.

Karmic Relationships

Now he who ordered the Cosmic Intelligence which thus came to man along with the spiritual Revelations — he who ordered this Cosmic Intelligence , who had , so to speak , dominion over it , is the same spiritual Being whom we , when we ...


Author: Rudolf Steiner

Publisher: Rudolf Steiner Press

ISBN: 0854403132

Category: Social Science

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During 1924, before his last address in September, Rudolf Steiner gave over eighty lectures on the subject of karma to members of the Anthroposophical Society. These deeply esoteric lectures examine the underlying laws inherent in reincarnation and karma, and explore in detail the incarnations of specific historical figures. For Steiner, this study is of the utmost importance. In this volume, Steiner discusses the karmic relationships within the anthroposophical movement, including the predispositions which lead souls to anthroposophy, the two streams within the movement, plus Rosicrucianism, Arabism, Aristotelianism, the Platonists and the School of Michael.

Tales of the Turing Church Hacking religion enlightening science awakening technology

[According to Fred Hoyle], the apparent randomness of quantum events is really nonrandom and driven by a cosmic intelligence. Complex arrangements of matter can decode messages encoded in quantum randomness. In particular, life - a very ...


Author: Giulio Prisco

Publisher: Giulio Prisco

ISBN: 9798610545066

Category: Religion

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This book explores intersections of science and religion, spirituality and technology, engineering and science fiction, mind and matter, and outlines a new cosmic, transhumanist religion. Hacking religion, enlightening science, awakening technology.

God and Evolution Science Meets Faith

order from within, a cosmic order, that did not develop itselfbut was there from the beginning, making biological designs ... of an “intelligent project” or plan—which I have been referring to as the intelligence of the cosmic design.


Author: Dr. Gerard M. Verschuuren

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 9780819831149

Category: Religion

Page: 208

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Meet the “match made in heaven” between religion and science as they harmoniously converge through exploring the Catholic view on God and evolution. Author Dr. Verschuuren, a practicing Catholic and human geneticist, challenges the ‘black and white’ attitude toward matters of religion and science. Through drawing upon religion, philosophy, and biology, he reveals that science and religion answer different dimensions to the same fundamental question, “Where do we come from?” allowing for a compatible, and desirable coexistence—one that preserves, and in fact intensifies, God’s splendor.