The Irish Cowboy

"A love lost. A family found. A life saved."--Cover.


Author: D W Ulsterman


ISBN: 1098601459


Page: 302

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THE USA TODAY FEATURED AMAZON BESTSELLER EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT! Hap Wilkes expected to die alone but his life had other plans... "Had this given to me by my sister who said I MUST READ IT. She was right. I bawled my eyes out, laughed, cheered, and in the end, I was so grateful for the journey the story took me on. Then my husband read it and he loved it too! Would make an amazing movie. Hollywood, are you listening? You should be!" -Jennifer Upton "One of the most beautiful love stories I've ever read and one that stays with you long after its finished." -Royce J. Hall "A remarkably powerful story of faith, love, and forgiveness." -Amazon Review "If you love a good romance and care about the plight of wild horses you won't find a better read than The Irish Cowboy. It was easily one of my favorite stories of the year." -Korey Jennings

The Irish Cowboy

Tessa Mandel is on a mission to get herself out of the small town she has come to loathe and it isn't by riding off into the sunset with some Cowboy Casanova.


Author: Jessica Marin


ISBN: 0999785982

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Tessa Mandel is on a mission to get herself out of the small town she has come to loathe and it isn't by riding off into the sunset with some Cowboy Casanova. Rhett Kearney comes all the way to America from Ireland to prove he's the best saddle bronc rider in the world. He meets Tessa and instantly knows she's the grand prize he was meant for.

The Irish Cowboy

The Irish Cowboy is a tale spinning decades from the time of lost love, to a family found, and finally spiritual redemption and the always-present human yearning for love and forgiveness that marks the most personal novel to date from ...


Author: D. W. Ulsterman

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 1500364266

Category: Fiction

Page: 268

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He gave his word, refused to break a vow, and lost his one chance at true love. Now they've come for his land. Hap Wilkes is a man facing a painful past, an increasingly uncertain future, and now fights with everything left in a broken and failing body, to keep the one thing still left to him - his pride. The Irish Cowboy is a story of loss, secrets, redemption, and the always present human yearning for love and forgiveness, and marks the most personal novel to date from bestselling author D.W. Ulsterman.

Isla s Irish Cowboy

Book four in The Cowboys of Cavern County series When he opened his mind,
she opened his heart. Isla Gillingham is ... Isla is immediately taken with the Irish
cowboy and thrilled when he leads their trek into the mountains. His demeanor is


Author: Bella Settarra

Publisher: Totally Entwined Group (USA+CAD)

ISBN: 9781786862334

Category: Fiction

Page: 154

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When he opened his mind, she opened his heart. Isla Gillingham is a beautiful, successful model, so she's bound to be a spoiled, selfish diva, right? At least that's what Kean Maguire presumes until he meets her. His impression changes in a heartbeat when he sees her dressed casually, eating fries, smiling and giggling. Not one for socializing, Kean is secretly happy to volunteer to take Isla and the photographer into the mountains for a photo shoot until Isla's manager, Tabitha Merchant, warns him that there is a powerful legal team ready to pounce the minute he slips up. A court battle will not only lose him his job, but also result in the closure of the Fielding Ranch. Isla is immediately taken with the Irish cowboy and thrilled when he leads their trek into the mountains. His demeanor is anything but friendly, however, and even worse when an accident occurs on a narrow ledge. Reluctantly, she allows Kean to offer her shelter at his cottage when the weather deteriorates. Given the chance to learn more about each other, can she persuade him that she is not the calculating bitch he assumes? And, is his heart really as cold as the ice outside or will it melt with the driven snow? As Isla admits that her life isn't quite as happy as it seems, Kean must disclose his unsavory past, despite knowing it could completely turn her against him. But their lives change entirely when they discover they are not the only ones keeping secrets.

The Last Irish Cowboy

There are so many people I have to thank for getting this book to publication.


Author: Kevin Connolly


ISBN: 1449086527

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There are so many people I have to thank for getting this book to publication. But firstly I have to thank "The Bride", Barbie Ann. How she has spent over 40 years with me I have no idea. Not only has she typed the original manuscript, but she has translated it from my Irish gibberish, into reasonable English, without loosing the content. Perhaps because she is the only person who can fully understand me. My good friend David Cunningham, has been a fantastic inspiration to me, and has helped enormously. Becky my eldest Granddaughter, who helped us old Farts to understand our computer. Chef, son, and best friend Stephen, who watches out for me at every turn. The friends that I have worked with over the years, and not to forget, without any hesitation, my customers without whom, I would not have had anything to write about.

The Riddle of the Irish

The Irish ” , said Disraeli , “ are discontented because they are not amused : there
is no nation in the world that leads a life ... A few years ago I saw the name of a
son on the bill of a suburban music - hall : he was described as “ the Irish cowboy


Author: John Chartres Molony

Publisher: Associated Faculty PressInc

ISBN: UOM:39015004302330

Category: Travel

Page: 248

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A Companion to British and Irish Cinema

As Joseph Curran and others would do, Slide lists the archetypes of Irish
identities on screen – the priest, the smiling colleen, the fighting rogue, the
adventurer, the gangster–claiming too the Irish cowboy–'epitomized by the all‐
American John ...


Author: John Hill

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118482902

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 608

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A stimulating overview of the intellectual arguments and critical debates involved in the study of British and Irish cinemas British and Irish film studies have expanded in scope and depth in recent years, prompting a growing number of critical debates on how these cinemas are analysed, contextualized, and understood. A Companion to British and Irish Cinema addresses arguments surrounding film historiography, methods of textual analysis, critical judgments, and the social and economic contexts that are central to the study of these cinemas. Twenty-nine essays from many of the most prominent writers in the field examine how British and Irish cinema have been discussed, the concepts and methods used to interpret and understand British and Irish films, and the defining issues and debates at the heart of British and Irish cinema studies. Offering a broad scope of commentary, the Companion explores historical, cultural and aesthetic questions that encompass over a century of British and Irish film studies—from the early years of the silent era to the present-day. Divided into five sections, the Companion discusses the social and cultural forces shaping British and Irish cinema during different periods, the contexts in which films are produced, distributed and exhibited, the genres and styles that have been adopted by British and Irish films, issues of representation and identity, and debates on concepts of national cinema at a time when ideas of what constitutes both ‘British’ and ‘Irish’ cinema are under question. A Companion to British and Irish Cinema is a valuable and timely resource for undergraduate and postgraduate students of film, media, and cultural studies, and for those seeking contemporary commentary on the cinemas of Britain and Ireland.

Jetzt spricht Dylan Mint und Mr Dog h lt die Klappe

Der 16-jährige Dylan Mint hat das Tourette-Syndrom und voraussichtlich nur noch ein halbes Jahr zu leben. 3 Dinge will er aber unbedingt noch regeln: mit einem Mädchen schlafen, seinen Vater aus Afghanistan heimholen und für seinen ...


Author: Brian Conaghan


ISBN: 3716027138


Page: 320

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Der 16-jährige Dylan Mint hat das Tourette-Syndrom und voraussichtlich nur noch ein halbes Jahr zu leben. 3 Dinge will er aber unbedingt noch regeln: mit einem Mädchen schlafen, seinen Vater aus Afghanistan heimholen und für seinen Freund Amir einen neuen besten Kumpel finden. Ab 14.

Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle

A History of the American Cowboy in Song, Story, and Verse Katie Lee ... The
Cornish , Welsh , Chinese and German kept their language , held to tradition ,
while the Irish cowboy not only changed the names of places in Ireland to the
new ...


Author: Katie Lee

Publisher: Katydid Books & Music

ISBN: 0934573689

Category: History

Page: 257

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This book examines the American cowboy and the development of cowboy music. It presents interviews with original composers, over fifty scores, and a complete song compendium and discography.

Western Film Series of the Sound Era

THE IRISH COWBOYS JOHN PAUL REVERE. Editor : Fred W . Berger . Music :
Ralph Stanley ( Raoul Kraushaar ) . Art Director : Jerome Pycha , Jr . Sound : Earl
Sitar . Sets : George Sawley . Wardrobe : Earl Moser . Assistant Director : William


Author: Michael R. Pitts

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: STANFORD:36105132233417

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 474

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"This volume covers 30 western film series produced from the mid-1930s to the early 1950s. Included are such long-running series as Hopalong Cassidy, The Durango Kid and The Three Mesquiteers as well as those that had moderate or brief runs. The book contains a plot synopsis and an analysis of each series' place in cinema history"--Provided by publisher.

The Streets of Laredo

As I went up to Dublin city About the hour of twelve at night Whom should I see
but the Spanish Lady Combing her hair by candlelight ? Ask him for that Irish
cowboy song , ' said Ron , ' that one of Maguire's . ' ' Maguire's Irish cowboy song


Author: Sam Keery

Publisher: Random House (UK)

ISBN: UOM:39015011542118

Category: Short stories, English

Page: 175

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Mooncoin Castle

Folks , ” said Danny , “ meet Mr . Hank Mahon , the Irish Cowboy . ” Well , they
made a great to - do over him . “ Oh , Mr . Mahon ! ” one of the dancers said . “ We
' re so pleased to have you with us . You and The Unmentionables are just going


Author: Brinton Turkle

Publisher: Viking Books for Young Readers

ISBN: 0670487902

Category: Birds

Page: 141

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A ghost and a witch agree to help the jackdaws prevent the razing of Mooncoin Castle ruins to make way for a supermarket.

Irish America

” O ' Brien , a living legend among Irish cow - O ' Brien was born and raised in Los
Angeles before he boys , will lead the Phoenix St . Patrick ' s Day parade in ...




ISBN: WISC:89082589383

Category: Irish


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A Mother s Wish Mother To Be A Mother s Wish Wed in the West Book 1 Mother To Be Bundles of Joy Book 40 Mills Boon Cherish

And scattered throughout the article, shots of the marvel of wood and glass—one
whole side devoted to the high-ceilinged studio built especially to accommodate
the “Irish Cowboy's” massive canvases—that Aidan and June Black had built in ...


Author: Karen Templeton

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 9781408920282

Category: Fiction

Page: 448

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A Mother’s Wish Karen Templeton Aidan Black only wants his beloved adopted son to be happy. When his son’s mother comes back into their lives, vivacious and beautiful Winnie immediately draws his boy into her spell – not to mention Aidan himself. Would Winnie’s secret shatter Aidan’s family – or make it whole again?

Brief Encounters

I called it The Irish Cowboy and though I cannot remember being conscious of
this at the time , it was obviously my childish attempt to re - arrange Tom Mullins '
s life and give it a happier ending than he was experiencing as a farm - hand and


Author: Bill Long


ISBN: STANFORD:36105021129627

Category: Art

Page: 190

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This is a fascinating, unpretentious, and highly readable memoir of Irishman Bill Long's serendipitous meetings with a host of kindred spirits, including some of the most famous writers of our time. In this collection of essays, written with rich hum

The Encyclopedia of Western Movies

John Archer and Lois Butler in a scene from High Lonesome . as a cowboy actor
fired by his studio and stumbling on ... The second of Ellison and Hayden ' s
outings as the Irish Cowboys for Lippert Pictures , this stressed comedy far more
than ...


Author: Phil Hardy

Publisher: Conran Octopus

ISBN: IND:39000001097109

Category: Western films

Page: 395

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The Cowboy Spirit

Guy Weadick ' s father , George , had been born in the United States of Irish
immigrants . He was a switchman on the railway , and it was probably on one of
his trips that he met Mary Ann ( Minnie ) , the Irish - Canadian girl who became
his ...


Author: Donna Livingstone


ISBN: IND:30000052171380

Category: Calgary Stampede

Page: 131

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The Cherokee Diamondback

From the ridge beyond the creek , the rollicking voice of the Irish cowboy , Corny
Brannigan , rang out : “ Run , Fatty , run ! You ' re gonna be thirty pounds lighter in
the arss , boy , before ye git back to Arkansas . ” Johnny Quillen stood up with ...


Author: John Henry Reese


ISBN: 0385130953

Category: Cherokee Indians

Page: 182

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Western: A private eye of the old West has a client kidnapped and murdered.

Icons of the American West The old West

The term “ cowboy ” also appears in second - century Irish history where it was
defined as it is today , as a horseman or a cattle herd . Over 500 years later , Irish
cowboys who ran afoul of British law were offered to serve their sentences in jail


Author: Gordon Morris Bakken

Publisher: Greenwood

ISBN: 0313341494

Category: Frontier and pioneer life

Page: 575

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Presents a series of stories representing some of the most influential Western icons from the early days of the westward exploration to the modern environment of Hollywood, Disneyland, and Las Vegas, including cowboys, wild west shows, gun battles, politicians, and environmentalists.