The Killing of Paradise Planet

Everything in your life could suddenly change in 24 hours.


Author: Jonathan Gray

Publisher: Teach Services, Incorporated

ISBN: 1572585536

Category: History

Page: 199

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Everything in your life could suddenly change in 24 hours. It did one day long ago! Now science and ancient documents provide stunning evidence of a world in which everything changed suddenly. * Astonishing city 6,000 feet under the Pacific Ocean! * Did human beings actually SEE the continents rip apart? * Discover the amazing orbital object that used to protect Earth. * See a pre-Flood artifact that we could not make today. * Amazing ship technology of 4,500 years ago! * Oh yes, and THAT Noah story - is it fact or fable? * How could you fit all the world's animals into one small boat? * Why do scientists REJECT most carbon dating results? * Amazing dinosaur facts you're not suposed to know. * Did men and woman suntan under Antarctica's palm trees? * Review the evidence of an ancient nuclear reactor! * Why are REAL dinosaur extinction facts suppressed? * Was there a time when you could walk on the bottom of (what is now) the Atlantic Ocean? * Could you really live to be 200, 300...600 or more? * How to STAY YOUNG...till you die.

Paradise Planet

They've traveled two hundred light years from Earth and discovered a planet that is perfect in every way.


Author: Keiko Alvarez

Publisher: eXtasy Books

ISBN: 9781487402921

Category: Fiction

Page: 169

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They've traveled two hundred light years from Earth and discovered a planet that is perfect in every way. The natives, all beautiful and unlimited in their lust, accept the Earthlings and quickly show them the ways of their society, a society that uses sex to maintain the peace. It seems that there's no limit to the pleasure the planet can offer. It is Paradise, Nirvana, Eden and Valhalla all rolled into one, perhaps even Heaven. When threats to the planet emerge, the Earthlings decide that they'd rather kill than give up their pleasures, and they plan to do a lot of killing.

Dead Men s Secrets

The Killing of Paradise Planet Imagine it! What if everything in your life changed
suddenly in 24 hours? This picks up where Dead Men's Secrets left off. THE
WORLD BEFORE THE GREAT DISASTER. Was there a time when people could
live ...


Author: Jonathan Gray

Publisher: TEACH Services, Inc.

ISBN: 9781479601684

Category: Religion

Page: 278

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Archaeologist Jonathan Gray stumbled upon something that shocked him! . . . a whole cache of "out of place" items that should not exist. And they weren't just in one place. There was a global pattern to them. This pattern showed a lost science and technology. That's when he knew someone had to speak up. This content was of tremendous value. MACHINERY: Did you know that the Egyptians bored into granite rock with drills that turned 500 times faster than modern power drills?ANCIENT AMERICA: Did you know that a Chinese mapping survey of North America in 2200 BC described a sunrise over the Grand Canyon, black opals and gold nuggets in Nevada, and seals frolicking in San Francisco Bay? This is the most amazing archaeology book you'll ever see! Dead Men's Secrets is an assemblage of astonishing discoveries. A lost super science emerges from the sea floor, jungle, and desert sands of our planet with more than 1,000 forgotten secrets. It will SHOCK you. SEE this world as you've never seen it before. DISCOVER answers you never had. GAIN a new enjoyment. HAVE FACTS at your fingertips to amaze your friends.

The Corpse Came Back

THE WORLD BEFORE THE FLOOD In the first book of this series, The Killing of
Paradise Planet, we explored our amazing planet Earth as it was originally.
Geology testifies to a once mild and uniform climate over the entire globe. There
is ...


Author: Jonathan Gray

Publisher: TEACH Services, Inc.

ISBN: 9781572585553

Category: Religion

Page: 318

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This story unfolds like a mystery thriller...the action-packed, true, gripping account of the settleing down of planet Earth AFTER THE TOTAL WORLD WIPEOUT...and its effects upon human history. The Corpse Came Back! begins with the handful of refugees on board their survival vessel - the ship of Noah - and their journey into the unknown, new world. Of course, the skeptics will have their questions, such as: If the Ark floated above the mountains, however could they breathe in that high-altitude rarified atmosphere? How could the frail, timid platypus have migrated to Australia from Ararat? Surely marsupials must be an isolated evolutionary development - since their fossils are found nowhere else? Amazing scientific evidence that our biggest mountain ranges are barely 4,000+ years old. Was the Ice Age triggered by HEAT??? Why did civilization BEGIN in the mountains - instead of in the easily cultivated valleys and plains? Grand Canyon explorations - are there really ancient Egyptian remains in off-limits tunnels? The strange origin of the alphabet and much more!

Surprise Witness

Could our present scientific establishment be wrong? Could there really have
been such a worldwide disaster as the Great Flood? In Book 1, The Killing of
Paradise Planet, we explored that first lost world – lush, temperature-controlled,


Author: Jonathan Gray

Publisher: TEACH Services, Inc.

ISBN: 9781572585546

Category: Religion

Page: 236

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Put yourself in this man's shoes, JUST HOW WOULD YOU FEEL? He is alone on the last day of his life. He has witnessed the stampede..people...animals...everything...trying to escape. The "thing" is sweeping inland. The sky is collapsing. Forests ablaze. A lingering dazed disbelief...he re-lives the past few days. A news broadcast told of fissures opening up all over the world...hundreds of miles long. Hot magma spurting up...worldwide. And now he faces the end...All voices have died - except for the howling of the wind, the ear-splitting thunder, the relentless crashing of waves. He is alone...Did something like this happen in 2345 BC? See evidence that is more substantial than for any other event in history. The last day on earth: Those geniuses of Mother Civilization - how did they feel on the LAST DAY? What really transpired the day the earth tipped over? With surprising scientific evidence, we reconstruct that most incredible day in all of history.

Return of the Golden Age

... and the central story was the death of the gods, accompanied by humanity's
eviction from paradise, the story of a celestial cataclysm that decimated the
human species and destroyed our paradise planet. The perception was that the
gods (or ...


Author: Edward F. Malkowski

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781620551981

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 320

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The truth behind ancient myths and the return of the celestial conditions for a Golden Age of peace and abundance • Reveals the events preserved in myth that launched humanity into 12,000 years of struggle, selfishness, and false beliefs • Explores how we can initiate a new Golden Age through ancient Egyptian teachings on the creative power of our imaginations • Explains how our world system of economics, which benefits a few at the expense of the many, arose as a reaction to global catastrophe in prehistory Since the beginning of recorded history humanity has been in a continuous struggle over land and resources. It continues today despite the abundance we have created through scientific innovation and technology. Why such a struggle for resources exists has never been explained. Neither has the human drive to own, accumulate, and hoard. Edward Malkowski reveals that the answer lies in recognizing the reality behind humanity’s earliest myths. He shows that the opportunity is at hand to transcend these inherited selfish traits and return to a Golden Age of peace and abundance. Malkowski explores the hidden meaning behind stories such as the Epic of Gilgamesh, Plato’s Atlantis, and myths of a new sky and a new sun, of great floods and the death of the gods, and of the preceding Golden Age. He connects these myths to a real extinction event that occurred 12,000 years ago. He explains how the survivors--our ancestors--were catapulted from utopia into a world of scarcity, scarring the collective mind of humanity and initiating the struggle for resources in an attempt to regain our lost paradise. He shows how our world system of economics, focused on ownership and based on the false belief of separateness--benefitting a few at the expense of the many--arose as a reaction to this catastrophe. Drawing on the pre-catastrophe teachings preserved by the ancient Egyptians, Malkowski reveals that we are returning to a celestial configuration parallel to that of the past Golden Age. Through our collective DNA memory and the creative power of our imaginations, we can end our 12,000-year quest to regain paradise lost and launch a new Golden Age of unity, abundance, and equality for all humanity.

The Killing of History

... calamities to have befallen not only the native Americans but the human
species as a { whole and , indeed , the planet ... In The Conquest of Paradise :
Columbus and the Columbian Legacy , the American historian and
environmentalist ...


Author: Keith Windschuttle


ISBN: UOM:39015040548763

Category: History

Page: 298

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Seeks to prove that history is being perverted by literary and social theorists who believe that the past can only be perceived through our individual cultural interests, and attempts to separate fact from fiction to preserve the truth of events.

Reclaiming Paradise

Overarching almost everything has been the emergence first of problems
affecting many different parts of the planet ( acid pollution , toxic wastes , nuclear
contamination , deforestation , and the killing of wildlife ) , and then of problems ...


Author: John McCormick


ISBN: STANFORD:36105038560921

Category: Environmental policy

Page: 259

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Futures to Infinity

It was possible that these two individuals did not even know the details of the
killing . Marenson changed ... The person who accompanied your wife to
Paradise Planet had instructions to destroy her if she showed the faintest sign of
suspicion .


Author: Sam Moskowitz


ISBN: UOM:49015000730797

Category: Science fiction

Page: 222

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Planet Kill

The alternative is death, leaving his wife to her fate of being hunted by monsters. WARNING: This book contains gratuitous violence and sex, harems, reverse harems, massively oversized members, breasts galore, and ample blood.


Author: Sebastian Wilde

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1987523806


Page: 508

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"It's Hunger Games with sexy times. Saga meets Battle Royale." Form your harem. Kill or be killed. Level up and loot. Welcome to Planet Kill. Pierce has his mission: survive by killing and getting nasty, doing whatever it takes to find his lost wife and others who were abducted and forced to participate in the barbarity that is Planet Kill. In a galaxy where the only way to rise up in society and make it to the paradise planets is through this insanity, he will be up against the most desperate, the most ruthless, and the sexiest fighters alive. Because it's not just a planet--it's the highest rated show around. Contestants level up for kills, get paid for accepting violent and sexual bids, and factions have been made in the form of harems. His plan starts to come together when he meets Letha, one of the most experienced warlords on the planet. She's as lethal as they come and a thousand times as sexy. He's able to learn under her, to start to form his own harem. Only, being her ally means fighting her wars. It's kill or be killed, level up fast and put on the show the viewers want all while proving to Letha and her generals that he has what it takes to be one of them. The alternative is death, leaving his wife to her fate of being hunted by monsters. WARNING: This book contains gratuitous violence and sex, harems, reverse harems, massively oversized members, breasts galore, and ample blood. You might cringe, you will laugh, and hell, you might even cry. We refuse to apologize for any of it.

Video Source Book




ISBN: 1414406290

Category: Video recordings

Page: 4374

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A guide to programs currently available on video in the areas of movies/entertainment, general interest/education, sports/recreation, fine arts, health/science, business/industry, children/juvenile, how-to/instruction.

Walk Through Paradise

... warrior and skilled are my brothers And we battle together , for the king and his
honor I've killed many a man , wrong in ... the midst of outer space Journey's
through the galaxies of time Somewhere else at another place Past planets going
in ...




ISBN: 1561672858

Category: American poetry

Page: 691

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The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

Oh gods , my paradise planet isn ' t all paradise ; it contains others who are killers
. Homo ferox . - Unless by chance this is an invasion of Black Worlders or other
moral barbarians with high technology , out to conquer an attractive world ?




ISBN: STANFORD:36105011769077

Category: Fantasy fiction


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The Month

expressed in figurative language by the tree of the knowledge of good and evil ' ,
placed by God in paradise , meaning that the knowledge of good and evil is only
... in honour of Venus ) , cultural heritage ( for example , fertility rites ) or social
customs ( for example , the killing of enemy prisoners ) . ... ankh ( the keylike
cross ) , which means ' live ' or ' seem ' ; three other planets are about to
disappear .




ISBN: IND:30000046350488



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A Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists


Author: Robert E. Weinberg

Publisher: Greenwood

ISBN: UOM:39015019995102

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 346

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"This is . . . a unique reference work, useful for research in high school, public, academic, and special (art) libraries. Highly recommended, especially for high schools with Advanced Placement art history courses." Wilson Library Bulletin

North Indian Notes and Queries

The other day near my camp a tiger killed a cow in the jungle . ... Hindús believe
that the length of a soul's residence in Paradise is proportionate to his charities
on earth ; and after a certain time , when these are exhausted , his soul falls to ...




ISBN: OSU:32435057137671

Category: Folklore


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Rain ...


Author: Neil Barron

Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning

ISBN: 0787690228

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 703

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Provides synopses for over 1,500 titles of current popular fiction and recommends other books by such criteria as authors, characters portrayed, time period, geographical setting, or genre

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... The Sputnik Star Trek: The Immunity Lost in Space Earthling, The Reactor
Stalker Syndrome Lost Planet Airmen Outer Limits: Fun and ... Assignment Earth
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Star Trek: By Any Other Star Trek: The Savage Curtain Metamorphosis Outer
Limits: The ...


Author: David J Weiner

Publisher: Visible Ink Press

ISBN: 0810394049

Category: Motion pictures

Page: 1244

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... the struggle in the cave , the last appearance of Unman , the kill , the
conveyance of Ransom on the underground stream . And finally that vision of the
Earthly Paradise and the epiphany of the eldila , noticed above . ... Mr. Lewis has
made an attempt to answer this question in his earlier novel , Out of the Silent
Planet .


Author: Wilfrid Parsons


ISBN: UCAL:B4957676

Category: Humanities


View: 184

Includes the section "Book reviews."