The Language of Criticism Routledge Revivals

First published in 1966, the Language of Criticism was the first sys- tematic attempt to understand literary criticism through the methods of linguistic philosophy and the later work of Wittgenstein. The book describes how Literary ...


Author: John Casey

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136736827

Category: Literary Criticism

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First published in 1966, the Language of Criticism was the first systematic attempt to understand literary criticism through the methods of linguistic philosophy and the later work of Wittgenstein. Literary critical and aesthetic judgements are rational, but are not to be explained by scientific methods. Criticism discovers reasons for a response, rather than causes, and is a rational procedure, rather than the expression of simply subjective taste, or of ideology, or of the power relations of society. The book aims at a philosophical justification of the tradition of practical criticism that runs from Matthew Arnold, through T.S.Eliot to I.A.Richards, William Empson, F.R.Leavis and the American New Critics. It argues that the close reading of texts moves justifiably from text to world, from aesthetic to ethical valuation. In this it differs radically from the schools of "theory" that have recently dominated the humanities.

Post War British Theatre Criticism Routledge Revivals

But it was not the language which outraged audiences and many critics, but one particularly horrific scene in which a baby was stoned to death in a pram. The realism of Bond's writing, his superb evocation of a flat, arid, hopeless and ...


Author: John Elsom

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317557517

Category: Performing Arts

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This book, first published in 1981, sets out the critical reaction to some fifty key post-war productions of the British theatre, as gauged primarily through the contemporary reviews of theatre critics. The plays chosen are each, in their different ways, important in their contribution to the development of the British theatre, covering the period from immediately after the Second World War, when British theatre fell into decline, through the revival of the late 1950s, to the time in which this book was first published, in which British theatre enjoyed a high international reputation for its diversity and quality. This book is ideal for theatre studies students, as well as for the general theatre-goer.

The Criticism of Henry Fielding Routledge Revivals

A Critic sworn. Sir, I can affirm on my Oath, that the English Language has had more Violence done it by a very great and Eminent Physician who is MD. CR. Ed S. and FRS.11 than by the Prisoner at the Bar, for though the Prisoner ...


Author: Ioan Williams

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136816284

Category: Literary Collections

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First published in 1970, this selection of Fielding’s criticism is an important contribution to our understanding of Fielding and his age. It directs considerable light upon Fielding’s own critical views, with regard both to his own works and to eighteenth-century life and literature at large. The volume includes many of Fielding’s well-known and important statements on literature, society and morals, as well as many which are now difficult to obtain. The selection presents the full range of Fielding’s criticism, showing the relations between his statements concerning literature and his opinions on other matters, and drawing on the complete body of his work. The editor has provided a large-scale analytical introduction.

Routledge Revivals Shakespeare and Feminist Criticism 1991

̄ Joel Fineman (1985, item 287) studies the relationship among gender, rhetoric, and feminine language/lunacy in Shrew. For Eve Horwitz (1988, item 417), feminine language is associated with flux, change. A number of Shakespearean women ...


Author: Philip C Kolin

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351984034

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 432

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First published in 1991, this book is the first annotated bibliography of feminist Shakespeare criticism from 1975 to 1988 — a period that saw a remarkable amount of ground-breaking work. While the primary focus is on feminist studies of Shakespeare, it also includes wide-ranging works on language, desire, role-playing, theatre conventions, marriage, and Elizabethan and Jacobean culture — shedding light on Shakespeare’s views on and representation of women, sex and gender. Accompanying the 439 entries are extensive, informative annotations that strive to maintain the original author’s perspective, supplying a careful and thorough account of the main points of an article.

The Living Milton Routledge Revivals

Any critic , no matter how open - minded he thinks himself to be , will inevitably go to a work looking for certain things ... These terms , and the critic's mode of articulating them , will form a distinctive critical language ' ...


Author: Sir Frank Kermode

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317555964

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 192

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Various aspects of Milton are explored in this collection of essays by scholars whose reputations were, at the time of publication in 1960, perhaps largely based on their writings on more modern subjects. This had the advantage of demonstrating that Milton as a poet is "alive" and that other attempts to represent him as irrelevant to the interests of the modern reader had failed. The essays offer to admirers of Milton and of modern poetry cogent and mature arguments for restoring a great poet to his proper authority in our literary life.

Routledge Revivals Painting Language and Modernity 1985

If modernity has become increasingly legible, if its languages have come 'closer' to us, if criticism has provided a comfortable context for reading the 'new', then post-modernity's need, if it is to be absolutely modern (to know its ...


Author: Michael Phillipson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351983464

Category: Art

Page: 211

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First published in 1985, this book draws together the author’s artistic with analytical practices which had been developed over many years of sociological enquiry. It interprets a ‘work of art’ as a site on which a viewer or critic is invited to share in questioning celebration of the painting itself. The author reassesses modern painting’s relation to its own origins and to tradition in light of the emergence of ‘postmodern’ practice — exploring its engagement of fundamental questions about language and being. Also assessed is the relevance of the metaphors of writings and Reading to an understanding of painting and viewing practices — looking at painters’ writings as well as phenomenological and post-structuralist writers.

Sociology as Social Criticism Routledge Revivals

Since Independence, English no longer serves as a national language, and the claims of Hindi to replace it are challenged and opposed; at the same time there has been a tremendous upsurge of the regional languages and cultures.


Author: Tom B. Bottomore

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136923159

Category: Political Science

Page: 222

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First published in 1975, this collection of essays embodies a conception of sociological thought as a critical analysis of social theories and doctrines, of social institutions and political regimes, of recent social movements. They deal, in particular, with some conservative versions of sociology and with attempts to develop more radical theories; they extend the author's previous writings on classes, elites and politics; and they analyse some of the problems of socialism in the late twentieth century. There is a close unity of theme througout the book in its critical attempt to formulate new intellectual bases for future radical and egalitarian politics. It is written with that quiet wisdom and impressive command of sources which readers have come to associate with Professor Bottomore's work.

The Critical Twilight Routledge Revivals

The net effect' of Richards' criticism, writes Cleanth Brooks, 'has been to emphasize the need of a more careful reading of poetry and to regard the poem as an organic thing.'16 And John Crowe Ransom regards Eliot as the type of the ...


Author: John Fekete

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317638476

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 300

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First published in 1977, this book was the first to map extensively the ideological typography of the Anglo-American tradition of literary theory. It interrogates, comprehensively and in detail, the assumptions and categorical development within critical ideas from I. A. Richards and T. S. Eliot, through John Crowe Ransom and the New Criticism, to Northrop Frye and Marshall NcLuhan. This analysis reveals the Anglo-American tradition of literary-cultural theory is most properly intelligible within the overall field of social consciousness as an ideology of progressive cultural rationalization. Against a background of ideological development since nineteenth-century Romanticism, John Fekete illuminates the boundaries of literary ideology in relation to the shapes and changes of modern culture and society.

Questions on Wittgenstein Routledge Revivals

upon a long 'family history' of the critique of language; a family history which takes us back on one side through John Locke and Thomas Hobbes to the late-scho- lastic nominalists, and on the other, through Otto Friedrich Gruppe and ...


Author: Rudolf Haller

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317686859

Category: Philosophy

Page: 162

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Wittgenstein, possibly the most influential philosopher of the twentieth century, is often labelled a Neopositivist, a New-Kantian, even a Sceptic. Questions on Wittgenstein, first published in 1988, presents a selection of nine essays investigating a matter of vital philosophical importance: Wittgenstein’s relationship to his Austrian predecessors and peers. The intention throughout is to determine the precise contours of Wittgenstein’s own thought by situating it within its formative context. Although it remains of particular interest to Anglo-Saxon philosophers, special familiarity with Austrian philosophy is required to appreciate the subtle and profound influence which this cultural and philosophical setting had on Wittgenstein’s intellectual development. Professor Haller has spent his career exploring these themes, and is one of the foremost authorities on both Wittgenstein and contemporary Austrian philosophy. Questions on Wittgenstein thus offers a unique insight into the twentieth-century tradition of Austrian philosophy, and its importance for Wittgenstein’s thought.

John Donne Undone Routledge Revivals

But Donne's poetry is also difficult , as it dislocates language into meaning : obscurity of the medium , rather than its clarity , seems to be perhaps ... Criticism ' , ' crime ' and ' secrecy ' are linked by more than mere etymology .


Author: Thomas Docherty

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317685289

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 270

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Contemporary criticism of Donne has tended to ignore the historical culture and ideology that conditioned his writings, reinforcing the traditionally accepted model of the poet as a humanist of ethical, cultural and political individualism. In this title, first published in 1986, Thomas Docherty challenges this with a more rigorously theoretical reading of Donne, particularly in relation to the specific culture of the late Renaissance in Europe. Docherty locates Donne’s poetry at the crux of the various scientific, legal, domestic and rhetorical discourses that surrounded and informed it. With a broadly post-structuralist approach, this reissue will benefit literature students with an interest in the wider study and context of John Donne’s work.