... just as Pap had suffered during my absence. "If there comes a time when I can tell you, I will," I said. "But for now, I have to keep the secret." I didn't want the Prophet to turn his gaze—and his wrath—upon Falchan for any reason.


Author: Connie Suttle

Publisher: SubtleDemon Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 9781634780032

Category: Fiction

Page: 344

View: 808

In and out of the Alliances, a new evil is on the rise—an evil whose attacks forced the postponement of the Joint Alliance Conclave nearly a year earlier. During the attacks, some of those who fought the evil saw things that couldn't be explained—things that were considered myth—until now. Sorcery. Necromancy. The wielding of power never seen before. The target? Every world, in or out of the Alliances. The best hope to combat this evil? A blind man, who sees everything. —Private Journal of Bryan Riley News Administrator, Le-Ath Veronis


Rivalen saw the glow around Sakkors dim, saw the city right itself as the mindmage released the Source and its power once more turned to keeping the city aloft. The echo of the mindmage's rage still rattled around his brain.


Author: Paul S. Kemp

Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

ISBN: 9780786956906

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 331

The stunning conclusion to the Twilight War! One of the Forgotten Realms world's most compelling villains--the Archwizards of Shade--have come down from their flying city with their sights set on the merchant realm of Sembia. They come in the guise of allies, but have invasion and empire as their ultimate aim. The fate of Sembia may be sealed, but Erevis Cale still has a shocking destiny that will end in his destruction--if he's lucky. This trilogy brings about major changes to the Forgotten Realms setting. From the Paperback edition.

Dragon Magic

Anger was no excuse, how many times had he heard that? Told himself that. Knew that. He was better than the mind mages of old, better than the fears and superstitions that chased his kind. The world might fear shadow mages most, ...


Author: Megan Derr

Publisher: Less Than Three Press, LLC

ISBN: 9781684312016

Category: Fiction

Page: 401

View: 516

Four strangers. A shared moment long forgotten. A bond forged in desperation. On the first day of the Festival of Counting, the beginning of the royal census that takes place every ten years, the royal city is filled to overflowing. Everyone is happy, excited, and proud to be counted amongst those who live in the glorious kingdom of Orhanis. Then a demon strikes, killing thousands in mere seconds and leveling the city. As the royal castle burns, only four men remain to drive the demon away—and in their desperation, accidentally bind themselves together in a legendary Oath, unable to part ways until they find and kill the demon once and for all. Mahzan, the King's Jester, an orphan who clawed his way to the top and hides a fearsome magic... Sule, the notorious North Captain, who sacrificed everything to live as a strong, capable, highly respected man... Cemal, a priest who traveled the continent bent on revenge and now lives lost... and Binhadi, the mercurial shadow mage with a dark history and bloody ties to the throne... Four men used to standing apart, standing alone, who must learn to stand together if they hope to save themselves and all of Orhanis.

Moon Summoned

The then Cabal and the mind mages had joined the champions of the Gladius and the minions of the Thamaturg. The forces of the Mistress had been defeated. His anger escalated. Something had gone wrong and now, a second eclipse approached ...


Author: Janet Lane Walters

Publisher: BWL Publishing Inc.

ISBN: 9781772998115

Category: Fiction

Page: 239

View: 861

hree Moon Summoned women. Ashiera the Seer who controls the winds and sees into the thoughts of others. Dian the Warrior who controls fire and fights with the sword. Egeria the Healer who controls fluids and heals those who are injured. They are joined in their battle by Sieper a sailor who knows the winds, Kobe once sworn to the Lord of Shadows and Jetan a healer of animals. These three vow to help the three women against those sworn to Evil. Lugal the Cabal reads the winds and thoughts. Sargon the Gladius controls fire and the armies of the Lord of Shadow. Lugal the Cabal has knowledge of herbs and uses them for evil. These three with their cohorts will face the three and three sworn to the Mistress of the Moons.

The Marauders Island

Azria gulped hard, anger flaring inside of her like a flame. “How dare you come into my dreams and try to disgrace my memories!” In Miz, dreams belonged to the dreamer, a surreal creation of the mind. Mages only dealt with dreams if ...


Author: Tristan J. Tarwater

Publisher: Back That Elf Up

ISBN: 9781942062981

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 272

View: 943

Azria is a mage of Miz, trained to wield the magic her country is famous for. When her estranged mother, alleged pirate Captain Apzana of the Hen & Chick, shows up on her 16th birthday offering her adventure, Azria leaves the life she knows for the promise of riches, renown and danger at her mother’s side. But more mysteries than answers surface when Apzana reveals why she's called on Azria after years of absence: the treasure of the Marauders’ Island, an island sunk into the Sapphire Sea generations ago by the infamous mage Iyzani. If Azria can raise the island, the score of a thousand shores will be theirs for the taking and she'll secure her place among her mother’s crew. But when Iyzani emerges from the shadows to stop them, Azria must summon her power and navigate the waters of revenge and ambition. A YA novel laced with coconut wine, salt, and magic!

Spy Spy Again

They were blinded by arrogance and anger and were easy to ambush. It is my sister Siratai who has been ... It was the experts of Amber Moon who suggested that the Mind-Mages of Valdemar might be able to succeed where they could not.


Author: Mercedes Lackey

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780756413255

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 992

In this third novel of the Family Spies series, set in the bestselling world of Valdemar, Heralds Mags and Amily's youngest child must follow in his parents' footsteps to protect both his family and the realm. Thirteen year old Prince Kyril and Mags and Amily's fourteen-year-old son Tory "share" the Gift of Farsight--although neither of them are Chosen. They are self-trained, though currently, their shared Gift only allows them to see what is happening with their immediate family members. After much debate, the Herald's Collegium has decided to test and train them anyway. That's when the surprises start. They do not share a single Gift; they have two complementary Gifts working together in a way that the Heralds have never seen before. Tory is the Farseer--Kee's Gift is to extend his range beyond a few dozen feet. Their Gifts become crucial when Mags gets a desperate message from his cousin Bey, the head of the enigmatic assassin-tribe, the Sleepgivers. Bey's eldest daughter has been kidnapped, but he doesn't know why or by whom. He's calling in the debt Mags owes him to find his daughter before it's too late. Tory is certain that if anyone can find her, he can. But that will mean traveling out of Valdemar into an unknown, dangerous country. And it will mean taking a Royal Prince with him.


The mindmage, unaffected by the spell that held Cale immobile, squirmed like a fish in the archdevil's hand. “Father, no!” Mephistopheles wore a smile that ... Frustration and anger rose in him so strongly that he thought he must burst.


Author: Paul S. Kemp

Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

ISBN: 9780786956913

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 472

The invasion of the arch-wizards is on! The archwizards of Shade Enclave have come out of the desert with a message of peace, and an act of war. Split by petty disputes and causeless feuds, the merchant realm of Sembia is wide open for invasion, and with no shortage of Sembians more than happy to sell out to the Shadovar, can only one man--even if that man is Erevis Cale--do anything to stop it? From the Paperback edition.

The Hammer and the Blade

... and anger routed Rakon's self-control. He seized his mother by her stick-thin shoulders and shoved her against the wall. “I know that, too! But remember that it was you who birthed them, you who brought mindmages into our house.


Author: Paul S. Kemp

Publisher: Del Rey

ISBN: 9781101964972

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 237

For readers of Brent Weeks, Joe Abercrombie, Peter V. Brett, and Scott Lynch comes the first book in a fantastic, hilarious new sword-and-sorcery series that puts a clever new twist on the golden age of epic fantasy. Robbing tombs for fun and profit might not be a stable career, but Egil and Nix aren’t in it for the long-term prospects. Egil is the hammer-wielding warrior-priest of a discredited god. Nix is a roguish thief with just enough knowledge of magic to conjure up trouble. Together, they seek riches and renown, yet often find themselves enlisted in lost causes—generally against their will. So why should their big score be any different? The trouble starts when Nix and Egil kill the demonic guardian of a long-lost crypt, nullifying an ancient pact made by the ancestors of an obscenely powerful wizard. Now the wizard will stop at nothing to keep that power from slipping away, even if it means freeing a rapacious beast from its centuries-old prison. And who better than Egil and Nix—the ones responsible for his current predicament—to perform this thankless task? Praise for The Hammer and the Blade and Paul S. Kemp “A gripping tale [with] the feeling of a classic Dungeons & Dragons campaign.”—Publishers Weekly “Most heroes work up to killing demons. Egil and Nix start there and pick up the pace.”—Elaine Cunningham, author of the Thorn Trilogy “Kemp delivers sword and sorcery at its rollicking best, after the fashion of Fritz Leiber’s Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser.”—Library Journal

The Purifying Fire

Chandra loathed mind mages. What could be more despicable than poking around in another person's private thoughts and feelings? The violation, along with the stranglehold of the spell, kindled her rage like phosphorous.


Author: Laura Resnick

Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

ISBN: 9780786955787

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 509

Award-winning author Laura Resnick brings readers into the adventures of Chandra Nalaar, a young and impulsive mage on a collision course with destiny. The novel that begins the story of Chandra Nalaar, the impulsive young fire mage whose exploration of the multiverse and the extent of her own volatile power draws the attention of an ancient faith that sees her as a herald of the apocalypse. Will she control her own destiny, or suffer the will of others? From the Trade Paperback edition.