Rhetorics of Order ordering Rhetorics in English Neoclassical Literature

... of order — poetical justice as mimetic reflection of providential justice — in some deeply disturbing plays . If there is no poetical justice , then perhaps there is no ultimate justice , either , no validation of the bonds that ...


Author: John Douglas Canfield

Publisher: University of Delaware Press

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This collection of essays on the rhetorics of order in English neoclassical literature includes Rose A. Zimbardo's investigation of generic slippage between drama and novel in works by Dryden and Behn; Maynard Mack's analysis of Pope's enduring rhetorics of presentation; and Patricia Meyer Spacks's examination of the heroines of Clarissa and the Italian.

Ordering The International

Political justice A theory of political justice involves applying the principles of justice to the basic political institutions , the constitutional order , of society . Ideas of social justice aim to be in the interests of the ...


Author: William Brown

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Leading Marxist thinkers re-evaluate Trotsky's key theories -- an ideal introduction for students.

The Month

... or whether it sets him in order in his relation towards other men - redounds to the good of the whole community of which he and they are parts . It follows that the acts of all virtues may in this way belong to justice .




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Justice of the Peace

125 ) , there has existed by the 68th section any such body or bodies are thrown in or cast the order of the justice is bad on the face of it . of that act an action of mandamus , in which on shore by the sea , and is or are lying ...




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The Role of the EU in Transnational Legal Ordering

I have made four claims.47 The first is that the European Union legal order is not limited to market rationality alone. It has yielded a genuine pattern of justice, what I have termed access justice. Second, the Social is characteristic ...


Author: Marta Cantero Gamito

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781788118415

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This book explores questions of transnational private legal theory in the context of the external dimension of EU private law. The interaction between existing theories of transnational ordering and the external reach of European Regulatory Private Law is articulated through examination of what are found to be the three major proxies of transnational private ordering: private contracts, standards and codes.

Ordering America

What might be a set of objective moral criteria for today's idea of social justice, considering Aristotle's wisdom and reflecting the scientific perspectives of modern evolutionary psychology? First, justice should embody ...


Author: William H. Young

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

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Ordering America, painting a felicitous portrait of Western civilization, shows that its defining ideals--rooted in man´s common human nature, a perception newly substantiated by modern evolutionary psychology--were best fulfilled by realization of the American founding order. Twentieth-century progressivism and postmodern multiculturalism detoured America down the way of social constructionism--human nature and equality are produced by culture and the state, through groups. The book sets a course to revive the Western ideals and return to an opportune center-right American order, applying latest scientific insights and restoring individual responsibility and reciprocity under more limited, still energetic government befitting our century.

Ordering Pluralism

A dialogue of the deaf, apparently: despite the emergency procedure used in Lagrand, neither of the ICJ's orders ... 45 See Lagrand (Germany v United States), International Court of Justice, order 3 March 1999, decision 27 June 2001.


Author: Mireille Delmas-Marty

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781847315311

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From the viewpoint of the constitutional crisis in Europe, slow UN reforms, difficulties implementing the Kyoto Protocol and the International Criminal Court, and tensions between human rights and trade, Mireille Delmas-Marty's 'journey through the legal landscape' of the early years of the 21st century shows it to be dominated by imprecision, uncertainty and instability. The early 21st century appears to be the era of great disorder: in the silence of the market and the fracas of arms, a world overly fragmented by anarchical globalisation is being unified too quickly through hegemonic integration. How, she asks, can we move beyond the relative and the universal to build order without imposing it, to accept pluralism without giving up on a common law? Neither utopian fusion nor illusory autonomy, Ordering Pluralism is her answer: both an epistemological revolution and an art, it means creating a common legal area by progressive adjustments that preserve diversity. Since an immutable world order is impossible, the imaginative forces of law must be called upon to invent a flexible process of harmonisation that leaves room for believing we can agree on - and protect - common values. 'The book is timely and relevant to the practical concerns of those who work with, and within, the legal system. We must thank Professor Delmas-Marty for her fine work.' From the foreword, Stephen Breyer, Washington, DC

Manufacturing Guilt 2nd edition

Applications for Ministerial Review — Miscarriages of Justice: Annual Report 2008. Ericson, R.V., and P.M. Baranek. 1982. The Ordering of Justice: A Study of Accused Persons as Dependents in the Criminal Process.


Author: Barrie Anderson

Publisher: Fernwood Publishing

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Manufacturing Guilt, 2nd edition, updates the cases presented in the first edition and includes two new chapters: one concerning the case of James Driskell and another regarding Dr. Charles Smith, whose role in forensic pathology evidence led to several wrongful convictions. In this new edition, the authors demonstrate that the same factors at play in the criminalization of the powerless and marginalized are found in cases of wrongful conviction. Contrary to popular belief, wrongful convictions are not due simply to “unintended errors,” but rather are too often the result of the deliberate actions of those working in the criminal justice system. Using Canadian cases of miscarriages of justice, the authors argue that understanding wrongful convictions and how to prevent them is incomplete outside the broader societal context in which they occur, particularly regarding racial and social inequality.

Ordinances of the North west Territories

Upon complaint in writing , under oath , made to any Stipendiary Magistrate or Justice of the Peace , that any ... the Stipendiary Magistrate or justice of the Peace may make an order in the first instance , or in his discretion he may ...


Author: Northwest Territories


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Lois Des Territoires Du Nord Ouest

Upon complaint in writing , under oath , made to any Stipendiary Magistrate or Justice of the Peace , that any ... the Stipendiary Magistrate or Justice of the Peace may make an order in the first instance , or in his discretion be may ...


Author: Northwest Territories


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