The Other America

There is a familiar America. It is celebrated in speeches and advertised on television and in the magazines. It has the highest mass standard of living the world has ever known. In the 1950's this America worried about itself, ...


Author: Michael Harrington

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

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Presents the original report on poverty in America that led President Kennedy to initiate the federal poverty program

The Other America

—Patrick Chamoiseau , Texaco Maroons of the Macadam SH ince our reading of the Caribbean as " the other America " began with Haiti , it should not be surprising that it should end with an examination of contemporary Martinique .


Author: J. Michael Dash

Publisher: University of Virginia Press

ISBN: 0813917646

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A wide-ranging work that explores two centuries of Caribbean literature from a comparative perspective. While haunted by the need to establish cultural difference and authenticity, Caribbean thought is inherently modernist in its recognition of the interplay between cultures, brought about by centuries of contact, domination, and consent.

The Other America

They come together, interact, and share food with each other. The participants generally characterize the diversity in their neighborhoods as a good thing and put forward that “We are a melting pot.” One person explained that there were ...


Author: Harris Beider


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Challenging populist views about the white working class in the US, this book showcases what they really think about the defining issues in today's America. As the 2020 presidential elections draw near, this is an invaluable insight into the complex views on 2016 election candidates, race, identity and cross-racial connections.

Rediscovering the Other America

Unemployment , Nearby Labor Force , Bill Clinton , welfare reform INTRODUCTION Why , forty years after The Other America and the War on Poverty , does the United States still have 30 million poor people ? Why , at the end of the longest ...


Author: Keith Michael Kilty

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0789020971

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Learn why it is imperative to bring a progressive focus back to social welfare policy! This vital book explores recent research on poverty and inequality, identifies strategies for ensuring adequate services, and challenges many of the inaccurate beliefs that were used to justify welfare reform legislation in 1996. You'll find up-to-date information on various marginalized groups and their social problems, including lack of health coverage for women with mental health, substance abuse, and domestic violence problems. In addition, you'll find data on the health coverage situation for the poor, for Appalachians, and for women in general. Finally, Rediscovering the Other America: The Continuing Crisis of Poverty and Inequality in the United States suggests strategies for changing public perceptions about the nature of poverty and the poor. From the editors: “In 1962, Michael Harrington published The Other America, which documented how deeply entrenched poverty and inequality were in one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Four decades later, we find it necessary once again to rediscover this profound social condition. The purpose of this book is to awaken policymakers and the public to this situation once again, in order to affect the nature of public policies dealing with these issues.” Rediscovering the Other America: The Continuing Crisis of Poverty and Inequality in the United States covers a wide range of issues, some similar to what Harrington described in 1962 and some reflecting recent social, political, and economic developments. Specifically, the book addresses: providing health care coverage for the poor why poverty persisted during the economic boom of the Clinton presidency politicians' views and beliefs regarding poverty, welfare, and welfare recipients the impact of the 1996 welfare reform legislation on the nonprofit sector economic differences between women and men poverty in Appalachia the impact of welfare reform on those who receive public assistance

MLK on The Other America and Black Power

THE. OTHER. AMERICA”. As he traveled across the country on behalf of his Poor People's Campaign, Dr. King approached possible allies—such as the National Welfare Rights Association, through which black women organized; Native American ...


Author: Martin Luther King, Jr.

Publisher: Beacon Press

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Two of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s most radical works examining economic inequality, police brutality, and black power, which speak to our most pressing social issues of today. Though we’re familiar with the celebrated King who shared his dream of racial equality on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and who reassured those engaged in the struggle that “if you stand up for justice you can never fail,” it is rare that we remember his declarations that “a riot is the language of the unheard,” or that “Black power is a cry of disappointment.” Captured here, in this brief ebook volume, are excerpts of two of King’s most radical works—“The Other America” and “Black Power”—which powerfully speak across time to our most pressing social issues today.

Children from the Other America

They spoke the Spanish they brought with them from their ranchos, villages and cities. They also brought the ... Other times whole paragraphs might be in one language and only a few sentences in the other. It was a living language, ...


Author: Michele López-Stafford Levy

Publisher: Springer

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Necessity is the mother of invention and this all began with a plea on a listserv: “We have a sixteen year old Mayan Quiche young man who won’t stop crying in our school”. How desperate must a parent be to say goodbye to their child/children to perhaps never see them again because of wars in Syria or gang violence in Central America making citizens so desperate? Will the children make it alive to the next border with so many more to cross? Will they really eventually meet up with family? Or is this pure folly? Will these children be able to go to school for an equitable education and have a much better life than their parents could ever imagine? More important are the implications for U.S. schools: how are they managing the sudden influx of children refugees who are road weary and expected to participate in school structures seamlessly? Many are not aware that, linguistically, these children may not be Spanish-speaking, but only communicate in their own indigenous language.

King and the Other America

The Poor People's Campaign and the Quest for Economic Equality Sylvie Laurent ... Rustin had worked with Michael Harrington before the publication of The Other America and the two would reunite for the campaign, as King asked Harrington ...


Author: Sylvie Laurent

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520963436

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"A meticulously researched look into the development of King’s thought. . . . Laurent’s important new book highlights the depth of the wisdom and organizing skill he brought to the movement for economic justice."—The Progressive Shortly before his assassination, Martin Luther King Jr. called for a radical redistribution of economic and political power to transform the whole of society. In 1967, he envisioned and designed the Poor People’s Campaign, an interracial effort that was carried out after his death. This campaign brought together impoverished Americans of all races to demand better wages, better jobs, better homes, and better education. King and the Other America explores this overlooked and obscured episode of the late civil rights movement, deepening our understanding of King’s commitment to social justice and also of the long-term trajectory of the civil rights movement. Digging into earlier radical arguments about economic inequality across America, which King drew on throughout his entire political and religious life, Sylvie Laurent argues that the Poor People’s Campaign was the logical culmination of King’s influences and ideas, which have had lasting impact on young activists and the public. Fifty years later, growing inequality and grinding poverty in the United States have spurred new efforts to rejuvenate the campaign. This book draws the connections between King's perceptive thoughts on substantive justice and the ongoing quest for equality for all.

Educating the Other America

A passionate call to action for improving education of children in poverty


Author: Susan B. Neuman

Publisher: Brookes Pub

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A passionate call to action for improving education of children in poverty

The Other America Poverty in the United States

Michael Harrington. 1 1, 1 , , , , 11,,,1,,,,,J_ ,,1 1, ,,,1,1, ,1\1,,1,, ,,1 11,,,, , , ~,,, ,,,, , ,,, Ll,,~ ,_'H_,,_ _| UNITED NATIONS! PIETY, MYTH, AND TRUTH Andrew Boyd Recently the.


Author: Michael Harrington





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Michael Harrington speaking American

POVERTY THEN AND Now Harrington's one and only commercial success was The Other America : Poverty in the United States ... Aside from suggesting that not all Marxists were vulgar determinists and that America needed a more radical ...


Author: Robert A. Gorman

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415911184

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This first study provides illuminating insights in to America's preeminent Yankee Radical and his concepts.

The Other American The Life Of Michael Harrington

All the time I was writing [The Other America], I felt President Kennedy would But there is no evidence in the written record from 1961–1962 of any such “premonition” on Michael's part. He cast a justifiably skeptical eye at the time on ...


Author: Maurice Isserman

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780786752805

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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"Most Americans first heard of Michael Harrington with the publication of The Other America, his seminal book on American poverty. Isserman expertly tracks Harrington's beginnings in the Catholic Worke"

The Other Roots

These are the lines that we should attempt to decipher. What do poets and essayists see when they make out this other America? What seductive, terrible mirror is this? How do they imagine or intuit another America, at times supposing it ...


Author: Pedro Meira Monteiro

Publisher: University of Notre Dame Pess

ISBN: 9780268102364

Category: History

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First published in 1936, the classic work Roots of Brazil by Sérgio Buarque de Holanda presented an analysis of why and how a European culture flourished in a large tropical environment that was totally foreign to its traditions, and the manner and consequences of this development. In The Other Roots, Pedro Meira Monteiro contends that Roots of Brazil is an essential work for understanding Brazil and the current impasses of politics in Latin America. Meira Monteiro demonstrates that the ideas expressed in Roots of Brazil have taken on new forms and helped to construct some of the most lasting images of the country, such as the "cordial man," a central concept that expresses the Ibero-American cultural and political experience and constantly wavers between liberalism's claims to impersonality and deeply ingrained forms of personalism. Meira Monteiro examines in particular how "cordiality" reveals the everlasting conflation of the public and the private spheres in Brazil. Despite its ambivalent relationship to liberal democracy, Roots of Brazil may be seen as part of a Latin Americanist assertion of a shared continental experience, which today might extend to the idea of solidarity across the so-called Global South. Taking its cue from Buarque de Holanda, The Other Roots investigates the reasons why national discourses invariably come up short, and shows identity to be a poetic and political tool, revealing that any collectivity ultimately remains intact thanks to the multiple discourses that sustain it in fragile, problematic, and fascinating equilibrium.

The Other in Jewish Thought and History

This flirtatious new acquaintance promises him that she can rearrange his flight schedule and take him to see "another"America (258), not the Jewish America he has come to know. Through her he discovers beautiful new countryside and a ...


Author: Laurence J. Silberstein

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780814779903

Category: Literary Criticism

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Cultural boundaries and group identity are often forged in relation to the Other. In every society, conceptions of otherness, which often reflect a group's fears and vulnerabilities, result in deep-rooted traditions of inclusion and exclusion that permeate the culture's literature, religion, and politics. This volume explores the ways in which Jews have traditionally defined other groups and, in turn, themselves. The contributors, a distinguished international group of scholars, explore the discursive processss through which Jewish identity and culture have been constructed, disseminated, and perpetuated. Among the topics addressed are: Others in the biblical world; the construction of gender in Roman-period Judaism; the Other as woman in the Greco-Roman world; the gentile as Other in rabbinic law; the feminine as Other in kabbalah; the reproduction of the Other in the Passover Haggadah; the Palestinian Arab as Other in Israeli politics and literature; the Other in Levinas and Derrida; Blacks as Other in American Jewish literature; the Jewish body image as symbol of Otherness; and women as Other in Israeli cinema. Contributors to this interdisciplinary volume are: Jonathan Boyarin (New School for Social Research), Robert L. Cohn (Lafayette College), Gerald Cromer (Bar-Ilan University), Trude Dothan (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Elizabeth Fifer (Lehigh University), Steven D. Fraade (Yale University), Sander L. Gilman (Cornell University), Hannan Hever (Tel Aviv University), Ross S. Kraemer (University of Pennsylvania), Orly Lubin (Tel Aviv University), Peter Machinist (Harvard University), Jacob Meskin (Williams College), Adi Ophir (Tel Aviv University), Ilan Peleg (Lafayette College), Miriam Peskowitz (University of Florida), Laurence J. Silberstein (Lehigh University), Naomi Sokoloff (University of Washington), and Elliot R. Wolfson (New York University).

The Other Alliance

Italian student movement, “Of course, for those young people America as a Power was the enemy, the world's ... between an “official” America, which was responsible for racial suppression and the war in Vietnam, and theotherAmerica, ...


Author: Martin Klimke

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691152462

Category: History

Page: 368

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Using previously classified documents and original interviews, The Other Alliance examines the channels of cooperation between American and West German student movements throughout the 1960s and early 1970s, and the reactions these relationships provoked from the U.S. government. Revising the standard narratives of American and West German social mobilization, Martin Klimke demonstrates the strong transnational connections between New Left groups on both sides of the Atlantic. Klimke shows that the cold war partnership of the American and German governments was mirrored by a coalition of rebelling counterelites, whose common political origins and opposition to the Vietnam War played a vital role in generating dissent in the United States and Europe. American protest techniques such as the "sit-in" or "teach-in" became crucial components of the main organization driving student activism in West Germany--the German Socialist Student League--and motivated American and German student activists to construct networks against global imperialism. Klimke traces the impact that Black Power and Germany's unresolved National Socialist past had on the German student movement; he investigates how U.S. government agencies, such as the State Department's Interagency Youth Committee, advised American policymakers on confrontations with student unrest abroad; and he highlights the challenges student protesters posed to cold war alliances. Exploring the catalysts of cross-pollination between student protest movements on two continents, The Other Alliance is a pioneering work of transnational history.

Where Have All the Homeless Gone

Two Nations , Two Assumptions In the final chapter of The Other America , Harrington asserts , “ ... the United States contains an underdeveloped nation , a culture of poverty .... They are beyond history , beyond progress , sunk in a ...


Author: Anthony Marcus

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 1845450507

Category: Political Science

Page: 166

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For a decade, from 1983 to 1993, homelessness was a major concern in the United States. In 1994, this public concern suddenly disappeared, without any significant reduction in the number of people without proper housing. By examining the making and unmaking of a homeless crisis, this book explores how public understandings of what constitutes a social crisis are shaped. Drawing on five years of ethnographic research in New York City with African Americans and Latinos living in poverty, Where Have All the Homeless Gone? reveals that the homeless "crisis" was driven as much by political misrepresentations of poverty, race, and social difference, as the housing, unemployment, and healthcare problems that caused homelessness and continue to plague American cities.

U S Foreign Policy and the Other

Twain, however, charged McKinley with exporting a fraud. The liberty that America promised Filipinos was “merely an outside cover, gay and pretty and attractive, displaying the special patterns of our Civilization,” Twain wrote, ...


Author: Michael Patrick Cullinane

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 9781782384403

Category: Political Science

Page: 250

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John Quincy Adams warned Americans not to search abroad for monsters to destroy, yet such figures have frequently habituated the discourses of U.S. foreign policy. This collection of essays focuses on counter-identities in American consciousness to explain how foreign policies and the discourse surrounding them develop. Whether it is the seemingly ubiquitous evil of Hitler during World War II or the more complicated perceptions of communism throughout the Cold War, these essays illuminate the cultural contexts that constructed rival identities. The authors challenge our understanding of “others,” looking at early applications of the concept in the eighteenth century to recent twenty-first century conflicts, establishing how this phenomenon is central to decision making through centuries of conflict.

The Other Argentina

that of other Latin American countries: many Jews leaving Europe or the Middle East who wound up in Latin America were hoping to get to the United States and landed instead in “the other America,” sometimes Mexico or the Caribbean, ...


Author: Amy K. Kaminsky

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9781438483306

Category: Social Science

Page: 262

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Argues that Jewishness is an essential element of Argentina’s self-fashioning as a modern nation. The Other/Argentina looks at literature, film, and the visual arts to examine the threads of Jewishness that create patterns of meaning within the fabric of Argentine self-representation. A multiethnic yet deeply Roman Catholic country, Argentina has worked mightily to fashion itself as a modern nation. In so doing, it has grappled with the paradox of Jewishness, emblematic both of modernity and of the lingering traces of the premodern. By the same token, Jewishness is woven into, but also other to, Argentineity. Consequently, books, movies, and art that reflect on Jewishness play a significant role in shaping Argentina’s cultural landscape. In the process they necessarily inscribe, and sometimes confound, norms of gender and sexuality. Just as Jewishness seeps into Argentina, Argentina’s history, politics, and culture mark Jewishness and alter its meaning. The feminized body of the Jewish male, for example, is deeply rooted in Western tradition; but the stigmatized body of the Jewish prostitute and the lacerated body of the Jewish torture victim acquire particular significance in Argentina. Furthermore, Argentina’s iconic Jewish figures include not only the peddler and the scholar, but also the Jewish gaucho and the urban mobster, troubling conventional readings of Jewish masculinity. As it searches for threads of Jewishness, richly imbued with the complexities of gender and sexuality, The Other/Argentina explores the patterns those threads weave, however overtly or subtly, into the fabric of Argentine national meaning, especially at such critical moments in Argentine history as the period of massive state-sponsored immigration, the rise of labor and anarchist movements, the Perón era, and the 1976–83 dictatorship. In arguing that Jewishness is an essential element of Argentina’s self-fashioning as a modern nation, the book shifts the focus in Latin American Jewish studies from Jewish identity to the meaning of Jewishness for the nation. Amy K. Kaminsky is Professor Emerita of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies at the University of Minnesota. Her books include Argentina: Stories for a Nation and After Exile: Writing the Latin American Diaspora.

Class in America H P

598 OTHER AMERICA , THE OTHER AMERICA , THE JOHN A. Gronbeck - Tedesco The Other America is a book by Michael Harrington that reveals the social structure of poverty in the United States during the 1950s and early 1960s .


Author: Robert E. Weir

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313337217

Category: Social classes

Page: 999

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Entries address people, terms, and concepts that help to define social class in America, exploring how perception of class has changed over the years and how class is addressed in politics and contemporary culture.

Stories that Changed America

His impact went beyond the philosophical. The first book he wrote, The Other America, had a direct effect on millions of Americans living today. President Kennedy was so impressed by the book that he made it required reading in his ...


Author: Carl Jensen

Publisher: Seven Stories Press

ISBN: 158322517X

Category: History

Page: 272

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A critical study of the power and effectiveness of good investigative journalism celebrates the work of twenty-one distinguished authors and journalists whose dedication changed American society, including Upton Sinclair, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, Ralph Nader, Malcolm X, Betty Friedan, and others. Reprint.

Just Below South

For Glissant, "(the other) America" is "the America of Juarez, Bolivar, and Marti. The America of Neruda. But especially that of the Indian people. The notion of the Other America is not 'Latin'; one can imagine this term will gradually ...


Author: Jessica Adams

Publisher: University of Virginia Press

ISBN: 0813926009

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 285

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Just Below South is the first book to examine the U.S. South and the Caribbean as a "regional interculture" shaped by performance--as a space defined not so much by a shared set of geographical boundaries or by a single, common culture as by the weave of performances and identities moving across and throughout it. By offering fresh ways for thinking about region, language, and performance, the volume helps to reimagine the possibilities for American Studies. It advances beyond current analyses of historical or literary commonalities between the South and the Caribbean to explore startling and significant connections between a range of performances, including Trinidadian carnival, Civil War reenactments, the Martinican dance form kalenda, dramatic adaptations of Uncle Tom's Cabin, rituals of spirit possession, the teaching of Haitian Kreyòl, the translation of Louisiana Creole, and the imaginative "travels" of southern and Caribbean writers. While generating textual conversations among scholars of Francophone, Anglophone, and Hispanophone literature and culture and forging innovative ties between cultural studies, performance studies, linguistics, literary analysis, and studies of the African diaspora, these essays raise provocative new questions about race, ethnicity, gender, class, and nationality. ContributorsJessica Adams, University of California, Berkeley * Carolyn Vellenga Berman, The New School * Anne Malena, University of Alberta * Cécile Accilien, Columbus State University, Georgia * Don E. Walicek, University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras * Julian Gerstin, San Jose State University * Rawle Gibbons, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine * Kathleen M. Gough, University of Glasgow * Shirley Toland-Dix, University of South Florida, Tampa * Michael P. Bibler, University of Mary Washington * Jana Evans Braziel, University of Cincinnati