The People s Hymnal

THE PEOPLE'S HYMNAL has been compiled in the hope of supplying two wants hitherto widely felt . First : that of a volume of devotional song successfully blending the stern simplicity and clear doctrinal teaching of ancient hymns with ...





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The People s Hymnal

For Use in Public and Social Worship Edmund Simon Lorenz. 783.9 18p 30 a 22:35 . Sin PREFACE . The criterion of selection in this hymnal has been practical usefulness rather than æsthetic perfection . It contains not simply a single ...


Author: Edmund Simon Lorenz


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Young People s Hymnal

For a long time it has been felt that the value of our Young People's Hymnal would be increased by adding a Supplement containing well - known , well - loved hymns . It will be noticed there are only a few children's hymns in the new ...


Author: William Gadsby

Publisher: Gospel Standard Publications

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The People s Work

The great Dutch Reformed mystic and poet Gerhard Tersteegen (1697—1769) took over Neander's Bundes-Lieder (Songs of the Covenant) and tripled its size, contributing about one hundred hymns of his own, including "God Himself Is Present.


Author: Frank C. Senn

Publisher: Fortress Press

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Frank Senn ventures behind the liturgical screen, behind the texts, and behind the rubrics to reconstruct the everyday religious expression in Christian history. Senn's magisterial Christian Liturgy: Catholic and Evangelical (1997) has been widely hailed for its appreciation of the dynamic role of culture in shaping liturgical expression. In The People's Work, Senn delves further into the cultural home of liturgy looking at processions and pilgrimage, communion practices and spiritual reading, fasting and feasting-all the myriad liturgical practices that have been the concrete life and primary work of the body of Christ.

Hymns and Hymnody Historical and Theological Introductions Volume 3

The sentence “this full and active participation by all the people is the aim to be considered before all else” has caused much ink to flow in recent decades as authors have debated the meaning of the classic Latin expression actuosa ...


Author: Mark A. Lamport

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781532651304

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Hymns and the music the church sings in worship are tangible means of expressing worship. And while worship is one of, if not the central functions of the church along with mission, service, education, justice, and compassion, and occupies a prime focus of our churches, a renewed sense of awareness to our theological presuppositions and cultural cues must be maintained to ensure a proper focus in worship. Hymns and Hymnody: Historical and Theological Introductions is a sixty-chapter, three-volume introductory textbook describing the most influential hymnists, liturgists, and musical movements of the church. This academically grounded resource evaluates both the historical and theological perspectives of the major hymnists and composers who have impacted the church over the course of twenty centuries. Volume 1 explores the early church and concludes with the Renaissance era hymnists. Volume 2 begins with the Reformation and extends to the eighteenth-century hymnists and liturgists. Volume 3 engages nineteenth century hymnists to the contemporary movements of the twenty-first century. Each chapter contains these five elements: historical background, theological perspectives communicated in their hymns/compositions, contribution to liturgy and worship, notable hymns, and bibliography. The mission of Hymns and Hymnody is (1) to provide biographical data on influential hymn writers for students and interested laypeople, and (2) to provide a theological analysis of what these composers have communicated in the theology of their hymns. We believe it is vital for those involved in leading the worship of the church to recognize that what they communicate is in fact theology. This latter aspect, we contend, is missing--yet important--in accessible formats for the current literature.

The Presbyterian Hymnal Companion

TOPICAL HYMNS 259 A Mighty Fortress Is Our God Tune : Ein t Feste Burg This hymn based on Psalm 46 , with the exception of stanza 1 , lines 1 and 2 by Martin Luther and ... It was published in the People's Mass Book ( 1964 ) .


Author: LindaJo H. McKim

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

ISBN: 0664251803

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This helpful resource provides extensive information about each hymn in The Presbyterian Hymnal (1990)--background detail about hymn origins, publication history, authors, translators, composers, and arrangers. Stories about some of the hymns are also included. An excellent handbook that supplies information useful for a variety of purposes.

A Scriptural Index to the Hymnal 1982

As Dr. Hatchett wrote in his Introduction to A Liturgical Index to The Hymnal 1982 ( Hymnal Studies Five ) : This Scriptural Index to The Hymnal 1982 is a work of great value to all people who work with the hymnody and the Lectionary of ...


Author: Church Publishing

Publisher: Church Publishing, Inc.

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Lectionary scripture citations with corresponding hymns. This is also a handy reference for locating the liturgical day when each scripture text is used.

The Praise Hymnal

N 2 a THE PRAISE HYMNAL is intended to promote spirituality in worship , holiness in life , and activity in world ... Out of the modern revival has come the “ Gospel Song , " and the people have accepted it as truly helpful in the ...


Author: Gilbert J. Ellis


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Introducing a New Hymnal

6. PREPARING THE PEOPLE TO WELCOME THE NEW BOOK It is never too early to begin preparing a congregation for a new hymnal . Even if the publication date is far down the pike , begin the process of preparation .


Author: James Rawlings Sydnor

Publisher: GIA Publications

ISBN: 094105019X

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The Hymnal 1982 Companion

It is important that people begin with short syllabic chants — settings in which there is one note for each syllable with only the occasional compound neume * of two or three notes ( S 152 ] . The leader demonstrates the musical line by ...


Author: Raymond F. Glover

Publisher: Church Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 0898691435

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The complete four-volume set includes major essays and relevant discussions of the musical forms in The Hymnal 1982 which cover such topics as popular religious song, cultural diversity, the relationship between The Hymnal 1982 and the liturgies of The Book of Common Prayer, the development of service music in the Episcopal Church, hymn forms, and a brief history of Christian hymnody in the United States and Britain. In addition, complete information is given on all hymns and service music which includes the sources of text and music as well as biographical and technical facts. (2,949 pp)