The Marital Relationship Therapy Casebook

In spite of the lack of parental guidance, Cynthia had an enmeshed relationship with her mother. ... He, therefore, had fantasies of what a perfect marriage would be like, which included a husband and wife being loving and expressing ...


Author: Gerald Weeks

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134858972

Category: Psychology

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First published in 1994. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Handbook of Marital Therapy A Positive Approach to Helping Troubled Relationships

Refocus the couple on positive changes that have occurred in their relationship. PERFECT MARRIAGE AND FANTASY FULFILLMENT PROCEDURE Another exercise that can generate greater awareness of reciprocity is the perfect marriage and fantasy ...


Author: Robert P. Liberman

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781489904577

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In the treatment of marital problems, behaviorally oriented and com munication oriented approaches have been in conflict and seen as con trasting and unlikely bed partners. Many therapists, focusing on com munication skills, have felt that behaviorists were too structured and uncaring; on the other hand, behaviorists have considered humanistic therapists as being "touchy-feely," vague, and unfocused. However, in the Handbook of Marital Therapy, Liberman, Wheeler, de Visser, and the Kuehnels have wedded these two potent approaches into an inte grated framework that makes them loving bed partners. With over a decade of experience in applying behaviorally ori ented treatment to couples, Liberman and his co-authors have devel oped an educational model that focuses on teaching specific commu nication skills to couples. The communication skills they describe have been used extensively in all types of marital therapy, regardless of the therapist's theoretical orientation. The unique contribution of this book is that the authors provide a step-by-step approach to teaching these communication skills within a behavioral framework. Each chapter guides the therapist through the many issues and problems confronting him or her as a change agent. This highly readable book is enhanced by a liberal use of case exam ples. Emphasis is given to homework and structured sessions that focus on increasing specific communication skills in a sequential manner. The advantages of working with couples in a group setting are dis cussed, and concrete suggestions on how to manage these groups are clearly presented.

The Ideal Marriage

Thus, it damaged the enduring potential of the perfect marriage relations. The author of this book emphatically states that we must return to God's initial plan when He joined a man and a woman in holy matrimony and made them one flesh.


Author: Dr. Francis K. Goode


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Eating Disorders and Marital Relationships

... by controlling his predictable behaviour, as she would like to shape him into the figure of the perfect husband. ... In this regard, their interaction strongly resembles that of marriages of obsessive-compulsive or phobic patients.


Author: Jan Norre

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134752126

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Anorexia and bulimia are on the increase in the Western world and the disease is now recognised to no longer be only a problem for teenage girls, but older women as well. Most older women either do now or did previously live with a partner and much attention has been paid to these relationships in devising therapeutic regimes. Eating Disorders and Marital Relationships takes a critical look at the evidence behind the assumption of psychiatric illness in the patients and their partners and comes up with some surprising results. Van den Broucke, Vandereycken and Norre carefully describe both the theoretical and practical implications of their work, making this book important reading for both practitioner and researcher.

The Search for a Perfect Marriage A Seminar Handbook for Everybody In the Journey of Marriage and Intimate Relationship

The notion to contend with was that, once you enter a marriage relationship with someone, you close out all other individual entities away from you. That is why it is preached that 'the two' become ...


Author: Dominic Charles Okero


ISBN: 9781684714490

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It Takes Two

We can be as intentional about growing our marital relationship as we are about growing spiritually . ... On the one hand , we learn the myth of romantic love , that somewhere out there is the perfect mate with whom we will fall in love ...


Author: Andrew D. Lester

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

ISBN: 0664255949

Category: Religion

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The Lesters discuss how the increase of intimacy in marriage allows for communication, power, anger, and faith issues to be approached more creatively and effectively. With tested exercises and a clear discussion of contemporary perspectives on marriage, this book is an indispensable resource for couples and counselors. - Publisher.

Arranged Companions

While the Lower Yangzi boasted the largest number of perfectmatch marriages, the fashionable new practice spread to other regions as well. The relationship between women's education and the ...


Author: Weijing Lu

Publisher: University of Washington Press

ISBN: 9780295749136

Category: History

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Although commonly associated with patriarchal oppression, arranged marriages have adapted over the centuries to changing cultural norms and the lived experiences of men and women. In Arranged Companions, historian Weijing Lu chronicles how marital behaviors during the early and High Qing (mid-seventeenth through mid-nineteenth centuries) were informed by rich and complex traditions and mediated by the historical conditions of the period, during which marital affection was celebrated as a basic ingredient of an ideal marriage. Lu finds public representation and private communication of marital affection in personal records, including poetry, biographies, letters, and memoirs. During this unique historical moment, ideals of marital companionship and love came to fruition while social changes also created new tensions for couples and extended families. Offering surprising revelations about conjugal relations during this time of change, Arranged Companions raises provocative questions about the cultural construction of intimacy and the meaning of a “happy marriage.”

A Cultural History of Marriage in the Age of Enlightenment

Although Julie's eventual decision to honor her father's wishes may appear regressive, the novel remains unique in that Julie nevertheless consummates her relationship with Saint-Preux before establishing the ideal marital relationship ...


Author: Edward Behrend-Martínez

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350103207

Category: History

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Could an institution as sacred and traditional as marriage undergo a revolution? Some people living during the so-called Age of Enlightenment thought so. By marrying for that selfish, personal emotion of love rather than to serve religious or family interests, to serve political demands or the demands of the pocketbook, a few but growing number of people revolutionized matrimony around the end of the eighteenth century. Marriage went from being a sacred state, instituted by the Church and involving everyone to – for a few intrepid people – a secular contract, a deal struck between two individuals based entirely on their mutual love and affection. Few would claim today that love is not the cornerstone of modern marriage. The easiest argument in favor of any marriage today, no matter how star-crossed the individuals, is that the couple is deeply and hopelessly in love with one another. But that was not always so clear. Before the eighteenth century very few couples united simply because they shared a mutual attraction and affection for one another. Yet only a century later most people would come to believe that mutual love and even attraction were necessary for any marriage to succeed. A Cultural History of Marriage in the Age of Enlightenment explores the ways that new ideas, cultural ideals, and economic changes, big and small, reshaped matrimony into the institution that it is today, allowing love to become the ultimate essential ingredient for modern marriages. A Cultural History of Marriage in the Age of Enlightenment presents an overview of the period with essays on Courtship and Ritual; Religion, State and Law; Kinship and Social Networks; the Family Economy; Love and Sex; the Breaking of Vows; and Representations of Marriage.

Perfect Marriage Not a Mirage

These rules apply equally well to marital relationship. It's so easy to let go of good manners. Try saying sorry, when you are wrong. Thank, when your spouse helps you in distress, and see the magic these words cast.


Author: Poonam A. Bamba

Publisher: Pustak Mahal

ISBN: 9788122311068

Category: Husband and wife

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Author's encounters with husbands and wives in different stages of agony and despair, while holding matrimonial court, led her to reflect deeply on the dynamics of the relationship called "marriage". Case after case revealed that a lot goes into preparation for rituals and extravaganza associated with marriage. But, hardly a thought is spared about this delicate relationship. Girls and boys are very demanding of their companion but none is ready to pitch in. Both want their "own way" their "own space" but are reluctant to invest in togetherness. The real life stories revealed that you cannot have a "perfect twosome", when each individual brings his/her own imperfections. Conflicts would always be there but they can be managed. A beginning made with the preamble that marriage has to work, can make this bond beautiful. To build a pleasant relationship, a couple needs to give time to each other to adjust to the new company and to respect each other's way of life. Attempt to change the other, is surely avoidable. Through this book, the author shares real life stories of estranged spouses; What went wrong in their relationship and where? Could the marital relationship in certain situations, have been saved? "Perfect Marriage Not a Mirage" also addresses endless doubts which go on in the minds of spouses at the crossroads of their relationship. But at the same time, it also demonstrates that there is no uniform code which can make a marriage work. There cannot be a 'perfect recipe' or a 'rule book' which can guide couples to a successful marriage.

Living in Difficult Relationships

Is there any marriage or relationship that is perfect? How many times have I heard this question in my past thirtyfive years of practicing marital therapy! With a smile and raised eyebrows, I reply, “Mine.


Author: Peter M. Kalellis

Publisher: Paulist Press

ISBN: 9780809147649

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Practical advice for spouses or those in a committed relationship that clarifies the potential within each person to make their marriage or relationship better.