The Psychedelic Explorer s Guide

PSYCHEDELIC. EXPLORER'S. GUIDE. “James Fadiman, one of the foremost
pioneers of scientific research of the potential of psychedelic substances for
therapy, self-discovery, spiritual quests, and creative problem-solving, has written
an ...


Author: James Fadiman

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781594779367

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 352

View: 289

Psychedelics for spiritual, therapeutic, and problem-solving use • Presents practices for safe and successful psychedelic voyages, including the benefits of having a guide and how to be a guide • Reviews the value of psychedelics for healing and self-discovery as well as how LSD has facilitated scientific and technical problem-solving • Reveals how microdosing (ultr-low doeses) improve cognitive functioning, emotional balance, and physical stamina • This year 600,000 people in the U.S. alone will try LSD for the the first time, joining the 23 million who have already experimented with this substance Called “America’s wisest and most respected authority on psychedelics and their use,” James Fadiman has been involved with psychedelic research since the 1960s. In this guide to the immediate and long-term effects of psychedelic use for spiritual (high dose), therapeutic (moderate dose), and problem-solving (low dose and microdose) purposes, Fadiman outlines best practices for safe, sacred entheogenic voyages learned through his more than 40 years of experience--from the benefits of having a sensitive guide during a session (and how to be one) to the importance of the setting and pre-session intention. Fadiman reviews the newest as well as the neglected research into the psychotherapeutic value of visionary drug use for increased personal awareness and a host of serious medical conditions, including his recent study of the reasons for and results of psychedelic use among hundreds of students and professionals. He reveals new uses for LSD and other psychedelics, including microdosing, extremely low doses, for improved cognitive functioning and emotional balance. Cautioning that psychedelics are not for everyone, he dispels the myths and misperceptions about psychedelics circulating in textbooks and clinics as well as on the internet. Exploring the life-changing experiences of Ram Dass, Timothy Leary, Aldous Huxley, and Huston Smith as well as Francis Crick and Steve Jobs, Fadiman shows how psychedelics, used wisely, can lead not only to healing but also to scientific breakthroughs and spiritual epiphanies.

The Psychedelic Future of the Mind

As with psychedelic psychotherapy, they should be alerted to the range of what to
expect, how they may feel, what they will do on ... James Fadiman gives
directions for both guides and explorers in his 2011 The Psychedelic Explorer's


Author: Thomas B. Roberts

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781594775024

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 288

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Explores scientific and medical research on the emerging uses of psychedelics to enrich mind, morals, spirituality, and creativity • Outlines a future that embraces psychedelics as tools for cognitive development, personal growth, business, and an experience-based religious reformation • Presents research on the use of psychedelics to enhance problem-solving, increase motivation, boost the immune system, and deepen ethical values • Includes chapters by Roger N. Walsh, M.D., Ph.D., and Charles Grob, M.D., on their psychedelic research on religious experience and alleviating the fear of death As psychedelic psychotherapy gains recognition through research at universities and medical establishments such as the Johns Hopkins Medical Institute and Bellevue Hospital, the other beneficial uses of psychedelics are beginning to be recognized and researched as well--from enhancing problem-solving and increasing motivation to boosting the immune system and deepening moral and ethical values. Exploring the bright future of psychedelics, Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D., reveals how new uses for entheogens will enrich individuals as well as society as a whole. With contributions from Charles Grob, M.D., and Roger N. Walsh, M.D., Ph.D., the book explains how psychedelics can raise individual and business attitudes away from self-centeredness, improve daily life with strengthened feelings of meaningfulness and spirituality, and help us understand and redesign the human mind, leading to the possibility of a neurosingularity--a time when future brains surpass our current ones. Roberts envisions a future where you will seek psychedelic therapy not only for psychological reasons but also for personal growth, creative problem solving, improved brain function, and heightened spiritual awareness. Our psychedelic future is on the horizon--a future that harnesses the full potential of mind and spirit--and Thomas Roberts outlines a path to reach it.

Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion

96 Fadiman, The Psychedelic Explorers' Guide. 97 Richards, “Navigation Within
Consciousness.” 98 Richards, “Flight Instructions.” 99 Jesso, The True Light of
Darkness. 100 Grof, LSD Psychotherapy. 101 Jung, The Collected Works of C. G.


Author: Michelle Janikian

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781612439624

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 224

View: 299

Learn. Prepare. Trip. Transform! With so much misinformation surrounding magic mushrooms out there, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. This is where Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion comes in to help. In this book, you’ll find a comprehensive yet friendly guide to everything there is to know about magic mushrooms. Learn how to plan safe, effective trips with easy-to-follow step-by-step advice. Discover how to train a guide to take care of those on psychedelic voyages, as well as how to access the transformative nature of these experiences. Even learn how microdosing can improve your mood, cognitive functioning, creativity, physical stamina, and more. With the most up-to-date research, Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion will put magic mushrooms into perspective, dispel myths and urban legends, and open your mind to the benefits of psychedelic tripping.

The Psychedelic Policy Quagmire Health Law Freedom and Society

... the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology, the first graduate school to offer
PhDs and clinical degrees in transpersonal. He has been involved with
psychedelic research since the 1960s and is the author of The Psychedelic
Explorers' Guide ...


Author: J. Harold Ellens

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440839719

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 423

View: 564

Edited by two preeminent scholars, this book provides coverage of the policy issues related to the increasingly diverse treatments, practices, and applications of psychedelics. Hallucinogenic substances like LSD, mescaline, peyote, MDMA, and ayahuasca have a reputation as harmful substances that are enjoyed only by recreational users committing criminal acts. But leading international researchers and scholars who contributed to this book hold that the use of psychedelic substances for health, religious, intellectual, and artistic purposes is a Constitutional right—and a human right. Based on that conclusion, these scholars focus on policy issues that regulate the use of psychedelic drugs in medicine, religion, personal life, and higher education, arguing that existing regulations should match current and anticipated future uses. This volume has two parts. The first surveys research on the use of psychedelic drugs in medicine, religion, and truth-seeking, following these topics through history and contemporary practice. The second section treats government policices that regulate the psychological, physiological, biochemical, and spiritual aspects of research and experience in these fields. The Psychedelic Policy Quagmire: Health, Law, Freedom, and Society challenges medical and legal policy experts, ethicists, scientists, and scholars with the question: How can we formulate policies that reduce the dangers of psychedelics' misuse and at the same time maximize the emerging diverse benefits? • Covers history, law, social use, intellectual and sacramental practice, and current medical research, bringing the debate about psychedelic drugs up to date for the 21st century • Summarizes evidence regarding the positive therapeutic effects of psychoactive drugs to show why regulations need to be changed • Encompasses the work of the leading international researchers in the field • Includes personal observations, vignettes, and narratives

The Psychedelic Gospels

Generations of indigenous shamans, classical priestesses, and modern mind
explorers have all born witness to the ... In his book, The Psychedelic Explorer's
Guide, Fadiman describes this new era of positive possibilities for psychedelics ...


Author: Jerry B. Brown

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781620555033

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 288

View: 205

Reveals evidence of visionary plants in Christianity and the life of Jesus found in medieval art and biblical scripture--hidden in plain sight for centuries • Follows the authors’ anthropological adventure discovering sacred mushroom images in European and Middle Eastern churches, including Roslyn Chapel and Chartres • Provides color photos showing how R. Gordon Wasson’s psychedelic theory of religion clearly extends to Christianity and reveals why Wasson suppressed this information due to his secret relationship with the Vatican • Examines the Bible and the Gnostic Gospels to show that visionary plants were the catalyst for Jesus’s awakening to his divinity and immortality Throughout medieval Christianity, religious works of art emerged to illustrate the teachings of the Bible for the largely illiterate population. What, then, is the significance of the psychoactive mushrooms hiding in plain sight in the artwork and icons of many European and Middle-Eastern churches? Does Christianity have a psychedelic history? Providing stunning visual evidence from their anthropological journey throughout Europe and the Middle East, including visits to Roslyn Chapel and Chartres Cathedral, authors Julie and Jerry Brown document the role of visionary plants in Christianity. They retrace the pioneering research of R. Gordon Wasson, the famous “sacred mushroom seeker,” on psychedelics in ancient Greece and India, and among the present-day reindeer herders of Siberia and the Mazatecs of Mexico. Challenging Wasson’s legacy, the authors reveal his secret relationship with the Vatican that led to Wasson’s refusal to pursue his hallucinogen theory into the hallowed halls of Christianity. Examining the Bible and the Gnostic Gospels, the authors provide scriptural support to show that sacred mushrooms were the inspiration for Jesus’ revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven and that he was initiated into these mystical practices in Egypt during the Missing Years. They contend that the Trees of Knowledge and of Immortality in Eden were sacred mushrooms. Uncovering the role played by visionary plants in the origins of Judeo-Christianity, the authors invite us to rethink what we know about the life of Jesus and to consider a controversial theory that challenges us to explore these sacred pathways to the divine.

The Real Guide


Author: Deborah Bosley

Publisher: Prentice Hall Travel

ISBN: 0137834659

Category: Pacific States

Page: 616

View: 639

My Psychedelic Journey Journal Workbook

This workbook helps to guide and document your experiences for better understanding and integration after your guided session. The 109-page Journal includes space to document 3 guided sessions including a 21 Day integration journal.


Author: K. C. Page

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 1724189379

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 112

View: 683

A Journal and Workbook for explorers and researchers of psychedelics. This workbook helps to guide and document your experiences for better understanding and integration after your guided session. The 109-page Journal includes space to document 3 guided sessions including a 21 Day integration journal. We also included pages for documenting 12 weeks of micro-dosing entheogens for specific projects.

South American Explorer

Because members of South American Explorers handcarry these maps back from
various secret ( 0. ... 100,000 628 Cordillera Blanca — Llanganuco Map 625
Cordillera Blanca & Huayhuash Map Guide 656 Corongo ( 18h ) Topo Map 1 :
100,000 636 Cusco ... 10.00 7.00 10.00 8.95 8.95 8.95 10.95 9.95 SOUTH
AMERICAN EXPLORER • Enter the Jaguar : Psychedelic Cults Number 79 ,
Summer 2005 63.




ISBN: UIUC:30112083178415

Category: South America


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With the friend's help , locate someone in your vicinity who is a spiritual guide of
some kind ; a priest or minister or a Buddhist teacher . If you happen to know of
an older psychedelic explorer who has not only experience but also some
degree ...


Author: Alexander Theodore Shulgin


ISBN: 0963009699

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 804

View: 194

Contains over 70 experiments, complete with notes and ingredients with the focus on Tryptamines. The first half concentrates on Shulgin's spiritual journey, ideas and philosophy. Foreword by Daniel M Perrine and preface by Nicholas Saunders. Edited by Dan Joy.

The Trouser Press Record Guide

The seven - person Trypes are the quietest , most introspective of the bunch , and
The Explorers Hold is a placid , constantly shifting landscape of sounds . The four
songs emphasize coloration not beat , yet , for all its subdued calm , there ' s ...


Author: Ira A. Robbins


ISBN: UOM:49015002904622

Category: Music

Page: 763

View: 871

The New Music Record Guide

Divine , the score for a Mausix long , generic demi - instruThe Explorers Hold EP
( nr / Coyote ) reclaims the acronym . ) Only guitar - rice Bejart ballet , jettisons the
synth mentals ( and a couple of shorter 1984 ist Ron Emory and bassist Mike ...


Author: Ira Robbins


ISBN: UVA:X001521165

Category: Popular music

Page: 171

View: 944

The New Trouser Press Record Guide


Author: Ira A. Robbins

Publisher: New York : C. Scribner's Sons

ISBN: UOM:39015009781439

Category: New wave music

Page: 463

View: 296

"An idiosyncratic review of the most exciting modern music--new wave to no wave, hardcore to hip-hop."--Jacket.

Facing West from California s Shores

And hence the need for a sure - footed , wise guide , a Hermes ( or Joseph
Campbell ) for the trip . ... But it was especially to the inner - space age ,
psychedelic explorers that their laminated inner spaces began to appear as
corresponding to a ...


Author: David Toolan

Publisher: Crossroad Publishing Company

ISBN: UOM:39015012873751

Category: Religion

Page: 337

View: 441

Discusses the Esalen Institute, India's religious heritage, differences between oral and written cultures, the new physics, narcissism, and the work of Jean Houston

Video Movie Guide 1996

... THE French and Germans during World War I to U . S . * * * * * Gripping record
of a trek by French Navy official John Walker ' s astonishing sevenexplorers
across the then - uncharted island of teen years as a KGB spy during the 1950s
and ...


Author: Mick Martin

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 0345397835

Category: Motion pictures

Page: 1646

View: 306

A QUICK AND EASY RENTER'S GUIDE TO HELP YOU FIND VIDEOS, ORGANIZED JUST LIKE YOUR VIDEO STORE! You'll be watching movies like the experts with this fact-packed video guide to more than16,000 films. Organized by category to make your decision easier, this bestselling encyclopedia is unique in its comprehensive coverage and user-friendliness. From Five Stars to Turkey, the ratings help you preview the perfect movie for you! * * * Indexed by director, star, title, and Oscar winners! * * * In the full-title index, all four- and five-star movies are indicated by an *, and all new entries are highlighted for easy identification. * * * Special sections on family, foreign, and documentary films! * * * More offbeat and obscure films than any other guide, with serials, B-Westerns, horror movies, repackaged TV series, and made-for-TV movies! * * * "The best all-around volume." --Newsday

Hidden Wisdom

A Guide to the Western Inner Traditions Richard Smoley, Jay Kinney. complex of
shamanic disciplines . ” White quotes California psychedelic explorers Gracie
and Zarkov , who contend , “ In traditional shamanic societies , there exist specific


Author: Richard Smoley

Publisher: Penguin (Non-Classics)

ISBN: UOM:39015042867450

Category: Religion

Page: 389

View: 738

A guide to the mystical teachings of the West explores the teachings of the Kabbalah, Gnosticism, Sufism, shamanism, Neopaganism, and mystical Christianity

The Explorers Club

Join author Richard T. Estrin as he reports on his experiences ingesting everything from LSD, peyote, magic mushrooms and DMT over the course of several decades.


Author: Richard Estrin


ISBN: 0692926208


Page: 300

View: 347

Prepare to ride to the edge of reality itself. Explore the dazzling universe of consciousness, and discover the hidden spiritual core of what truly makes us human. Join author Richard T. Estrin as he reports on his experiences ingesting everything from LSD, peyote, magic mushrooms and DMT over the course of several decades. From encounters with divine ecstasy to bloodcurdling terror, you'll see the world through his eyes-and it will never look the same again. Estrin analyzes the connections between psychedelics and mythology, literature, religion, and even quantum physics. He believes psychedelics aren't "drugs" at all but rather tools to access a hidden world by breaking down the walls of consciousness. Whether or not he's right-and regardless of whether you've used these substances yourself-let Estrin guide you to turning on, tuning in, and seeing the cosmos itself in ways you've never imagined. The only question is, are you ready to follow him down the rabbit hole? Following in the tradition of psychedelic pioneers like Terrence McKenna, The Explorer's Club is part exploration, part ethnobotanical history, and part spiritual study. The end result is a journey that may leave you looking at yourself-and the very nature of reality-differently forever.


100 Essential CDs : the Rough Guide Al Spicer. Pink Floyd ... The first British
album to be produced by serious psychedelic explorers , The Piper At The Gates
Of Dawn wrote the book for the rest of the " head " musicians in the UK . The Pink


Author: Al Spicer


ISBN: 1858284902

Category: Music

Page: 200

View: 933

Lists and describes one hundred of the best rock compact discs, from the Rolling Stones' "Exile on Main Street" to the Cure's "Mixed Up"

TV Guide

UTV ' Austin Powers ' Electric Psychedelic Pussycat Swingers Club 1 : 00499274
( NIK Space Cases Science Fiction ... 30 New Explorers ( CC ) 1 : 0057361 On
the Caribbean island of Trinidad , scients study coastline erosion in search of wid




ISBN: IND:30000046878413

Category: Television programs


View: 409

White Hand Society

This book wins a well deserved spot on my shelf, and belongs with anyone who wants an intimate view of the Sixties-Seventies spinning of the Great Wheel of the Dharma." —Peter Coyote, actor/author, Sleeping Where I Fall "Peter Conners has ...


Author: Peter Conners

Publisher: City Lights Books

ISBN: 9780872865754

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 312

View: 129

The inside story of how Allen Ginsberg and Timothy Leary launched the psychedelic revolution together.


Directed by Gregory Schell - whose last project , The Far Shore , examined the
travels of 1970s explorers Kevin Naughton and Craig Peterson ... The product is
one that examines the psychedelic surf scenes present in Laguna and Maui
during the ' 60s , the hardcore travel ... Alex Wilson THE LOST REEDS OF
Low Pressure ...




ISBN: UCSC:32106019460374

Category: Surfing


View: 404