Across The Red Line

They are about to cross over a line — quite literally . In fact , outside of every operating room suite I have known there is a red line painted on the floor . Its purpose is to signal the point beyond which you may not go in street ...


Author: Richard Karl

Publisher: Temple University Press

ISBN: 159213193X

Category: Medical

Page: 176

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A doctor and teacher takes readers deep into the heart of a modern hospital, from skillful triumph at the surgical table to the tense "morbidity and mortality" meetings where doctors examine their own mistakes.

The Red Line

But because I had my red line, I knew what it was like to bleed. Some mages didn't. Some had never once cut themselves for a spell. Had never felt the sting and burn of a blade, had never experienced the draining, nauseous sense of your ...


Author: Jeff Somers

Publisher: Oinking Sow, Inc.


Category: Fiction

Page: 160

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Lem Vonnegan and Pitr Mags try to help a desperate Bleeder and Lem is pushed to the limits of his magical ethics. For the first time in his life, he considers crossing his red line against casting spells off of other people's blood.

The Red Line

The wind whipped along the Avenue of Eternal Peace, and the rows of coloured flags and the red banners decorated with ... In Peking, as honoured 'foreign friends' we were placed at the head of the long lines of wide-eyed peasants ...


Author: Christopher Knowles

Publisher: Casemate Publishers

ISBN: 9781473887466

Category: Transportation

Page: 232

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The Red Line is the story of a train journey from London to Hong Kong. It is set in 1981, the year Christopher made the first of twenty-four such journeys as a tour guide, when the Cold War was still very much a fact of life. Although China appeared to be on the brink of significant change, no one could know for certain; Poland was stirring but the prospect of change in the USSR and its other allies seemed remote. This made a journey by train across that landscape particularly fascinating, because by using standard, scheduled services that together created one of the longest possible railway routes, one was necessarily immersed in the various countries in ways that otherwise would have been impossible. Equally fascinating were the reactions of Western travelers to finding themselves incarcerated for weeks on end in the eccentric world behind the Iron Curtain.In order to give the journey some coherence, the most memorable events over those years have been condensed into a single journey and the most notable personalities, plucked from various times and places, have been thrown together. To emphasize the fact that these events took place in the recent past, and to be able to show how extraordinarily quickly the world has changed in the few intervening years, the story is told by a narrator. Everything that occurs is true, although some circumstances have been slightly adapted for the sake of fluency and names of individuals have been changed.

Last Stop on the Red Line

ADAM PRUETT LAST STOP ON THE RED LINE, March 2020. Published by Dark Horse Comics LLC, 10956 SE Main Street, Milwaukie, Oregon 97.222. Text and illustrations of The Last Stop on the Red Lineofo) 2020, including all text and ...


Author: Paul Maybury

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

ISBN: 9781506713397

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 96

View: 737

Detective Migdalia Torres investigates a vicious strangling on a Boston subway car with no feasible leads. As potential evidence produces dead ends, Migdalia inadvertently takes in a vagrant named Yusef who may have a supernatural connection to the crime at hand. While Yusef's plagued by visions and seemingly false memories, both suspect and detective struggle to discover the identity of the phantom killer that stalks the Boston Metro. This volume collects issues #1-#4 of the futuristic, mind-bending horror story Last Stop on the Red Line, written by Paul Maybury (Aqua Leung), vividly illustrated by Sam Lotfi (Doctor Fate), and beautifully colored by John Rauch (Spider-Man, Venom). Collects Last Stop on the Red Line #1-#4.

The Red Line of Descent

David Tallach. The Red Line of Descent Autumn Haiku.


Author: David Tallach

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781326420796

Category: Poetry


View: 304

Autumn is the best of seasons, combining the last colourful flourishes of summer with the chilly onset of winter. These short poems celebrate the fall of summer, the shortening of the days and the approaching realism of winter. The colour red is also at its most vibrant and meaningful in autumn.

The Thin Red Line and Blue Blood

The doctrine of judicious marriage appeared in all she wrote with the unfailing regularity of the red thread that runs through all the strands of Admiralty rope. Harold smiled at the reiteration of these sentiments; smiled, ...


Author: Arthur Griffiths

Publisher: Good Press

ISBN: EAN:4057664585172

Category: Fiction

Page: 331

View: 943

"The Thin Red Line; and Blue Blood" by Arthur Griffiths. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Red Line

The red line was supposed to fill the gap between the Obama administration's expectations that Assad would eventually lose his grip on power and a political solution that was already mapped out, but faced resistance from Rus- sia, ...


Author: P. J. Crowley

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781442255715

Category: Political Science

Page: 350

View: 689

Over the past quarter century, four consecutive American presidents—two Democrat, two Republican—have spent more time, diplomatic capital, and military resources on Iraq than any other country in the world. Much as the Vietnam syndrome cast a long shadow over American security policy in the decades after the end of the Vietnam War, Iraq provides the commanding narrative for this generation of American leaders. In this book, former Deputy Secretary of State P. J. Crowley, one of America’s most insightful national security commentators, unpacks the legacy of American triumphs and failures in Iraq . He argues that presidents have fallen victim to the Iraq Syndrome—the disconnect between politics, policy, strategy, and narrative—that has hampered America’s foreign policy in the Middle East and hotspots throughout the world. In order to maintain America’s global leadership role, Crowley argues that the next president must realign American’s national security politics, policies, strategies, and narrative for the long term.

A Red Line in the Sand

three sets of red lines—the Durand Line, the lines that separate Jews and Arabs in the Holy Land today, and the boundaries of NATO—are what I would suggest are the intractable lines.


Author: David A. Andelman

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781643136493

Category: Political Science

Page: 484

View: 657

A longtime CNN columnist astutely combines history and global politics to help us better understanding the exploding number of military, political, and diplomatic crises around the globe. The riveting and illuminating behind-the-scenes stories of the world's most intense “red lines," from diplomatic and military challenges at particular turning points in history to the ones that set the tone of geopolitics today. Whether it was the red line in Munich that led to the start of the Second World War, to the red lines in the South China Sea, the Korean Peninsula, Syria and the Middle East. As we traverse the globe, Andelman uses original documentary research, previously classified material, and interviews with key players, to help us understand the growth, the successes and frequent failures that have shaped our world today. Andelman provides not just vivid historical context, but a political anatomy of these red lines. How might their failures be prevented going forward? When and how can such lines in the sand help preserve peace rather than tempt conflict? A Red Line in the Sand is a vital examination of our present and the future—where does diplomacy end and war begin? It is an object lesson of tantamount importance to every leader, diplomat, citizen, and voter. As America establishes more red lines than it has pledged to defend, every American should understand the volatile atmosphere and the existential stakes of the red web that encompasses the globe.

Namibia s Red Line

The Red Line, therefore, was the place where “white” settler Africa encountered the“black” African interior. The territorialdivision made manifestby thisborder had concreteconsequences for the warthatSouth Africa waged against the ...


Author: G. Miescher

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137118318

Category: History

Page: 327

View: 197

Based on archival sources and oral history, this book reconstructs a border-building process in Namibia that spanned more than sixty years. The process commenced with the establishment of a temporary veterinary defence line against rinderpest by the German colonial authorities in the late nineteenth century and ended with the construction of a continuous two-metre-high fence by the South African colonial government sixty years later. This 1250-kilometre fence divides northern from central Namibia even today. The book combines a macro and a micro-perspective and differentiates between cartographic and physical reality. The analysis explores both the colonial state's agency with regard to veterinary and settlement policies and the strategies of Africans and Europeans living close to the border. The analysis also includes the varying perceptions of individuals and populations who lived further north and south of the border and describes their experiences crossing the border as migrant workers, African traders, European settlers and colonial officials. The Red Line's history is understood as a gradual process of segregating livestock and people, and of constructing dichotomies of modern and traditional, healthy and sick, European and African.

Redline Rebels

“Sauli used to complain about starship captains pushing their ships beyond the red line.” “All ships have a maximum capacity, even this one,” Lyth said. “No offence,” he told Lyric, who smiled complacently.


Author: Cameron Cooper

Publisher: Stories Rule Press

ISBN: 9781774383728

Category: Fiction

Page: 275

View: 162

Danny and the Carinad worlds fight for survival. War is upon them. The underdog Carinad forces face an enemy who knows nothing but war, whose culture is built upon the glory of battle. As the Slavers fall upon the vulnerable Carinad worlds, Danny and her allies struggle to find a way out of the no-win scenario they face… Redline Rebels is the eighth and final book in the Iron Hammer space opera science fiction series by award-winning SF author Cameron Cooper. The Iron Hammer series is a spin off from the acclaimed Imperial Hammer series, and features many of the characters and situations from that series. The Iron Hammer series: 1.0: Galactic Thunder 2.0: Stellar Storm 3.0: Planetary Parlay 4.0: Waxing War 5.0: Ruled Out 6.0: Stranger Stars 7.0: Federal Force 8.0: Redline Rebels Space Opera Science Fiction Novel __ Praise for Cameron’s Imperial Hammer series: I love sci-fi and this story makes me love it even more. I am in awe of the writing ability and imagination of Cameron Cooper. Before reading any of this author's work, I would have stated I did not really like science fiction. THAT has changed. It's full of action from beginning to end. Brilliant and intricate. Many memorable characters – but my favorite is Varg. Twists and turns so you’re never really sure what is going on behind the scenes. I am so enthralled with the series that I am impatient for the release of the next book. Cameron somehow describes scenes in ways that make me feel like I am actually present This story truly does justice to the legacies of the greats, like Orson Scott Card and Frank Herbert. Edge of your seat action will keep you captivated until the final page!! _ Cameron Cooper is the author of the Imperial Hammer series, an Amazon best-selling space opera series, among others. Cameron tends to write space opera short stories and novels, but also roams across the science fiction landscape. Cameron was raised on a steady diet of Asimov, Heinlein, Herbert, McCaffrey, and others. Peter F. Hamilton, John Scalzi, Martha Wells and Cory Doctorow are contemporary heroes. An Australian Canadian, Cam lives near the Canadian Rockies.