The Roar of the Butterflies

Luton in the grip of a sweltering summer is a pretty sedentary place–which is bad for the private detective business.


Author: Reginald Hill

Publisher: Anchor Canada

ISBN: 9780385672634

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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Luton in the grip of a sweltering summer is a pretty sedentary place–which is bad for the private detective business. Thieves, fraudsters and philanderers take the month off and the only swingers in town are the ones to be found on the 19th hole of the Royal Hoo Golf Course. The civilized reputation of the “Hoo” is in trouble, however. Shocking allegations of cheating have been directed at one of its leading members, Chris Porphyry. When Chris turns to Joe Sixsmith, PI, he’s more than willing to help. . .well, he hasn’t got any other clients…only Joe hadn’t counted on being charmed, kissed and then dangled out of a window all in the same day! Before long, though, Joe is on the trail of a conspiracy that starts with missing balls, and ends with murder. . .

Dinosaurs Roar Butterflies Soar

With a lively text and vibrant paper-collage illustrations, award-winning author Bob Barner brings us a wonderful look at the amazing history of butterflies, and how their lives intersected with the dinosaurs millions of years ago.


Author: Bob Barner

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 9781452113777

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

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What are as light as a feather and as old as the dinosaurs? Butterflies! With a lively text and vibrant paper-collage illustrations, award-winning author Bob Barner brings us a wonderful look at the amazing history of butterflies, and how their lives intersected with the dinosaurs millions of years ago. Readers will be fascinated to discover that when they stop to admire a beautiful butterfly, a dinosaur may have once done the same! This gorgeous, rollicking, informative book is sure to become a favorite of budding scientists everywhere.

Butterflies and Fairies

What made it more strange was, that, as night came on, he heard the hoarse
barking of sea-lions, and their noise, mixed up with the roar of the waves, was
terrific. " He trembled in the darkness, half fearing that the stone monster he had
seen ...


Author: Mary Albert


ISBN: OXFORD:590011183

Category: Animal welfare

Page: 224

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Little Roar s Five Butterflies

A playtime book with chunky chunky shaped tabs, butterflies to count and a slider surprise.


Author: Jo Lodge

Publisher: Hodder Children's Books

ISBN: 1444904817

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 20

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Join Little Roar and his friends in an interactive counting story with play tabs that's perfect for preschool children Little Roar is trying to count the busy butterflies but they keep whizzing away through the jungle. Toddlers will love lifting the chunky tabs to count the five colorful butterflies and sliding out the final page for a special surprise!

Byzantine Butterflies

Thirty years ago , ' yells George above the roar of the engine , there were no trees
; nothing but rock . This forest is all part of the government's reforestation program
. ' ' Useful for retsina ! ' shouts Demetrios . Up and up we climb , twisting this ...


Author: David Lewis

Publisher: Overlook Books

ISBN: STANFORD:36105012426461

Category: Art

Page: 160

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The Contises were recently the focus of an exhibition at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, and that exhibition was the catalyst for this volume. The author recounts the lives of the two self-taught painters, husband and wife, and discusses their colorful, vital works. His narrative is accompanied by 40 color plates and 80 bandw illustrations, including some historical photographs of Pittsburgh-- which was the artists' home--and of shrines, churches, and villages in the Peloponnese--which forged their outlook. 9.75x9.75" Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Butterflies of Bali

Soft is the strain when zephyr gently blows , And the smooth stream in smoother
numbers flows ; But when loud surges lash the sounding shore , The hoarse ,
rough verse should like the torrent roar : When Ajax strives some rock ' s vast
weight ...


Author: Victor Mason


ISBN: UOM:39015067716145

Category: Butterflies

Page: 136

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The Butterflies of the Province

exclaimed her mistress in a voice like the roar of cannon . “ You will put those
flowers in water directly . " Trumper could only obey . This was the bitter fruit of
her endeavors , to succeed for Doña ... sent his ( 107 ) The Butterflies of the


Author: Honor Tracy


ISBN: UCAL:B4948660


Page: 207

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A Cageful of Butterflies

The sight of Bill Cooper's Mercedes roaring past in a cloud of dust hardened her
resolve . He was one of the worst . “ It's about Jean . Jean Saunderson , ” she
added , as if anyone might be in doubt . “ I'm worried about her , out there on the ...


Author: Lesley Beake


ISBN: IND:30000004349456

Category: Authors, South African

Page: 99

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This is one a series of original stories designed for the 12 to 16 age-group. All the stories have a strong African flavour.

The Butterflies and Moths of Bedfordshire

These were the dispersal areas for the munitions for the 8th Airforce bomber
bases at Chelveston , Kimbolton , Little Staughton , Thurleigh and Podington . For
a few years the peace of rural Bedfordshire was shattered by the roar of Flying ...


Author: Vic. W. Arnold


ISBN: CORNELL:31924073944138

Category: Butterflies

Page: 408

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Butterflies in Amber

As the sound died a pause profound ensuedAnd then a voice came , sayi “ It is
done ! ” And all the hosts of heaven , like the roar Of many waters , echo'd , “ It is
done ! ” Then suddenly the sun and moon and stars Went out 62 BUTTERFLIES
IN ...


Author: Francis Wyman


ISBN: UCD:31175035250185

Category: Australian poetry

Page: 245

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Dream Lives of Butterflies

Marybeth slams her foot down hard on the accelerator , the Vette growls then
purrs into its sudden speed . Move over , Miz Luck , I need some elbow room
here . Are we running away ? Lucy shouts over the roar of the accelerating
engine .


Author: Jaimee Wriston Colbert

Publisher: Bkmk Pr/Umkc

ISBN: STANFORD:36105124261533

Category: Fiction

Page: 264

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"21 linked short stories set in 20th and 21st century St. Louis, Missouri, Hawai'i, and Illinois. Characters include a lepidopterist and her mother with dementia; a pregnant teenager; a bipolar man and the homeless, aspiring model he shelters; a middle-ag

Vultures and Butterflies

Faith ! ” I yelled , trying to make myself heard over the roar of the engines . “ Do
you have a plastic bag ? " The priest , well prepared for such emergencies ,
heard me and handed one back . I heaved into the bag , trying not to miss as the
plane ...


Author: Susan Classen

Publisher: Herald Press (VA)

ISBN: 0836136071

Category: Religion

Page: 183

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Susan Classen's nine years in Bolivia and El Salvador brought intense personal experiences -- an appendicitis attack in an isolated Bolivian village, being arrested and caught in cross fire in El Salvador, and challenging relationships. Identifying with survivors of poverty and oppression raised questions about nonviolence and God's presence in the midst of suffering. Classen's personal losses and life in war-torn El Salvador overwhelmed her. While on retreat for several months, she remembered the day she saw butterflies dancing near vultures in search of cadavers. Through that image she identified the theme of contradictions and realized she was living the biblical truth that hope springs from suffering, life from death, and strength from weakness.

Barking at Butterflies and Other Stories

There was a pale , sickly smile on his mouth , as though he hadn ' t expected this
kind of backfire . “ Look , ” he said , but his voice was drowned out in the roar of
the kids as they rushed forward with Jimbo . Ronnie turned and tried to run for his


Author: Evan Hunter

Publisher: Five Star (ME)

ISBN: 078622536X

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

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Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Evan Hunter also writes under the pen name Ed McBain. Evan Hunter wrote the screenplays for Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds and Strangers When We Meet, and the novel The Blackboard Jungle. As Ed McBain, he has written fifty 87th Precinct novels, the blueprint series for police procedurals. His short stories take you onto the gritty and violent streets of the city and into the darkest places in the human mind. This collection of eleven stories showcases the mastery for which the San Diego Union-Tribune dubs him the unquestioned king.

In the Roar of the Sea

... butterflies on them , the mirror blotched with damp , the inlaid wafer - box and
ruler , the old snuffer - tray . Her eyes filled with tears . A gathering together into
one room of old trifles did not make that strange room to be home . It was the
father ...


Author: Sabine Baring-Gould


ISBN: NYPL:33433107802906

Category: English fiction

Page: 407

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The Municipal and Public Services Journal

Like King John , they have their little ways : many of them play golf , and like P. G.
Wodehouse , have been disturbed while putting by the roar of butterflies from an
adjoining meadow . It is not this perfectly natural allergy that makes treasurers ...




ISBN: MINN:31951002439684M

Category: Local government


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Municipal Journal Public Works Engineer Contractor s Guide

Butterflies on the rates ? are STRANGELY enough , treasurers usually
comparatively normal people . ... of them play golf , and like P. G. Wodehouse ,
have been disturbed while putting by the roar of butterflies from an adjoining
meadow .




ISBN: UOM:39015084476921

Category: Municipal government


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Winter Butterflies in Bolinas

This tree is within sight and sound of the surf which perhaps reminds the
butterflies of the roar of rushing streams and waterfalls in the mountains whence
they came . Is it inadvantage of some especial tree which guides them in their
choice ?


Author: Mary D. Barber


ISBN: UCAL:$B260590

Category: Butterflies

Page: 18

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The Pursuit of Moths and Butterflies

It was a marvellous sight , as from time to time the thick atmosphere became one
mass of lurid fire from the lightning , and the simultaneous roar of the thunder was
quite deafening . For we were in it , and it was all around us , and the torrential ...


Author: Patrick Matthews


ISBN: MINN:31951000403206E

Category: Butterflies

Page: 141

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Dance of the Butterflies

Their roar is like the din of those women as they grimly full their cloth . 20
SOURCE : KKS 151 , in Kojima , Kokufū ankoku jidai no bungaku , vol . 3 , pt . II ,
pp . 3437 - 56 ; zatsugon in irregular meter , twenty - eight lines in length . TITLE :
The ...


Author: Judith N. Rabinovitch

Publisher: Cornell East Asia Series

ISBN: UVA:X030118184

Category: Poetry

Page: 278

View: 251

The composition of Chinese poetry (kanshi) in the Japanese court dates to the mid-seventh century. During the Heian age (794-1185), kanshi emerged as one of two preeminent poetic genres employed by aristocrats, scholar-officials, and priests; over the centuries it developed into one of Japan's most enduring literary forms. This anthology, comprising some 300 kanshi by 80 poets, is the largest collection of translated kanshi ever produced. It includes an introduction to the kanshi genre, biographies of the poets, and extensive annotations. The poems sketch a graceful panorama of life in the Heian capital and in the provinces, offering rare glimpses into the private concerns, tastes, and aspirations of the well-born people of the times.Kanshi continued to flourish in Japan through early modern times, remaining vital down to the Taisho era (1912-1926). Its longevity was partly a function of its permeation to the townsmen class and to a larger range of female practitioners. Although the era of kanshicomposition has passed, some 5 million Japanese continue to participate in kanshirecitation circles. While Japanese vernacular literature has been studied extensively and is relatively well-known in the West, kanshi have received little scholarly attention in either Japan or abroad. It is hoped that the present anthology will bring this important genre more squarely into both the mainstream of Japanese studies and the consciousness of Western readers.


Sitting in his palace gardens one day , he espied a pair of butterflies arguing as
they fluttered above him in a camphor - tree . ' All I have to do is stamp my foot
and Suleiman's palace will disappear , ' the male butterfly was boasting to his
wife .


Author: Linda Sonntag


ISBN: STANFORD:36105119727431

Category: Butterflies

Page: 54

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