The Round Table





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The Round Table

LIBRARIES THE ROUND TABLE CALCAGO , ILL New Series . No. 1 . New York , Saturday , September 9 , 1865 . Price { final Year , in Advance . Single , . 9 CONTENTS . orous Briton prince ; but if there be any chivalry in Here we sing our ...




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Superheroes of the Round Table

Bob Layton (who we last saw as the finish artist and co-plotter on Iron Man) returned to the Arthurian era with Dark Knight ofthe Round Table, capitalizing on Batman's nickname, “the Dark Knight,” for a two-issue story published in 1999 ...


Author: Jason Tondro

Publisher: McFarland

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Few scholars nursed on the literary canon would dispute that knowledge of Western literature benefits readers and writers of the superhero genre. This analysis of superhero comics as Romance literature shows that the reverse is true—knowledge of the superhero romance has something to teach critics of traditional literature. Establishing the comic genre as a cousin to Arthurian myth, Spenser, and Shakespeare, it uses comics to inform readings of The Faerie Queene, The Tempest, Malory’s Morte and more, while employing authors like Ben Johnson to help explain comics by Alan Moore, Jack Kirby, and Grant Morrison and characters like Iron Man, the Hulk, the X-Men, and the Justice League. Scholars of comics, medieval and Renaissance literature alike will find it appealing.

The Round Table Movement and the Fall of the Second British Empire 1909 1919

134 Being a Liberal internationalist, Zimmern became increasingly critical of the Round Table, resigning from the movement in 1922 on the ground that his friends “theorized about a whole without knowing the parts,” and were “subservient ...


Author: Andrea Bosco

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

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In spite of the general phobia of federalism, there is a strong federalist trend within British political culture. In three very different historical contexts, federalism inspired the action of political movements such as the Imperial Federation League, the Round Table and the Federal Union. Indeed, it was regarded as the solution to problems arising from the first signs of the possible collapse of Great Britain and its Empire. The Round Table Movement played a particularly interesting role in this regard, attempting to reverse the rapid and inexorable decline of the British Empire. It was a political organisation with roots in all the major peripheries of the Empire and almost unlimited financial resources. This volume discusses the strategies and means employed by the group in order to maintain the British Empire’s global prominence. The book’s main argument is that we did not have a “British century” – the nineteenth – and an “American century” – the twentieth – but, rather, four centuries of Anglo–Saxon supremacy, which witnessed the affirmation of the national principle – expression of the Continental political tradition – and its overcoming through its opposite, the federal principle, the expression of the insular political tradition.

The Knights at the Round Table

ofthe circle and coming to a point in the center. Sprinkle 1/3 ofthe filling over the entire circle. Beginning at the 1 1/2-inch side of a triangle, roll the dough to the center point. Place the rolled rugelach on an ungreased cookie ...


Author: Judith Knight

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The Knights at the Round Table is a collection of humorous tales and fabulous, easy-to-prepare recipes guaranteed to fill your homes with love, laughter, and satisfied appetites. The time tested recipes and fresh new ones bring: the warmth of family traditions; the personal touch of shared recipes from friends; and delightful new dishes created from the author’s travels and dining experiences. This eclectic collection of recipes have their origins in various parts of the world including America, Italy, Mexico, Central and Eastern Europe, and Spain. Because of changing lifestyles and the eating habits of health-conscious friends, the author has included some vegan and vegetarian dishes and pointed out ways you can change regular recipes to meatless fare. Recognizing that our fast paced world has created a need for two kinds of cooking—“weeknight” and “weekend” meals—the author included both. Weeknight eating requires quick, easy-to-prepare meals and weekend dining and entertaining calling for slightly more elaborate but still easy-to-prepare fare. The Knights at the Round Table serves up a plentiful helping of appetizers, soups, bread, salads, light dishes, entrées, sides, and a generous mixture of incredible desserts to satisfy both those needs. It offers something for everyone to enjoy! The author’s instructions are easy to follow and are blended together with tips that simplify and explain methods of food preparations that make once difficult tasks actually quite easy. Her real life tales will delight, amuse, and inform you…some will have you laughing as you cook! Meals will never be the same as you savor the mouth-watering dishes in The Knights at the Round Table.

The Cats of the Round Table

“We need to have a private meeting tonight on top of the Round Table?” asked Comet. “I understand, I will see you later,” replied Alchemy kindly. Comet then decided to leave the Great Hall and go up to the battlement to rest.


Author: Paul Mills

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

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Set during King Arthur’s rule around 450AD. King Arthur, Queen Guinevere. Merlin, Lady Morgana (Arthur’s evil sister) and all the Knights of the Round Table own cats! All twelve of these cats decide to go on an adventure in search of the Holy Grail, because King Arthur and his knights can never find it! King Arthur’s cat is called: Comet. Queen Guinevere’s cat is called: Mistletoe. Merlin’s cat is called: Alchemy. Lady Morgana’s cat is called: Storm. The following knights have a cat each: Sir Lancelot has a cat called: Spirit. Sir Galahad has cat called: Holly. Sir Gawain has a cat called: Shadow. Sir Mordred has a cat called: Victor. Sir Perceval has a cat called: Poppy. Sir Bors has a cat called: Hunter. Sir Bedivere has a cat called: Battle. Sir Agravain has a cat called: Star.

The Mice of the Round Table 2 Voyage to Avalon

Tonight, Madame von Mandrake and Sir Alric were busy moving the banquet tables into the garden. ... Kensington was bent over the platter that served as the mice's Round Table, surrounded by scrolls from their library.


Author: Julie Leung

Publisher: Bonnier Publishing Fiction Ltd.

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'A winning new adventure featuring a stalwart warrior mouse, heroic knights and magical Camelot' KIRKUS A mysterious curse sparks a dangerous quest in the second story in Julie Leung's epic adventure series set below the floorboards of Camelot. Young mouse Calib Christopher has nearly completed his training to become a squire to the Knights of Camelot when news of a deadly plague reaches the castle. Soon all of Camelot is showing signs of the illness, animals and humans alike. Desperate to find a cure, Calib and his friend Cecily set off on a voyage to find the healing land of Avalon. But even as their journey takes them over land and sea, back at home, Calib's human friend Galahad discovers that the true enemy may have already found a way inside the castle walls . . . Magic. Legend. Epic adventure.

The Romance of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table

At the vigil of Pentecost, when all the fellowship of the Round Table were come unto Camelot and there heard their service, and the tables were set ready to the meat, right so entered into the hall a full fair gentlewoman on horseback, ...


Author: Sir Thomas Malory


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Nights of the round table or Stories of aunt Jane and her friends by the author of The diversions of Hollycot

Only one more evening remained in which , at this time , the circle of the ROUND - TABLE could be enlivened with “ Stories ; ” and an amicable discussion arose whether the last should be an Instructive , an Amusing , or a Biographical ...


Author: Christian Isobel Johnstone


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Edward III s Round Table at Windsor

The House of the Round Table and the Windsor Festival of 1344 Julian Munby, Richard Barber, Richard Brown. to sit at it . At the end of the inaugural feast , the knights tell the king that they have no wish to leave the table , and say ...


Author: Julian Munby

Publisher: Boydell Press

ISBN: 1843833913

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A dramatic archaeological find at Windsor Castle reveals Edward III's 'House of the Round Table', designed to show off Edward's power and prestige at a crucial moment in his attempts to lay claim to the throne of France.