The Routledge International Handbook of Shared Parenting and Best Interest of the Child

"This interdisciplinary volume offers international perspectives on the crucial question of whether the Best Interest of the Child should be the primary consideration to decide child custody cases in case of divorce or separation, or ...


Author: José Manuel de Torres Perea


ISBN: 0367691450

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"This interdisciplinary volume offers international perspectives on the crucial question of whether the Best Interest of the Child should be the primary consideration to decide child custody cases in case of divorce or separation, or whether it should be one of a range of primary considerations. With expert contributions from psychological, sociological and legal perspectives, it explores complex dilemmas inherent in shared custody and whether the advantages it offers children are sufficient. It will be essential reading for scholars and graduate students in law, psychology, sociology, and economics interested in shared parenting and family law"--

The Routledge International Handbook of Shared Parenting and Best Interest of the Child

However, it could be observed that the aspect of the child's best interests as a substantive right is not adequately emphasized. While the Family Code explicitly adheres to the principle of the best interests of the child, ...


Author: José Manuel de Torres Perea

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000389371

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 500

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This multidisciplinary volume offers an essential, comprehensive study of perspectives on the scope and application of the best interests of the child and focuses mainly on its application in relation to child custody. With expert contributions from psychological, sociological and legal perspectives, it offers scientific analysis and debate on whether it should be the primary consideration in deciding child custody cases in cases of divorce or separation or whether it should be one of several primary considerations. It explores complex dilemmas inherent in shared parenting and whether the advantages it offers children are sufficient when compared to attributing custody to one parent and limiting visitation rights of the other. Offering a comprehensive analysis of this complex topic, chapters provide detailed insight into the current state of research in this area, as well as expert guidelines aimed at resolving the controversies when parents agree or disagree over their children’s living arrangements. Cutting-edge topics explored include: transnational shared parenting; alternative dispute resolution; breastfeeding parents; religious disputes between parents and the psychological, social and economic factors that affect shared parenting. The Routledge International Handbook of Shared Parenting and Best Interest of the Child will be essential reading for scholars and graduate students in law, psychology, sociology and economics interested in shared parenting and family law.

Routledge Handbook of International Family Law

Shared parenting seeks to ensure the continuing involvement of both parents in the child's life, something supported wholeheartedly by the CRC, provided that course is in the child's best interests. While proponents of shared parenting ...


Author: Barbara Stark

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317043119

Category: Law

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Globalisation, and the vast migrations of capital and labour that have accompanied it in recent decades, has transformed family law in once unimaginable ways. Families have been torn apart and new families have been created. Borders have become more porous, allowing adoptees and mail order brides to join new families and women fleeing domestic violence to escape from old ones. People of different nationalities marry, have children, and divorce, not necessarily in that order. They file suits in their respective home states or third states, demanding support, custody, and property. Otherwise law-abiding parents risk jail in desperate efforts to abduct their own children from foreign ex-spouses. The aim of this Handbook is to provide scholars, postgraduate students, judges, and practioners with a broad but authoritative review of current research in the area of International Family Law. The contributors reflect on a range of jurisdictions and legal traditions and their approaches vary. Each chapter has a distinct subject matter and was written by an author who was invited because of his or her expertise on that subject. This volume provides a valuable contribution to emerging understandings of the subject.

Routledge Handbook of Family Law and Policy 2nd edition

66 See, for example, B.D. Allen, J.M. Nunley and A. Seals, 'The Effects of Joint-Child-Custody Legislation on the ... the Protection of the Best Interests of the Child after Partnership Breakdown in Spain', International Journal of Law, ...


Author: John Eekelaar

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000096507

Category: Law

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Changes in family structures, demographics, social attitudes and economic policies over the last sixty years have had a large impact on family lives and correspondingly on family law. The second edition of this Handbook draws upon recent developments to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date global perspective on the policy challenges facing family law and policy round the world.The chapters apply legal, sociological, demographic and social work research to explore the most significant issues that have been commanding the attention of family law policy-makers in recent years. Featuring contributions from a range of renowned global experts, the book draws on multiple jurisdictions and offers comparative analysis across a range of countries. The book addresses a range of issues including the role of the state in supporting families and protecting the vulnerable, children’s rights and parental authority, sexual orientation, same-sex unions and gender in family law, the status of marriage and other forms of adult relationships. It also focuses on divorce and separation and their consequences, the relationship between civil law and the law of minority groups, refugees, migrants and movement of family members between jurisdictions along with assisted conception, surrogacy and adoption. This advanced level reference work will be essential reading for students, researchers and scholars of family law and social policy as well as policy makers in the field.

Children Human Rights and Temporary Labour Migration

these CRC rights that, unless shown otherwise, it is in a child's best interests to be with and raised by their parents. ... Handbook of Children's Rights Global and Multidisciplinary Perspectives (Routledge, 2017) 53.


Author: Rasika Ramburuth Jayasuriya

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000418743

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 322

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This book focuses on the neglected yet critical issue of how the global migration of millions of parents as low-waged migrant workers impacts the rights of their children under international human rights law. The work provides a systematic analysis and critique of how the restrictive features of policies governing temporary labour migration interfere with provisions of the Convention on the Rights of the Child that protect the child-parent relationship and parental role in children’s lives. Combining social and legal research, it identifies both potential harms to children’s well-being caused by prolonged child-parent separation and State duties to protect this relationship, which is deliberately disrupted by temporary labour migration policies. The book boldly argues that States benefitting from the labour of migrant workers share responsibility under international human rights law to mitigate harms to the children of these workers, including by supporting effective measures to maintain transnational child-parent relationships. It identifies measures to incorporate children’s best interests into temporary labour migration policies, offering ways to reduce interferences with children’s family rights. This book fills a gap that emerges at the intersection of child rights studies, migration research and existing literature on the purported nexus between labour migration and international development. It will be a valuable resource for academics, researchers and policymakers working in these areas.

Family Law and Personal Life

England and Wales now has a presumption that 'involvement by each parent in the life of the child concerned will further the ... where a decision is directly about a child's upbringing, the 'best interests' principle, properly applied, ...


Author: John Eekelaar

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780192543837

Category: Law

Page: 208

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Developments in the law, scholarship, and research since 2006 form a substantial part of the second edition of this book which sets the governance of personal relationships in the context of the exercise of social and personal power. Its central argument is that this power is counterbalanced by the presence of individual rights. This entails an analysis of the nature and deployment of rights, including human rights, and children's rights. Against that background, the book examines the values of friendship, truth, respect, and responsibility, and how the values of individualism co-exist with those of the community in an open society. It argues that central to these values is respecting the role of intimacy in personal relationships. In doing this, a variety of issues are examined, including the legal regulation of married and unmarried relationships, same-sex marriage, state supervision over the inception and exercise of parenthood (including surrogacy and assisted reproductive technology), the role of fault and responsibility in divorce law, children's rights and welfare, religion and family rights, the rights of separated partners regarding property and of separated parents regarding their children, and how states should respond to cultural diversity.

The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of the Social Mind

Young children consider merit when sharing resources with others. PLoS One, 7(8), e43979. Kellman, P.J. & Arterberry, M. E. (2006). Perceptual development. The handbook of child psychology: Cognition, Perception, and Language, 6, ...


Author: Julian Kiverstein

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781315530161

Category: Philosophy

Page: 574

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The idea that humans are by nature social and political animals can be traced back to Aristotle. More recently, it has also generated great interest and controversy in related disciplines such as anthropology, biology, psychology, neuroscience and even economics. What is it about humans that enabled them to construct a social reality of unrivalled complexity? Is there something distinctive about the human mind that explains how social lives are organised around conventions, norms, and institutions? The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of the Social Mind is an outstanding reference source to the key topics and debates in this exciting subject and is the first collection of its kind. An international team of contributors present perspectives from diverse areas of research in philosophy, drawing on comparative and developmental psychology, evolutionary anthropology, cognitive neuroscience, and behavioural economics. The thirty-two original chapters are divided into five parts: The evolution of the social mind: including the social intelligence hypothesis, co- evolution of culture and cognition, ethnic cognition, and cooperation; Developmental and comparative perspectives: including primate and infant understanding of mind, shared intentionality, and moral cognition; Mechanisms of the moral mind: including norm compliance, social emotion, and implicit attitudes; Naturalistic approaches to shared and collective intentionality: including joint action, team reasoning and group thinking, and social kinds; Social forms of selfhood and mindedness: including moral identity, empathy and shared emotion, normativity and intentionality. Essential reading for students and researchers in philosophy of mind and psychology, The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of the Social Mind is also suitable for those in related disciplines such as social psychology, cognitive neuroscience, economics and sociology.

Criminal Justice in Transition

Fundamentally, this means responding to all under18s as 'children', entitled to nonstigmatising support in which the primary consideration is the best interests of the child and the objective is their personal, social and educational ...


Author: Anne-Marie McAlinden

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781509900541

Category: Law

Page: 352

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This book represents a critical examination of key aspects of crime and criminal justice in Northern Ireland which will have resonance elsewhere. It considers the core aspects of criminal justice policy-making in Northern Ireland which are central to the process of post-conflict transition, including reform of policing, judicial decision-making and correctional services such as probation and prisons. It examines contemporary trends in criminal justice in Northern Ireland and various dimensions of crime relating to female offenders, young offenders, sexual and violent offenders, community safety and restorative justice. The book also considers the extent to which crime and criminal justice issues in Northern Ireland are being affected by the broader processes of 'policy transfer', globalisation and transnationalism and the extent to which criminal justice in Northern Ireland is divergent from the other jurisdictions in the United Kingdom. Written by leading international authorities in the field, the book offers a snapshot of the cutting edge of critical thinking in criminal justice practice and transitional justice contexts.

Learning Forensic Assessment

A critical review of child custody evaluation reports. ... Critique of child custody evaluations by the legal profession. ... From the rule of one to shared overnight parenting: Custody presumptions in law and policy.


Author: Rebecca Jackson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317681236

Category: Psychology

Page: 530

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Major developments in the field since the publication of Learning Forensic Assessment are integrated in this revised edition, including revised editions of the DSM-5, HCR-20 scale, and child custody guidelines. This textbook is designed for graduate students learning forensic assessment and psychologists coming to forensic practice later in their careers. It is organized around five broad areas: Professional and Practice Issues, Adult Forensic Assessment, Juvenile Forensic Assessment, Civil Forensic Assessment, and Communicating Your Findings. Each chapter begins with a strong teaching and learning foundation. The latter part of each chapter is assessment specific, covering available assessment measures and approaches to assessment. The authors go well beyond simple descriptions of assessment measures and provide a conceptual discussion of the evaluation process that helps the reader understand how assessment measures fit into the overall evaluation process. The evaluation component is geared toward assessing the important aspects of the construct as laid out in the early part of each chapter. Each chapter then concludes with a case example to illustrate the measures and techniques described.

Maternity Services and Policy in an International Context

Sweden isavery goodplace tohavea baby,in large partdue to themany welfarepolicies and services thathelp to create asecure and supportive environment for womenandtheir children. Asa social democracy, universalbenefits are basedon ...


Author: Patricia Kennedy

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317812418

Category: Political Science

Page: 282

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This book is the first comprehensive international overview of maternity services. Drawing on concepts of risk and social citizenship, it explores the relationship between welfare regimes and health policy by comparing and contrasting provision for childbearing women. Each substantive chapter focuses on a different country, presenting detailed contextual information on health care provision, maternity interventions and birth outcomes there. They discuss key issues such as birth rates and fertility patterns, the role of patient choice, attitudes to place of birth and maternity entitlements among others, and the countries covered represent diverse welfare regimes, including Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. An extended introduction and a conclusion draw the book together and place it in the context of the literature on comparative welfare regimes. It is an important reference for students and academics interested in comparative social policy, health services research, and maternity services and policies.