The Rules of Arrangement

Especially arranged marriage? Hah! Perish the thought! Because Arranged Marriage Rule No. 2: The girl must be chaste, no matter how wanton the boy is. Chaste, as in minimal number of boyfriends, zilch being the optimum count.


Author: Anisha Bhatia

Publisher: Crooked Lane Books

ISBN: 9781643856933

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Uzma Jalaluddin's Ayesha at Last meets Jane Igharo's Ties That Tether in this own voices comedy of manners set in Mumbai where modernity jostles with tradition. Zoya Sahni has a great education, a fulfilling job and a loving family (for the most part). But she is not the perfect Indian girl. She's overweight, spunky and dark-skinned in a world that prizes the slim, obedient and fair. At 26 she is hurtling toward her expiration date in Mumbai's arranged marriage super-mart, but when her auntie's matchmaking radar hones in on the Holy Grail of suitors--just as Zoya gets a dream job offer in New York City--the girl who once accepted her path as almost option-less must now make a choice of a lifetime. Big-hearted with piercing social commentary, The Rules of Arrangement tells a powerful, irresistibly charming and oh-so relatable tale of a progressive life that won't be hemmed in by outdated rules. But not without a few cultural casualties, and of course, an accidental love story along the way.

The Rules of Arrangement

Big-hearted and with piercing social commentary, The Rules of Arrangement tells a powerful, irresistibly charming, and oh-so relatable tale of a progressive life that won't be hemmed in by outdated rules-but not without a few cultural ...


Author: Anisha Bhatia


ISBN: 1666501875

Category: Arranged marriage


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Design Rules for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine with Tooth Coil Winding Arrangement

of pulsation torque of two fractional slot winding arrangements and three permanent magnet rotor arrangements. The basic design parameters are slot opening, ratio of pole arc to pole pitch (pole coverage). These design parameters are ...


Author: Ahamed Bilal Asaf Ali

Publisher: Cuvillier Verlag

ISBN: 9783736947702

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 196

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This thesis presents the generic rules for permanent magnet synchronous machine (PMSM) with tooth coil winding arrangement. The generic rules concentrates on minimized cogging torque and torque ripple. The geometries considered in this thesis are two different tooth coil winding arrangements and three different rotor types to formulate the design rules. The occurrence of parasitic torque in the PMSM is classified from the origin of harmonic sources. The cogging torque and torque ripple are derived analytically using the stator current sheet distribution, the rotor field distribution and the permeance functions. The detailed torque analysis are performed in Finite Element Method (FEM) for different slot opening and magnet pole coverage. The 2D harmonics analysis approach is used to predict the sources of the harmonics. The torque is reconstructed from the selected harmonics combinations and are compared with the pulsating torque obtained directly from the FEM. The harmonic sources of pulsating torque are also validated with prototype for a geometry. The investigations on pulsating torque are extended to other operating points such as field weakening and half load condition. Finally, the generic design rules are suggested for PMSM with tooth coil winding arrangement. In addition, simplified design rules to have quick design approach and design guidelines from manufacturing point of view are suggested.

The Institutes of English Grammar Methodically Arranged

—the arrangement of words ? LESSON II . - THE RULES . How many special rules of syntax are there ? Of what do the first eighteen rules of syntax treat ? Of what do the last eight rules principally treat ? Where is the arrangement of ...


Author: Goold Brown


ISBN: NYPL:33433069257172

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Japanese Flower Arrangement

Whatever combinations are used, however, no more than three different materials may be used in any one arrangement. Basic measurement rules for lengths of principal stems and fillers have been developed for both the Moribana and Heika ...


Author: Ellen Allen

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 9781462903870

Category: Gardening

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This Japanese gardening book is a practical, concise guide to flower arranging or Ikebana. Illustrated with dozens of helpful photographs and diagrams, this flower arranging handbook provides full and comprehensive treatment of the various forms of Moribana and Heiki style arrangements. Each lesson is given in detail step by step with accompanying sketches, showing clearly what should be done as the arrangement progresses towards completion. The photographs of actual completed flower arrangements sum up beautifully the principles underlying each particular style. The purpose of this text is to acquaint the reader with elementary knowledge in a special school of flower arranging—the Japanese school-selected because it is the oldest and its teachings are perhaps the simplest, yet most effective. The text is intended for amateurs, but professional arrangers might find it useful as a refresher.

The Export Credit Arrangement Achievements and Challenges 1978 1998

Myrelationship with the Arrangement on Guidelines for Officially Supported Export Credits began in 1982, ... I was asked whether I would be interested in chairing a group that, if the proposed new tied aid rules were to be accepted, ...


Author: OECD

Publisher: OECD Publishing

ISBN: 9264163867


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In this collection of essays, participants involved with the Arrangement from its earliest days chart its evolution – its inception and progressive expansion, the difficulties encountered and problems solved.

Common property Arrangements and Scarce Resources

In order for those in the Colorado River basin to first establish and then maintain a common - property arrangement , rule breaking must be made easy to detect . Unless users ' activities are relatively open , detecting free - riding ...


Author: Edward Barbanell

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0275971732

Category: Nature

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Different kinds of resources require different property regimes. This is the central thesis of Barbanell's indepth analysis of the factual and philosophical issues surrounding water resources and water use in the American West. He argues that a regime of common ownership is a conceptually sound and politically viable alternative for this critically scarce resource.

Barbados Fifth Review Under the Extended Arrangement Request for Waiver of Nonobservance of Performance Criterion and Modification of Performance Criteria Press Release Staff Report and Statement by the Executive Director for Barbados

We will design a sound fiscal rule defining coverage, implementation, corrective mechanisms, escape clauses and institutional arrangements that are appropriate for Barbados, drawing on recent and forthcoming TA recommendations from the ...


Author: International Monetary

Publisher: International Monetary Fund

ISBN: 9781513577166

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Barbados has made good progress in implementing its Economic Recovery and Transformation (BERT) plan to restore fiscal and debt sustainability, rebuild reserves, and increase growth. International reserves have increased to US$1.3 billion at end-March 2021, supported by IFI loans. This, and a successful 2018-19 public debt restructuring, have helped rebuild confidence in the country’s macroeconomic framework. However, a virtual standstill in the tourism sector during the pandemic took a significant toll in 2020, with the economy contracting by 18 percent. While Barbados was successful in containing the outbreak during 2020, a surge in COVID-19 cases in early 2021 resulted in the country’s second national lockdown in February. Economic growth is projected at 3 percent for 2021 premised on a modest recovery of tourism in the second half of the year, but the outlook remains highly uncertain, and risks are elevated, also in light of the possible impact of recent volcanic activity in neighboring Saint Vincent.