The Spiritual Dimension of Therapeutic Touch

This guide teaches readers to rebalance the body's energy through touch, visualization, and a spiritual acceptance.


Author: Dora Kunz

Publisher: Inner Traditions / Bear & Co

ISBN: 1591430259

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 272

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During years of research and practice, Krieger and her mentor--the late medical intuitive and clairvoyant, Kunz--found illness to be caused by energy imbalance. This guide teaches readers to rebalance the body's energy through touch, visualization, and a spiritual acceptance.

The Spiritual Dimension of Therapeutic Touch

The book includes never-before-transcribed lectures by Dora Kunz, with commentary from Dolores Krieger, exploring expanded levels of consciousness as they relate to the healing process.


Author: Dora Kunz

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781591438618

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 272

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Explores the extraordinary technique that put authentic healing into the hands of health care providers • Examines the relationship between expanded levels of consciousness and the healing process • Contains healing exercises for treating common ailments such as stomachaches and back pain, and practices for managing chronic stress • Based on transcribed audiotapes of lectures by medical intuitive Dora Kunz (1904-1999), with commentary by Dolores Krieger Since 1972 Therapeutic Touch has been taught in hospitals and at universities to tens of thousands of health care professionals. The Spiritual Dimension of Therapeutic Touch provides an intimate glimpse into the life work of Dora Kunz (1904-1999), medical intuitive and fifth-generation clairvoyant, who used her gifts to reach out to others in her capacity as healer and teacher. During their years of research and healing practice together, Dolores Krieger and her mentor, Dora Kunz, found illness to be caused by specific subtle energy imbalances. The Spiritual Dimension of Therapeutic Touch teaches how to rebalance the body’s energy through touch, visualization, and a spiritual acceptance of life’s inevitable cycle. These exercises can be used both to heal physical pain and to achieve mental and spiritual peace. The authors also examine the important interconnected relationship between healer and patient. The book includes never-before-transcribed lectures by Dora Kunz, with commentary from Dolores Krieger, exploring expanded levels of consciousness as they relate to the healing process.

Spiritual Healing

With a forward by Dolores Krieger, Ph.D., R.N., and author of Therapeutic Touch, Dora Kunz, codeveloper of the healing method of Therapeutic Touch, presents the thoughts of physicians and other healers on the spiritual dimensions of medical ...


Author: Dora van Gelder Kunz

Publisher: Quest Books

ISBN: 9780835631280

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 348

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With a forward by Dolores Krieger, Ph.D., R.N., and author of Therapeutic Touch, Dora Kunz, codeveloper of the healing method of Therapeutic Touch, presents the thoughts of physicians and other healers on the spiritual dimensions of medical treatment. In this updated version of a classic among holistic health manuals, accomplished healers including Bernie Siegel, M.D., and Larry Dossey, M.D., reveal their transcendent techniques for treating the whole patient, not just the patient's symptoms. In the new chapter on pain reduction, Kunz and Dr. Erik Peper, director of the Biofeedback and Family Therapy Institute in San Francisco, present step-by-step therapy for emotional pain, acute and chronic physical pain, and the malignant pain of the dying patient. All six parts of their well-known paper "Fields and their Clinical Implications" are included. Healing for the healer is also addressed with specific suggestions that help physicians and others sustain centeredness when treating patients in pain.

Nursing Interventions

It seems clear that there is a central spiritual dimension to Therapeutic Touch that
is linked to facilitating the healing process . However , this is not clearly
explicated , and references made to the source of the healing impetus are
inconsistent .


Author: Gloria M. Bulechek

Publisher: W B Saunders Company

ISBN: UOM:39015047534493

Category: Medical

Page: 747

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The new edition of this AJN Book of the Year provides in-depth, research-based discussions of the major interventions from the Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC), along with the associated NANDA Diagnoses and Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) for each intervention. Consistent format from chapter to chapter makes the book an ideal classroom text. Uses case studies and activities to explain how to implement each intervention. Reviews the research base for 43 interventions of which are completely new to the book.

Spiritual Healing

Krieger, Dolores, The Therapeutic Touch: How to Use Your Hands to Help or
Heal, Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall 1979. ... Krippner, Stanley and Welch,
Patrick, Spiritual Dimensions of Healing: From Native Shamanism to
Contemporary ...


Author: Daniel J. Benor

Publisher: Wholistic Healing Publications

ISBN: PSU:000050574773

Category: Medical

Page: 597

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Many believe there is no scientific evidence that supports the value of spiritual healing. Daniel Benor, M.D., reveals a world of science that few knew existed. Included in this groundbreaking book are 124 scientific studies showing that spiritual healing works! Many of the controlled studies look at the effects of spiritual healing on humans; others look at its effects on plants and animals. Some of the most interesting laboratory studies demonstrate its effect on water and other materials. You'll read how many of the world's most successful healers, such as Olga Worrall, Oszkar Estebany, and Harry Edwards describe their methods and subjective experiences. A foundation is provided for understanding the mysteries inherent in such practices as laying-on of hands, focused prayer, Reiki, and Therapeutic Touch. Book jacket.

Healing Touch

The brief shift in little Paul ' s condition , physically and mentally , allowed a new
dimension of awareness to emerge . The spiritual opening to Higher Power , the
bigger picture as we might say , permitted the parents to gain a new perspective .


Author: Dorothea Hover-Kramer

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: UOM:39015034876337

Category: Touch

Page: 242

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On the leading edge of the holistic approach to healing, this comprehensive guide discusses the concepts, techniques, and applications of energy-based healing.

Textbook of Family Medicine

Geffen J : Creating optimal healing environments for patients with cancer and
their families : Insights , challenges , and lessons learned from a decade of
experience . J Altern ... Krieger D : The Spiritual Dimension of Therapeutic Touch


Author: Robert E. Rakel

Publisher: Saunders

ISBN: UCSD:31822034776179

Category: Family medicine

Page: 1581

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This updated edition contains exciting new features including RBest Evidence RecommendationsS boxes, and a free CD-ROM containing video clips of diabetes testing, stress testing, and all the illustrations from the book. It also features new chapters on complementary and alternative medicine and a visually appealing, functional four-color design and a full-color insert.


Krieger's findings related to the effects of treatment with Therapeutic Touch .
While it is not affiliated with any religion , Reiki embraces the spiritual dimension
of healing . Reiki energy flows from a superior consciousness or spirit through a
vital ...


Author: Thomas Claire

Publisher: William Morrow & Company

ISBN: PSU:000024653886

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 440

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A massage therapist offers a first person narrative account of different massage therapies, including Swedish, the Feldenkrais Method, the Alexander Technique, Rolfing, the Trager Approach, and Shiatsu

Maternity Women s Health Care

Healing touch : A resource for health care professionals . Albany , NY : Delmar .
... Accepting your power to heal : The personal practice of therapeutic touch .
Santa Fe , NM : Bear . ... The spiritual dimension of therapeutic touch . Santa Fe ,
NM ...


Author: Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk

Publisher: Mosby Incorporated

ISBN: 0323043674

Category: Medical

Page: 1188

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Accompanying CD-ROM contains ... "case studies, clinical thinking questions, videos, animations, a care plan constructor, illustrated skills, English-Spanish translations, and an audio glossary."--Page 4 of cover.

Integrating Conventional Alternative Therapies

Krippner S and Welch P : Spiritual dimensions of healing : from native
shamanism to contemporary health care , New York , 1992 , Irvington ... Krieger D
: Living the therapeutic touch : healing as a lifestyle , Wheaton , IL , 1988 , Quest
Books .


Author: Charlotte Eliopoulos

Publisher: Mosby Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015047521805

Category: Medical

Page: 339

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Your patients hear about alternative therapies for chronic conditions from a wide range of sources - some reputable and some not. Here's your opportunity to become well-informed on a variety of therapies, helping your patients take charge of their own care and outcomes, and enhancing their overall quality of life. Offers an accessible, practical reference for nurses who work with the chronically ill. Presents key concepts and principles of chronic care to help the nurse understand the unique aspects of chronic care. Approaches care of the chronically ill in a holistic manner, exploring the many variables affecting physical, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being of persons who live with chronic conditions. Describes the use, benefits, and risks of popular alternative and complementary therapies to aid the nurse in understanding the appropriateness and effectiveness of these therapies for specific conditions. Includes Care Plans for common chronic conditions that integrate alternative and complementary therapies in with the conventional therapies. Dedicates a chapter to reviewing the most common alternative and complementary therapies in use for promoting health and managing chronic disease.

Therapeutic Touch

1997. Therapeutic Touch Inner Workbook : Ventures in Transpersonal Healing .
Santa Fe , N.Mex .: Bear & Company Publishing . Krippner , S. 1992. Spiritual
Dimensions of Healing . New York : Irvington Publishers , Inc. Kunz , D. 1991.


Author: Béla Scheiber


ISBN: UCSC:32106012524788

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 360

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In the mid-1970s a new type of therapy called "therapeutic touch"(TT) was introduced into the practice of nursing. Its proponents claimed that an energy field surrounding the body could be manipulated by skilled practitioners to produce healing effects for a wide variety of illnesses. Despite the fact that there were no reliable controlled studies of TT, some nursing journals and nursing schools uncritically embraced this new direction in therapy. Today the number of nurses practicing therapeutic touch is reported by proponents to be as high as 40,000. In light of the popularity of this new therapy, a rational, critical evaluation of its effectiveness is long overdue. This anthology of research articles illuminates every aspect of the subject, including the physics of the claimed "human energy field," which is an essential component of the theory underlying TT; detailed discussions of the most recent research into the efficacy of TT; an account of the origins and history of the practice, plus a separate review of skeptics' work to shine the light of reason on it; a discussion of how archaeology and feminism have become involved in TT; several reports that present the best case for this new therapy; a discussion of the way the media have handled the topic; and a consideration of the ethical implications of this practice. Scholarly yet accessible to the lay person, this authoritative review of an important but controversial new therapy will make a valuable contribution to the libraries of nursing schools, universities, and hospitals, and should be of interest to anyone considering the use or practice of therapeutic touch.

Professional Nursing Practice

... and maintain harmony of the body , mind , and spirit . persons , include
noncontact therapeutic touch and intercessory prayer . ... Holistic nurses
recognize and emphasize the biopsychosocial and spiritual dimensions of each
person and the ...


Author: Barbara Kozier

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: UOM:39015038188341

Category: Medical

Page: 485

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To meet the demands of a dramatically changing health care system, nurses must change & grow. Now more than ever, they are challenged to be effective members of collaborative health care teams, to creatively implement strategies with clients of diverse cultural backgrounds, to manage personnel & budgets, & to understand holistic healing modalities & complementary therapies. The new third edition of Professional Nursing Practice: Concepts & Perspectives has been thoroughly revised to address topics on which students can build their repertoire of professional nursing knowledge. Authoritative & well-written, this text is especially relevant for professional nurses returning for further education or for students in BSN programs. It covers current topics such as managed care, critical thinking, & the nature of professional nursing practice today. New in this Edition * Thirteen new chapters reflect important topics in today's changing health care environment. Topics include: collaboration in health care, critical thinking & decision-making, promoting health for individuals & families, & providing care in the home & community * A new, two-color design, incorporated throughout the text, highlights important information & helps visual learners navigate through the text. * Practicing Nurse Profiles in chapters 17 & 23 provide useful "first person" perspectives as to why practitioners chose their specific practice areas, what their jobs entail, & what qualities would be necessary in these settings. * "Consider..." sections in each chapter present relevant questions or ideas for thought or group discussion. * Readings for Enrichment boxes provide annotated readings from a variety of professional sources to supplement the learner's knowledge & pique an interest in exploring new resources. * More information of special interest to the returning RN student is a new chapter on Advanced Professional Education (chapter 23). Features * A clear, professional writing style effectively engages students & clearly explains concepts. * Best selling authors of Fundamentals of Nursing, Barbara Kozier & Glenora Erb are gifted teachers with a unique ability to speak to the needs of undergraduate nursing students. Kathleen Blais, bridge program coordinator at Florida International University, brings an understanding of issues faced by RNs returning for their BSNs. * Complete & current, this text presents core concepts in professional nursing roles, process, & practice. Hallmark chapters have been completely updated including: Nursing Theories & Conceptual Frameworks; Health & Wellness; Values, Ethics & Advocacy; Legal Rights & Responsibilites; Socialization to Professional Nursing Roles; Learner & Teacher; Change Process; Nursing Process; Group Process; & Supporting Cultural Needs. * Historical perspectives of nursing are now included in chapter 1, "Perspectives of Professional Practice." * Updated nursing research notes in each chapter describe relevant studies & relate them to clinical practice. * New pedagogical features throughout the text are designed to help working students make the most of their studying time. Contents Unit 1: Nature of Professional Nursing Chapter 1 Perspectives of Professional Nursing * Chapter 2 Nursing Theories & Conceptual Frameworks * Chapter 3 Health & Wellness * Chapter 4 Collaboration in Health Care * Chapter 5 Values, Ethics, & Advocacy * Chapter 6 Legal Rights & Responsibilities Unit 2: Professional Nursing Roles Chapter 7 Socialization to Professional Nursing Roles * Chapter 8 Health Promoter * Chapter 9 Learner & Teacher * Chapter 10 Leader & Manager * Chapter 11 Research Consumer Unit 3: Processes Guiding Professional Practice Chapter 12 Critical Thinking & Decision Making * Chapter 13 Change Process * Chapter 14 Nursing Process * Chapter 15 Group Process Unit 4: Elements of Professional Practice Chapter 16 Promoting Health of Individuals & Families * Chapter 17 Providing Care in the Home & Community * Chapter 18 Supporting Cultural Needs * Chapter 19 Enhancing Healing * Chapter 20 Intervening in Crises * Chapter 21 Managing Family Violence Unit 5: Visions for the Future of Nursing Chapter 22 Professional Empowerment & Politics * Chapter 23 Advanced Nursing Education & Practice * Chapter 24 Looking Into the Future Appendixes Index

Nursing Diagnosis Handbook

Chang SO : The nature of touch therapy related to Ki : practitioners ' perspective ,
Nurs Health Sci 5 ( 2 ) : 103-114 , 2003 ... workbook , Santa Fe , NM , 1997 , Bear
and Company Kuntz D , Keriger D : The spiritual dimension of therapeutic work ...


Author: Betty J. Ackley

Publisher: Mosby

ISBN: UOM:39015074270466

Category: Medical

Page: 937

View: 136

A reference to help nursing students and practising nurses select a nursing diagnosis and write plans of care with ease and confidence. The book provides care plans for every NANDA diagnosis and provides a quick access index of appropriate nursing diagnoses for over 1200 clinical entities.

Mosby s Fundamentals of Therapeutic Massage

Healing is the restoration of wellbeing , and therapeutic applications promote a
healing environment . in a specific ... idea of professionalism in the physical ,
emotional , social , cultural , and , in some instances , spiritual dimensions of
touch .


Author: Sandy Fritz

Publisher: Mosby Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015048563244

Category: Medical

Page: 681

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"This revised version of the book examines touch as a form of communication and with great insight has expanded on the importance of those offering these forms of care being able to recognize the ways in which touch therapies can be interpreted. It is vital for massage therapists to understand touch in the context of the client's life and beliefs, culture, age, gender, religion, and health status in order that delivery may be sensitively offered and accepted. Ethics receives a justifiably expanded degree of attention in the text, accurately reflecting both the profession's own increased focus on the important topic and society's demand for excellence in the ethical arena. (Foreword, page vii).

Religion and Psychology

The spiritual approach greatly emphasizes the important role of family and
community , given that all monotheistic religions are community - based . ...
Benson ( 1996 ) [ 65 ) is more emphatic about the therapeutic touch of faith : “ I
have found that faith quiets the mind like no ... The spiritual dimensions of trauma
healing , long neglected in psychiatry , have been discussed in the light of
modern research .


Author: Michael T. Evans

Publisher: Nova Science Pub Incorporated

ISBN: STANFORD:36105215304853

Category: Psychology

Page: 338

View: 416

There has been a remarkable amount of popular and professional interest in the relationship between spirituality, religion, psychology, and health in recent years. This book begins with the importance of a critical methodology when studying the relationship between religion and psychology. Among the many topics presented is a study on the experience of contemporary peacekeepers faced with existential questions about life, death, being and the searching for meaning. Other chapters explore the relationship of holistic healing and personal development, recovery from trauma and spirituality, spirituality and a woman's ability to deal with infertility, and the relationship between a person's health and their ability to forgive.


Therapeutic touch or the “ laying on of hands ” for healing , has been a technique
popular with many nurses ( Krieger , 1979 ) ... Anxiety assessed in the spiritual
dimension may include the experience of loss or separation from that which gives


Author: Kim K. Kuebler

Publisher: Kendall Hunt Publishing Company

ISBN: UOM:39015051919143

Category: Medical

Page: 28

View: 938

Study Guide for Introduction to Medical Surgical Nursing


Author: Adrianne Dill Linton

Publisher: Saunders

ISBN: 141603787X

Category: Medical

Page: 630

View: 502

Study Guide based on the textbook chapter objectives is designed to assist students in mastering the content presented in the text and includes learning activities, multiple choice questions, and page references for each question. Includes listing, matching, labeling, completion, and multiple-choice exercises Text page references accompany each question

Healing Intention and Energy Medicine

In : Borelli M , Heidt P ( eds ) Therapeutic touch : a book of readings . Springer
Publishing , New York , pp . 56–84 McSherry E 1983 The spiritual dimension of
elder health care . Generations 8 ( 1 ) : 18-21 McSherry W , Draper P 1998 The ...


Author: Wayne B. Jonas


ISBN: UOM:39015056918298

Category: Medical

Page: 408

View: 677

This book provides a clear and authoritative summary of the results and clinical implications of research in spiritual healing, energy medicine and the effects of intentionality. Recent publications in the Archives of Internal Medicine, the Western Journal of Medicine, JAMA and the Annals of Internal Medicine have focused on prayer, distant healing and spiritual healing. Therapeutic touch is taught in many nursing schools and laying-on-of-hands and mental healing are of great interest to the public. But what is the science behind these practices? Is there any research? Is it any good? What are the implications of this research for medicine and science? How should investigation of spiritual healing proceed, if at all? These are the questions this book explores. This book derives from a project sponsored by the Lawrence S. Rockefeller for the purpose of rigorously evaluating the science of spiritual healing. To produce the book, some of the best researchers in these areas were asked to use a standard set of quality criteria for the evaluation of science and clinical research. A conference of scientists, physicians, ministers and others then reviewed and discussed this literature and addressed methods for their further evaluation. The conference was organised by the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Duke University, Wake Forest University and the Institute of Noetic Sciences. The evidence level of these areas was rated using standards established by government groups and published in JAMA for classification of the amount and quality of evidence in medicine. Each area was summarised, and clinical implications identified. Recommendations for future research and investigating the impact of healing practices in the clinical setting were also made. Provides the most authoritative discussion of the science of healing intention and energy medicine. Offers a clear analysis and assessment of research results and their relative quality. Explores the clinical implications for research results and demonstrates how they may be applied in practice. Provides guidelines for further research and study on the subject. With 21 expert contributors.


Dorothea Hover demonstrates Therapeutic Touch to conference gathering in
India . The First ... It was the spiritual dimension that allowed us to bridge the
great diversity of interests and cultures the gathering embodied . We had the
blessings ...




ISBN: NWU:35558002426639



View: 790

The Effects of Therapeutic Touch and Acupressure on Experimentally induced Pain

Otto and Knight ( 1979 ) describe wholistic healing as follows : treating the whole
person , helping the person to bring the mental / emotional , physical , social ,
and spiritual dimensions of his or her being into greater harmony . using the
basic ...


Author: Maxine Louise Mueller Hinze


ISBN: UCLA:L0073825101

Category: Analgesia

Page: 456

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