The Fourth Awakening

“What kind of a time-frame are we looking at for these Awakenings to completely take hold?” “It can be hundreds if not thousands of years.” “Thousands of years?” “Yes. After the first Awakening the adjustment period was over 100,000 ...


Author: Rod Pennington

Publisher: Integration Press LLC

ISBN: 9781572420007

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"A group of top scientists, lead by a legendary Nobel Prize winning physicist, has made a discovery so startling and with such deep religious implications that it sends shockwaves through the corridors of power around the world. As the federal government moves to suppress the research, all of those involved vanish without a trace. A mysterious call from the editor of The Washington Post starts Penelope Drayton Spence off in search of the missing scientists. After she crosses paths with enigmatic industrialist Michael Walker, Penelope becomes a fugitive in a wild, hold on tight to the edge of your seat race to expose the truth about the Hermes Project before the government can cover it up."--Publisher's description.

Shifting the Ground of Canadian Literary Studies

Milagros Paredes, like Amita Handa, was a graduate student at OISE at the time of Awakening Thunder's publication. Her biography says she is “trying to write on her own terms.” At the moment of this essay's writing, I can only assume ...


Author: Smaro Kamboureli

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 9781554583973

Category: Literary Criticism

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Shifting the Ground of Canadian Literary Studies is a collection of interdisciplinary essays that examine the various contexts—political, social, and cultural—that have shaped the study of Canadian literature and the role it plays in our understanding of the Canadian nation-state. The essays are tied together as instances of critical practices that reveal the relations and exchanges that take place between the categories of the literary and the nation, as well as between the disciplinary sites of critical discourses and the porous boundaries of their methods. They are concerned with the material effects of the imperial and colonial logics that have fashioned Canada, as well as with the paradoxes, ironies, and contortions that abound in the general perception that Canada has progressed beyond its colonial construction. Smaro Kamboureli’s introduction demonstrates that these essays engage with the larger realm of human and social practices—throne speeches, book clubs, policies of accommodation of cultural and religious differences, Indigenous thought about justice and ethics—to show that literary and critical work is inextricably related to the Canadian polity in light of transnational and global forces.

The Spiritual Awakening Guide

awakening. If you are completely non-functional know that many people experiencing Kundalini choose to take medication, during which time they educate themselves about Kundalini, receive counseling, and go see holistic practitioners to ...


Author: Mary Mueller Shutan

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781844098200

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The first modern, comprehensive resource on spiritual awakenings, this pragmatic, clear guide covers everything from the first step on a spiritual journey to enlightenment, and the different types of spiritual awakenings, from mild to dramatic, we may go through. Using the concept of the twelve layers that cover an awakened state Mary Mueller Shutan addresses every step of the spiritual journey, starting with the Self and showing how family, ancestral, past lives, karmic, archetypal, and other larger layers such as societal, cultural, global, and cosmic energies condition us to sleep and obscure our realization of an awakened state. Instructions for how to navigate through each of these layers and how to recognize where we are in our spiritual journey are included each step of the way along with common physical, emotional, and spiritual symptoms that may be experienced. By addressing post-awakening states, oneness, dark nights of the soul, ego death, near-death and severe illness, psychic abilities, addictions, dietary changes, the God self, personal and collective shadow, and psychosis vs. awakening we understand the experiences we may go through while struggling with spiritual awakenings. This practical book opens new understandings of how to live in the world while going through an awakening process, and offers the revolutionary idea that we are meant to be humans, to have a physical body with physical, sensate experiences and emotions. We are meant to live in the world and be a part of it even as fully awakened individuals. This guide proposes a look at the possibility of leading a grounded, earth-bound life of work, family, friends, and other experiences in an awakened state.

The Person Within the Awakening

time consuming friends and you, I have no time for anything.” Eddie is speechless. Jenna looks at him waiting for him to say something but she can tell that he's bothered by her words. “I understand you that you feel pressed by time .


Author: Teresa Turiano-Rambo

Publisher: AuthorHouse

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Jenna Rosenburg is a young high school student in a band called the Bloody Banana. Her life was normal until one day she runs into a stranger on the street and finds herself wrapped up in a world of magic, love and twisted affairs that surrounds her with adventure. Magical Battles, potions gone wrong, a mystical jungle and a dragon.

The Medical Social and the Forensic Psychiatric Aspects of Gerontology and Geriatric Psychiatry

Furthermore, he had described night terrors, accompanied by disorientation in space and time, which are mostly observed in children suffering from neurotic disorders and also in epileptics at the time of awakening from slow-wave sleep.


Author: Yuri Davydovich Krivoruchko

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

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In the course of the study, we have used the methodological approach to the scientific substantiation of the comprehensiveness of expert assessments of the mental state of patients-offenders suffering from cerebral-organic pathology. As a result, we have formulated the following general points: The forensic-psychiatric expert procedure is comprehensive in nature due to the participation of medical doctors, medical psychiatrists, and medical psychologists. Medical-social examination, which is carried out for the purposes of determining the social status of patients (disabled or not disabled) and their need for social protection, is a processthat is comprehensive due to participation of medical doctors, medical clinicians, and medical psychologists. The comprehensiveness of expert assessmentsthe forensic psychiatric and the medical social onesis made more complex due to the comprehensiveness of each one of these expert assessments. The methodological approach to the comprehensiveness of expert assessments is based on taking into account the following three principles: the principle of continuity, the principle of cooperation, and the principle of psychological support for patients-offenders, provided to them over the entire length of their medical-social route.

Water Wind Earth and Fire

Dawn is the time of awakening and seeing the day ahead as full of possibility. Spring is a season of blossoming and burgeoning forth of the earth after the long winter's rest. It is a time to tend to the buds poking through the fertile ...


Author: Christine Valters Paintner

Publisher: Ave Maria Press

ISBN: 9781933495507

Category: Religion

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Organized around "The Canticle of the Creatures" by St. Francis of Assisi, Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire is the first book to consider the ways in which praying with the natural elements can enliven Christian spiritual life. Teacher, artist, and Benedictine oblate Christine Valters Paintner offers concrete suggestions and guided contemplative exercises; for instance, she suggests that readers take time to "watch the sunrise or sunset and breathe in the beauty of the fiery sky. Contemplate what those beginnings and endings have to say in your own life." Readers benefit from Paintner's extensive training in theology and Benedictine spirituality, as well as her unique work in bringing the expressive arts to spiritual direction.

The American Journal of Psychology

The mean difference between the actual time of awakening and a time of eight hours after retiring is 48.o min . , with a large s.D. ( 42.1 ) , and a P.E. of +4.0 min . The mean time of actual awakenings was 7:19 .


Author: Karl M. Dallenbach


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Category: Psychology


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Awakening Through Love

Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche5 If such enlightened qualities are already given in the very nature of our being, why don't we notice them so much of the time? What hides our tremendous innate capacity of goodness even from ourselves?


Author: John Makransky

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780861715374

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Draws on the author's mentorship under a renowned Buddhist master, his own experiences as a father and teacher, and pop culture examples to counsel readers on how to foster genuine care and appreciation for others, in a guide based on the practice of meditation. Original.

Science Awakening II

The diagonal calendars Diagonal calendars are found on the inside of sarcophagus lids from the time of the Middle Kingdom ( -2050 to -1700 ) and indeed , even earlier , from the 9th and 10th Dynasties ( about -2100 ) .


Author: H. van der Waerden

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9001931030

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Whoever wants to understand the genesis of modern Science has to follow three lines of development, all starting in antiquity, which were brought together in the work of ISAAC NEWTON, namely 1. Ancient Mathematics => DESCARTES 2. Ancient Astronomy => COPERNICUS : ~~~~ I=> NEWTON 3. Ancient Mechanics => GALILEO => HUYGENS In Science Awakening I (Dutch edition 1950, first Eng1ish edition 1954, second 1961, first German edition 1956, second 1965) I have followed the first 1ine, giving an outline of the development of Mathematics in Egypt, Babylonia, and Greece. Volume II, dealing with Egyptian and Baby1onian Astronomy first appeared in German under the title 'Die Anfänge der Astronomie' (Noordhoff, Groningen 1965 and Birkhäu­ ser, Basel 1968). The volume was written in collaboration with PETER HUBER (Swiss Federal School of Technology, Zürich). HUBER has written considerable parts of Chap­ ters 3 and 4, in particular all transcriptions of cuneiform texts in these chapters. I also had much help from ERNST WEIDNER (Graz), MARTIN VERMASEREN (Amsterdam), JOSEF JANSEN (Leiden) and MANU LEUMANN (Zürich).

Awakening to Grace

During this time, new awakenings can happen at a remarkable frequency. At this time one can start exploring a spiritual path, or a form of natural healing. To learn meditation. So how can a person then help someone heal themselves?


Author: Dharma Joy Penketh

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781504305389

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 100

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Awakening to Grace is a spiritual memoir. It shares the inner unfathomable beauty and poignancy of a Divine Love, the intense and wonder-filled learnings of a devotee, which are truly the gifts of Grace of her Guru. Grace is everything. All we are encouraged to do, is recognize it. Grace is in our birth, our relationships, our lifes journey, our inner development and our awakening awareness that there is more to life than our senses perceive. Dharma shares with you some of her personal and spiritual experiences, all aligned with the perception of Grace. These are the stories of a novice mystic.