The Very Best of Malcolm Muggeridge

Excerpts drawn from books, essays, journalism, broadcasts, scripts, diaries and letters, 1926-1986.


Author: Malcolm Muggeridge

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Excerpts drawn from books, essays, journalism, broadcasts, scripts, diaries and letters, 1926-1986.

Malcolm Muggeridge

To many people, however, Malcolm Muggeridge was admired above all for his superb use of the English language. It is to the credit of Ian Hunter that after reading this biography one has a clearer understanding of an extraordinary man.


Author: Ian Hunter

Publisher: Regent College Publishing

ISBN: 1573832596

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This biography of Malcolm Muggeridge traces the varied life of one of the most brilliant and controversial men of the twentieth century. The author, Ian Hunter, was given full access to all of Muggeridge's unpublished material, letters, and diaries. The result is an objective, well-researched, and honest account that is sometimes at variance with Muggeridge's own recollection of events. Ian Hunter captures the humor, the intellect, the rawness of perception, the abandoned honesty of a man engaged in knowing himself, his world, and his God. Malcolm Muggeridge was not merely a "vendor of words," as he invariably described himself, but was also a celebrated author, broadcaster, lecturer, debater, traveller, journalist and television personality, a one-time ardent admirer of the Soviet system, a World War II intelligence agent, and a former agnostic turned committed Christian. To many people, however, Malcolm Muggeridge was admired above all for his superb use of the English language. It is to the credit of Ian Hunter that after reading this biography one has a clearer understanding of an extraordinary man. Dr. Ian Hunter is professor emeritus at the University of Western Ontario. His articles and reviews have appeared in many Canadian and American poublications. He edited two collections of Muggeridge's writings: Things Past and The Very Best of Malcolm Muggeridge; he also wrote a biography of Muggeridge's friend, Hesketh Pearson (Nothing to Repent: The Life of Heskerth Pearson).

You Can Understand the Book of Revelation

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Author: Skip Heitzig

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

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Do You Want to Know What the Future Holds? The final book of the Bible is both fascinating and controversial. It leaves some awed, and others uncomfortable. So many find its mysteries hard to fathom—what does it all mean? If you would like to know more than just bits and pieces of God’s plans for the future, Pastor Skip Heitzig is your guide to gaining a fuller understanding of the book of Revelation. You will explore everything from the rapture to Christ’s eternal kingdom, and gain a deeper appreciation for the majesty and power of God examine all the key events that will take place in the last days discover how God’s plans for the future apply to you right now learn how to be ready for Christ’s return As you study Bible prophecy and learn how God’s plans will unfold, you’ll find yourself living in greater anticipation of all that is to come!

Words and Witnesses

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How should Christians address specific problems, controversies, and crises in communication today? By looking at influential Christian thinkers throughout history, we can identify wisdom that enriches us today in practical ways. Words and Witnesses explores various influential Christian thinkers and theologians from across church history in order to expand our contemporary conversations in communication studies and media theory. Individual chapters written by contributing scholars focus on major Christian thinkers, starting with Athanasius, St. Augustine, and John Chrysostom, moving through the Middle Ages to address figures such as Anselm, Nicholas of Cusa, Teresa of Lisieux, and arriving in the present with reflections on the work of John Howard Yoder, C. S. Lewis, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Kuyper, and Desmond Tutu, among others. Each chapter delves into how the contemporary church, and scholars of media, can turn to these influential Christian thinkers as resources for addressing specific problems in communication today. By analyzing church practices, doctrine, and biblical texts this book provides the church with resources and inspiration to communicate in distinctly Christian ways.

Das Selbst im Stil

389 Vgl . Spark , “ My Conversion ” , 59 : “ [ T ] here is a connection between my writing and my conversion . ( ... ) Certainly all my best work has come since then ” , und " Interview with Malcolm Muggeridge , Appointment With .


Author: Aglaja Frodl

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Collaboration Communications and Critical Thinking

The Very Best of Malcolm Muggeridge. Vancouver, BC: Regent College Publishing. National Coalition for Core Arts Standards. “National Core Arts Standards.” (2018). National Arts Standards.


Author: Dennis Adams

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781475850000

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This book makes a case for a STEM-based approach across the curriculum.

God Is for Us

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Author: Simon Ponsonby

Publisher: Monarch Books

ISBN: 9780857213280

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Simon Ponsonby presents 52 weekly chapters focused around the book of Romans, bringing Paul’s greatest letter to life. Blending careful theological and historical detail with illuminating application, this work is somewhat more substantial than most devotionals. No other New Testament epistle has such scope and depth: Touching on every major theological theme, Romans is intellectually and theologically massive. This remarkable epistle has had a huge impact on the Church over the Centuries: Augustine of Hippo, the great architect of Western theology, was converted while reading Romans. Martin Luther’s encounter with the text led to a personal revival and the European Reformation. and Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones refused to teach on Romans for decades until he had grappled with and understood chapter 6. This passionate, illuminating devotional will prove to be a potent means of grace and growth.

The Most of Malcolm Muggeridge

His New Yorker pieces ( “ The Book - of - the - Millennium Club , " for instance , reprinted in Against the American Grain ) are among the very best in what has become , by and large , a rather dreary publication .


Author: Malcolm Muggeridge


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England's "bad boy" essayist and critic uses his wit and iconoclastic talents to deflate a number of sacred cows.

The Right Kind of Strong

The Very Best of Malcolm Muggeridge, ed. Ian Hunter, 2nd ed. (London: Hodder & Stoughton Ltd.; Vancouver, British Columbia: Regent College Publishing, 2003), 109. 7. Several commentators have weighed in on the question of Isaac's age at ...


Author: Mary A. Kassian

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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Award-winning author Mary Kassian provides readers a biblical guide to becoming the strong, resilient, capable women God created them to be. Our culture teaches us that it's important for women to be strong. The Bible agrees. Unfortunately, culture's idea of what makes a woman strong doesn't always align with the Bible's. As a result, Christians often have a skewed view of what constitutes strength. In The Right Kind of Strong, Mary Kassian delves into Paul's exhortation in 2 Timothy about the women of the church in Ephesus and uncovers warnings and truths about seven habits that can sap women's strength. She helps readers avoid these pitfalls by carefully considering the people they allow into their lives, taking control of their minds by taking every thought captive, quickly and regularly confessing sin, intentionally engaging their emotions, living out what they’re learning, developing confident convictions, and embracing their human weakness and leaning on the Lord. She reveals how, by implementing these seven habits, Christian women can walk in freedom and grow to be strong God's way.

Does God Always Get What God Wants

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Author: Tim Reddish

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

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Tim’s wife, Anne, died of breast cancer at the age of forty-nine, having battled against the disease for more than six years. Her suffering had a profound influence on their lives and that of their church, and raised challenging questions: • If “God is in control,” does that mean God is to blame for suffering? • Why did God not heal Anne? • Is Anne’s death what God wanted to happen? • Does prayer make any difference? • What is God doing about evil? People’s experience of suffering causes them to examine the kind of God they believe in, the nature of the universe God made, and God’s activity in the world. This book explores all three aspects and responds constructively to the complex issues that the above questions pose—and provides powerful reasons for confidence in the firm Christian hope.