The Vexed Generation

Mattie and Brewster are normal, typical 16-year-old twins who live with their normal, boring parents: Martin and Gwen Banks.


Author: Scott Meyer

Publisher: Magic 2.0

ISBN: 1950056023

Category: Fiction

Page: 342

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Mattie and Brewster are normal, typical 16-year-old twins who live with their normal, boring parents: Martin and Gwen Banks. Normal and boring, that is, until the day their father's best friend shows up at their house - dressed in what appears to be a bathrobe. The next thing Mattie and Brewster know, their parents are frozen like human statues in their living room, the guy in the bathrobe has vanished, and they need to find answers - fast. The twins set off on a quest to discover the truth of their parents' lives. Along the way they find secrets, lies, magic, time travel, strange new friends, stranger new enemies, and a really weird dirigible (which, they're told repeatedly, is not a blimp). It is a twisted and bizarre trail that, they hope, will lead them to the man they blame for their parents' peril: Phillip.

Fashion Theory

Proper modernism, in the form of the Vexed Generation Parka, will be seen to
involve the desire to improve society and make a better future, not only to feel the
pain of a lost past. The Vexed Generation 1994 Parka The misunderstandings, ...


Author: Malcolm Barnard

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135190002

Category: Design

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Fashion is both big business and big news. From models’ eating disorders and sweated labour to the glamour of a new season's trends, statements and arguments about fashion and the fashion industry can be found in every newspaper, consumer website and fashion blog. Books which define, analyse and explain the nature, production and consumption of fashion in terms of one theory or another abound. But what are the theories that run through all of these analyses, and how can they help us to understand fashion and clothing? Fashion Theory: an introduction explains some of the most influential and important theories on fashion: it brings to light the presuppositions involved in the things we think and say about fashion every day and shows how they depend on those theories. This clear, accessible introduction contextualises and critiques the ways in which a wide range of disciplines have used different theoretical approaches to explain – and sometimes to explain away – the astonishing variety, complexity and beauty of fashion. Through engaging examples and case studies, this book explores: fashion and clothing in history fashion and clothing as communication fashion as identity fashion, clothing and the body production and consumption fashion, globalization and colonialism fashion, fetish and the erotic. This book will be an invaluable resource for students of cultural studies, sociology, gender studies, fashion design, textiles or the advertising, marketing and manufacturing of clothes.


Over the page you'll see well - designed biking shoes , bags and clothing by
companies like Puma , Vexed Generation and Ortlieb that provide reason
enough to take up cycling , let alone the other well - documented benefits . You'll
also find ...




ISBN: STANFORD:36105110799470

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Fashion Design for Living

In these instances Vexed prioritised social concerns (people) over environmental
concerns (planet). ... Design outcomes The Vexed Parka (1994) (Figure 1.2) from
the first Vexed Generation collection clearly illustrates the way in which the ...


Author: Alison Gwilt

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317673347

Category: Architecture

Page: 192

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Fashion Design for Living explores the positive contribution that the contemporary fashion designer can make within society. The book seeks to reveal new ways of designing and making fashion garments and products that not only enhance and enrich our lives, but also are mindful of social and sustainable issues. This book sets out to question and challenge the dominant, conventional process of fashion design that as a practice has been under-researched. While the fashion designer in industry is primarily concerned with the creation of the new seasonal collection, designed, produced and measured by economically driven factors, society increasingly expects the designer to make a positive contribution to our social, environmental and cultural life. Consequently an emergent set of designers and research-based practitioners are beginning to explore new ways to think about fashion designing. The contributors within this book argue that fashion designing should move beyond developing garments that are just aesthetically pleasing or inexpensive, but also begin to consider and respond to the wearer's experiences, wellbeing, problems, desires and situations, and their engagement with and use of a garment. Fashion Design for Living champions new approaches to fashion practice by uncovering a rich and diverse set of views and reflective experiences which explore the changing role of the fashion designer and inspire fresh, innovative and creative responses to fashion and the world we live in.

Critical Design in Context

Before Kular, Vexed Generation was exploring similar themes commenting on,
amongst other things, a culture of surveillance through design practice. Thorpe
and Hunter conceived the Vexed Parka to meet both the practical needs and ...


Author: Matt Malpass

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472575197

Category: Design

Page: 168

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Critical Design is becoming an increasingly influential discipline, affecting policy and practice in a range of fields. Matt Malpass's book is the first to introduce critical design as a field, providing a history of the discipline, outlining its key influences, theories and approaches, and explaining how critical design can work in practice through a range of contemporary examples. Critical Design moves away from traditional approaches that limit design's role to the production of profitable objects, focusing instead on a practice that is interrogative, discursive and experimental. Using a wide range of examples from contemporary practice, and drawing on interviews with key practitioners, Matt Malpass provides an introduction to critical design practice and a manifesto for how a radical and unorthodox practice might provide design answers in an age of austerity and ecological crisis.

Garments of Paradise

It formed the subtext for a British line of hooded jackets by Vexed Generation.
Formed in ... in London's Soho, Vexed Generation was the creation of Adam
Thorpe and Joe Hunter, neither of whom had garment design training. Their
clothing ...


Author: Susan Elizabeth Ryan

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262027441

Category: Art

Page: 336

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A historical and critical view of wearable technologies that considers them as acts of communication in a social landscape.

Landscapes of Mobility

... unwelcoming spatial environment. for London-based design duo adam thorpe
and Joe Hunter of Vexed Generation, ... Vexed Generation created defensive “
urban armor” in defiance of the british government's restrictions on civil liberties.
by ...


Author: Jennifer Johung

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317108078

Category: Architecture

Page: 282

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Our world is unquestionably one in which ubiquitous movements of people, goods, technologies, media, money, and ideas produce systems of flows. Comparing case studies from across the world, including those from Benin, the United States, India, Mali, Senegal, Japan, Haiti, and Romania, this book focuses on quotidian landscapes of mobility. Despite their seemingly familiar and innocuous appearances, these spaces exert tremendous control over our behavior and activities. By examining and mapping the politics of place and motion, this book analyzes human beings’ embodied engagements with their built world and provides diverse perspectives on the ideological and political underpinnings of landscapes of mobility. In order to describe landscapes of mobility as a historically, socially, and politically constructed condition, the book is divided into three sections-objects, contacts, and flows. The first section looks at elements that constitute such landscapes, including mobile bodies, buildings, and practices across multiple geographical scales. As these variable landscapes are reconstituted under particular social, economic, ecological, and political conditions, the second section turns to the particular practices that catalyze embodied relations within and across such spaces. Finally, the last section explores how the flows of objects, bodies, interactions, and ecologies are represented, presenting a critical comparison of the means by which relations, processes, and exchanges are captured, depicted, reproduced and re-embodied.

Fashion and Sport

V & A : 1.356-1984 Vexed Generation , Vexed Parka ' , ballistics nylon with
neoprene . Autumn / Winter 1995-6 . loan from Vexed Generation The
accomplishment of that perfect fit between functionality , modernity and
fashionability to which ...


Author: Ligaya Salazar

Publisher: Victoria & Albert Museum

ISBN: UCSC:32106017030476

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 127

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Explores how the influence of fashion and sport extends from high performance textiles developed for competition, to high-end fashion and finally, through the filter of adapted advertising and magazine imagery, to the consumer, who adopts and adapts the styles to make their own unique fashion statements.


Vexed Generation are a London - based design team who use slash - proof and
temperature - sensitive fabrics designed by defence contractors to make urban -
warrior parkas . They also developed hoods to protect wearers from being ...




ISBN: UVA:X006146619

Category: Arts, Modern


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Xtreme Fashion



Author: Courtenay Smith

Publisher: Prestel Pub

ISBN: STANFORD:36105114572063

Category: Design

Page: 156

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Featuring more than 300 color photos and fascinating text, the authors show how real fashion starts on the streets, born of urban movements from hip-hoppers to civil liberties' campaigners. They argue that contemporaney fashion, like contemporary culture, finds inspiration in many other disciplines inclkuding art, science, architecture, graphic and product design, pop music, politc, and mass media. From smart fabrics taht make the wear invisible, bags that turn into swings, solar-paneled jackets, self-walking trousers and spray-on fabrics, to shape remembering blouses with self-rolling sleeves, "anti-dog" gowns, and perfume-emitting dresses, Extreme fashion is an exciting and often startling look at what new designers want us to put on in the morning.

The Supermodern Wardrobe

V & A Picture Library Plate 3.15 ( previous page ) Vexed Generation , ' Wrap
Liberation ' , Teflon® coated denim ( ' Vexed denim ' ) , cotton and Kevlar® gold
lining , Autumn / Winter 19992000 Photograph : Toby McFarlan Pond 3.16 a 3.16
b ...


Author: Andrew Bolton


ISBN: PSU:000049508383

Category: Costume design

Page: 143

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The book focuses on the work of young, cutting-edge designers such as CP Company, Maharishi, Samsonite, Simon Thorogood, Kosuke Tsumura, Vexed Generation, and the artist Lucy Orta. All of these designers use fashion to address the problems and possibilities of increasingly alien and polluted urban spaces- supermarkets, airports, motorways and the street. Their designs have embraced new materials and technologies previously at the margins of fashion, to create items such as the bullet and slash proof coat and high performance, multi-functional items of sportswear, which provide protection and redefine our personal space as being comfortable, practical and secure. With its specially commissioned photography, stylish layout and lively commentary, this is a book that will appeal to all lovers of radical ideas and innovation.


Vexed Generation 12 Newburgh Street , London Everything that's Interesting is
New : The Dakis Joannou Collection Athens School of Fine Art , Athens Vexed
Generation is a small shop in a street just behind the garish colours , retro music




ISBN: UOM:39015036243007

Category: Art, Modern


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Lost Found

Vexed Generation Below left : dress made from polyester and ramie ,. Woollen '
Shark Coat ' , 1998. Photograph by Johnny Thompson Newham – provided an
impetus for the design of the Shark Coat . Like other Vexed garments it features a


Author: Nick Barley

Publisher: Birkhauser Architecture

ISBN: UOM:39015042101603

Category: Design

Page: 128

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For several years, the British design scene has been a powerhouse of creativity. The British Council has now launched an exhibition that will tour continental Europe in celebration of young British design. Lost and Found, the catalogue to that show, documents the latest work of 40 designers, from well-known names like John Galliano and Peter Saville to up-and-coming British talent. The book includes furniture, fashion, jewellery, graphic design, and electronic media.

London Traditions


Author: Michelle Pickering

Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications

ISBN: NWU:35556025490830

Category: Travel

Page: 192

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A guide to London's culture, customs, and history as seen through the insightful eyes of eight sophisticated insiders on the London scene.

Summer of Unrest Generation Vexed What the English Riots Don t Tell Us About Our Nation s Youth

In this final part of the Brain Shots: Summer of Unrest series, Nikesh Shukla and Kieran Yates interrogate whether young people are deliberately conforming to a stereotype foisted upon them, and point instead to the creativity and ...


Author: Kieran Yates

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781448114757

Category: Social Science

Page: 40

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Summer of Unrest (Slight Return). For a few days at the start of August, England was gripped by the riots that erupted in its city centres. Although there were various motivations behind the trouble and a broad spectrum of ages and backgrounds involved, the front pages were emblazoned with images of hooded youths running amok and stories of the revenge of the feral underclass. In this final part of the Brain Shots: Summer of Unrest series, Nikesh Shukla and Kieran Yates interrogate whether young people are deliberately conforming to a stereotype foisted upon them, and point instead to the creativity and entrepreneurialism that are defining a supposedly 'lost' generation. An antidote to the broadsheet commentariat, this street-level view of the defining moment of the Summer of Unrest finds much to inspire hope and confidence for our future.

A Shopper s Guide to Paris Fashion

... the urban front he sells Mandarina Duck ( the clothes , not the bags ) and
Vexed Generation . Some designers get a bit precious about him mixing their
clothes with other designers ' , but Beaumont advocates mixing brands with
abandon .


Author: Alicia Drake

Publisher: Interlink Publishing Group Incorporated

ISBN: 156656378X

Category: Travel

Page: 283

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"Forget romance, " writes Alicia Drake, "Paris is for shoppers." Written in an upbeat and accessible style and beautifully illustrated throughout, this book is an ideal shopping guide for every visitor determined to seek out the best and latest styles--opening the doors to chic boutiques and elegant department stores, and the best places to buy half-price designer clothes.

Iceland Review

Their premises feature clothing ranging from vintage to high - tech , with labels
including Asfour , also sold at trend - setting Colette in Paris ; Vexed Generation ,
a new take on survival gear ; and designs by Icelandic Smirnoff competition ...




ISBN: IND:30000085261018

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Beck s Futures

... the cities hosting Euro2000 , an evocative video for counter couturiers Vexed
Generation , and various other scrupulously selected commissions through which
his characteristic style surreptitiously infiltrates the consumer's visual field .




ISBN: STANFORD:36105110796195

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... isn't your bag , log on to the brand - new London - based , a site
devoted to edgy , urban , and very British labels like Vexed Generation ,
Boudicca , and People's Wardrobe , which can be near impossible to find in the
States .




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As for one-woman shows, Christa Davis's airy shop full of embroidered silk and
cashmere dresses (35 All Saints Rd.) boasts two floors and a garden to boot. An
entirely different kind of clothing is available at Vexed Generation (3 Berwick St.).




ISBN: IND:30000070292804

Category: Fashion


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