Virilio Dictionary

The first dictionary dedicated to the work of Paul Virilio, offering you clear and contemporary direction through the work of Virilio, the French critic of art and technology.


Author: John Armitage

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9780748682317

Category: Art

Page: 264

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The first dictionary dedicated to the work of Paul Virilio, offering you clear and contemporary direction through the work of Virilio, the French critic of art and technology.

The Virilio Dictionary

This dictionary guides you through his concepts with headwords including Accident, Body, Cinema, Deterritorialization and Eugenics.


Author: John Armitage

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9780748646845

Category: Art

Page: 228

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The first dictionary dedicated to the work of Paul Virilio, offering you clear and contemporary direction through the work of Virilio, the French critic of art and technology.

Hacker States

In The Virilio Dictionary, edited by John Armitage, 17–19. Edinburgh: Edinburgh
University Press. CVE Details. 2018. “Browse Vulnerabilities by Date.” CVE
Details. https://www.cve Cyber Security
Challenge ...


Author: Luca Follis

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262043601

Category: Computers

Page: 264

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How hackers and hacking moved from being a target of the state to a key resource for the expression and deployment of state power. In this book, Luca Follis and Adam Fish examine the entanglements between hackers and the state, showing how hackers and hacking moved from being a target of state law enforcement to a key resource for the expression and deployment of state power. Follis and Fish trace government efforts to control the power of the internet; the prosecution of hackers and leakers (including such well-known cases as Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, and Anonymous); and the eventual rehabilitation of hackers who undertake “ethical hacking” for the state. Analyzing the evolution of the state's relationship to hacking, they argue that state-sponsored hacking ultimately corrodes the rule of law and offers unchecked advantage to those in power, clearing the way for more authoritarian rule. Follis and Fish draw on a range of methodologies and disciplines, including ethnographic and digital archive methods from fields as diverse as anthropology, STS, and criminology. They propose a novel “boundary work” theoretical framework to articulate the relational approach to understanding state and hacker interactions advanced by the book. In the context of Russian bot armies, the rise of fake news, and algorithmic opacity, they describe the political impact of leaks and hacks, hacker partnerships with journalists in pursuit of transparency and accountability, the increasingly prominent use of extradition in hacking-related cases, and the privatization of hackers for hire.

Virilio for Architects

Virilio for Architects primes readers for their first encounter with his crucial texts on some of the vital theoretical debates of the twenty-first century, including: Oblique Architecture and Bunker Archeology Critical Space and the ...


Author: John Armitage

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317549741

Category: Architecture

Page: 144

View: 522

Paul Virilio is an innovative figure in the study of architecture, space, and the city. Virilio for Architects primes readers for their first encounter with his crucial texts on some of the vital theoretical debates of the twenty-first century, including: Oblique Architecture and Bunker Archeology Critical Space and the Overexposed City The Ultracity and Very High Buildings Grey Ecology and Global Hypermovement In exploring Virilio’s most important architectural ideas and their impact, John Armitage traces his engagement with other key architectural and scientific thinkers such as Claude Parent, Benoit B. Mandelbrot, and Bernard Tschumi. Virilio for Architects allows students, researchers, and non-academic readers to connect with Virilio’s distinctive architectural theories, critical studies, and fresh ideas.

Digital Leisure Cultures

References. Armitage, J. (ed.) (2013) The Virilio Dictionary. Edinburgh:
Edinburgh University Press. Armitage, J. (2015) Virilio For Architects. London and
New York: Routledge. Badiou, A. (2010a) The Communist Hypothesis.


Author: Sandro Carnicelli

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781317355618

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 226

View: 178

The digital turn in leisure has opened up a vast array of new opportunities to play, learn, participate and be entertained – opportunities that have transformed what we recognise as leisure. This edited collection provides a significant contribution to our changing understanding of digital leisure cultures, reflecting on the socio-historical context within which the digital age emerged, while engaging with new debates about the evolving and controversial role of digital platforms in contemporary leisure cultures. This book also demonstrates the interdisciplinary nature of studying digital leisure cultures. To make sense of how individuals and institutions use digital spaces it is necessary to draw on history, science and technology, philosophy, cultural studies, sociology and geography, as well as sport and leisure studies. This important and timely study discusses both the promise of the digital sphere as a realm of liberation, and the darker side of the internet associated with control, surveillance, exclusion and dehumanisation. Digital Leisure Cultures: Critical perspectives is fascinating reading for any student or scholar of sociology, sport and leisure studies, geography or media studies.

International Dictionary of Psychoanalysis


Author: A. de Mijolla

Publisher: MacMillan Reference Library

ISBN: 0028659252

Category: Electronic books

Page: 2196

View: 121

The history of psychoanalysis in 50 countries shows the relationship between psychoanalysis and other disciplines, with entries discussing writers, philosophers, literary movements and historical events.

Historical Dictionary of Australian Radio and Television


Author: Albert Moran


ISBN: STANFORD:36105123350394

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 505

View: 750

Australians have become increasingly visible outside of the country as speakers and actors in radio and television, their media moguls have frequently bought up foreign companies, and people around the world have been able to enjoy such Australian productions as The Flying Doctors, Neighbours, and Kath and Kim. The origins, early development and later adaptations of radio and television show how Australia has gone from being a minor and rather parochial player to being a significant part of the international scene. The Historical Dictionary of Australian Radio and Television provides essential facts and information concerning the Australian radio and television industry. This is accomplished through the use of a chronology, a list of acronyms and abbreviations, an introductory essay, a bibliography, and hundreds of cross-referenced dictionary entries on directors, producers, writers, actors, television and radio series, and television and radio stations.

Paul Virilio

Virilio himself has proudly stated : The last chapters of my books are always
important because in the final account I don ' t believe in writing several books .
You could publish them in an enormous dictionary in which everything would
come ...


Author: Steve Redhead

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 0802086829

Category: Social Science

Page: 168

View: 985

Paul Virilio is known as the high priest of speed. His discourses on speed, military technology, and modernity are highly influential among urban and cultural theorists, but he has influenced the work of many in other fields as well, including media theory, international relations, art history, cultural politics, architecture, and peace studies, to name a few. The first authoritative study of the life and work of Virilio, Steve Redhead's Paul Virilio: Theorist for an Accelerated Culture explains and analyses Virilio's work, correcting many mistaken interpretations that have surfaced in the literature over the years. Although now retired from his position at the École Spéciale d'Architecture in Paris, Virilio remains an active political and cultural thinker and commentator with a significant catalogue of work stretching back to the 1950s. Redhead reviews Virilio's intellectual career, from his days hanging out in an architect's office in the 1960s to his recent creation of a major art foundation exhibition on 'the accident' in the wake of 11 September 2001. Paul Virilio: Theorist for an Accelerated Culture is a rigorous and accessible introduction to Virilio that places him in the pantheon of critical thinkers in today's accelerated culture.

Historical Dictionary of Postmodernist Literature and Theater


Author: Fran Mason


ISBN: STANFORD:36105123273927

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 405

View: 448

Postmodernist literature embraces a wide range of forms and perspectives, including texts that are primarily self-reflexive; texts that use pastiche, burlesque, parody, intertextuality and hybrid forms to create textual realities that either run in opposition to or in parallel with an external reality; fabulations that develop both of these strategies; texts that ironize their relationship to reality; works that use the aspects already noted to more fully engage with political or cultural realities; texts that deal with history as a fiction; and texts that elude categorization even within the variety already explored. For example, in fiction, a postmodernist novel might tell a story about a writer struggling with writing (only, perhaps, to find that he is a character in a book by another writer struggling to write a book). The Historical Dictionary of Postmodernist Literature and Theater examines the different areas of postmodernist literature and the variety of forms that have been produced. This is accomplished through a list of acronyms, a chronology, an introductory essay, a bibliography, and several hundred cross-referenced dictionary entries on individual postmodernist writers, the important postmodernist aesthetic practices, significant texts produced throughout the history of postmodernist writing, and important movements and ideas that have created a variety of literary approaches within the form. By placing these concerns within the historical, philosophical, and cultural contexts of postmodernism, this reference explores the frameworks within which postmodernist literature of the late twentieth and early twenty-first century operates.

Deleuze Dictionary Revised Edition

The Nazi regime is characterised, following the analyses of Paul Virilio, as a '
suicide state' rather than a totalitarian one, which is 'quintessentially conservative'
(D&G 1987: 230; Stalinist USSR is the target here). Here it is not a State army ...


Author: Adrian Parr

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9780748686780

Category: Philosophy

Page: 336

View: 602

This dictionary is dedicated to the work of Gilles Deleuze, providing an in-depth and lucid introduction to a leading figure in continental philosophy.

Critical Dictionary of Film and Television Theory

... by the French writer Paul Virilio and to specific genres. Further reading Bakhtin,
M. (1968) Rabelais and his World, Cambridge: MIT. ——(1981) The Dialogic
Imagination: Four Essays, ed. Michael Holquist, Austin: University of Texas Press.


Author: Roberta Pearson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134716982

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 528

View: 369

The Critical Dictionary of Film and Television Theory clearly and accessibly explains the major theoretical approaches now deployed in the study of the moving image, as well as defining key theoretical terms. This dictionary provides readers with the conceptual apparatus to understand the often daunting language and terminology of screen studies. Entries include: *audience * Homi K. Bhabha * black cinema * the body * children and media * commodification * cop shows * deep focus * Umberto Eco * the gaze * Donna Haraway * bell hooks * infotainment * master narrative * medical dramas * morpheme * myth * panopticon * pastiche * pleasure * real time * social realism * sponsorship * sport on television * subliminal * third cinema * virtual reality Consultant Editors: David Black, USA, William Urricchio, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, Gill Branston, Cardiff University, UK ,Elayne Rapping, USA

The Edinburgh Dictionary of Continental Philosophy


Author: John Protevi


ISBN: STANFORD:36105120982611

Category: Continental philosophy

Page: 628

View: 450

The first ever dictionary of continental philosophy to be published.With over 450 clearly written definitions and articles by an international team of specialists, this authoritative dictionary covers the thinkers, topics and technical terms associated with the many fields known as 'continental' philosophy'. Special care has been taken to explain the complex terminology of many continental thinkers. Researchers, students and professional philosophers alike will find the dictionary an invaluable reference tool.Key features include:*in-depth entries on major figures and topics*over 190 shorter articles on other figures and topics*over 250 items on technical terms used by continental thinkers, from abjection [Kristeva] to worldhood [Heidegger]*coverage of related subjects that use continental terms and methods*extensive cross-referencing, allowing readers to relate and pursue ideas in depth.Entries include: Major Figures and Topics: Deleuze, Derrida, Foucault, Hegel, Heidegger, Husserl, Irigaray, Kant, NietzscheEpistemology, Feminism, German Idealism, Marxism, Phenomenology, Poststructuralism, Time, etc.Other figures and topics covered include: Adorno, Althusser, Arendt, Badiou, Barthes, Bergson, Butler, Haraway, Habermas, Kristeva, Merleau-Ponty, Sartre, Schelling, Schiller, Weber, Weil, Wittgenstein, Zizek, etc;African Philosophy, Cognitive Science, Death, Ecocriticism, Embodiment, Environmental Philosophy, Modernity, Philosophy of Nature, NeoThomism, Postcolonial Theory, Psychology, Race Theory, Sex / sexuality, Space, Speech Act Theory, Structuralism, Subject, 'Young Hegelians', etc.

A Complete Dictionary of the Greek and Roman Antiquities

APPIADES , are five Pagan Deities which Ut tegat hoi , celetque viros , Fortuna
Virilio . were ador'd under that general Name , viz . Ve Præftat : ad boc parvo ture
rogata facit . nus , Pallas , Vefta , Concordia and Pax , whose Tem They sacrific'd


Author: Pierre Danet


ISBN: UOM:39015069887829

Category: Classical dictionaries

Page: 608

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According to the Oxford English Dictionary , it did not achieve currency until the
late 1950s . ... 1998 ) ; James Gleick , Faster : The Acceleration of Just About
Everything ( New York : Pantheon , 1999 ) ; and Paul Virilio and James Der
Derian ...


Author: Grant David McCracken


ISBN: UOM:39015073606561

Category: Social Science

Page: 428

View: 698

The reinvention of identity in today's world

Technologies and Utopias

( Virilio , 1995 : 154-155 ) Are cybernauts simple extensions of television viewers
? On first sight nothing ... belief in the medium . 266 One online dictionary defines
the cybernaut as a “ cyberspace navigator ; a person who travels in cyberspace ...


Author: Maren Hartmann

Publisher: Verlag Reinhard Fischer

ISBN: 3889273610

Category: Cyberpunk culture

Page: 297

View: 593

Die Aufmerksamkeit auf die Rolle des Web als eine ńeue Technologieíst momentan in der Auflösung begriffen. Vor zehn Jahren aber kam das Web mit diversen Utopien im Gepäck. Insbesondere im Vokabular, welches versucht das Neue zu beschreiben, finden sich utopische Elemente. In dieser Studie wurde eine spezifische Untergruppe des Vokabulars untersucht: die Nutzertypen.