The Woman Who Stole My Life

A funny new novel from international bestselling author Marian Keyes about Irish beautician Stella Sweeney who falls ill, falls in love, then falls into a glamorous new life in New York City.


Author: Marian Keyes

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780698197657

Category: Fiction

Page: 464

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A funny new novel from international bestselling author Marian Keyes about Irish beautician Stella Sweeney who falls ill, falls in love, then falls into a glamorous new life in New York City. When her dream life is threatened, will she rally to reclaim love and happiness? In her own words, Stella Sweeney is just “an ordinary woman living an ordinary life with her husband and two teenage kids,” working for her sister in their neighborhood beauty salon. Until one day she is struck by a serious illness, landing her in the hospital for months. After recovering, Stella finds out that her neurologist, Dr. Mannix Taylor, has compiled and self-published a memoir about her illness. Her discovery comes when she spots a photo of the finished copy in an American tabloid—and it’s in the hands of the vice president’s wife! As her relationship with Dr. Taylor gets more complicated, Stella struggles to figure out who she was before her illness, who she is now, and who she wants to be while relocating to New York City to pursue a career as a newly minted self-help memoirist. Funny, fast-paced, and honest, Keyes’s latest novel is full of her trademark charm and wisdom and is sure to delight her many fans.

The Woman Who Stole My Life

Surviving an illness that kept her hospitalized for months, Stella Sweeney discovers that a successful book has been published about her case that compels her to relocate to New York and pursue a career as a self-help memoirist.


Author: Marian Keyes

Publisher: Viking Press

ISBN: 0525429255

Category: Fiction

Page: 464

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'Name: Stella Sweeney. Height: average. Recent life events: dramatic.' One day, sitting in traffic, married Dublin mum Stella Sweeney attempts a good deed. The resulting car crash changes her life. For she meets a man who wants her telephone number (for the insurance, it turns out). That's okay. She doesn't really like him much anyway (his Range Rover totally banjaxed her car). But in this meeting is born the seed of something which will take Stella thousands of miles from her old life, turning an ordinary woman into a superstar, and, along the way, wrenching her whole family apart. Is this all because of one ill-advised act of goodwill? Was meeting Mr Range Rover destiny or karma? Should she be grateful or hopping mad? For the first time real, honest-to-goodness happiness is just within her reach. But is Stella Sweeney, Dublin housewife, ready to grasp it?

True Crime II More Tales of Murder Mayham

'I HUNTED DOWN THE WOMAN WHO STOLE MY LIFE' BY ANITA BARTHOLOMEW Karen Lodrick ordered a latte at Starbucks while waiting nervously for the bank on San Francisco's Market Street to open. She had been anxious and distracted of late but ...



Publisher: RDA Digital LLC

ISBN: 9781621450788



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The Monster That Controlled My Life And Stole My Innocence

Stole My Innocence 25, 2009. They transported me to a shelter for Battered and Abused Women in Tampa, Florida. I thought they were taking me to see my kids, but they did not. They lied to me instead. I laid awake at night, ...


Author: Amy Fisher

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781491803349

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 50

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ANNE’S True Life Story This Story is about a young girl at the age of 19. Her name is Anne Hill, her mother Maggie Hill, met a man by the name of Donny Harrison, it only took a few short days for her to fall in love with him, with in just two weeks, she had him moving into the Apartment to live with her and her two young daughters, not knowing that he was already a Cold HEARTED Monster, who preys on innocent young girls.

The Stolen Daughter

... “So you have to forgive me if I can't forgive the woman who stole you and altered the course of my life.” I paused, weighing my next words. Finally, I said, “I don't know if you remember, but I told you that my mother is sick .


Author: ReShonda Tate Billingsley

Publisher: Dafina Books

ISBN: 9781496724151

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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Award-winning author ReShonda Tate Billingsley delivers a poignant, page-turning novel about the power—and fragility—of family, personal identity, and the choices we are called on to make . . . Raised by a widowed mother, Jill Reed has come a long way from her difficult youth. But while she may not have had money, Jill never doubted she was rich in love. Her mother, Connie, made Jill the center of her world. Now, even though she has a young family of her own, it’s Jill’s turn to care for her ailing mother. When early dementia begins to set in, Connie starts talking about Jill’s “other life.” Jill assumes it’s just rambling confusion. Still, Connie’s stories about Jill’s childhood, and her father’s early death, never quite added up. And when a strange man shows up to Jill’s job bearing news that turns Jill’s life upside down, there’s no denying Connie’s devastating secret. As Jill sets out to learn more about her past, she’s stunned by what she learns and what it will mean for her future. Now, she must decide what price she’s willing to pay to claim the life that’s rightfully hers. Praise for ReShonda Tate Billingsley’s novels "Filled with a blend of dramatic and compelling details." - Woman's World on The Stolen Daughter “Billingsley's engaging voice will keep readers turning the pages and savoring each scandalous revelation.” —Publishers Weekly,STARRED REVIEW for A Good Man is Hard to Find “Billingsley’s novel will keep readers guessing until the last page.” —Booklist on Seeking Sarah “Faith-based fiction doesn't get better than Billingsley's entertaining soaps, notable for their humor, wonderful characters and challenging life situations that many readers, Christian or not, can identify with. Her latest dramedy scores a direct hit on the ever-popular subjects of love, marriage and divorce.” —Publishers Weekly on Can I Get a Witness “This sequel to Billingsley’s heralded #1 national bestselling debut My Brother’s Keeper tells the stunning story of a wife and mother who embarks on a daring rescue mission—to rescue herself.” —Culture Dispatch on More to Life

Chick Lit Stole My Life

'Hey ... get away from there,' shouts the homeless woman as she appears out of nowhere. I knew it would work. 'I've got a key and I'm taking your stuff, if you don't hand over my brooch,' I shout back to her up the street as she heads ...


Author: Maureen Reil

Publisher: Maureen Reil


Category: Fiction

Page: 111

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It should have been another ordinary month but when Kelly Stanford and her mates leave a nightclub, everything changes for good as they walk right into a feeding frenzy of global attention for cameras are suddenly in their faces from every angle. This all came about because of a Chick-Lit novel written by one of her friends, which depicted a relationship between Kelly and a real-life Prince Charming. Is it true or is it fiction? As the press and paparazzi turn Kelly’s world upside down and inside out but romance is still on the cards, despite this intrusion. Of course, none of it really matters at all if she cannot find her lost, late (adoptive) grandmother’s lucky brooch, with or without the help or hindrance of a certain paparazzo. Why does he seem strangely familiar to her? She can survive this with her dignity intact, can she not? Only, will one of the paparazzi live long enough to tell the tale? To discover the answers to these questions and more, read the funny and often farcical novella that is the second book in the trilogy. Chick-Lit Saved My Life is the title of the first one. Look out for book three; Chick-Lit Staged My Life as it is available now for purchase at a checkout near you.

The Alpha Bodyguards Books 7 9

Jesus, Fallon, I would give my life for yours. God as my witness, I would.” I was who I was because of this woman. Every damn time I'd wanted to give up in my life, I remembered her. The woman who stole my twelve-year-old ...


Author: Sybil Bartel

Publisher: Sybil Bartel


Category: Fiction

Page: 788

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From USA Today Bestselling author Sybil Bartel, the page-turning, heart-stopping, bestselling Alpha Bodyguard Series is now available in a series of boxsets! Former Special Forces Military Operatives come together in this series of Alpha Bodyguards who will stop at nothing to save the women they've sworn to protect. Come meet the dominant, sexy Alpha heroes who work for Luna & Associates! THE ALPHA BODYGUARDS BOOKS 7-9 features RELENTLESS, SHAMELESS and HEARTLESS! RELENTLESS: Resourceful. Resolute. Bodyguard. A single diagnosis, and I wasn’t good enough. Not for college ball, not for my family, and not for the Marines. Medically discharged before I finished basic training, I was determined to prove myself. Landing a job as a bodyguard for the best security firm in the business was a second chance. It should’ve been my focus, but a sophisticated blonde walked through the lobby and dismissed me with a single glance. Now she was going to find out how relentless a bodyguard could be. SHAMELESS: Bodyguard. Shadow. Warrior. The Marines trained me to be a weapon, and tactical warfare was in my blood. Then a mission went south and I was medically discharged. Too many years downrange, I didn't fit in the civilian world. Becoming a bodyguard seemed like a solid plan… until I got babysitting duty for a spoiled little rich girl. The only thing worse than the assignment was the client's smart mouth. She thought she could run it—all over me—and not suffer the consequences. Now she was about to find out how shameless a bodyguard could be. HEARTLESS: Bodyguard. Sentry. Explosives expert. There was a reason I was the only Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician in the Marines who’d never sustained any injuries. I didn’t take chances, ever, but serving my country as an EOD apparently had a shelf life. Promoted off the front lines, I was given an assignment behind a desk. Instead, I took a civilian job. The security firm seemed like the better option… until a frightened client with haunted eyes lied to me about everything. Now she was going to find out how heartless a bodyguard could be. The Alpha Bodyguard Series - Where Alpha Heroes come out to play. THE ALPHA BODYGUARDS BOOKS 1-3 THE ALPHA BODYGUARDS BOOKS 4-6 THE ALPHA BODYGUARDS BOOKS 7-9

A Mom After God s Own Heart

was making room in my life for someone else to join me for the rest of the journey. I have one dear friend who is a constant ... This is the woman who stole my heart, who touched so deeply the life of my son, who loved unconditionally ...


Author: Alexa Shepard

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781512734461

Category: Religion

Page: 138

View: 640

Everyone has a story to tell. A Mom After God’s Own Heart, is a collection of stories through one mom’s journey to instill Godly character in her five children. Through marriage and divorce, to being a single mom, it reveals the heartbreak, humor and the naked truth about what it means to be a mom after God’s own heart. Motherhood can push us to our limits; stretch us to our breaking point, and if we allow it, it can make us grow. As moms we are called to share our struggles and our triumphs with other moms. We have this great opportunity to offer comfort and hope, and to say, “God is faithful!” God is not looking for perfect moms. He is looking for moms with a heart for Him. Whether you’re a mom chasing after God, or exhausted by the constant demands of motherhood, this book will encourage and inspire you by opening your eyes to see how God can change everything.


Curious of all her surroundings. She showed me there was so much more to life than my office and booze. I needed the woman who stole my heart to just be mine. After this week was over, I would finally have that.


Author: Hollyann Marie

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781646108695

Category: Fiction

Page: 220

View: 220

Sandcastles By: Hollyann Marie Helena has dreams. In her senior year of pre-med, she gets good grades and studies hard, on her way to becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon. But her dreams threaten to come screeching to a halt when her father, the owner of one of the largest oil refineries in Texas, gives her an ultimatum: marry the playboy heir to the James Oil Industry, Aiden James, and consolidate the merger between the state’s two largest oil companies, or be disinherited. Aiden, trying to finish his law degree and figure out his life path, faces the same demand from his own father. As he and Helena grapple with their unwanted betrothal, a torrid romance begins to kindle between them—one every bit as complex and fragile as a castle made of sand.

Split Second Decision

The woman who stole my life, my husband.” Without receiving a response from Suzanne, Millie turned sharply to Anita, “How dare you bring that woman here. What is it you want? To torment me more?” “They are here to support me, ...


Author: Vickie Swan

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781468585384

Category: Fiction

Page: 370

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Still flustered from her conversation with Jake, Anita entered her father's den. Looking around her at the books and resources the room housed, Anita despaired that she would never measure up to her father, a criminal lawyer known the world over for his work. Flopping down into the cozy leather chair behind the desk, Anita put her head down, neglecting her studies, and concentrated on where she was going to find a date; after all, she had to show Jake she wasn't a prude. Contemplating her next move, Anita made a phone call to her best, and only friend, Carolyn. The word 'opposites' described them to a tee; Carolyn was bouncy, carefree, and outgoing. Nothing bothered her. Anita on the other hand, was studious, predicable, and had a conscious that drove her nuts. She was very much a Miss Priss. Learning of Anita's little dilemma, via Anita's phone conversation, Carolyn burst out laughing. She congratulated her friend on getting out of her little box, and told her not to worry, that everything would be taken care of. Hanging up the phone, Anita felt queasy; she was no longer in control, having given Carolyn the task of finding her a date for the party. She looked around the intimidating room once more before closing its door behind her. Any thought of concentrating on her studies had gone out the window.