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THEOSOPHICAL MAGAZINES ASIATIC 6 a 6 on 6 Own The Adyar Bulletin , Adyar , April , 1911. ' Headquarters ' Notes ' speaks of the President's ... The Message of Theosophy , Rangoon , October - December , 1910 and January - March , 1911.




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Claude Bragdon the Beautiful Necessity

Theosophical Society Monthly Letter ( July 1911 ) . ... Forum 49 ( March 1913 ) : 349-355 . “ Workingmen's Houses . ” Bulletin ( January 1910 ) . " Theosophy . " [ Letter to the Editor ) . Rochester Herald Journal ( May 28 , 1910 ) .


Author: Claude Fayette Bragdon

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Claude Bragdon (1866-1946) was a first-generation modernist architect, as well as an illustrator, critic, theorist and theater designer. He practiced architecture in Rochester, New York throughout the Progressive Era. Although his masterpiece, the New York Central Railroad Station, was demolished in the 1960s-70s, the First Universalist Church, the Bevier Memorial Building, the Peterborough Bridge near Toronto, and nearly 100 residences remain today. A prolific writer, Bragdon published more than twenty books and hundreds of articles. He was nationally known for his graphic art, his writing on the fourth dimension, his Song & Light Festivals of 1915-1918, and his role in theater's New Stagecraft. He had technical and artistic expertise in many disciplines, making it difficult to categorize his work into a specific stylistic trend. His work as an early modernist is important both in its own right and as a key to other 20th century architects' work.

The Last Four Lives of Annie Besant

534–5 ; Adyar Bulletin , November 1912 and November 1922 ; Theosophy in Australasia , February - December 1910 , July ... 5 March - 9 April 1913 , passim ; Messenger , July 1913 , August 1925 ; C.H.C. Magazine , April - December 1910 ...


Author: Arthur Hobart Nethercot

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Covers the years 1893 to her death in 1933.

Books Added

1910-11 . Vol . 4 ( no . 1 , Aug. 1911 ) entitled : Morrison's magazine . Discontinued with the publication of that number . ... 30 , Jan. 4 - Apr . 26 , 1911 entitled : Municipal journal and engineer . National municipal review . Vol .


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The Point Loma Community in Califorina

Its reception by theosophists was not entirely cordial , for there were those who resented the correction of pagination in the references as an unnecessary tampering with a ... 12 Pacific Printer ( April , 1910 ) , as quoted in ibid .


Author: Emmett A. Greenwalt

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The Dawn a Monthly Magazine March 1897 February 1898

Swadeshi in the Madras Presidency : An Account of Recent Developments ( Nov. , Dec. , 1909 ; April , 1910 ) . 98. Methods of Modern Industrialism ... Growth of Swadeshi Through Mahomedan Enterprise and Initiative ( March , 1910 ) . 102.


Author: Satish Chandra Mukherjee


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The Dawn A Monthly Monthly Magazine, Edited And Run By Satis Chandra Mukherjee For Sixteen Years From 1897 To 1913, Holds A Unique Place In The History Of Modern India.

Rebel Crossings

On 10 March 1910 Robert's letter in support of the British militant suffragettes appeared in the avant-garde left journal The New Age: In the Western States of the U.S., where even now women hold the suffrage in some States, ...


Author: Sheila Rowbotham

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The transatlantic story of six radical pioneers at the turn of the twentieth century Rebel Crossings relates the interweaving lives of four women and two men as they journey from the nineteenth to the twentieth century, from Britain to America, and from Old World conventions toward New World utopias. Radicalised by the rise of socialism, Helena Born, Miriam Daniell, Gertrude Dix, Robert Nicol and William Bailie cross the Atlantic dreaming of liberty and equality. The hope for a new age is captured in the name Miriam and Robert give their love child, born shortly after their arrival: Sunrise. A young Bostonian, Helen Tufts learns of Miriam’s defiant spirit through her close friendship with Helena; the love she feels for Helena and later for William fundamentally alters her life. All six are part of a wider historical search for self-fulfillment and an alternative to a cruelly competitive capitalism. In articles, poems and allegories Helena, Helen and Miriam resist the cultural constraints women face, while female characters in Gertrude’s novels struggle to combine personal happiness with radical social commitment. William campaigns against class inequality as a socialist and an anarchist while longing to read and study. Robert, the former union militant, becomes preoccupied with personal growth and mystical enlightenment in the wilds of California. Rebel Crossings offers fascinating perspectives on the historical interaction of feminism, socialism, and anarchism and on the incipient consciousness of a new sense of self, so vital for women seeking emancipation. These six lives bring fresh slants on political and cultural movements and upon influential individuals like Walt Whitman, Eleanor Marx, William Morris, Edward Carpenter, Patrick Geddes and Benjamin Tucker. It is a work of significant originality by one of our leading feminist historians and speaks to the dilemmas of our own time.

Bulletin of the New York Public Library

McClure's Magazine also printed it , serially , in January , February , and March 1910 , with illustrations by ... by reading the work of Annie Besant the Theosophist three times , taking notes : ' a fearful grind , ” he admitted .


Author: New York Public Library


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Includes its Report, 1896-19 .