This Crowded Earth

This is a classic science fiction novel by Robert Bloch. It tells the story of an overpopulated Earth and its perilous problem of diminished resources. However, the government have a plan. Will it work?


Author: Robert Bloch

Publisher: Read Books Ltd

ISBN: 9781528781893

Category: Fiction

Page: 132

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This is a classic science fiction novel by Robert Bloch. It tells the story of an overpopulated Earth and its perilous problem of diminished resources. However, the government have a plan. Will it work? Find out in this wonderful example of prophetical science fiction. This work is part of our Vintage Sci-Fi Classics Series, a series in which we are republishing some of the best stories in the genre by some of its most acclaimed authors, such as Isaac Asimov, Harry Harrison, and Robert Sheckley. Each publication is complete with a short introduction to the history of science fiction.

The Crowded Earth

Two months had passed before Harry could fully realize just what had happened.They must have noticed something was wrong with him that morning at the office, because two supervisors and an exec rushed in and caught him just as he was going ...


Author: Robert Bloch

Publisher: Aegypan

ISBN: 1606646486

Category: Fiction

Page: 112

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THE WORLD GONE PSYCHO Harry Collins is an ad-executive in a future Chicago on an Earth whose population has exploded beyond imagining. Crazed by the pressures of overcrowding, he seeks escape with a suicidal leap from a skyscraper. Stopped, he is hustled off for psychiatric treatment in a odd encampment where he meets an falls in love with an accommodating nurse named Sue. But who is the strange Dr. Leffingwell, performing experiments on the premises? Harry's horrific discoveries in the secret lab cause him to flee into the outside world -- flee into the forces that would help change and shape this tortured world. But then, years later, when his assassin's rifle is trained on Dr. Leffingwell himself, he is halted by the mutant product of that fateful lab. His own son. Here is an exciting work of science fiction by an acknowledged master of suspense and horror, Robert Bloch.


Summary: Discusses the problems faced by the Earth's inhabitants as population increases and energy sources, food, and land become more scarce.


Author: Isaac Asimov


ISBN: UOM:39015001675324

Category: Conservation of natural resources

Page: 160

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Summary: Discusses the problems faced by the Earth's inhabitants as population increases and energy sources, food, and land become more scarce.



Author: Isaac Asimov

Publisher: CCV Digital

ISBN: 1407095900



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The Crowded Universe

Their detection proved that a hot superEarth with a true mass 22.6 times that of
Earth was orbiting Gliese 436 every 2.6 days. By early 2007, about 10 hot
superEarths had been discovered by highprecision Doppler spectroscopy, but
none had ...


Author: Alan Boss

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780786743674

Category: Science

Page: 256

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We are nearing a turning point in our quest for life in the universe—we now have the capacity to detect Earth-like planets around other stars. But will we find any? In The Crowded Universe, renowned astronomer Alan Boss argues that based on what we already know about planetary systems, in the coming years we will find abundant Earths, including many that are indisputably alive. Life is not only possible elsewhere in the universe, Boss argues—it is common. Boss describes how our ideas about planetary formation have changed radically in the past decade and brings readers up to date on discoveries of bizarre inhabitants of various solar systems, including our own. America must stay in this new space race, Boss contends, or risk being left out of one of the most profoundly important discoveries of all time: the first confirmed finding of extraterrestrial life.

The Crowded Scene

“These Earth-people breed as they like. Couples often have more than two
children. Our statistics are right: there are over 8000 billions of Earth people. --
May I hold your fragile, clammy hands in mine, my sweetheart?” “You must be
joking, my ...


Author: Stanford S. Penner

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781503519961


Page: 144

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The following excursion into a strange and not-so-pleasant world is fictional. What is not fictional is that a continuing population growth rate of 2 percent per year will rapidly lead to very large numbers of people. When sustained for four hundred years, a growth rate of 2 percent per year will increase the population by a factor of about 2,750. Thus, starting with a world population of about 3 billion not very many years ago, the number of people in the world will grow to 8,250 billion about four hundred years later. At the same time, the population in the United States will increase to 550 billion if it started from 200 million and also increased at the rate of 2 percent per year. Allowing for some minor calamities, such as a small nuclear war, we may not reach the preliminary goal for the world population of 8,250 billions of people until the year 2388. This small extrapolation has been made in our story.

On the Edge of Earth

... than the crowded earth?”65 This is a good question. It is a question that has
never been addressed fully by space sanctuary enthusiasts (apart from making
the apolitical, astrategic point that attacking unmanned targets in space makes
wars ...


Author: Steven Lambakis

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 9780813145785

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 384

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The United States has long exploited Earth's orbits to enhance security, generate wealth, and solidify its position as a world leader. America's ambivalence toward military activities in space, however, has the potential to undermine our future security. Many in Washington possess a peculiar regard for space and warfare. Some perceive space as a place to defend and fight for America's vital interests. Others -- whose voices are frequently dominant and manifested in public rhetoric, funded defense programs, international diplomacy, and treaty commitments -- look upon space as a preserve not to be despoiled by earthly strife. After forty years of discussion, the debate over America's role in space rages on. In light of the steady increase in international satellite activity for commercial and military purposes, American's vacillation on this issue could begin to pose a real threat to our national security. Steven Lambakis argues that this policy dysfunction will eventually manifest itself in diminished international political leverage, the forfeiture of technological advances, and the squandering of valuable financial resources. Lambakis reviews key political, military, and business developments in space over the past four decades. Emphasizing that we should not take our unobstructed and unlimited access to space for granted, he identifies potential space threats and policy flaws and proposes steps to meet national security demands for the twenty-first century.

Forward the Foundation

The Gods Themselves In the twenty-second century, Earth obtains limitless, free
energy from a source science little ... Nemesis In the twenty-third century,
pioneers have escaped the crowded Earth for life in self-sustaining orbital


Author: Isaac Asimov

Publisher: Spectra

ISBN: 9780553900965

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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The second of two prequel novels in Isaac Asimov’s classic science-fiction masterpiece, the Foundation series As Hari Seldon struggles to perfect his revolutionary theory of psychohistory and ensure a place for humanity among the stars, the great Galactic Empire totters on the brink of apocalyptic collapse. Caught in the maelstrom are Seldon and all he holds dear, pawns in the struggle for dominance. Whoever can control Seldon will control psychohistory—and with it the future of the Galaxy. Among those seeking to turn psychohistory into the greatest weapon known to man are a populist political demagogue, the weak-willed Emperor Cleon I, and a ruthless militaristic general. In his last act of service to humankind, Hari Seldon must somehow save his life’s work from their grasp as he searches for its true heirs—a search that begins with his own granddaughter and the dream of a new Foundation.

Edith Wharton The Dover Reader

... restore; And so ironic Time beholds us now Master and slave—he lord of half
the earth, I ousted from my narrow heritage. ... re-conquer day by day The inch of
ground they camped on over-night, Have right of foothold on this crowded earth.


Author: Edith Wharton

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486800745

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 512

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Well-rounded introduction features the complete text of the Pulitzer Prize–winning novel, The Age of Innocence, plus Ethan Frome, excerpts from The Decoration of Houses, four short stories, and several poems.


... Too early ravished from my heart ' s embrace , And long divided now , by time
and space , I dare not ask if still my name be dear . ' Souls of as bright a strain ,
perchance there be That walk this crowded earth , but none for me . SONNET XL


Author: C. Stewart


ISBN: OXFORD:590943919


Page: 152

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Citizenship Through Secondary Religious Education

... that this crowded earth needs a form of basic and legal standard by which to
organise its various and diverse communities. The bestknown aspects ofhuman
rights arethose underthe headingof the International BillofHuman Rights
including ...


Author: Liam Gearon

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134428717

Category: Education

Page: 208

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Religion has achieved ever greater prominence in debates about citizenship at every level of cultural, economic, social and political life. Citizenship through Secondary Religious Education highlights some of the key issues surrounding citizenship for the R.E. teacher. Topics selected include those of historical and immediate relevance to teaching citizenship through religious education. There are chapters covering general critical planning issues and those concentrating on specific themes such as: The open society and its enemies planning for citizenship through religious education genocide asylum freedom of religion and belief sustainable development the rights of indigenous peoples. Practical in its style, the guidance presented in this book will be invaluable to teachers and student teachers of religious education and specialists in citizenship. Those who have been allocated responsibility for teaching Citizenship or Religious Education, or are looking to teach them as second subjects, will also find this book a useful resource.

100 American Crime Writers

... working in the territoriesofscience fiction, Ladies'Dayand This Crowded Earth (
both 1968) and Sneak Preview (1971); psychopathic thrillers, NightWorld (1972)
andAmerican Gothic (1974); andstraight dramatic fiction The StarStalker(1968).


Author: S. Powell

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137031662

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 373

View: 217

100 American Crime Writers features discussion and analysis of the lives of crime writers and their key works, examining the developments in American crime writing from the Golden Age to hardboiled detective fiction. This study is essential to scholars and an ideal introduction to crime fiction for anyone who enjoys this fascinating genre.

GED Test For Dummies

(A) the bird flu (B) the H5N1 strain (C) the avian H5 flu (D) the Eurasian avian flu
Questions 7–12 refer to the following excerpt from Robert Bloch's short story “This
Crowded Earth” (1958). The telescreen lit up promptly at eight a.m. Smiling ...


Author: Murray Shukyn

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118678169

Category: Study Aids

Page: 480

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Score higher on the GED with this book + online practice If you're preparing for this all-important exam, GED Test For Dummies with Online Practice gets you up and running on everything you can expect on test day, from overviews of the test sections to invaluable reviews and test-taking strategies for all the subjects covered—and everything in between. In the book, you'll find hands-on, digestible information for navigating your way through the Language Arts/Reading and Writing Tests, Social Studies Test, Mathematics Test, and Science Test. Whether you're looking to perfect your grammar and punctuation skills, get familiar with the types of fiction and nonfiction passages you'll encounter, take the fear out of math and science, put the social in your studies, or answer multiple-choice questions with confidence, this unintimidating guide makes it easy to score higher and pass this vital exam. The accompanying online experience helps you further your skills by providing practice questions with answers and full explanations This new edition has been fully updated to reflect the latest version of the GED Includes 2 full-length practice tests with detailed answer explanations and walkthroughs. Offers clear overviews of all the topics covered on the GED Includes special considerations if English is your second language It's all at your fingertips! Prepare for the test, improve your chances of success, and increase your earning power and job prospects with the help of GED Test For Dummies with Online Practice

Colors of the Sun

WHITE SUN CHRONICLE The citizens of crowded Earth, struggling to deal with
environmental degradation and lifestyle changes, face a more crushing blow:
world hunger. The global food supply is destroyed and people flee the crowded ...


Author: Gene Shiles

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781440170300

Category: Fiction

Page: 664

View: 239

The stories of Colors of the Sun - A Trilogy, each separate and complete, share a common background. In Tribes of the Orange Sun, crowded Earth colonizes a faraway earthlike planet. The saga continues, more than a generation later, on the new planet in Pale Yellow Sun and on Earth in White Sun Chronicle. Tribes of the Orange Sun: Scientist Adam Hampton, skeptical of Earth Government's rush to colonize, suspects that the lives of the many volunteers are at great risk. But he can only watch and wait while three of his best friends, and millions of others, begin their epic adventure. Pale Yellow Sun: The people of isolated and idyllic Emil become entangled in Earth's continuing problems. Young Andy Landis delays his personal plans when he is asked to participate in a critical decision. He soon learns that he must choose between the ruin of his beautiful homeland and mass murder. White Sun Chronicle: Struggling Earth's food supply is destroyed. Senator Neil Silvers and a handful of others find sanctuary from the chaos in a secure building, but their small food cache soon runs out. The group ventures outside to face a world where humans compete as never before.

The Moon

P.1 ABSTRACT This project depicts an evolving vision of an Earth orbital facility
that would gradually build up our capability ... is already a rather crowded
environment, with over 8,000 operational, aging, and decommissioned
spacecraft and ...


Author: David Schrunk

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0387739823

Category: Science

Page: 261

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This extraordinary book details how the Moon could be used as a springboard for Solar System exploration. It presents a realistic plan for placing and servicing telescopes on the Moon, and highlights the use of the Moon as a base for an early warning system from which to combat threats of near-Earth objects. A realistic vision of human development and settlement of the Moon over the next one hundred years is presented, and the author explains how global living standards for the Earth can be enhanced through the use of lunar-based generated solar power. From that beginning, the people of the Earth would evolve into a spacefaring civilisation.

Earth and Heaven

He held out his hand. 'Welcome to the Slade, Mr Cox. You may go straight to your
class.' 'Yes, sir. Thank you.' He was out in the hall again, now crowded and full of
conversation. 'Excuse me.' He approached the beadle in his booth once more.


Author: Sue Gee

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780755391202

Category: Fiction

Page: 348

View: 319

In the aftermath of the First World War, the painter Walter Cox cherishes the place of his childhood to keep the pulse of his art alive. Haunted by his work, his young daughter Meredith has her own fight: to quell the power of her inner life. Deeply affecting, shot through with a shimmering apprehension of the natural world, EARTH AND HEAVEN is about life's fragility, and the power of love and painting to disturb, renew and reveal us to ourselves.

Here on Earth

Standing here, in this crowded kitchen, she could not love him more. “Here you
go, old boy,” Alex greets Hank. handing over a glass of the punch. “This should
do the trick.” Hank grins, but he puts the glass on the table, and heads straight for


Author: Alice Hoffman

Publisher: Penguin Group

ISBN: 9781440673245

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 327

A seductive and mesmerizing story of obsessive love from the New York Times bestselling author of The Rules of Magic. After nineteen years in California, March Murray returns to the small Massachusetts town where she grew up. For all this time, March has been avoiding her own troubled history, but when she encounters Hollis—the boy she loved so desperately, the man who has never forgotten her—the past collides with the present as their reckless love is reignited. This dark romantic tale asks whether it is possible to survive a love that consumes you completely. The answers March Murray discovers are both heartbreaking and wise, as complex as they are devastating—for in heaven and in our dreams, love is simple and glorious. But it is something altogether different here on earth...

Down to Earth

... this crowded fifteen-by-fifteen—foot space would be sufficient. C. corymbosa
was started from seeds given to me by a friend who brought them from Germany
and distributed them to friends, assur— ing us that the plants were not invasive.


Author: Margot Rochester

Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing

ISBN: 9781589794092

Category: Gardening

Page: 256

View: 233

Down to Earth is a book that speaks to the soul of the passionate gardener of any experience level, exploring and detailing all the pleasures that gardeners enjoy from this hobby. Rochester encourages readers to garden for self-gratification. No hoeing, no tilling, no turning of piles. No chemical insecticides or herbicides, either. The author's goal is to encourage and enable gardeners to simplify tasks, saving time and money, while making their gardens their own. Rochester's refreshing musings and advice invite the reader to take a break, pour a cup of tea, and forge a fine and friendly relationship with a kindred spirit of gardening.

Hot Flat and Crowded

But there is an “externality” that is being paid for by some third parties—global
society and planet earth—and that ... clean air, clean water, and healthy forests
are not valued, the earth, when it is this flat and this crowded, will become a very
hot, ...


Author: Thomas L. Friedman

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780141918501

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 528

View: 726

Thomas L. Friedman's phenomenal number-one bestseller The World is Flat has helped millions of readers see the world in a new way. In this essential new book, Friedman takes a fresh and provocative look at two of the biggest challenges we face today: the global environmental crisis and America's surprising loss of focus and national purpose since 9/11. It is a groundbreaking account of where we stand now, and he shows us how the solutions to these two big problems are linked - how we can restore the world and revive America at the same time. Friedman explains how global warming, rapidly growing populations, and the astonishing expansion of the world's middle class through globalization have produced a planet that is 'hot, flat, and crowded'. In just a few years, it will be too late to fix things - unless there is a worldwide effort to replace our wasteful, inefficient energy practices with a strategy for clean energy, energy efficiency, and conservation that Friedman calls Code Green. This is a great challenge, Friedman explains, but also a great opportunity, and one that we cannot afford to miss. He argues that this cannot happen without American commitment and leadership. In vivid, entertaining chapters, Friedman makes it clear that the green revolution we need is like no revolution the world has seen. It will be the biggest innovation project in history; it will be hard, not easy; and it will change everything, from what you put into your car to what you see on your electric bill. But the payoff will be more than just cleaner air. It will inspire us to summon all the intelligence, creativity, boldness and concern for the common good that are our greatest human resources. Hot, Flat, and Crowded is classic Thomas L. Friedman: fearless, incisive, forward-looking, and rich in surprising common sense about the challenge - and the promise - of the future.

The Black Heart of The Earth

The next evening after work, Benjamin left the crowded, gas-lit streets of Angel
behind and ducked through the first entrance arch he could find, its apex
crowned by ornate stonework with the date of construction – 1837 – and a
strangely ...


Author: Jacqueline Pearce


ISBN: 9781471652813



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