Three Frogs in the Waterhole

This story was about three frogs in the waterhole.


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This story was about three frogs in the waterhole. Their name was Cute Eyes, Lion, and Hippo. At first they had no problems in there. But two frogs had desires for themselves. Lion wanted to become the king of the forest. Hippo also didn't give up to become the ruler in there. So they losed their happiness and peace in the forest. But Cute Eyes had wisdoms and courage. So Cute Eyes showed us the ability to face fear, pain, and danger. Her leadership and love brought a more powerful miracles of the love to the forest. It is a very interesting story with 17 pictures for children.

Australian Frogs

Waterholes linked because the frogs involved burrow into the soil . ... For
example , the River Murray in South Australia is the habitat of three species not
occurring elsewhere within the state : Litoria peronii which shelters beneath the
bark of ...


Author: Michael J. Tyler

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Australia is home to some of the most interesting and unusual frogs in the world, and Michael J. Tyler is acknowledged to be the foremost expert on them. This lavishly illustrated new edition of Australian Frogs is the definitive resource on the subject, with updated tables and supplementary text on the fossil record which is vital to historical understanding. Tyler covers the origins, environment, nomenclature, habits, and biology of frogs. The topic of declining frog populations, noted in American newspapers as a harbinger of ecological distress, has become the subject of a new chapter. Tyler discusses dietary studies and explains the effect on frogs of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and heavy metals. He provides information, as well, on an unprecedented study to control populations of the Cane Toad, Bufo marinus.

Australian Wildlife Research

Species of native frog that do not aestivate during the dry season congregate (
with B . marinus ) around permanent ... Three cane toad infested waterholes , the
Dip Waterhole ( 17°22 ' S . , 138°12 ' E . ) , One Mile Waterhole ( 17°21 ' S .


Author: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (Australia)


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Proceedings of the Royal Society of Queensland

The croaking of frogs after rain and the evident abundance of tadpoles in creeks
and waterholes is evidence of the large ... REPTILES Three species of tortoise ,
21 species of lizard and 22 species of snake are known from the Brisbane River ...


Author: Royal Society of Queensland


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Frogs of the United States and Canada 2 vol Set

... of this species. Campbell (1934) recorded it as “of rather common occurrence”
at the permanent waterholes within ... By 1982, only one to three frogs were
observed, with the last frog being sighted in 1983 (Hale et al., 1995). In
unpublished ...


Author: C. Kenneth Dodd

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With many frog populations declining or disappearing and developmental malformations and disease afflicting others, scientists, conservationists, and concerned citizens need up-to-date, accurate information. Frogs of the United States and Canada is a comprehensive resource for those trying to protect amphibians as well as for researchers and wildlife managers who study biodiversity. From acrobatic tree frogs to terrestrial toads, C. Kenneth Dodd Jr. offers an unparalleled synthesis of the biology, behavior, and conservation of frogs in North America. This two-volume, fully referenced resource provides color photographs and range maps for 106 native and nonindigenous species and includes detailed information on- past and present distribution- life history and demography - reproduction and diet- landscape ecology and evolution- - diseases, parasites, and threats from toxic substances- conservation and management

Frogs and Reptiles of the Murray Darling Basin

The Warrego River waterholes are a string of large permanent and
semipermanent waterholes which are usually flooded ... Burrowing frogs are well
represented along with other frog species and three freshwater turtle species that
are mostly ...


Author: Michael Swan


ISBN: 9781486311347

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The Murray–Darling Basin spans more than 1 million square kilometres across the lower third of Queensland, most of New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, northern Victoria and the south-eastern corner of South Australia. Wildlife habitats range from the floodplains of the Basin to alpine areas, making the region of special ecological and environmental interest. This book is the first comprehensive guide to the 310 species of frogs and reptiles living in the Murray–Darling Basin. An overview of each of the 22 catchment areas introduces the unique and varied climates, topography, vegetation and fauna. Comprehensive species accounts include diagnostic features, conservation ratings, photographs and distribution maps for all frogs, freshwater turtles, lizards and snakes recorded in this important region.

Get Bushwise On Safari

Only three impala left the waterhole 3. The fourth impala was eaten ... The rhino
had a drink at the waterhole and then walked off 7. The rhino tracks are not fresh
... Black Crake – omnivore – small fish and frogs, insects, 5. p. 146 6. p. 178 7. p.


Author: Nadine Clarke

Publisher: Penguin Random House South Africa

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This bumper edition, comprising three lively children’s nature guides, brings together a treasure trove of information, colourful images, games and activities for young readers. A local guide leads adventurers on safaris into three surprisingly varied worlds: the bushveld, a river and a desert. Each environment brings its unique flavour to the adventure; multiple images (both photos and illustrations) and interesting habits and lifestyles. Readers are encouraged to play along by means of engaging activities, games and quizzes, with answers at the end of each section. Nature’s edible treats and useful props are introduced, along with survival techniques for the young explorer. This volume illuminates three important southern African natural arenas, and will engage readers from cover to cover.


Amphibians of three species endure the drouth or perish Many do perish ,
especially the salamanders . These amphibians ... From August 29th to October
21st , adult frogs were found in the big waterholes west of the highway . The
Marsh Frog ...


Author: Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters


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Proceedings of the Utah Academy of Sciences Arts and Letters

... drying waterholes nearby . Small adults were caught in three water holes on
October 7th and 14th on the west side . ... From August 29th to October 21st ,
adult frogs were found in the big waterholes west of the highway . The Marsh
Frog or ...


Author: Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters


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The Waterhole

What an effort it had been to wrest each of three beams from its concrete wall
mount, lower it to the ground, then ... Pita's kauri-beam-laden trailer had
frogmarched a hot-and-bothered, once-cool, ice-blue 1967 Vauxhall Victor Estate
off the ...


Author: Murray Annals

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

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A heart-rending psychological drama, The Waterhole explores the blurred margins of reality in the life of an abused twelve-year-old girl. Growing-up in the natural beauty and dramatic volcanic landscape of New Zealands Coromandel Range, school sports star Jolie Overwater has a home life she dare not expose. The intelligent, unloved daughter of violent misogynist Victor and barely-functional rag-doll Ruth, she is desperate for deliverance. Only at the waterhole does she feel safe; swimming in the cool water, or listening to the stories of her mysterious friends enchanting little Mary and brave taniwha hunter Mahinarangi. Where do they come from? Can they help Jolie escape her father? What secrets does towering Blood Rock hold? Enter Jolies world, where time and space refuse to conform to the laws of physics. Enter the world of the mind!

Australian Reptiles Frogs

It breeds in waterholes formed after the heavy rain . Its tadpoles develop rapidly
to ... It is assumed that from egg to young frog takes about three months ,
although young toadlets are rarely seen . The call of this frog is a harsh squelch
sound .


Author: Raymond Terrence Hoser

Publisher: Pierson & Company Pty Limited

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Toads - Crocodiles - Tree frogs - Turtles - Tortoises - Lizards - Geckoes - Skinks - Goannas - Snakes - Pythonsns_

Australians Australians to 1788

Only about three of them came alive again . Then the Big Frogs set off , they
started travelling along the creek , having turned slightly [ to the northeast ) . They
came towards Mudlarda ( The Cliff waterhole at ' Smithfield ' ) return . Do you
know ...


Author: Marion K. Stell


ISBN: PSU:000015766502

Category: Aboriginal Australians

Page: 476

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The Treefrogs Rhacophoridae of West Africa

It was found that three well - delimited " faunas " did occur , and that a species
was practically never collected together ... be very small and another fauna may
be present in the close vicinity , sometimes even in the same waterhole or swamp


Author: Arne Schiøtz


ISBN: CORNELL:31924002871717

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But there were seven people , four warriors and three women , who would not
accept the way in which the once proud and powerful Bibulmun People were
sadly destroying ... One waterhole was not enough for a huge frog like Gurukmun




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Category: World politics


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Atlas and Red Data Book of the Frogs of South Africa Lesotho and Swaziland

Ptychadena anchietae ( Bocage , 1867 ) Plain Grass Frog , Anchieta's Ridged
Frog , Rooirug - graspadda ( A ) 5 3 ... which include temporary pans , shallow
pools in riverbeds , borrow pits , waterholes , as well as more permanent vleis
and ...


Author: L. R. Minter

Publisher: Smithsonian Institution Si/Mab Biodiversity Program

ISBN: CORNELL:31924101920555

Category: Biodiversity

Page: 360

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Missouri Conservationist

... small frogs are : ducks , crows , water birds , raccoons , and almost any other
mammal which frequents the water - hole ... pass through three stages : egg ,
tadpole , and frog , as every youngster who passes through the elementary
grades of ...




ISBN: MINN:31951P003517629

Category: Fishing


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A Field Guide to Frogs of Australia

Habitat: It can be found in most habitats, gathering to breed at farm dams, ponds,
creeks and waterholes. Similar species: It can be ... The toes are half to three-
quarters webbed, and the toe discs are distinct. There are no vomerine teeth, but
it ...


Author: Martyn Robinson

Publisher: Reed New Holland

ISBN: STANFORD:36105011613747

Category: Frog culture

Page: 112

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Identify all the frogs hopping and croaking their way around Australia.A Field Guide to Frogs of Australia will help you identify all the frogs hopping and croaking their way around Australia. A key, with drawings of distinguishing features, plus a colour photograph and distribution map of each frog, will help you to identify your species. This book has been developed from the New South Wales Frog Watch Programme, a frog-monitoring programme involving schools and amateur herpetologists.

Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales

Three Horn Expedition frogs , two from Port Denison and two from Nyngan , are
grey with fairly large dark spots . Twelve individuals from Aroona ... An odd frog is
very dark ventrally . An individual from Mootwingie Waterholes is unusual .


Author: Linnean Society of New South Wales


ISBN: UCAL:$B223021

Category: Botany


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World Folktales grades K 2

The ( size ) ( color ) Frog ( action ) to the ( sound ) water hole . Choose ... The
Frog ( color ) _ to the ( action ) ( size ) _ tail , ” said Frog . ... How Frog Lost His
Tail : After Reading Activity Sheet 9 Whole - Language Activities for " The Three
Hares ”


Author: Jerry J. Mallett

Publisher: Upstart Books

ISBN: 0917846435

Category: Education

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Plan an entire teaching unit or a series of programs using these exceptional books. Each handbook is organized into eight cultural units: Hispanic, Native American, Jewish, Middle Eastern, Native American, Asian, East European and West European. Units include a folktale, three activity sections emphasizing the whole language approach, and reproducible activities.

The Book of Australian Wild Life

I caught the specimen at a waterhole near Maryborough , took it home and
decided to make an experiment . I put it in a glass tank which contained water ,
sticks and stones and three tiny frogs . I spent many hours watching the tank but
never ...


Author: Harry Frauca


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