Times of Convergence Technologies Across Learning Contexts

The contributions in this volume address the - sign of innovative environments, computational models and architectures, results of empirical studies on socio-cognitive processes, field studies regarding the use of te- nologies in context, ...


Author: Pierre Dillenbourg

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783540876045

Category: Education

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The European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL 2008) was the third event of a series that started in 2006. The two first editions were organized by Pro- Learn (http://www.prolearn-project.org/), a European Network of Excellence. In 2008, several members of Kaleidoscope, the other European Network of Excellence (http://www.noe-kaleidoscope.org/pub/), joined as co-chair, committee members, reviewers and authors. These two networks are no longer funded, but our aim was to turn EC-TEL into a sustainable series of high-quality events and thereby to contribute to the scientific landscape of technology-enhanced learning. A new network, named STELLAR, will be launched in 2009, with members from both existing networks as well as new members and will support the future editions of this conference. The scope of EC-TEL 2008 covered the different fields of learning technologies: e- cation, psychology, computer science. The contributions in this volume address the - sign of innovative environments, computational models and architectures, results of empirical studies on socio-cognitive processes, field studies regarding the use of te- nologies in context, collaborative processes, pedagogical scenarios, reusable learning objects and emerging objects, groups and communities, learning networks, interaction analysis, metadata, personalization, collaboration scripts, learning adaptation, collabo- tive environments, resources, tangible tools, as well as learning management systems.

ePub European Conference on Social Media

Semantic technologies for socially-enhanced context-aware mobile learning. In
EC-TEL: Times of Convergence. Technologies Across Learning Contexts.
Sleeman, J. 2010. Computing FOAF Co-reference Relations with Rules and
Machine ...


Author: Sue Greener

Publisher: Academic Conferences Limited

ISBN: 9781910309292



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Play and Literacy

In Dillenbourg, P. & Specht, M. (Eds.): Times of Convergence: Technologies
across learning contexts (Proceedings of the 3rd European Conference on
Technology Enhanced Learning –EC-TEL 08), Lecture Notes in Computer
Science, Vol.


Author: Myae Han

Publisher: Hamilton Books

ISBN: 9780761872320

Category: Psychology

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How do we save play in a standard-driven educational environment? This edited collection, Play and Literacy: Play & Culture Studies provides a direct answer and solutions to this question. Researchers and theorists have argued for decades that play is the best way to learn language and literacy for children. This book provides theoretical and historical foundation of connection between play and literacy, applied research studies as well as practical strategies to connect play and literacy in early childhood and in teacher education. This book features chapters on the history of play and literacy research, book-play paradigm, play in digital writing, book-based play activities, play-based reader responses, classroom dynamics affecting literacy learning in play, and using play with adults in teacher education such as drama-based instruction. Variety of chapters addressing the strong connection between play and literacy will satisfy the readers who seek to understand the relationship between play and literacy and implement ways to use play to support language and literacy.

Learning Analytics in R with SNA LSA and MPIA

Times of Convergence: Technologies Across Learning Contexts. Lecture Notes
in Computer Science, vol. ... Revised 2010 Meyer, P.: 'Technology-enhanced
learning' as an interdisciplinary epistemic community. Master Thesis, University
of ...


Author: Fridolin Wild

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319287911

Category: Computers

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This book introduces Meaningful Purposive Interaction Analysis (MPIA) theory, which combines social network analysis (SNA) with latent semantic analysis (LSA) to help create and analyse a meaningful learning landscape from the digital traces left by a learning community in the co-construction of knowledge. The hybrid algorithm is implemented in the statistical programming language and environment R, introducing packages which capture – through matrix algebra – elements of learners’ work with more knowledgeable others and resourceful content artefacts. The book provides comprehensive package-by-package application examples, and code samples that guide the reader through the MPIA model to show how the MPIA landscape can be constructed and the learner’s journey mapped and analysed. This building block application will allow the reader to progress to using and building analytics to guide students and support decision-making in learning.

Technology enhanced Learning

( 2008 ) . Times of convergence : Technologies across learning contexts . Berlin :
Springer - Verlag . Ellis , R. , Hughes , J. , et al . ( 2009 ) . University teacher
approaches to design and teaching and concepts of learning technologies .
Teaching ...


Author: Peter Goodyear

Publisher: Brill / Sense

ISBN: OSU:32435081358954

Category: Educational technology

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Designing for technology enhanced learning (TEL) is often a demanding process. It involves creating challenging learning tasks, making sure that students have access to the right tools and resources, and ensuring there are appropriate opportunities for them to learn with and from each other. This book introduces the use of design patterns and pattern languages as ways of capturing and sharing TEL design knowledge. The editors have assembled a team of authors who have pioneered research and development in this rapidly expanding field.

Handbook of Research on Learning Design and Learning Objects Issues Applications and Technologies

Issues, Applications, and Technologies Lockyer, Lori, Bennett, Sue, Agostinho,
Shirley, Harper, Barry ... Most of the time, she is in a kind of progressive
relationship—as she goes along, she is making judgments. ... in practice, design
highly solution-driven, context-sensitive solutions through an iterative and
integrative process' (Kirschner et al., 2002, p. ... Over time, there is a convergence
on a solution which entails both a clearer realisation of what is needed and what
should be done ...


Author: Lockyer, Lori

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781599048628

Category: Business & Economics

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"This book provides an overview of current research and development activity in the area of learning designs"--Provided by publisher.

The Economic and Compliance Consequences of Taxation

... curve in a static context exhibits one point of potential convergence where best
practice performance is to be discovered When ... As the firm follows its optimal
path across time , it is producing the same level of output with progressively less
inputs . ... Likewise , in a dynamic context , one can also divide the learning curve
( which represents point estimates of actual ... technology , motivations ,
information , financial resources , and learning behaviour ) change across time ,
these best ...


Author: Patrick J. Caragata

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: UCSD:31822026349431

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 252

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Examination of the effects of tax on individuals, companies and the economy in both the short and long run.

Annual Meeting Program

Tracey E . Hall , Center for Applied Special Technology ; Robert P . Dolan ,
Center for Applied Special Technology Testing Fairness and Test - Taking
Strategies on Correct and Incorrect Response Times on Pretest and ... Marten
Koomen , Australian Council for Educational Research Analysis of Translation
Equivalence Across PISA Countries . ... OISE / University of Toronto Assessing
MCMC Convergence of Item and Population Parameters on a Second -
Language English Test .


Author: American Educational Research Association


ISBN: STANFORD:36105119762586

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Literacy in America

Thus far , research suggests that the most successful distance learners are those
who voluntarily seek further ... follow traditional teaching practices , and the
conditions that influence effective instruction may be common across ... of the
instructor and often requires almost three times the planning time of traditional
face - to - face instructional delivery . ... Teachers must be able to assist those
learners who encounter problems with the learning context and with the
technological aspects ...


Author: Barbara J. Guzzetti


ISBN: 1576073580

Category: Literacy

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Offers comprehensive information about literacy and related instructional and assessment topics.

Distance Learners in Higher Education

Many of them use distance - mode classrooms because we tend to teach in the
convergence model . That is , in each class I have learners sitting literally around
me in a walled classroom and metaphorically around me across the ... We get
into Internet use more slowly , because of learner access and cost problems and
our policy of nondiscrimination based on technology access . ... Therefore , class
time is not wasted on transmitting information to relatively open and passive
minds .


Author: Chère Campbell Gibson

Publisher: Atwood Pub

ISBN: PSU:000044911577

Category: College students

Page: 156

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Well-credentialed authors collaborate in Distance Learners in Higher Education, designed to give faculty unique perspectives on a variety of issues in higher education today. Edited by Chère Campbell Gibson, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Continuing and Vocational Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, this volume encompasses the full realm of teaching and learning at a distance from both an administrative and faculty viewpoint. Connecting the demographics of the distance learner, cultural considerations, academic self-concept and support, and learning strategies, Distance Learners is of interest to faculty and administrators in higher education. This book focuses on the learner and the conditions for learning, and is essential for those who need to stay current in this rapidly changing area.

Dissertation Abstracts International

RQ4 explores positive and negative outcomes of socialization information
acquisition Seventeen micro - moment time - line interviews were ... Within this
context , the prominent meanings attributed to empowerment across NGOs
include structural access , a sense of self - worth and ... preference of school
librarians and their level of performance as educational and technological
leaders on the curriculum and instructional team . ... Partnerships for Learning (
AASL L & AECT , 1998 ) .




ISBN: STANFORD:36105131550381

Category: Dissertations, Academic


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Nursing Informatics An Issue of Perioperative Nursing Clinics E Book

consideration: In the OR professionals work across a table from each other,
wearing masks and communicating through subtle hand ... At all times they must
interpret the flow of events and be able to act spontaneously in crisis situations,
working ... in a distance-learning course illustrate the convergence of the
technological and the cultural challenges in cyberspace, where ... However,
unlike video game contexts, virtual worlds are used to “create simulated
experiences” for nongaming ...


Author: Joy Don Baker

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9781455744282

Category: Medical

Page: 160

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This issue of Perioperative Nursing Clinics, Guest Edited by Joy Don Baker, PhD, RN-BC, CNE, CNOR, NEA-BC, will focus on Informatics with topics including: Distance education; computer science and cognitive science; role of the perioperative nurse as informaticist; cyber diving: literature search; website evaluation; bibliographic software; relational database programs; virtual learning environments; digital divide; and social networking legality.

Virtual Learning Communities

Knowledge communities and networks provide opportunities for individuals to
come together in learning communities , communities of practice or communities
of interest . ... are possible based on diverse interpretations of the same
information inputs across different contexts and at different times . ... The
convergence of information and communications technologies has resulted in
new developments in ...


Author: Dina Lewis

Publisher: Open University Press

ISBN: UVA:X004908088

Category: Psychology

Page: 204

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'Virtual Learning Communities' is written to help managers, professionals and learners, planning, facilitating or participating in online learning communities.

28 Peer Reviewed Papers on Distance Education

... Internet and distance education he Internet is a striking development of our
times based on the convergence of the computer and communication
technologies . ... In this context , learning via networking has become a necessity
and a near reality . ... The developments in the computer and communication
technologies have made a ... Now it is possible to communicate from a networked
workstation with anyone across the globe as well as have real time access to
digitized information .




ISBN: UVA:X006122315

Category: Distance education

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FID Review

... he Internet is a striking development of our times based on the convergence of
the computer and communication technologies . ... In this context , learning via
networking has become a necessity and a near reality . ... The developments in
the computer and communication technologies have made a significant impact
on libraries and scholarly communication . ... from a networked workstation with
anyone across the globe as well as have real time access to digitized information




ISBN: UOM:39015078853119

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War In World History Society Technology and War from Ancient Times to the Present Volume 1

Partly in that context , the involvement of crusaders in Byzantine succession
politics brought disaster on the empire in 1204 . ... It placed too heavy demands
on the politi - cal and economic structures of the time , and , despite the religious
... there were some attempts on the part of Christian leaders to exploit Muslim
divisions and rivalries through diplomatic channels . ... similarities among the
three traditions are more likely the result of convergence on certain principles of
good design ...


Author: Jeremy Black

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 0070525846

Category: History

Page: 336

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Designed for use at the college level as a textbook for military history courses or supplemental reading for world history courses, this text offers an introduction and original synthesis of global military history. Each chapter traces key developments in military institutions and practices set in three crucial contexts: politics and institutions; social structures and economics; and cultures. Primary sources throughout the text give students a look at the writings historians use to draw conclusions, while Issue Boxes raise and explore historiographical controversies in military history. A two-volume format follows the usual division of world and western civilization courses and allows a standard semester split of military history survey courses. Volume One covers 2000 BC through 1500 AD. Volume Two covers the dawn of global warfare in 1500 through the present.

Academy of Management Journal

Debt guarantee , equity investment , and internal trade are tools of cross -
subsidization and sources of benefits . ... decisions are based on needs to
acquire resources and potential organizational learning embedded in specific
market contexts . ... Isobe , Makino , and Montgomery ( 2000 ) examine whether
early movers and technology leaders attain superior ... in the emerging
economies covered by this special forum raises issues concerning the extent to
which a convergence of ...


Author: Academy of Management


ISBN: STANFORD:36105028835069

Category: Industrial management


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Focus on management theory and practice

Indiana Media Journal

The authors deal with the concepts of curriculum planning , flexible scheduling ,
common planning times , student advisors ... Restructuring for learning with
technology . ... Restructuring education through technology . ... The nature of the
systems specifically deals with teacher , student and context relationships as well
as the educational system and its environment . ... The difference between the
technology as a tool or tutor and a convergent or divergent design is pointed out
and ...




ISBN: UOM:39015064324828

Category: Audio-visual education


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Gender and Work in Capitalist Economies

Indeed , the deliberate engagement with the worker's personality , as it becomes
woven into the ' learning culture ' , triumphs in ... It is within this context that the
qualitative times of social reproduction have been integrated into capital's
expropriation of ... Since the 1950s , a series of technological and legal changes
have transformed retail clothing supply . ... uniform production methods ,
converging product lines and ' standardized global markets ' ( Arce and Marsden
1993 : 293 ) .


Author: Pamela Odih


ISBN: STANFORD:36105124104519

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 205

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Odih explores the sociological aspects of work, time and gender. The trend towards the regulation and commodification of work and leisure time is examined along with other links between work, culture, identity and time.

Proceedings of the XIX International Mineral Processing Congress Flotation operating practices and fundamentals

Whereas innovation studi es once emphasised static categories such as '
technology push' or 'demand pull', over the last decade there has been a
convergence in the disciplines of ... Moreover, it is a process that is contingent on
history, so that different kinds of innovation process may operate in different
industries at different times. lnnovation does not occur in ... This means that a
discontinuity in the technological context requires not only new learning
strategies, but learning how to ...


Author: Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration (U.S.)


ISBN: PSU:000025890860

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 312

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