Start Up Secure

Baking Cybersecurity into Your Company from Founding to Exit Chris Castaldo. FIGURE 1.2 Google Titan Security Keys Source: ...


Author: Chris Castaldo

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119700753

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

View: 380

Add cybersecurity to your value proposition and protect your company from cyberattacks Cybersecurity is now a requirement for every company in the world regardless of size or industry. Start-Up Secure: Baking Cybersecurity into Your Company from Founding to Exit covers everything a founder, entrepreneur and venture capitalist should know when building a secure company in today’s world. It takes you step-by-step through the cybersecurity moves you need to make at every stage, from landing your first round of funding through to a successful exit. The book describes how to include security and privacy from the start and build a cyber resilient company. You'll learn the basic cybersecurity concepts every founder needs to know, and you'll see how baking in security drives the value proposition for your startup’s target market. This book will also show you how to scale cybersecurity within your organization, even if you aren’t an expert! Cybersecurity as a whole can be overwhelming for startup founders. Start-Up Secure breaks down the essentials so you can determine what is right for your start-up and your customers. You’ll learn techniques, tools, and strategies that will ensure data security for yourself, your customers, your funders, and your employees. Pick and choose the suggestions that make the most sense for your situation—based on the solid information in this book. Get primed on the basic cybersecurity concepts every founder needs to know Learn how to use cybersecurity know-how to add to your value proposition Ensure that your company stays secure through all its phases, and scale cybersecurity wisely as your business grows Make a clean and successful exit with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your company's data is fully secure Start-Up Secure is the go-to source on cybersecurity for start-up entrepreneurs, leaders, and individual contributors who need to select the right frameworks and standards at every phase of the entrepreneurial journey.

Architecting Google Cloud Solutions

Google's Titan Security Key is a tamper-resistant 2FA hardware created by Google for that purpose. It is available for purchase on the Google Store and for ...


Author: Victor Dantas

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781800564152

Category: Computers

Page: 472

View: 99

Achieve your infrastructure goals and optimize business processes by designing robust, highly available, and dynamic solutions Key Features Gain hands-on experience in designing and managing high-performance cloud solutions Leverage Google Cloud Platform to optimize technical and business processes using cutting-edge technologies and services Use Google Cloud Big Data, AI, and ML services to design scalable and intelligent data solutions Book Description Google has been one of the top players in the public cloud domain thanks to its agility and performance capabilities. This book will help you design, develop, and manage robust, secure, and dynamic solutions to successfully meet your business needs. You'll learn how to plan and design network, compute, storage, and big data systems that incorporate security and compliance from the ground up. The chapters will cover simple to complex use cases for devising solutions to business problems, before focusing on how to leverage Google Cloud's Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) capabilities for designing modern no-operations platforms. Throughout this book, you'll discover how to design for scalability, resiliency, and high availability. Later, you'll find out how to use Google Cloud to design modern applications using microservices architecture, automation, and Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) practices. The concluding chapters then demonstrate how to apply machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to derive insights from your data. Finally, you will discover best practices for operating and monitoring your cloud solutions, as well as performing troubleshooting and quality assurance. By the end of this Google Cloud book, you'll be able to design robust enterprise-grade solutions using Google Cloud Platform. What you will learn Get to grips with compute, storage, networking, data analytics, and pricing Discover delivery models such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS Explore the underlying technologies and economics of cloud computing Design for scalability, business continuity, observability, and resiliency Secure Google Cloud solutions and ensure compliance Understand operational best practices and learn how to architect a monitoring solution Gain insights into modern application design with Google Cloud Leverage big data, machine learning, and AI with Google Cloud Who this book is for This book is for cloud architects who are responsible for designing and managing cloud solutions with GCP. You'll also find the book useful if you're a system engineer or enterprise architect looking to learn how to design solutions with Google Cloud. Moreover, cloud architects who already have experience with other cloud providers and are now beginning to work with Google Cloud will benefit from the book. Although an intermediate-level understanding of cloud computing and distributed apps is required, prior experience of working in the public and hybrid cloud domain is not mandatory.

CompTIA Security Study Guide

FIGURE 8.5 A Titan key USB security key The Fast Identity Online (FIDO) ... more about how they are implemented for secure authentication using key pairs, ...


Author: Mike Chapple

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119736271

Category: Computers

Page: 672

View: 755

Learn the key objectives and most crucial concepts covered by the Security+ Exam SY0-601 with this comprehensive and practical study guide The Eighth Edition of the CompTIA Security+ Study Guide Exam SY0-601 efficiently and comprehensively prepares you for the SY0-601 Exam. Accomplished authors and security experts Mike Chapple and David Seidl walk you through the fundamentals of crucial security topics, including the five domains covered by the SY0-601 Exam: Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities Architecture and Design Implementation Operations and Incident Response Governance, Risk, and Compliance The study guide comes with the Sybex online, interactive learning environment that includes a pre-assessment test, hundreds of review questions, practice exams, flashcards, and a glossary of key terms. The book is written in a practical and straightforward manner, ensuring you can easily learn and retain the material. Perfect for everyone planning to take the SY0-601 Exam—as well as those who hope to secure a high-level certification like the CASP+, CISSP, or CISA—the study guide also belongs on the bookshelves of everyone who has ever wondered if the field of IT security is right for them. It’s a must-have reference!

CompTIA Security Deluxe Study Guide with Online Lab

FIGURE 8.5 A Titan key USB security key The Fast Identity Online (FIDO) ... more about how they are implemented for secure authentication using key pairs, ...


Author: Mike Chapple

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119812289

Category: Computers

Page: 672

View: 764

Learn the key objectives and most crucial concepts covered by the Security+ Exam SY0-601 with this comprehensive and practical Deluxe Study Guide Covers 100% of exam objectives including threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities; technologies and tools; architecture and design; identity and access management; risk management; cryptography and PKI, and much more... Includes interactive online learning environment and study tools with: 4 custom practice exams 100 Electronic Flashcards Searchable key term glossary Plus 33 Online Security+ Practice Lab Modules Expert Security+ SY0-601 exam preparation--Now with 33 Online Lab Modules The Fifth edition of CompTIA Security+ Deluxe Study Guide offers invaluable preparation for Exam SY0-601. Written by expert authors, Mike Chapple and David Seidl, the book covers 100% of the exam objectives with clear and concise explanations. Discover how to handle threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities using industry-standard tools and technologies, while gaining and understanding the role of architecture and design. Spanning topics from everyday tasks like identity and access management to complex subjects such as risk management and cryptography, this study guide helps you consolidate your knowledge base in preparation for the Security+ exam. Illustrative examples show how these processes play out in real-world scenarios, allowing you to immediately translate essential concepts to on-the-job application. Coverage of 100% of all exam objectives in this Study Guide means you'll be ready for: Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities Architecture and Design Implementation Operations and Incident Response Governance, Risk, and Compliance Interactive learning environment Take your exam prep to the next level with Sybex's superior interactive online study tools. To access our learning environment, simply visit, register your book to receive your unique PIN, and instantly gain one year of FREE access after activation to: Interactive test bank with 4 bonus exams. Practice questions help you identify areas where further review is needed. 100 Electronic Flashcards to reinforce learning and last-minute prep before the exam. Comprehensive glossary in PDF format gives you instant access to the key terms so you are fully prepared. ABOUT THE PRACTICE LABS SECURITY+ LABS So you can practice with hands-on learning in a real environment, Sybex has bundled Practice Labs virtual labs that run from your browser. The registration code is included with the book and gives you 6 months unlimited access to Practice Labs CompTIA Security+ Exam SY0-601 Labs with 33 unique lab modules to practice your skills.

Hacking Multifactor Authentication

... ( Google Titan Security Key ( GoTrust ( Hanko ( HelloID ( ...


Author: Roger A. Grimes

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119672340

Category: Computers

Page: 576

View: 833

Protect your organization from scandalously easy-to-hack MFA security “solutions” Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is spreading like wildfire across digital environments. However, hundreds of millions of dollars have been stolen from MFA-protected online accounts. How? Most people who use multifactor authentication (MFA) have been told that it is far less hackable than other types of authentication, or even that it is unhackable. You might be shocked to learn that all MFA solutions are actually easy to hack. That’s right: there is no perfectly safe MFA solution. In fact, most can be hacked at least five different ways. Hacking Multifactor Authentication will show you how MFA works behind the scenes and how poorly linked multi-step authentication steps allows MFA to be hacked and compromised. This book covers over two dozen ways that various MFA solutions can be hacked, including the methods (and defenses) common to all MFA solutions. You’ll learn about the various types of MFA solutions, their strengthens and weaknesses, and how to pick the best, most defensible MFA solution for your (or your customers') needs. Finally, this book reveals a simple method for quickly evaluating your existing MFA solutions. If using or developing a secure MFA solution is important to you, you need this book. Learn how different types of multifactor authentication work behind the scenes See how easy it is to hack MFA security solutions—no matter how secure they seem Identify the strengths and weaknesses in your (or your customers’) existing MFA security and how to mitigate Author Roger Grimes is an internationally known security expert whose work on hacking MFA has generated significant buzz in the security world. Read this book to learn what decisions and preparations your organization needs to take to prevent losses from MFA hacking.

ISC 2 CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional Official Practice Tests

A device like Yubikey or Titan Security Key is what type of Type 2 authentication factor? A. A token B. A biometric identifier C. A smart card D. A PIV 77.


Author: Mike Chapple

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119787648

Category: Computers

Page: 496

View: 832

Full-length practice tests covering all CISSP domains for the ultimate exam prep The (ISC)2 CISSP Official Practice Tests is a major resource for (ISC)2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) candidates, providing 1300 unique practice questions. The first part of the book provides 100 questions per domain. You also have access to four unique 125-question practice exams to help you master the material. As the only official practice tests endorsed by (ISC)2, this book gives you the advantage of full and complete preparation. These practice tests align with the 2021 version of the exam to ensure up-to-date preparation, and are designed to cover what you will see on exam day. Coverage includes: Security and Risk Management, Asset Security, Security Architecture and Engineering, Communication and Network Security, Identity and Access Management (IAM), Security Assessment and Testing, Security Operations, and Software Development Security. The CISSP credential signifies a body of knowledge and a set of guaranteed skills that put you in demand in the marketplace. This book is your ticket to achieving this prestigious certification, by helping you test what you know against what you need to know. Test your knowledge of the 2021 exam domains Identify areas in need of further study Gauge your progress throughout your exam preparation Practice test taking with Sybex’s online test environment containing the questions from the book The CISSP exam is refreshed every few years to ensure that candidates are up-to-date on the latest security topics and trends. Currently-aligned preparation resources are critical, and periodic practice tests are one of the best ways to truly measure your level of understanding.

Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate 200 201 Certification Guide

... response techniques to mitigate cybersecurity incidents Glen D. Singh ... be a security key such as a Yubico YubiKey or a Google Titan Security Key.


Author: Glen D. Singh

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781800563483

Category: Computers

Page: 660

View: 912

Begin a successful career in cybersecurity operations by achieving Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate 200-201 certification Key Features Receive expert guidance on how to kickstart your career in the cybersecurity industry Gain hands-on experience while studying for the Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate certification exam Work through practical labs and exercises mapped directly to the exam objectives Book Description Achieving the Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate 200-201 certification helps you to kickstart your career in cybersecurity operations. This book offers up-to-date coverage of 200-201 exam resources to fully equip you to pass on your first attempt. The book covers the essentials of network security concepts and shows you how to perform security threat monitoring. You'll begin by gaining an in-depth understanding of cryptography and exploring the methodology for performing both host and network-based intrusion analysis. Next, you'll learn about the importance of implementing security management and incident response strategies in an enterprise organization. As you advance, you'll see why implementing defenses is necessary by taking an in-depth approach, and then perform security monitoring and packet analysis on a network. You'll also discover the need for computer forensics and get to grips with the components used to identify network intrusions. Finally, the book will not only help you to learn the theory but also enable you to gain much-needed practical experience for the cybersecurity industry. By the end of this Cisco cybersecurity book, you'll have covered everything you need to pass the Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate 200-201 certification exam, and have a handy, on-the-job desktop reference guide. What you will learn Incorporate security into your architecture to prevent attacks Discover how to implement and prepare secure designs Identify access control models for digital assets Identify point of entry, determine scope, contain threats, and remediate Find out how to perform malware analysis and interpretation Implement security technologies to detect and analyze threats Who this book is for This book is for students who want to pursue a career in cybersecurity operations, threat detection and analysis, and incident response. IT professionals, network security engineers, security operations center (SOC) engineers, and cybersecurity analysts looking for a career boost and those looking to get certified in Cisco cybersecurity technologies and break into the cybersecurity industry will also benefit from this book. No prior knowledge of IT networking and cybersecurity industries is needed.

Bryant May Oranges and Lemons

'Looks like it uses a Titan security key.' May peered at a tiny slot in the front. 'We won't get it open. Google use them in their buildings.


Author: Christopher Fowler

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781473556935

Category: Fiction

Page: 448

View: 974

'The most consistently brilliant, entertaining and educational voice in contemporary British crime fiction, the utterly fabulous Christopher Fowler.' Cathi Unsworth, CRIMESQUAD It's a Sunday morning, and the outspoken Speaker of the House of Commons has just been crushed under a mountain of citrus fruit . . . Bizarre accident or something more sinister? The government needs to know because here's a man who knows a thing or two that could compromise its future. Bryant and May and the Peculiar Crimes Unit should be on the case, however it seems the PCU is no more with one detective is in hospital, the other gone AWOL with the rest of the team having been dismissed. But events escalate, and soon a series of brutal yet undeniably clever killings linked to an old English nursery rhyme threaten society's very foundations and out-of-the-blue the PCU is (temporarily) back in business. And if the two detectives - 'old men in a woke world' - can set aside their differences and discover why some of London's most influential figures are being threatened, they might not only save the unit but also prevent the city from descending into chaos . . .

Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect All in One Exam Guide

Titan Security Keys are a FIDO U2F–compliant hardware token that is built with a
secure element, the Titan chip, which verifies the tried log62 integrity of the keys
at the hardware level to make Chapter 3: Cloud Identity 2-Step Verification.


Author: Iman Ghanizada

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 9781264257287

Category: Computers

Page: 560

View: 244

Everything you need to succeed on the Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect exam in one accessible study guide Take the challenging Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect exam with confidence using the comprehensive information contained in this invaluable self-study guide. The book provides a thorough overview of cloud architecture and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and shows you how to pass the test. Beyond exam preparation, the guide also serves as a valuable on-the-job reference. Written by a recognized expert in the field, Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect All-In-One Exam Guideis based on proven pedagogy and features special elements that teach and reinforce practical skills. The book contains accurate practice questions and in-depth explanations. You will discover how to design, develop, and manage robust, secure, scalable, and highly available solutions to drive business objectives. Offers 100% coverage of every objective for the Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect exam Online content includes 100 additional practice questions in the TotalTester customizable exam engine Written by a Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect

Security in IoT Social Networks

Turning to hardwarebased authenticationdeither via dedicated physical security keys like Google's Titan or Yubico's YubiKeys or via Google's on-device ...


Author: Fadi Al-Turjman

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780128216033

Category: Science

Page: 266

View: 174

Security in IoT Social Networks takes a deep dive into security threats and risks, focusing on real-world social and financial effects. Mining and analyzing enormously vast networks is a vital part of exploiting Big Data. This book provides insight into the technological aspects of modeling, searching, and mining for corresponding research issues, as well as designing and analyzing models for resolving such challenges. The book will help start-ups grow, providing research directions concerning security mechanisms and protocols for social information networks. The book covers structural analysis of large social information networks, elucidating models and algorithms and their fundamental properties. Moreover, this book includes smart solutions based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning for enhancing the performance of social information network security protocols and models. This book is a detailed reference for academicians, professionals, and young researchers. The wide range of topics provides extensive information and data for future research challenges in present-day social information networks. Provides several characteristics of social, network, and physical security associated with social information networks Presents the security mechanisms and events related to social information networks Covers emerging topics, such as network information structures like on-line social networks, heterogeneous and homogeneous information networks, and modern information networks Includes smart solutions based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning for enhancing the performance of social information network security protocols and models

Handbook of Information Security Key Concepts Infrastructure Standards and Protocols

... Chao-Hsien Pennsylvania State University Chung, Ping-Tsai Long Island University Ci, Song The University of Michigan, Flint Clements, John L. Titan ...


Author: Hossein Bidgoli

Publisher: John Wiley and Sons

ISBN: 9780470051191

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 1120

View: 657

The Handbook of Information Security is a definitive 3-volume handbook that offers coverage of both established and cutting-edge theories and developments on information and computer security. The text contains 180 articles from over 200 leading experts, providing the benchmark resource for information security, network security, information privacy, and information warfare.

Information security risk assessment management systems the ISO IEC 27001 standard

Security Key by Feitian and Titan Key by Google, based on FIDO protocol); this is considered the most secure option and sometimes the token is activated by ...


Author: Cesare Gallotti


ISBN: 9780244149550

Category: Computers

Page: 354

View: 630

In this book, the following subjects are included: information security, the risk assessment and treatment processes (with practical examples), the information security controls. The text is based on the ISO/IEC 27001 standard and on the discussions held during the editing meetings, attended by the author. Appendixes include short presentations and check lists. CESARE GALLOTTI has been working since 1999 in the information security and IT process management fields and has been leading many projects for companies of various sizes and market sectors. He has been leading projects as consultant or auditor for the compliance with standards and regulations and has been designing and delivering ISO/IEC 27001, privacy and ITIL training courses. Some of his certifications are: Lead Auditor ISO/IEC 27001, Lead Auditor 9001, CISA, ITIL Expert and CBCI, CIPP/e. Since 2010, he has been Italian delegate for the the editing group for the ISO/IEC 27000 standard family. Web:

High Security Mechanical Locks

The Winkhaus VS, VS6, and Titan may also incorporate an electronic key-top transponder for additional security. This electronic upgrade, called “Blue Chip,” ...


Author: Graham Pulford

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

ISBN: 9780080555867

Category: Social Science

Page: 616

View: 584

High-Security Mechanical Locks comprehensively surveys and explains the highly technical area of high security locks in a way that is accessible to a wide audience. Well over 100 different locks are presented, organized into 6 basic types. Each chapter introduces the necessary concepts in a historical perspective and further categorizes the locks. This is followed by detailed 'how it works' descriptions with many pictures, diagrams and references. The descriptions are based on actual dissections of the real locks. The scope is limited to key operated mechanical locks, thus keyless combination locks and digital locks are not covered. The book does not deal with routine locksmithing topics such as installation and servicing of locks. The sensitive area of picking and bypassing of locks is dealt with only at a high level without giving detailed information that would be unacceptable in the wrong hands. * Comprehensive coverage of over 100 different types of 19th and 20th century key-operated locks, unified in a simple classification scheme * Detailed operating principles - clear 'how it works' descriptions * Manipulation resistance rating for each lock on a scale of 1 to 5

Beyond Spectre Confronting New Technical and Policy Challenges

... there are more secure approaches already in use that could potentially be expanded to protect valuable data—such as Google's Titan (a security key), ...


Author: National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

Publisher: National Academies Press

ISBN: 9780309491495

Category: Computers

Page: 84

View: 803

In 2017, researchers discovered a vulnerability in microprocessors used in computers and devices all over the world. The vulnerability, named Spectre, combines side effects from caching and speculative execution, which are techniques that have been used for many years to increase the speed at which computers operate. The discovery upends a number of common assumptions about cybersecurity and draws attention to the complexities of the global supply chain and global customer base for the vast range of devices and cloud capabilities that all computer users rely on. In October 2018, the Forum on Cyber Resilience hosted a workshop to explore the implications of this development. This publication summarizes the presentations and discussions from the workshop.

Locke and Key

Only Titan would have a filing cabinet with thumbprint recognition. ... Titan had every security clearance known to man, even ones that boiled all the way ...


Author: Cristin Harber

Publisher: Mill Creek Press

ISBN: 9781942236757

Category: Fiction

Page: 325

View: 255

THE STOIC SPECIAL FORCES OPERATOR There’s only one person to blame for darkening the last years of Locke Oliver’s military career: Cassidy Noble. And damn if he doesn’t have to save her from the side of a frozen mountain. Even after the job is done, he can’t shake the woman from his thoughts. He blames her for the deaths in his Army unit so many years ago, and he’s not ready to let that go. It’s driving him to the point of distraction, and now his Titan Group boss says to get his act together or get out. THE FEISTY, FALLEN REPORTER Cassidy is a disgraced journalist, once accused of treason—Or she’s an American hero. It depends on who you ask. She’s on a mission to rebuild her name and started with a simple question but discovered a complex web of spies and possible human trafficking. Titan Group believes in her. Locke does not. Until he can’t deny the truth any longer about the past or what she’s uncovered in her investigation. BECOME AN INSEPARABLE TEAM Cassidy volunteers to go undercover. Locke would do anything to stay by her side as she slips into the network and is sold to the highest bidder. All is going right until everything goes wrong. Nothing is as they expect including falling in love with the woman he thought he hated. The Titan Series: Winters Heat Sweet Girl Garrison's Creed Westin's Chase Gambled Chased Savage Secrets Hart Attack Black Dawn Sweet One Live Wire Bishop's Queen Locke and Key Jax The Delta Series: Delta: Retribution Delta: Revenge Delta: Redemption Delta: Ricochet A Delta team crossover book in MacKenzie Family Collection by Liliana Hart: Delta: Rescue The Only Series: Only for Him Only for Her Only for Us Only Forever 7 Brides for 7 Soldiers Series: Noah: A small town romance novels. Don’t miss any of the sexy soldiers in the 7 Brides series! Ryder – Barbara Freethy Adam – Roxanne St. Claire Zane – Christie Ridgway Wyatt – Lynn Raye Harris Jack – Julia London Noah – Cristin Harber Ford – Samantha Chase Also, be sure to check out the Titan World novels (no reading order): Going Under – Anna Bishop Barker Deja Vu – Cristin Harber Bullets and Bluebonnets – Jessie Lane Edge of Temptation – Gennita Low Downtime – Karyn Lawrence aka Nikki Sloane Target of Mine – ML Buchman Never Mine – Megan Mitcham Twisted Desire – Sharon Kay Rescued Heart – Tarina Deaton Each Titan World, 7 Brides, Titan, and Delta book can be read as a standalone (except for Sweet Girl), but readers will likely best enjoy the series in order except for Titan World which does not have a reading order or suggested book list. Readers who enjoy these authors will likely enjoy Cristin Harber: Maya Banks, Susan Stoker, Lynn Raye Harris, Dale Mayer, Julie Ann Walker, Katie Reus, Kaylea Cross, Katie Ruggle, Kat Martin, Pamela Clare, Elle James, Paige Tyler Keywords: romance novel, romantic books, romance books full book for adults, romance books, romantic books, romantic novels, military romance, romantic suspense, thriller, mystery romance books, mystery thriller, hot SEAL, sexy mysteries, kidnap, abduction, jungle, love story, law enforcement, intelligent female, Navy SEAL, SEAL romance, former military, romance series, long series, mafia romance, mafia romance books, opposites attract, CIA, spy, enemies to lovers, single parent, single dad, protector, protecting, rescue, save the day, happily ever after, HEA, racy, steam, steamy, sizzle, quick read, fast read, romance ebook, romantic story, alpha hero, wealthy hero, military hero, reunited, lovers, romantic thriller, romantic novels sexy, second chance, love story, special ops, black ops, romance, top romance, bestselling romance, romance bestseller, veteran, justice, woman in peril, ugly duckling, hot to read, what should I read, journalist, overseas, enemies, lovers, opposites attract, trust, congress, first amendment, rights, political romance, politicians, war, journalism

Rico Dredd The Titan Years

After one hundred seconds the key would become inert again. It was a security measure, in case a prisoner ever managed to snatch a key from a guard.


Author: Michael Carroll

Publisher: Rebellion Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781786181602

Category: Fiction

Page: 136

View: 109

YOU KNOW ABOUT ME. I’M RICO DREDD, JOE DREDD’S BIG BROTHER. I’m the clone that went bad, that brought shame on Judge Fargo’s legacy. I was the very best the Academy of Law ever turned out. But after less than a year on the streets of Mega-City One, I was brought down, sentenced, shipped out to Titan for twenty years. Yeah, you know about Rico Dredd. But do you know what really happened? Why I did it? What it was like out there on the edge of space, doing time in the Bronze? Truth is, mister, you know stomm about me.

Popular Photography

Key lock keeps camera secure on Cullman CT50 Titan head. you should be pretty safe. Just don't lose your keys. GMl Photographic Inc., I776 New Highway, PO.






Page: 176

View: 301

Killing Titan

... beyond the stick-and-wallboard and chalky Army paint job, “Your machine will know you because of your touch. Touch ID is key to security and operational ...


Author: Greg Bear

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780316223997

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 805

A new planet. A new battle. Same war. After barely surviving his last tour on Mars, Master Sergeant Michael Venn finds himself back on earth in enforced isolation. Through a dangerous series of operations he returns to Mars to further his investigation into the Drifters -- ancient artifacts suddenly reawakened on the red planet. But another front in the war leads his team to make the difficult journey to Saturn's moon, Titan. Here, in the cauldron of war, hides new truths about the Drifters, the origin of life in our solar system and the plans of the supposedly benevolent Gurus, who have been "sponsoring" and supporting humanity in their fight against outside invaders. Killing Titan is the second book in the epic interstellar War Dogs trilogy from master of science fiction, Greg Bear.

Security Letter Source Book

David W. Schwartzwald , vp . Began : 1972 . Employees : 100 . Oregon : See 5.1
Wackenhut Gary : See 5.1 Pinkerton Peoria Griffith TITAN SECURITY LTD . 4420
W. Fullerton Ave. , Chicago , IL 60639 , 312-278-7900 . Key Personnel : Ronald ...




ISBN: UIUC:30112074297216



View: 552