Titanic s Last Secrets

The quoted dialogue in this chapter is from the transcripts of The Titanic Disaster Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Commerce, Pursuant to Senate Resolution 283 Directing the Committee on Commerce to Investigate the ...


Author: Brad Matsen

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780446543392

Category: Transportation

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After rewriting history with their discovery of a Nazi U-boat off the coast of New Jersey, legendary divers John Chatterton and Richie Kohler decided to investigate the great enduring mystery of history's most notorious shipwreck: Why did Titanic sink as quickly as it did? To answer the question, Chatterton and Kohler assemble a team of experts to explore Titanic, study its engineering, and dive to the wreck of its sister ship, Brittanic, where Titanic's last secrets may be revealed. Titanic's Last Secrets is a rollercoaster ride through the shipbuilding history, the transatlantic luxury liner business, and shipwreck forensics. Chatterton and Kohler weave their way through a labyrinth of clues to discover that Titanic was not the strong, heroic ship the world thought she was and that the men who built her covered up her flaws when disaster struck. If Titanic had remained afloat for just two hours longer than she did, more than two thousand people would have lived instead of died, and the myth of the great ship would be one of rescue instead of tragedy. Titanic's Last Secrets is the never-before-told story of the Ship of Dreams, a contemporary adventure that solves a historical mystery.

Titanic s Last Secret

Expertly researched and marvellously presented novel; a new take on the Titanic disaster.


Author: John Hamer

Publisher: CreateSpace

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Expertly researched and marvellously presented novel; a new take on the Titanic disaster. Abridged version. Until his death in 1976, little-known Titanic survivor Raimondo Vitillo vociferously maintained that a small ship pulled alongside Titanic, from the shadow of the fateful Atlantic iceberg. In 1911, White Star Line was threatened with bankruptcy, insurance underwriters refusing to pay out after the Royal Navy denied responsibility for a damaging collision between HMS Hawke and Titanic's sister ship Olympic. In April 1912, did White Star come up with an ill-fated radical solution to their financial turmoil?

The Jews of the Titanic

Titanic's Last Secrets, p. ... Life and Death of the Titanic Jews 239 The Tale of the Titanic Told by a Rescued Ilford Lady, Ilford Graphic, May 10, 1912. ... 242Other Midlanders aboard the Titanic, Omaha World-Herald, April 8, 2012.


Author: Eli Moskowitz

Publisher: Hybrid Global Publishing

ISBN: 9781938015960

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During an era when millions of Jews fled the pogroms of Eastern Europe, the Titanic sailed on her maiden voyage. At the time, she was the largest and most luxurious ship ever built and many of her 2,200 passengers were Jewish. At 23:40, April 14, (28th of Nissan 5672) the Titanic swiped an iceberg and sank within two and a half hours. Most of her passengers lost their lives. The sinking of the Titanic was one of the worst and well known maritime disasters of the 20th century. The entire world mourned the Titanic. The grief was universal and shared by people of many nations and religions. This book focuses on the lives and deaths of the Jewish passengers who sailed on the Titanic. It covers various Jewish aspects of the voyage and of the sinking. Aspects, such as keeping kosher, the Agunot dilemma and Jewish burial. The book outlines the life story of the passengers and the effect the disaster made on world Jewry. This book is the result of a long research on the subject, including an attempt to compose a unique and complete list of all the Jews who sailed on the Titanic, and identifying many of them who were previously unknown.

Sink or Swim How Lessons from the Titanic Can Save Your Family Business

How Lessons from the Titanic Can Save Your Family Business Priscilla M. Cale, David Carine Tate Ph.D. ... Trade Investigation (“BOT Inquiry”); Butler, “Unsinkable”; Matsen, Titanic's Last Secrets; and Merideth, 1912 Facts about Titanic.


Author: Priscilla M. Cale

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313398353

Category: Business & Economics

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This powerful study of the threats to business survival draws compelling parallels between the Titanic and family firms, serving to motivate family business stakeholders into corrective action before it's too late. • Contributions from leading researchers, advisors, and family business owners, providing personal, professional, and academic insights • A chronology of events originating from the early periods of the industrial revolution to the modern era • Diagrams, tables, and charts related to family business • Photographs of Titanic in various stages of development, as well as of Titanic's owners, builders, passengers, and crew • Bibliography of sources citing leading researchers, advisors, and family business owners; and of primary and secondary sources relating to Titanic

Titanic S Resurrected Secret H E W

One contained information about the 306 victims retrieved by the cable ship the Mackay-Bennett during its two-week search for bodies drifting around Titanic's last known position. The other list had information on the identified victims ...


Author: J. Robert DiFulgo

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781491722688

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A Post-Titanic mystery novel unravels Titanic’s untold secret. During the aftermath of the loss of the great liner, attempts were made to recover, identify and lay to rest those individuals scattered in the cold North Atlantic in the hope of bringing dignity to those lost souls. This Post-Titanic story is about an individual whose identity was forfeited because of the theft of an extremely valuable object, which he held in his possession. Historical and mystery novelist Alexander J.Dante had always felt drawn to the tragic story of the Titanic. Now retired, Alexei decides to visit Fairview Lawn Cemetery in Halifax, Nova Scotia where some of the victims of the disaster are laid to rest. While he is there, Alexei feels a strange pull towards gravesite 223, where, supposedly, an unidentified crew-member lay. A mystery surrounds the number 223 and Alexei is determined to solve it. His obsession takes him across the globe as he begins to unravel a long-kept secret that will consume his life.


Titanic: A Survivor's Story and The Sinking ofthe S. S. Titanic. ... Titanic Voices: Memories from the Fateful Voyage. new york: st Martin's press, 1994. print. Kuntz, Tom. The Titanic Disaster Hearings: ... Titanic's Last Secrets. new ...


Author: Stephen Hines

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN: 9781402256677

Category: History

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Montreal, Monday (6.00 a.m.) April 15, 1912 TITANIC STRUCK AN ICEBERG. SENDS MARCONIGRAM ASKING FOR ASSISTANCE. VIRGINIAN GOING TO HER RESCUE. From New York, Monday. April 15, 1912 "VESSEL SINKING" STEAMERS ARE TOWING THE TITANIC. AND ENDEAVOURING TO GET HER INTO THE SHOAL WATER NEAR CAPE RACE. FOR THE PURPOSE OF BEACHING HER. From New York, Monday night. April 15, 1912 THE WHITE STAR OFFICIALS NOW ADMIT THAT MANY LIVES HAVE BEEN LOST. News of the Titanic's catastrophic sinking, days after her maiden voyage, shocked the world. The public was frantic for information and answers, and the London Daily Telegraph, the largest circulating newspaper in the world at the time, was charged with the task of relaying what exactly had happened to the luxury liner. But with false reports abounding and no access to survivors, that task was easier said than done. Read how a paper, and the world, struggled to find and report the truth of the most disastrous maritime accident in history.

Titanic Voices From the Disaster

On Board the Titanic: The Complete Story with Eyewitness Accounts. Reprint, Mineola, NY: Dover, 2006. First published as The Sinking of the Titanic and Great Sea Disasters, 1912. Matsen, Brad. Titanic's Last Secrets.


Author: Deborah Hopkinson

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 9780545452380

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

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Scheduled to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the tragic sinking of the TITANIC, a topic that continues to haunt and thrill readers to this day, this book by critically acclaimed author Deborah Hopkinson weaves together the voices and stories of real TITANIC survivors and witnesses to the disaster -- from the stewardess Violet Jessop to Captain Arthur Rostron of the CARPATHIA, who came to the rescue of the sinking ship. Packed with heartstopping action, devastating drama, fascinating historical details, loads of archival photographs on almost every page, and quotes from primary sources, this gripping story, which follows the TITANIC and its passengers from the ship's celebrated launch at Belfast to her cataclysmic icy end, is sure to thrill and move readers.

Titanic 100th Anniversary Edition

Other new explanations have surfaced in recent years as well. In his book Titanic's Last Secrets ( ), Brad Matsen asserts that the Titanic's builder, Harland & Wolff of Belfast, reduced the thickness of the ship's steel hull ...


Author: Stephanie Barczewski

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781441161697

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An anniversary edition of a highly-regarded account of the world's most notorious tragedy at sea.

Titanic A Search For Answers

Titanic's Last Secrets. first ed. New York, New York: Twelve Hachette Book Group USA, 2008 NcCluskie, Tom & Michael Sharpe, Leo Marriott. Titanic and Her Sisters Olympic and Britannic. paperback ed. London, England: PR C Publishing ...


Author: Joe C. Combs 2nd

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9780557871216



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Report into the Loss of the SS Titanic

Lynch, Don and Ken Marschall, Ghosts of the Abyss: A Journey into the Heart of the Titanic, Madison Press Books, 2003. Matsen, Brad, Titanic's Last Secrets, Twelve, 2008. McCarty, Jennifer and Tim Foecke, What Really Sank The Titanic, ...


Author: Samuel Halpern

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 9780750969413

Category: Transportation

Page: 384

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Report into the Loss of the SS Titanic is a complete re-evaluation of the loss of Titanic based on evidence that has come to light since the discovery of the wreck in 1985. This collective undertaking is compiled by eleven of the world’s foremost Titanic researchers – experts who have spent many years examining the wealth of information that has arisen since 1912. Following the basic layout of the 1912 Wreck Commission Report, this modern report provides fascinating insights into the ship itself, the American and British inquiries, the passengers and crew, the fateful journey and ice warnings received, the damage and sinking, rescue of survivors, the circumstances in connection with the SS Californian and SS Mount Temple, and the aftermath and ramifications that followed the disaster. The book seeks to answer controversial questions, such as whether steerage passengers were detained behind gates, and also reveals the names and aliases of all passengers and crew who sailed on Titanic’s maiden voyage. Containing the most extensively referenced chronology of the voyage ever assembled and featuring a wealth of explanatory charts and diagrams, as well as archive photographs, this comprehensive volume is the definitive ‘go-to’ reference book for this ill-fated ship.