To Caress the Air

To Caress the Air continues as Augustus Herring experiences a dramatic flying machine success, followed by a series of catastrophic setbacks.


Author: C David Gierke


ISBN: 0999045776


Page: 786

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To Caress the Air continues as Augustus Herring experiences a dramatic flying machine success, followed by a series of catastrophic setbacks. A partnership with Glenn Curtiss turns sour, resulting in the company's insolvency. After WWI, a prolonged lawsuit ends with an extraordinary, authentic quirk of fate.

Harper s New Monthly Magazine

Yes , Sir , she is , " said the nurse , tossing the sition , held him tightly by his
whiskers , and now awakened child in the air . gave him a double portion of
kisses , until , in “ How old is she ? " asked Mr. Oliver , looking answer to his half ...




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Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

normal air pressure used during conventional spinning and wherein said high air
pressure is maintained for a period of time ranging from shortly before
recommencing spinning to shortly after recommencing spinning ; piecing said
spun yarn ...


Author: United States. Patent and Trademark Office


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Thin Air

Beth relaxed into the caress. "I'm here, Beth," a voice said. "It's over now." And in
the voice and the ... She reached up to caress his face, rubbing his cheek with
her thumb. "I know, Allen. I don't understand any of it. But I'm here. I'm here.


Author: Bette Nordberg

Publisher: Bethany House Pub

ISBN: 0764223984

Category: Fiction

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A tragic accident, blizzard conditions, dangerous mountain terrain--and the only man who can help has become her worst enemy.

The Wonders of the Heavens

In this kingdom of sovereign imnicbility , the lightest zephyr never comes to
caress the hill - tops ; the sky remains eternally asleep in a calm incomparably
more complete than that of our hottest days when not a leaf moves in the air . This
is ...


Author: Camille Flammarion


ISBN: UIUC:30112075954799

Category: Astronomy

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Reauthorization of the USA Patriot Act continued

Several allege that interrogators have used the air conditioning to make
detainccs freezing cold . Yasin Qasem Muhammad Ismail ... When of them began
to caress him from behind , he jerked his head back , hitting her hcad . He alleges
that a ...


Author: Etats-Unis. House of representatives. Committee on the judiciary


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Category: Civil rights

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The World s Cyclopedia of Science

In this kingdom of sovereign immobility the lightest zephyr never comes to caress
the hill-tops; the sky remains eternally asleep in a calm incomparably more
complete than that of our hottest days when not a leaf moves in the air. This is ...




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To Fly Through the Air

The pilot floats over the approach lights and down between the edge lights ,
which assure him of a runway waiting to caress him with its dark embrace . For
there is no runway , only an abyss of darknessand white edge lights . The lights
come ...


Author: Tom A. Morrison

Publisher: Iowa State Press

ISBN: UIUC:30112013535312

Category: Technology & Engineering

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A young mining engineer relates his initiation into the world of aviation, sharing his struggles and joys as he works his way through the often arduous process of becoming a pilot.

A Dictionary of the Portuguese Language in Two Parts

Aerifero , a , adj . air - conveying . Aerificação , st . aerification . ... Aerophano , a ,
adj . transparent in the air . Aerophobo , a , adj . that dreads air . ... Afagar , va . to
caress , to flatter , to soothe , to fondle . Afago , Afagamento , sm . caresses ...


Author: Alfred Elwes


ISBN: UCD:31175001636680

Category: English language

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Dead Air

Jonathon reached up with a gauze - covered arm to brush away her tears . To
caress that beautiful face . So sad now . But his bandage - wrapped hand passed
through her dark cheek as though it were translucent . Touching nothing but air .


Author: Jak Koke


ISBN: 0451455428



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Music and the Cosmic Dance

By sending air through the part of the body in need of healing , we release its
special energy , we " open up ” the area that tends to constrict in the tension of
pain . We allow the life - giving nature of the air to caress and ease the soreness
or ...


Author: Cynthia Serjak


ISBN: UOM:39015023745022

Category: Church music

Page: 178

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Explore the fundamental questions of creation-centered spirituality and how science

Dead Air

Cate bent to caress the Labrador ' s silky head , smiling at the dog ' s adoring
gaze . “ Thanks anyway , ” Adam said dryly , his crutch swiping a plant stand as
he maneuvered into her living room . “ It ' s starting to look like a jungle in here .


Author: Kerri Lee Miller

Publisher: North Star Pressof st Cloud

ISBN: 0878391886

Category: Fiction

Page: 220

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A debut murder mystery written by KARE-11 TV (Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.) political reporter, Kerri Miller. When outspoken Governor and former lumberjack Edward "Bunyan" Hamm states in a "Patriot magazine" interview that women should not serve in the military during, his comments stirs up a controversy in his home state of Minnesota. The controversy attracts national journalist and feminist author Millicent Pine to St. Paul, much to the chagrin of Governor Hamm's Press Secretary, Liz "The Barracuda" Barracosta. When Millicent Pine mysteriously disappears, intrepid local broadcast journalist Cate McCoy begins a search to find the missing journalist. Cate's journey to the mystery's surprising conclusion takes her all the way from Minnesota's snowy capital city of St. Paul to steamy Mexican locales. Dead air delivers an intriguing mix of politics and murder, with an insider's glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world of television journalism.

Con Air Movie Tie In

He reached out to caress her neck . She flinched . “ She really doesn ' t know , ”
Guard Falzon piped up . “ I ' ve got the manifest here . ” He pulled the sheets from
inside his shirt and looked at them . " Shows six off , ten on , and — ” Cyrus ...


Author: Richard Woodley

Publisher: Hyperion

ISBN: 0786889268

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Cameron Poe, a parolee being transported along with a group of hardened criminals, is caught in the middle when they hijack a C-123 cargo plane and the authorities consider shooting down the plane

Air Built Castles

Mercedes began to caress her child with passionate love . May God bless thee ,
child of my heart , glory of thy mother , angel of God , light of the morning ! I would
not change thee for the Prince of the Asturias , and I would not change my lot ...


Author: Fernán Caballero


ISBN: OSU:32435031596414


Page: 252

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Sea Land and Air

... long green fronds to caress the first the narrow valleys that cut into the hills .
rays of their friend the sun . Here and there may gallop off , one are mounted on a
scraggy island pony guided down . 118 [ May 1 , 1921 . SEA , LAND AND AIR .




ISBN: NYPL:33433096125103

Category: Aeronautics


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Coming Up for Air

Years you have lived inside a body in pain , years I have lived beside you
echoing this unnamed creature , fearing to caress too hard , touch in the wrong
place , suggest a hike that would only make you long for earlier times .
Fibromyalgia .


Author: Margaret Randall


ISBN: STANFORD:36105110831067

Category: Authors, American

Page: 308

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Burning Air and a Clear Mind

Perhaps it is a dream of death , or a dream of the one love . I lie like a stone on
the hill in thorn and thistle , where a road below slides to the city . Soon the wind
that blesses all things will come , to caress the pine crests and the dumb stones .


Author: Miriyam Glazer


ISBN: UVA:X000223886

Category: English poetry

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Barcelona Open air Sculpture Gallery

... and even makes one want to caress street furnishings . So much was this so
that such an attractive surface . From a Manuel Angelón , the author of a satirical
distance , however , the potent shapes guide to the city , dedicated a whole
cause ...


Author: L. Permanyer

Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications

ISBN: UCSD:31822008036493

Category: History

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Katalog over skulpturer opstillet udendørs i Barcelona

The War in the Air the Royal Air Force in World War II

Then I let him have it , the quick , shattering roar from my guns startling me , and
my long white tracers reaching out to caress the graceful little green wings ahead
of me with their strange red discs painted near each tip . Only for two or three ...


Author: Gavin Lyall


ISBN: PSU:000059683827

Category: World War, 1939-1945

Page: 422

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