Too High and Too Steep

Too High and Too Steep was published with the support of the Northwest Writers
Fund, which promotes the work of some of the region's most talented nonfiction
writers and was established through generous gifts from Linda and Peter Capell,


Author: David B. Williams

Publisher: University of Washington Press

ISBN: 9780295806181

Category: History

Page: 253

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Residents and visitors in today’s Seattle would barely recognize the landscape that its founding settlers first encountered. As the city grew, its leaders and inhabitants dramatically altered its topography to accommodate their changing visions. In Too High and Too Steep, David B. Williams uses his deep knowledge of Seattle, scientific background, and extensive research and interviews to illuminate the physical challenges and sometimes startling hubris of these large-scale transformations, from the filling in of the Duwamish tideflats to the massive regrading project that pared down Denny Hill. In the course of telling this fascinating story, Williams helps readers find visible traces of the city’s former landscape and better understand Seattle as a place that has been radically reshaped. Watch the trailer:

Polymer Fractionation

The same effect comes from a temperature gradient which is too steep (i.e., large
values of AT per cm column length). Solvent/nonsolvent ... Flow rates too high or
too low influence the stepwise column extraction less than the other procedures.


Author: Frieder Francuskiewicz

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783642787041

Category: Science

Page: 217

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Fractionation of polymers via solubility has been a well known method in polymer characterization for a long time. The original object of analytical fractionations, the determination of the molecular weight distribution, is nowadays achieved more efficiently and conveniently by chromatographic methods. However, fractionation procedures, which were developed in great diversity, remain up~to-date and essential for obtaining preparative fractions with narrow distributions. Such fractions are wanted increasingly for the investigation of true structure-property relationships which are mostly influ~ enced by distributions of molecular weight or other parameters such as branching or chemical composition. Literature on the field of polymer fractionation is extensive and several reviews exist. However, there is a lack of systematically methodical instruc tions for carrying-out of diverse fractionation procedures. This volume repre sents an attempt to reduce this deficiency and is focussed on practical aspects of fractionation procedures. This laboratory manual is intended for polymer chemists, physicists, and technicians, for students of polymer science, and skilled laboratory assistants, all of whom are not dealing directly with fractionation but are in need of fractions to carry out further investigations.

Summit Fever

I look down - too far , too steep , too empty . I glance up - too high , too steep , too
endless . Contemplating going on this Expedition is absurd . My body hates this .
Don't look , don't think . Keep the rope going . Where's Mal got to ? If you think ...


Author: Andrew Greig

Publisher: The Mountaineers Books

ISBN: 0898865549

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 281

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Dramatic, amusing, and engaging observations of a major climb by a first-time climber.

Choosing a Wheelchair System

Effects of Variations from Optimal Dimensions BRUBAKER: Ergonometric
Considerations Variable Condition Potential Adverse Consequence(s) Seat
position (fore/aft) Seat height/axle position too forward too aft too high or too low
increased ...




ISBN: UCBK:C047298351

Category: Disabled veterans

Page: 118

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Taylor s Master Guide to Landscaping

Typically the risers are too high and make the climb too steep . Treads are often
too narrow , so you can ' t set your feet down straight and flat . Sometimes the
risers aren ' t uniform and some steps are unexpectedly higher or lower than
others .


Author: Rita Buchanan

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 0618055908

Category: Gardening

Page: 372

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Reveals the vital components of landscape design, offering advice on choosing a site, selecting plants, creating garden accessories, and maintaining a landscape.

Introduction to Computational Chemistry

The energy for stretched bonds is too high. Most transition structures have partly
formed/broken bonds; thus activation energies are too high at the RHF level. 2.
The too-steep increase in energy as a function of the bond length causes the ...


Author: Frank Jensen

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118825983

Category: Science

Page: 664

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Introduction to Computational Chemistry 3rd Edition provides a comprehensive account of the fundamental principles underlying different computational methods. Fully revised and updated throughout to reflect important method developments and improvements since publication of the previous edition, this timely update includes the following significant revisions and new topics: Polarizable force fields Tight-binding DFT More extensive DFT functionals, excited states and time dependent molecular properties Accelerated Molecular Dynamics methods Tensor decomposition methods Cluster analysis Reduced scaling and reduced prefactor methods Additional information is available at:


Farming and food supply 1 1 Rockies : too high Saskatchewan and steep poor
soils ,. Chapter 10 ' But of all the occupations by which gain is secured , none is
better than agriculture , none more profitable , none more delightful , none more ...


Author: David Waugh

Publisher: Nelson Thornes

ISBN: 017444706X

Category: Social Science

Page: 657

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Plate tectonics - Earthquakes and volcanoes - Weathering and slopes - Glaciation - Coasts - Deserts - Weather and climate - Soils - Biogepgraphy - Population - Urbanisation - Farming and food supply - Rural land use - Energy resources - Manufacturing industries - Transport and interdependence - World development.

The Gardeners Dictionary

A situation on a rising ground , or on the side of a hill , is most happy , especially
if the ground be not too steep ; if the flope ... It cannot however be denied , that
the situation on a plain or fiat , has several advantages that the higher situation
has ...


Author: Philip Miller


ISBN: BML:37001102640823



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Sailing in Stitches

Stunning, steep, tall mountains with jagged ridges covered with dense green
vegetation, high waterfalls, palm trees, yellow beaches. Most impressive are the
mountains. By Ontario standards they do not look real — they are too tall, too
steep ...


Author: John Cocker

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781412001335

Category: Travel

Page: 186

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Sailing in Stitches relates the story of a circumnavigation in a 74 foot Yawl. Dr. John Cocker, a retired Family Physician and Publisher of STITCHES, the Journal of Medical Humour, decided at age 67 that he still had time for one more adventure. The book relates the planning and purchase of the vessel and then the adventures that happened along the way. A motley crew was assembeld and left Fort Lauderdale in November, 2000. Dr. Cocker, with 20,000 miles of blue water sailing experience, was the only one on board who had sailed out of sight of land before. Heading down the Caribbean to Trinidad and then the Panama Canal, Dr. Cocker relates stories of the sailing, along with anecdotes and incidents that occurred. The vast space of the Pacific, the 3,000 mile leg to the Marquises, when no other boat was seen for three weeks, and the events that occurred on scattered Pacific Islands, together with some natural history, economics and gossip make fascinating reading. From Australia, the voyage headed from Bali through the South China Seas, where they were boarded at night by pirates, then through 'Pirate Alley', the straights of Malacca and to Phucket. Next came the Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Mediterreanean, and home across the Atlantic. Dr. Cocker's interest in foreign land, history, geography and people is evident, and his outspoken criticism of regimes and religions make fascinating reading for those of us who choose to stay at home and a guide for those of us who wish to sail.

Europe Empire and Spectacle in Nineteenth century British Music

Yet there is much that is troubling about this commercial : the beacon is too high ,
its slope too steep , and the coin change too trivial to warrant the boy's efforts .
The advert protests too much , it strikes a discordant note , and its stress on ...


Author: Rachel Cowgill

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 0754652084

Category: Music

Page: 299

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This volume illuminates musical connections between Britain and the continent of Europe, and Britain and its Empire. The seldom-recognized vitality of musical theatre and other kinds of spectacle in Britain itself, and also the flourishing concert life of the period, indicates a means of defining tradition and identity within nineteenth-century British musical culture. The volume benefits not only from new archival research, but also from fresh musicological approaches and interdisciplinary methods that recognize the integral role of music within a wider culture.

Leni Riefenstahl

She played with the neighborhood children, of course, climbing trees and
organizing foot and swimming races: “Nothing was too high for me or too steep or
too dangerous.”8 But, at least as she presented it in retrospect, she continually ...


Author: Jürgen Trimborn

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 9781466821644

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 368

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Dancer, actress, mountaineer, and director Leni Riefenstahl's uncompromising will and audacious talent for self-promotion appeared unmatched—until 1932, when she introduced herself to her future protector and patron: Adolf Hitler. Known internationally for two of the films she made for him, Triumph of the Will and Olympia, Riefenstahl's demanding and obsessive style introduced unusual angles, new approaches to tracking shots, and highly symbolic montages. Despite her lifelong claim to be an apolitical artist, Riefenstahl's monumental and nationalistic vision of Germany's traditions and landscape served to idealize the cause of one of the world's most violent and racist regimes. Riefenstahl ardently cast herself as a passionate young director who caved to the pressure to serve an all-powerful Führer, so focused on reinventing the cinema that she didn't recognize the goals of the Third Reich until too late. Jürgen Trimborn's revelatory biography celebrates this charismatic and adventurous woman who lived to 101, while also taking on the myths surrounding her. With refreshing distance and detailed research, Trimborn presents the story of a stubborn and intimidating filmmaker who refused to be held accountable for her role in the Holocaust but continued to inspire countless photographers and filmmakers with her artistry.

An Essay on Painting

... the horizontal line , too low , the planes , upon which the figures stand , will
appear a great deal too shallow , as , by , assuming it too high , they will appear
too steep , so as to render the piece far less light and airy than it ought to be .


Author: conte Francesco Algarotti


ISBN: STANFORD:36105216392337

Category: Painting

Page: 186

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Soil Survey

Some steep to very steep slopes ; erosion hazard ; rapid infiltration ; high
available moisture capacity . ... Some slopes too | Clayey subsoil ; steep for
subject to terraces ; slippage , subject to seepage , and seepage and cracking ;
slippage ...




ISBN: UOM:39015037712844

Category: Soil surveys


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Workbook in Practical Neonatology E Book

... may represent the gentlest slope. This also varies among ventilators. If set too
low (too steep), pressure overshoot may occur, and if set too high (not steep
enough), there may be inadequate hysteresis and lung inflation. This is
demonstrated ...


Author: Richard A. Polin

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323262026

Category: Medical

Page: 512

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Workbook in Practical Neonatology provides authoritative guidance on neonatal evaluation and management of the problems that you are most likely to see in practice. Meticulous revisions and updates incorporate advances in neonatal care, including hypotension, mechanical ventilation, and early discharge. An ideal learning tool for beginners and a valuable reference for experienced healthcare professionals, its interactive, case-based approach allows you see to diagnosis and treatment in a clinical context and test your knowledge with review questions and answers for each topic. Consult this title on your favorite e-reader, conduct rapid searches, and adjust font sizes for optimal readability. Put concepts into practice. Each chapter features case histories that require you to make diagnostic decisions and that help you understand how scientific concepts apply to each clinical problem. Gauge your mastery of the material and build confidence. Copious review questions and answers help you test your knowledge. Stay current the latest advancements and developments. All content has been completely re-written and fully updated to include a new chapter on perinatal asphyxia l new true-to-life clinical cases l changes in NRP guidelines for resuscitation l new approaches to managing patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) and feeding the preterm infant l new guidelines for managing preterm infants with respiratory distress and more. Experience clinical scenarios with vivid clarity. An online image library (many in full color) and 5 streaming Echocardiograph and Fluroscopic image video clips show you what to expect and how to proceed. Access the image gallery and video clips at Expert Consult.


The city is full of vexations: steps too steep; doors too tough to open; ledges you
cannot sit on because they are too high or too low, or have spikes on them so that
undesirables will not sit on them. It is difficult to design an urban space so ...


Author: William H. Whyte

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9780812208344

Category: Social Science

Page: 408

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Named by Newsweek magazine to its list of "Fifty Books for Our Time." For sixteen years William Whyte walked the streets of New York and other major cities. With a group of young observers, camera and notebook in hand, he conducted pioneering studies of street life, pedestrian behavior, and city dynamics. City: Rediscovering the Center is the result of that research, a humane, often amusing view of what is staggeringly obvious about the urban environment but seemingly invisible to those responsible for planning it. Whyte uses time-lapse photography to chart the anatomy of metropolitan congestion. Why is traffic so badly distributed on city streets? Why do New Yorkers walk so fast—and jaywalk so incorrigibly? Why aren't there more collisions on the busiest walkways? Why do people who stop to talk gravitate to the center of the pedestrian traffic stream? Why do places designed primarily for security actually worsen it? Why are public restrooms disappearing? "The city is full of vexations," Whyte avers: "Steps too steep; doors too tough to open; ledges you cannot sit on. . . . It is difficult to design an urban space so maladroitly that people will not use it, but there are many such spaces." Yet Whyte finds encouragement in the widespread rediscovery of the city center. The future is not in the suburbs, he believes, but in that center. Like a Greek agora, the city must reassert its most ancient function as a place where people come together face-to-face.


There are no walls too tall, Nor any pits too deep, No mountains too tall, Nor any
hills too steep. There's no man too handsome, Or woman too pretty. Worthy of
losing our place, In Gods glorious new city. Not giving in to fear of man, Nor the ...


Author: DJI Smith

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781477115510

Category: Fiction

Page: 166

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For someone who claims not to be a fan of poetry, he definitely seems to enjoy writing it. In this, his writing debut, Smith mainly focuses his writings on 3 things: the Past, the Future and his God with one or two short stories thrown in too. Here he has aimed to write a piece that encompasses both his pleasing hope for the future and also the vibrant colours of life on our planet. A book for all ages, races and backgrounds to enjoy!

Giulio Malatesta

The bank was too high , too slippery , and too steep to be climbed , except by the
sunken pathway , itself sufficiently steep , which had been cut in it . This steep
path was very narrow ; sufficient at the utmost for three men to advance on it ...


Author: Thomas Adolphus Trollope


ISBN: STANFORD:36105038967878


Page: 427

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Reports from the Commissioners

The bank near the Queen's Head, and another quarter mile nearer Oswestry,
were much too steep. Along Aston Park, the hedges were about 12 feet high. In
several places it wanted draining, and a deep water course ran on the road side


Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons


ISBN: OXFORD:555094246



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The Executive Series

Where did the bullet come from? What angle? What height? Okay, the front. Rule
out Warren. The fall was backwards. ... Maybe, from the roof, but unlikely. Too
steep an angle. Too high. He realized he skipped a building. The St. Charles.


Author: Gary Grossman

Publisher: Diversion Books

ISBN: 9781626814509

Category: Fiction

Page: 1949

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Three edge-of-your-seat thrillers in the series starring Secret Service Agent Scott Roarke, now in one volume! Secret Service Agent Scott Roarke has the lives of the American people in his hands every day, from the leader of the free world on down. In these three novels, he confronts ruthless enemies and twisted conspiracies—and tries to stay one step ahead of annihilation… Executive Actions: An assassin’s bullet kills the wife of a presidential candidate—and puts a foreign enemy’s plan in motion…“The best political thriller I have read in a long, long time―right up there with the very best of David Baldacci.”—Michael Palmer, New York Times-bestselling author of Oath of Office Executive Treason: Roarke confronts Russian spycraft, murder in the White House, and a dangerous talk-radio host: “Completely mesmerizing.”—Dale Brown, New York Times-bestselling author of Eagle Station Executive Command: A spate of assassinations and a secessionist movement threaten the stability of the United States: “Electrifying…A political thriller of the highest order, cut from the cloth of Allen Drury and Richard Condon.” ―Jon Land, USA Today-bestselling author of The Tenth Circle

The Water Garden

Yet, if a stream is too wide and too steep, the water will flow too fast and overspill
the sides. Waterfalls must not drop from too great a height or you will not be able
to replace quickly enough the volume of water lost. When assessing the size of ...


Author: Anthony Paul

Publisher: frances lincoln ltd

ISBN: 0711218315

Category: Gardening

Page: 168

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Water makes a unique contribution to the garden landscape and this handbookrovides information on every aspect of designing, planting and constructing successful water feature, from the tiniest trough to the largest pool. Itffers ideas for water in all its forms - a small barrel planted with a fewpecial water lilies, tiny cascades or grand waterfalls, moving waterculptures, even swimming pools and hot tubs.