The Tenor Voice

Unlike the wide increasing spray of voluminous tone that his listeners hear, as he ascends to the top of his range, ... The singer is instead obliged to “feel-hear” these tones, through his throat sensations, as to how they possible ...


Author: Anthony Frisell

Publisher: Branden Books

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This is a manual for the serious tenor voice student specializing for operatic soprano roles.

On the Sensations of Tone as a Physiological Basis for the Theory of Music

In Table IX., for convenience, 48 tones alone have been considered, and the fingerboard is represented as complete for that number in order to shew the terminations at top and bottom, but any number of tones could be used consistently ...


Author: Hermann L. F. Helmholtz

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108001779

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The 1875 translation of Helmholtz's classic 1863 publication, which influenced composers and musicologists well into the twentieth century.

Binchois Studies

Top tone It will be useful to break down this category into two subcategories : 2.1 top tone approached by step ( 39 = 16 % of total ) ... There are thirtynine places where top tones approached by step are signed with an accidental .


Author: Assistant Professor of Music History Andrew Kirkman

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

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In so doing it is hoped that this volume will provide a catalyst for further research which will deepen our understanding not only of Binchois himself but also of the cultural environment of which he was part."--Jacket.

The Baritone Voice

When most contemporary singers sing a phrase that mounts to the top of their ranges, their top tones also tend to narrow, as did the voices of the great singers of the past. However, with contemporary singers, their top tones do not ...


Author: Anthony Frisell

Publisher: Branden Books

ISBN: 9780828321815

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This is a manual for the serious baritone voice student specializing for operatic soprano roles.

Traditional Inuit Songs from the Thule Area

The top tone b'in songs with tone material 2 ( see “ The Tone Material ” above ) can theoretically be caused by low intonation of the tone c ” in an original pentatonic tone material with the tones c ”a ' - gʻ - e ' - d ' - c .


Author: Michael Hauser

Publisher: Museum Tusculanum Press

ISBN: 8763525895

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Prés. de l'éd.: This study provides a comprehensive description of the rich song culture of the people in the Thule area, the Inughuit. Transcriptions and scientific processing of 134 traditional songs recorded by archaeologist and folklorist Erik Holtved in Thule in 1937 - as well as a collection of Inughuit songs recorded in 1962 by Bent Jensen and the author - constitute the nucleus of this work. The songs and their texts are presented and notated in full length - including analyses of a representative stanza from each song. Based on the transcriptions, different form and melody types are revealed. Furthermore, descriptions are given of singing methods, drum construction and handling, and performing habits, as well as historical and recent data.Several other collections are notated and analyzed: recordings from Uummannaq-Upernavik in 1912, from the Copper Inuit areas in 1914-16, and from Baffin Island in the 1960s-70s. The study sheds important light on the characteristic traits of the form and melody types of the Inughuit and how these are linked to certain Inuit groups in Canada, documenting particular areas of origin and migration routes of these groups. Many of the songs are presented on the enclosed CD.

Tones and Features

In Clements' original analysis (1983), as recapitulated above, the tone-raising process involves two steps, both invoking tone features. First, the H register feature ... (Top tones arising from other sources do not spread to H tones.) ...


Author: John A. Goldsmith

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

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This volume includes papers by leading figures in phonetics and phonology on two topics central to phonological theory: tones and phonological features. Papers address a wide range of topics bearing on tones and features including their formal representation and phonetic foundation.

Saxophone For Dummies

Specific sound effects, such as flutter tongue, slap tongue, multiphonics, and quarter tones (or microtones, ... Top. tones,. upper. register,. and. altissimo. Many composers of classical saxophone works employ notes beyond the regular ...


Author: Denis Gäbel

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118089743

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The fast and easy way to play this popular woodwindinstrument Saxophone For Dummies offers the ideal introduction tothis popular and versatile instrument, whether you lack any musicalexperience or are picking up the sax again after a hiatus. Coveringboth the alto and tenor sax, this friendly guide explains how toget a good sound, how to read music, and how to play songs in avariety of styles, including classical, pop, and jazz, allaccompanied by the audio samples on the enclosed CD. With tips onhow to buy or rent the best saxophone, and information on how tocare for the instrument, Saxophone For Dummies is acomprehensive guide to playing this popular woodwind alone or in agroup setting. Includes tips on buying or renting a new or used saxophone Audio samples of classical, pop, and jazz music are availableon the bonus CD Advice on cleaning and maintaining a saxophone If you're picking up a saxophone for the first time or arelooking to brush up on your skills, Saxophone For Dummiesgives you everything you need to appreciate, understand, and excelat playing this popular instrument.

The Saxophone Altissimo Range The History and Practice

Early Authors Hinting of The Top Tone Range Many authors of Adolph Sax's time describe the saxophone range to encompass approximately three octaves - from low A or B to High C. These authors included, Henri Blanchard, who noted in 1843 ...


Author: Stella Tartsinis, DMA

Publisher: Stella Tartsinis


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This booklet contains strategies of how to be able to play overtones, the method and the history behind the altissimo range. Also, information on mouthpieces is included.

The Bohlen Pierce Clarinet

Advanced saxophone players practice “ top tones ” regularly . Clarinetists can profit from practicing top tones , too , and might want to add them to their daily practice routine 48 Special Fingerings and Intonation Corrections ...


Author: Nora-Louise Müller

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783752608212

Category: Music

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Abstract Repertoire in Bohlen-Pierce (BP) tuning has grown significantly since the debut of BP clarinets in 2008. Literature specifically dedicated to the BP clarinet, on the other hand, is still rare. Practice-led research conducted by the author provides useful materials about the BP soprano and tenor clarinets, such as contemporary playing techniques or acoustical conditions. The current state of repertoire is shown; exemplary analyses of compositions featuring one or more BP clarinets are given. A new BP specific notation is introduced; it has been developed from a practical point of view and has gained great acceptance among musicians performing in BP. Beside using BP as the (only) tuning system in compositions, it is also possible to combine BP with other scales to achieve effects of extended tonalities or rich microtonal structures. Multiphonics as a very popular phenomenon in contemporary woodwind music are highlighted, providing fingering charts and notational suggestions for both BP soprano and BP tenor clarinets. The theoretical idea of a BP third-tone scale (39div3) is transferred into practice by providing fingering charts and practical advice to performers and composers. I hope that this thesis can give inspiration and advice to those motivated to compose for and perform on BP clarinets, and that BP clarinets will gain the popularity they deserve in contemporary music performance. The BP clarinet and its growing repertoire may widen the range of expression of dedicated clarinet players.

Enterprise Security for the Executive Setting the Tone from the Top

Setting the Tone from the Top Jennifer Bayuk. This page intentionally left blank CHAPTER 1 TONE AT THE TOP Tone at the top.


Author: Jennifer Bayuk

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A guide to security written for business executives to help them better lead security efforts. • Details 30 "security horror stories," giving executives an insider's look at real criminal and malicious breaches and how to prepare for them • Includes a case study that allows a readers to test their comprehension of the material