Transglobal Fashion Narratives

Moving from sweatshop to runway, page to screen, camera to blog and artist to audience, the book examines fashion as a mediated form of content in branding, as a literary and filmic device, and as a personal form of expression by industry ...


Author: Anne Peirson-Smith

Publisher: Intellect Books

ISBN: 9781783208456

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 360

View: 131

Everywhere we look, people are using fashion to communicate self and society—who they are, and where they belong. Transglobal Fashion Narratives presents an international, interdisciplinary analysis of those narratives. Moving from sweatshop to runway, page to screen, camera to blog, and artist to audience, the book examines fashion as a mediated form of content in branding, as a literary and filmic device, and as a personal form of expression by industry professionals, journalists, and bloggers.

Planet Cosplay

This book examines cosplay from a set of groundbreaking disciplinary approaches, highlighting the latest and emerging discourses around this popular cultural practice.


Author: Paul Mountfort

Publisher: Intellect Books

ISBN: 9781783209576

Category: Design


View: 840

This book examines cosplay from a set of ground-breaking disciplinary approaches, highlighting the latest and emerging discourses around this popular cultural practice. Planet Cosplay comprises chapters from scholars who are widely published in this field, examining the subject of cosplay from sources and sites to performance and play, from sex and gender to production and consumption. It addresses questions ranging from the rise of cosplay as a cultural phenomenon to its role in personal and cultural global identities. Planet Cosplay is unique in providing a multi-perspectival examination of the practice from such theoretical bases as popular cultural studies, performance studies, gender studies, media studies, communication studies. As the title suggests, its purview is global, encompassing some of the main centres of cosplay throughout Asia, the US and Europe as well as some outliers, including Australasia. Each of the chapters offer a comprehensive a set of entry points into the subject matter, and also a kind of narrative of the development of cosplay and scholarly approaches to it.

Storytelling in Luxury Fashion

Bracketed Adolescence: Unpacking Gender and Youth Subjectivity through Subcultural Fashion in Late-Capitalist Japan. ... Pp. 253–275 in Transglobal Fashion Narratives: Clothing Communication, Style Statements and Brand Storytelling.


Author: Amanda Sikarskie

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000259681

Category: Design

Page: 194

View: 971

This book examines the ways in which luxury fashion brands use their heritage in their digital storytelling and marketing. With chapters from authors in China and Macau (PRC), India, Romania, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States, covering British, Chinese, French, Japanese, Indian, Italian, and Turkish brands, this truly global collection is the first book of its kind devoted solely to the emerging study of digital heritage storytelling. This method of reaching potential consumers and perpetuating brand identity is a hugely important factor in the marketing of luxury brands and has yet to be studied comprehensively. The book will be of interest to scholars working in fashion studies, fashion history, design history, design studies, digital humanities, and fashion marketing.

Fashion Dress and Post postmodernism

Grow, J. M. (2008), 'The Gender of Branding: Early Nike Women's Advertising a Feminist Antenarrative', Women's Studies ... Fashion as a Vehicle of Soft Power', in A. PeirsonSmith and J. H. Hancock (eds), Transglobal Fashion Narratives: ...


Author: José Blanco F.

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350115187

Category: Design

Page: 232

View: 140

Scholars have argued that postmodernism is dead and that we are entering into a new era that some have labelled altermodernism, digimodernism, performatism, and post-postmodernism. This book expands on the nascent scholarship of post-postmodernism to highlight how dress, fashion, and appearance are reflections of this new age. The volume starts with a discussion of fashion, subjectivity, and time and an analysis of temporality, technology, and fashion in post-postmodern times. Later chapters analyse the work of design houses and mass producers such as Vetements, Gucci, and Uniqlo whose products align with post-postmodern aesthetics, hyperconsumption, and hypermodern branding. The book looks at diverse geographic and identity markers by discussing post-postmodernism and the religio-politico-cultural questions in South Asian Muslim fashion, image and identity presentation in queer social networking apps, and by exploring fashion designer Tom Ford's output as a movie director. Two chapters discuss the post-postmodern fashion exhibition with analyses of recent exhibitions and an in-depth look at the work of exhibition maker Judith Clark. The final chapter is written by members of The Rational Dress Society, a counter-fashion collective that makes JUMPSUIT, an experimental garment to replace all clothes. Fashion, Dress, and Post-postmodernism is a companion to research on relationships between post-postmodernism, fashion, and dress, and the go-to resource for researchers and students interested in these areas.

Staging Fashion

Marketing and is co-editor of Global Fashion Brands: Style, Luxury & History (2014), Transglobal Fashion Narratives: Clothing Communication, Style Statements and Brand Storytelling (2018), The Fashion Business Reader (2019), ...


Author: Tiziana Ferrero-Regis

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350101852

Category: Social Science

Page: 264

View: 337

The fashion show and its spaces are sites of otherness, representing everything from rebellion and excess through to political and social activism. This conceptual and stylistic variety is reflected in the spaces they occupy, whether they are staged in an industrial warehouse, on a city street, or out in the open landscape. Staging Fashion is the first collection of essays about the presentation and staging of fashion in runway shows in the period from the 1960s to the 2010s. It offers a fresh perspective on the many collaborations between artists, architects and interior designers to reinforce their interdisciplinary links. Fashion, architecture and interiors share many elements, including design, history, material culture, aesthetics and trends. The research and ideas underpinning Staging Fashion address how fashion and the spatial fields have collaborated in the creation of the space of the fashion show. The 15 essays are written by fashion, interior, architecture and design scholars focusing on the presentation of fashion within the runway space, from avant-garde practices and collaboration with artists, to the most spectacular and commercial shows of recent years, from Prada to Chanel.

Paris Capital of Fashion

34 See Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas, “Weaving Fashion Stories in Shanghai: Heritage, Retro and Vintage Fashion in Modern Shanghai,” in Transglobal Fashion Narratives: Clothing Communication, Style Statements and Brand Storytelling, ed.


Author: Valerie Steele

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350102965

Category: Design

Page: 216

View: 583

Paris, Capital of Fashion accompanies a major exhibition at The Museum at FIT, New York's only museum dedicated solely to the art of fashion. This lavishly-illustrated book is edited by MFIT's director and chief curator, Valerie Steele, also the author of the acclaimed Paris Fashion: A Cultural History. This new book opens with an important essay on how and why Paris became famous as the international “capital of fashion.” Steele traces how the mythic “aura” of Paris fashion was constructed over generations, as the splendour of the court at Versailles came to be echoed by the spectacle of the haute couture. Yet Paris has faced repeated challenges from other fashion capitals, especially London, Milan, and New York. Essays by Christopher Breward, David Gilbert, Grazia d'Annunzio, and Antonia Finnane place Paris within a broader global narrative, while Sophie Kurkdjian investigates the cultural value of the Parisian couture, and Agnès Rocomora explores the online imagery of the chic Parisienne. As The New Yorker recently put it, Paris is “the most glamorous and competitive of the world's fashion capitals.” No other city has been branded “Fashion” as Paris has. By opening the study of Paris fashion to new approaches, this book explains why Paris still retains its position as the world's undisputed fashion capital.

Global Perspectives on Sustainable Fashion

She has published academic and scientific articles on design and Latin American fashion (Berg Encyclopedia of ... Transglobal Fashion Narratives: Clothing Communication, Style Statements and Brand Storytelling (Intellect Books, 2018).


Author: Alison Gwilt

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350058163

Category: Social Science

Page: 312

View: 987

Global Perspectives on Sustainable Fashion showcases the global fashion industry's efforts to reduce the negative impacts associated with fashion production and consumption. Illustrated throughout with infographics, photographs and diagrams of creative works, eighteen essays focus on six regions, examining sustainable fashion in the context of local, cultural and environmental concerns. Also included are 18 regional 'Spotlight' sections highlighting the differences and similarities across regions by concentrating on examples of best practice, design innovation and impact on the community.

The Routledge Companion to Fashion Studies

Conclusion This trend of looking towards the military for inspiration for fashion seems to show no signs of exhaustion, ... Pants: The Transnational Rise of the Garment That Started a Fashion War,” in Transglobal Fashion Narratives, ed.


Author: Eugenia Paulicelli

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429554964

Category: Social Science

Page: 532

View: 133

This collection of original essays interrogates disciplinary boundaries in fashion, gathering fashion studies research across disciplines and from around the globe. Fashion and clothing are part of material and visual culture, cultural memory, and heritage; they contribute to shaping the way people see themselves, interact, and consume. For each of the volume’s eight parts, scholars from across the world and a variety of disciplines offer analytical tools for further research. Never neglecting the interconnectedness of disciplines and domains, these original contributions survey specific topics and critically discuss the leading views in their areas. They include discursive and reflective pieces, as well as discussions of original empirical work, and contributors include established leaders in the field, rising stars, and new voices, including practioner and industry voices. This is a comprehensive overview of the field, ideal not only for undergraduate and postgraduate fashion studies students, but also for researchers and students in communication studies, the humanities, gender and critical race studies, social sciences, and fashion design and business.

Dressing Global Bodies

... 'Sewing Manuals in 1950s China: Socialist Narratives and Dress Patterns from New Democracy to Socialist Transformation', in Transglobal Fashion Narratives: Clothing Communication, Style Statements and Brand Storytelling, ed.


Author: Beverly Lemire

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351028721

Category: History

Page: 318

View: 485

Dressing Global Bodies addresses the complex politics of dress and fashion from a global perspective spanning four centuries, tying the early global to more contemporary times, to reveal clothing practice as a key cultural phenomenon and mechanism of defining one’s identity. This collection of essays explores how garments reflect the hierarchies of value, collective and personal inclinations, religious norms and conversions. Apparel is now recognized for its seminal role in global, colonial and post-colonial engagements and for its role in personal and collective expression. Patterns of exchange and commerce are discussed by contributing authors to analyse powerful and diverse colonial and postcolonial practices. This volume rejects assumptions surrounding a purportedly all-powerful Western metropolitan fashion system and instead aims to emphasize how diverse populations seized agency through the fashioning of dress. Dressing Global Bodies contributes to a growing scholarship considering gender and race, place and politics through the close critical analysis of dress and fashion; it is an indispensable volume for students of history and especially those interested in fashion, textiles, material culture and the body across a wide time frame.

The Oxford Handbook of Communist Visual Cultures

“Sewing Manuals in 1950s China: Socialist Narratives and Dress Patterns from New Democracy to Socialist Transformation.” In Transglobal Fashion Narratives: Clothing Communication, Style Statements and Brand Storytelling, edited by Anne ...


Author: Aga Skrodzka

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780190885533

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 800

View: 132

Stereotypes often cast communism as a defunct, bankrupt ideology and a relic of the distant past. However, recent political movements like Europe's anti-austerity protests, the Arab Spring, and Occupy Wall Street suggest that communism is still very much relevant and may even hold the key to a new, idealized future. In The Oxford Handbook of Communist Visual Cultures, contributors trace the legacies of communist ideology in visual culture, from buildings and monuments, murals and sculpture, to recycling campaigns and wall newspapers, all of which work to make communism's ideas and values material. Contributors work to resist the widespread demonization of communism, demystifying its ideals and suggesting that it has visually shaped the modern world in undeniable and complex ways. Together, contributors answer curcial questions like: What can be salvaged and reused from past communist experiments? How has communism impacted the cultures of late capitalism? And how have histories of communism left behind visual traces of potential utopias? An interdisciplinary look at the cultural currency of communism today, The Oxford Handbook of Communist Visual Cultures demonstrates the value of revisiting the practices of the past to form a better vision of the future.

Fashioning Identity

This example is symptomatic of how fashion and particularly fashion media tend to suffer from tunnel vision, never looking to the sides but always focusing on the fashion narrative that suits the social or economic agenda of the moment.


Author: Maria Mackinney-Valentin

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781474249119

Category: Design

Page: 200

View: 299

We dress to communicate who we are, or who we would like others to think we are, telling seductive fashion narratives through our adornment. Yet, today, fashion has been democratized through high-low collaborations, social media and real-time fashion mediation, complicating the basic dynamic of identity displays, and creating tension between personal statements and social performances. Fashioning Identity explores how this tension is performed through fashion production and consumption,by examining a diverse series of case studies - from ninety-year old fashion icons to the paradoxical rebellion in 'normcore', and from soccer jerseys in Kenya to heavy metal band T-shirts in Europe. Through these cases, the role of time, gender, age memory, novelty, copying, the body and resistance are considered within the context of the contemporary fashion scene. Offering a fresh approach to the subject by readdressing Fred Davis' seminal concept of 'identity ambivalence' in Fashion, Culture and Identity (1992), Mackinney-Valentin argues that we are in an epoch of 'status ambivalence', in which fashioning one's own identity has become increasingly complicated.

Scenography and Art History

... Transglobal Fashion Narratives: Written Clothing, Mediated Style Statements and Brand Storytelling, 237–52, Bristol and Chicago: Intellect. Marks, L. U. (2000), The Skin of the Film: Intercultural Cinema, Embodiment, and the Senses, ...


Author: Astrid Von Rosen

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350204454

Category: Art

Page: 256

View: 723

Scenography and Art History reimagines scenography as a critical concept for art history, and is the first book to demonstrate the importance and usefulness of this concept for art historians and scholars in related fields. It provides a vital evaluation of the contemporary importance of scenography as a critical tool for art historians and scholars from related branches of study addressing phenomena such as witchy designs, Early Modern festival books, live rock performances, digital fashion photography, and outdoor dance interventions. With its nuanced and detailed case studies, this book is an innovative contribution to ongoing debates within art history and visual studies concerning multisensory events. It extends the existing literature by demonstrating the importance of a reimagined scenography concept for comprehending historical and contemporary art histories and visual cultures more broadly. The book contends that scenography is no longer restricted to the traditional space of the theatre, but has become an important concept for approaching art historical and contemporary objects and events. It explores scenography not solely as a critical approach and theoretical concept, but also as an important practice linked with unrecognized labour and broader political, social and gendered issues in a great variety of contexts, such as festive culture, sacred settings, fashion, film, or performing arts. Designed as a key resource for students, teachers and researchers in art history, visual studies, and related subjects, the book, through its cross-disciplinary frame, does consider, implicitly and explicitly, the roles of both scenography and art in society.

Pop Culture in Language Education

She further is co- editor of Global Fashion Brands: Style, Luxury & History (Intellect, 2014), Transglobal Fashion Narratives (Intellect, 2018) and The Fashion Business Reader (Berg/ Fairchild, 2019). Elke Peters is associate professor ...


Author: Valentin Werner

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000283310

Category: Education

Page: 288

View: 151

Pop Culture in Language Education provides comprehensive insight on how studies of pop culture can inform language teaching and learning. The volume offers a state-of-the-art overview of empirically informed, cutting-edge research that tackles both theoretical concerns and practical implications. The book focuses on how a diverse array of pop culture artifacts such as pop and rap music, movies and TV series, comics and cartoons, fan fiction, and video games can be exploited for the development of language skills. It establishes the study of pop culture and its language as a serious subfield within language education and applied linguistics and explores how studies of pop culture, its language, and its non-linguistic affordances can inform language education at various levels of proficiency and with various learner populations. Presenting a broad range of quantitative and qualitative research approaches including case studies on how pop culture has been used successfully in language education in and beyond the classroom, this book will be of great interest for academics, researchers, and students in the field of language education, applied linguistics, psycholinguistics, and sociolinguistics, as well as for language teachers and materials developers.

Fashion in Multiple Chinas

Chinese Styles in the Transglobal Landscape Wessie Ling, Simona Segre-Reinach ... manuals in 1950s China: socialist narratives and dress patterns from New Democracy to Socialist Transformation', in Transcultural Fashion Narratives: ...


Author: Wessie Ling

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781838608514

Category: Social Science

Page: 288

View: 365

Much has been written about the transformation of China from being a clothing-manufacturing site to a fast-rate fashion consuming society. Less, however, has been written on the process of making Chinese fashion. The expert contributors to Fashion in Multiple Chinas explore how the many Chinese fashions operate across the widespread, fragmented and diffused, Chinese diaspora. They confront the idea of Chinese nationalism as `one nation', as well as of China as a single reality, in revealing the realities of Chinese fashion as diverse and comprising multiple practices. They also demonstrate how the making of Chinese fashion is composed of numerous layers, often involving a web of global entanglements between manufacturing and circulation, retailing and branding. They cover the mechanics of the PRC fashion industry, the creative economy of Chinese fashion, its retail and branding, and the cultural identity of Chinese fashion from the diasporas comprising the transglobal landscape of fashion production.

Fashion s Double

Representations of Fashion in Painting, Photography and Film Adam Geczy, Vicki Karaminas ... 'Fashioning Adaptations: Anna Karenina on Screen', conference paper, 'Fashion in Fiction: Style Stories and Transglobal Narratives', 2014.


Author: Adam Geczy

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472519290

Category: Design

Page: 192

View: 117

Mere clothing is transformed into desirable fashion by the way it is represented in imagery. Fashion's Double examines how meanings are projected onto garments through their representation, whether in painting, photography, cinema or online fashion film, conveying identity and status, eliciting fascination and desire. With in-depth case studies including the work of Nick Knight and Helmut Newton, film examples such as The Hunger Games, music video Girl Panic by Duran Duran, and much more, this book analyses the interrelationship between clothing, identity, embodiment, representation and self-representation. Written for students and scholars alike, Fashion's Double will appeal to anyone studying fashion, cultural studies, art theory and history, photography, sociology, and film.

Fashion as Cultural Translation

Signs, Images, Narratives Patrizia Calefato. Lévi - Strauss , Claude . 1963. Structural Anthropology . ... Fashion in Multiple Chinas : Chinese Styles in the Transglobal Landscape . London : I. B. Tauris . Lotman , Jurij . 2004.


Author: Patrizia Calefato

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 9781785272431

Category: Social Science

Page: 158

View: 842

The book highlights how the signs of fashion showcase stories, hybridations, forms of feeling, from the classics of fashion in cinema, to fashion as cultural tradition in the global world, to digital media. Based on a strong socio-semiotic method (Barthes, The Language of Fashion is the main reference), the book crosses some of the main aspects of the contemporary culture of the clothed body: from time and space, to gender, to fashion as cultural translation, to the narratives included in the media convergence of our age. According to Jurji Lotman, fashion introduces the dynamic principle into seemingly inert spheres of the everyday. Fashion’s unexpected function of overturning received meaning is conveyed through its collocation within the dynamic storehouse of what Lotman calls the “sphere of the unpredictable.” In this horizon, the concept of fashion as a worldly system of sense (Benjamin) generates different “worlds” through its signs.

Transglobal Economies and Cultures

While androgyny is a common theme , costumes are usually a bricolage of disparate fashion elements including traditional ... Visual rock artistes also use costumes and stage setups to perform miniplays and narratives , with music and ...


Author: Roland B. Tolentino

Publisher: University of the Phillipines Press

ISBN: UOM:39015061547694

Category: History

Page: 341

View: 445

"This book examines areas of dialogue and critique, intersections and disjunctures, including cultural boundary crossings, such as aikido in Singapore, Japanese female students in Australia, postwar films in the Philippines, and the rock subculture in the global era."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Old Clothes New Looks

the growing export of used clothing from North America and northwestern Europe to developing countries may ... century's avatar of the linear modernization narrative - simply another marker of northern domination – overlooks the new ...


Author: Alexandra Palmer

Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Academic

ISBN: IND:30000092688252

Category: Design

Page: 255

View: 872

Second-hand fashion has a history as old as the production of clothing itself, but until recently it was given little consideration. Used clothes represent the largest numbers of existing garments but until recently they were not perceived as serious fashion items. However, this has changed dramatically with the rise of vintage web sites, value clothing chains, and the fashion media's perpetuation of the idea that secondhand clothes can be recycled into avant-garde "cool". This book not only shows how important used clothing has become but also what role it plays in culture and history. The Japanese, for example, traditionally salvage sections of kimonos, while in India garments are inexhaustibly recycled. This cross-cultural and historical perspective fills a major gap by offering fresh insights into the innovative use of secondhand dress and age-old traditions of recycling fashion.

Citizens of the World

as Outrageous Fortune are active in their promotion of multicultural representation and highlight cultural difference in both an ironic and non- ironic fashion. These narratives celebrate capitalist and individualist success as ...


Author: Robert Danisch

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9789042032569

Category: Political Science

Page: 218

View: 342

Taken as a whole, this book argues that the very idea of what it means to be a OC citizenOCO in our global, cosmopolitan world is no longer as clear as it may have been for an Athenian democrat of the fifth century BC, a Roman Republican of the first century BC, a British coloniser of the eighteenth century, or an American patriot of the nineteenth century. Given the now undeniable fact of pluralism highlighted by globalisation and the massive movement of peoples across borders (alongside the legal expansion of rights to minority groups in Western democracies throughout the twentieth century), the idea of citizenship now immediately implicates the problem of inclusion. Pluralism and migration also make identity an increasingly fragile and important concept that is only loosely tethered to the meaning of citizenship. This book shows that the very idea of what it means to be a citizen of a state was complex and uncertain. And that the concept of citizenship was being actively rethought from the different disciplines represented at the conference: sociology, anthropology, literary studies, communication studies, and political science to name a few."

The Sociology of Language and Religion

Or perhaps there is not a 'hiphop fashion' per se and it's anything goes? ... If we go by the narratives of origin accounts, both the Western mainstream claim that hip-hop came from the Bronx in New York City in the 1970s and the more ...


Author: Tope Omoniyi

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230304710

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 241

View: 391

This is an eclectic collection of essays which successfully demonstrate how the Sociology of Language and Religion as a disciplinary paradigm responds to change, conflict and accommodation. The multiple religious coverage in the essays (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) as well as more or less global panorama.